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  1. Philip d’Azor having met Marys several days beforehand with his Cousin Fallons visit would smile reading the missive as it was delivered to him. “Congratulations Cousin Fallon!” He’d write back to Fallon Bishop. @Fawnytheturtle
  2. The Old Edith Hope gives a nod of approval in her chambers as she hears of the Return of the Prince . “God speed.” She’d silently say under her breath.
  3. Yes the Hope line still continues nearly 4 years later having started in 2019. Mainly kept alive by me nowadays and @JudgedKitty
  4. Philip d'Azor would show his Mother the missive with a smile! "Vy did it, Mother!" @Frank_Dog
  5. Philip Leopold d’Azor would smile standing by his Mother the Viscountess of Azor as she signed the missive sending it out across the United Kingdom of Aaun.
  6. Philip Leopold d'Azor would walk out to join his Mother and join in her laughing as he read the document as it was passed amongst the members of the true d'Azors those within the United Kingdom of Aaun.
  7. Philip her sort of nephew would come to her side trying to comfort her with a hug. “Eam sorry about his death Auntie.”
  8. The White Lily Bistro’s One Hundred Year Anniversary Extravaganza! 1796-1896. One Hundred Years of Excellence! We, the Hope Family, are very excited to announce that our bistro has officially turned one hundred years old. Founded in Old Providence by the young Edith Hope in 1796 the bistro quickly became a Hope Family icon following them through their journeys in the last one hundred years. We’ve proudly served the cities of Providence, New Providence, Atrus, Vienne, and today Karosgrad. So we invite all to come to celebrate with us on this special occasion and for the celebration's length, all House Made drinks shall be fifty percent off. One Hundred Years of Excellence shall be Celebrated! Day I: The Opening Act: A day of merriment & fulfillment. Enjoy all of our menus at a reduced price of fifty percent. Day II: A Look Back: Join us as we prepare the dishes of the last One Hundred Years. Only available for Day II. Day III: Karosgrad has Talent: We will invite five Guests from the Bistro to the Stage. On the Stage, you can perform any Act you wish! Day IV: Kids Only: Kids only are Allowed to celebrate this Day IV with us. At this event, all the children will be invited to the Bistro. Day V: Wine Tasting: We will showcase our House Made Wines for all guests. Ages 16+ Only! Day VI: Family Night: Join us for a Family Style Illatian dinner! Day VII: A Toast to the Future: We ask you to join us for a toast to the future. Issued by, Edith Hope, Matriarch of House Hope.
  9. WHITE LILY BISTRO MENU Karosgrad’s Finest Established in 1796 STARTERS Garlic Bread Basket - 2 Marks Cesare Salad - 2 Marks ENTREES Five Cheese Flatbread - 3 Marks Spaghetti and Meatballs - 3 Marks Chicken Carbonara - 3 Marks Illatian Ravioli - 3 Marks Osso Buco - 5 Marks DESSERTS Cannoli - 3 Marks Tiramisu - 3 Marks Milk Chocolate Cookies - 3 Marks DRINKS ALCOHOL Crowden Red Wine - 3 Marks Lunae Lumen - 3 Marks Lily's Rum - 3 Marks Hope Whiskey - 3 Marks Crowden Gin - 3 Marks 'Rita!' - 3 Marks White Lily Draft - 5 Marks NON-ALCOHOLIC Green Tea - 3 Marks Juicy Juice - 3 Marks Chocolates Delight - 5 Marks Iced Mocha - 5 Marks
  10. [!] A hastily written note would begin appearing on most major boards within the former Kingdom of Oren bearing the signature of the one Edith Hope. The Former Lord Mayor, Imperial Senator and Alderwoman. “My fellow citizens of the once Holy Oren Empire, and Kingdom of Oren. We have received news of the dissolution of the Orenian state and to those who feel unhappy with the results and wish to continue their life in a new peaceful place we offer to you housing and a place to live within Corinth. We shall take any who are wishing to move forward with their lives. God Bless you. - Signed Edith Hope
  11. I made these two years ago during Arcas because I got bored one night and was told by Llir then that it couldn’t be used for some reason or another.
  12. Hello! @DarkWrath94 and I are lookin for a player for our new child irply Luther Van Darkwood. If your interested in playing him contact me at CasualNuker#4048. Little info about the Van Darkwoods:
  13. Oh hell no. This will make an already painful process all the more painful as someone who just made a ton of drinks this week. It would make my life a living hell if I had to go through collect ingredients and age them, cook them and everything. Massive time consumption here that would lead to extremely high price hikes and an overall negative experience to those who want to enter the tavern business or want to continue in it. To further add on here. It would also have to require massive disterillys which many places don’t allow huge basements or very rarely sell land. It would kill this rp. Unless we’re allowed to do this way or the old way.
  14. The White Lily Bistro Founded in 1796 We the Hope Family are proud to announce the latest and cutest location of our nearly one hundred year old brand the White Lily Bistro! Situated at the entrance of the Royal City of Vienne sits the new White Lily Bistro decorated with the finest decor found in the Kingdom of Oren. We surely hope to see you come out to support our classic Orenian bistro. You shall not be disappointed with mouth watering pastas, famous flatbread pizzas and our famous garlic bread baskets complimented by our house red and white wines! Our grand opening shall upon the completion of our renovations. Bon Appetit! GRAND OPENING! To be announced in Discord Issued by, Edith Hope, Former Imperial Senator of New Providence, Former Lady Mayor of New Providence, Alderwoman of Old Providence, Matriarch of House of Hope and Owner of the White Lily Bistro.
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