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  1. The Helentine Jewelry Sale! With a new set of jewels incoming, R&R has reduced its last collection by half on many pieces. Now is the time to get those jewels you couldn't quite afford on sale, as we prepare for our next release!
  2. As Astercalia neared, the guardsmen of Azor escorted the endless collections of jewelry to the garden terrace, as Analiese sat with her nieces as she dressed up Mariana's hair. Giving the girls the chance to gush over the jewels as the Azor women made ready for the upcoming season. A bright smile held to the woman's features despite the grief she'd faced, she quite looked forward to this. "You will have a splendid time, my child. Pressure and the competitive behaviour between the unsuitable, and broke families will not spoil your fun." She advised, as the "Matriarchy of Azor" found joy, and celebrated. @Cepheid
  3. Analiese had gone to join her brother to discuss the new betrothal. Nodding in agreement at the idea. As she already planned the wedding in her head.
  4. Analiese smiled watching her two nieces play from below the castle walls of Azor, before being distracted as she was told the postage had arrived. As she went through the many documents and reports from Oren regarding Azor, the business, and the public on goings, she came across the announcement, a gentle smile crossing her face, before she went to write a letter of support to His Majesty, The King Frederick. While explaining how this would surely help lower the cost of pearl imports from the old Silver States.
  5. The Keeper of Crown Jewels has assembled a list of jewels from the Royal Collection as part of a special listing for auction by the Royal Family. The Jewels selected are present pieces spanning over the past 200 years, with some historical items dating back even farther, to as recent as The Civil War. The Curator of The Crown Jewels nicknamed the listing; The Brother’s Bounty. One of Queen Vivienne's more modest Circlets. Made from Vienne gold it was forged as a wedding gift for the, then, Princess of Savoy A golden cross forged with Atheran gold mined from Petrus, part of the treasure brought back by Emperor Peter III after the Imperial Adventures to the old homeland. The cross was forged to house old gemstones once belonging to the House of Carrion that were heralded to have been passed down by Exalted Emperor Sigismund. One of the few royal pieces with history dating back to the Second Empire. The Petran Ring of Saint Noah is forged from sapphires once belonging to Saint Noah, forged from Pure Orenian Gold. Originally three individual bands, the ring was smelted together in an attempt to destroy it, as it was a gift for Peter Augustus befitting his title as Duke of Petra. A ring forged from Renetian Gold in Helena, this ring once belonged to Empress Adeline of Alstion, featuring a carving of Horen, a gift in representation of the young Empress' duty to the nation before her husbands abdication. An addition of gold encrusted Azor Peridot's as a gift from Peter to his wife. The ring followed Empress Lucia to her execution, and was surrendered back to the Novellen Vaults. A grand ring forged with Savoie Gold as a gift for King Frederick, around the sun frame of Sapphires & Pearls rests an ancient Citrine Diamond once held in the Crown of Oren. Heralded as a symbolic Token of Saint Andrik's blessing to the restoration of the Orenian Kingdom. The Pearls came from the collection of Anabel of Curon, whereas the Sapphires came from an old brace belonging to Peter III. Housing the old Krajia Opal, the gem is rumored to hold a curse to the woman who wears it that she will either sew glory, or find fatal misfortune. As it was for Anastasia I, Lorena Christina, and onto Helen, finally coming to Duchess Maria Ivanovich. Despite the surely wise tales, the gem is now elegantly housed in a gorgeous Sunholdt Filigree styled Lorraine Necklace. A grand Circlet forged from Providence Gold, with Vortician Pearls, Azor Emeralds & Seized Haverlock Sapphires as a gift for Prince Peter Augustus' wife, Lucia. The Circlet undoubtly was meant to mark the reign of an Emperor's wife, however when victory came, the circlets purpose was shattered, and soon after locked away in the Vaults, left to surely Tarnish. A truly elegant symbol to the end of the Holy Orenian Empire, and the prestigious might of His Majesty Frederick's heroic victories & outstanding might.
  6. Analiese read the missive with fear for her niece's health and safety, she set off for Azor immediately. Ordering the guards of d'Azor to keep everyone out but their family. Before writing a letter to her brother. "GOD Protect His Majesty & his family." The Lady d'Azor said, forming the Lorraine over herself as she slumped back in the Count's chair. @Karrse The Widow Komnenos smoked her cigarette as her masked maids laid out their cots in the backroom of her shop, while the company guards carried up the food stock she'd ordered. She watched out the window as her many local staff dragged their feet back to their homes after being fired. The old Tycoon shook her head. "Just as we release our latest stock too..." She muttered, expressing her worries before her gaze rose to the sky as she realized she forgot her son. The old woman then threw a teacup to one of the fired servants. "Tell Cesar to meet me before you go!" @KamikazeReaper
  7. Read over the missive with the signature faint Azor smile as workers for Red Rose Industries carried crates of new product into The Helentine. Looking to her waiting lady the Azor proudly directed her sevant. "Send postage to my Papa, and The Widow Komnenos. The Novellen Jewels will remain safely in our experienced hands." the wealth-adorned youth said, exhaling in relief as she formed the Lorraine over herself. Thus the Lady d'Azor's faint smile turned to one of The Sun's! Filled with pride to serve Their Majesties.
  8. Music By order of the Director of Red Rose Industries, The Curator of Imperial Crown Jewels is to resume operation under R&R, using its 100+ Years of experience to produce One of a kind jewelry catalogues. Similar to Red Rose' Vespira L. Catalogues, The Curator will be showcasing the designs of its current Head Jeweler however we will not be following a time frame for releases, as we will be throwing exclusive showings by invitation only, and by request of long-time patrons before releasing said collections for the masses. Without further ado I, Ana J. Do so present the first Catalogue of The Curator of Imperial Crown Jewels, dedicating it to my beloved Father, Joseph, and the founder of The Curator, Sir Henry Marshall.
  9. Vespira recalled her most 'dear' of friends, from the time Anne was a young ugly duckling, to their youth as adults. She chuckled reading of how she was found. Recalling all the time's she'd spew rumors of the young princess. Or the plots she made with her against Simon. With Anne's death came new opportunities, but also an emptiness... For in truth the old Widow Komnenos had seemingly won, all the girls from her days in court she'd declared war on, rivaled with, or just downright disliked were all dead. Unable to control herself, she wept for her old friend. Were it tears for Anne or herself she could not say. But it was certain the Cold Widow Komnenos was cracking more and more as she felt the door nailed shut on her self-inflicted isolation... All her past actions had lead her here. Anne was lucky, she relished in the thought. The vain beauty tycoon had written her own fate as a spoilt mean adolescent, destined to grow old, alone, ...and irrelevant. R.I.P Anne Caroline
  10. As the patrons bickered over Helena Avenue 1, a creaky old Providence Carriage pulled up to the shop next to them. The coachman hopping down, as he went to unstrap the trunks tied to the back. The veiled old woman pushed the small carriage door open with her finger, before extending her hand to Lady Aloisia of Rivia for assistance. As she greeted the youthful beauty, the streetlight revealed the figure to be The Widow Komnenos. An eyrie feeling came to the Widow Komnenos as she felt the dust settle on the remnants of the Empire of Old. Finally deciding to surface from her self-isolation. The likes of which only comparable to kings locking themselves away while sicknesses devour their court and country. The young Lady then showed the Widow Komnenos into the shop, with her Coachman struggling, in tow. The old crone spoke nothing of the recent political ongoings, and dared not answer when asked of her old business partners, the d'Azors. "If You're such a fan as you say, stop pestering me and go buy something." She'd say. Following the Diamond Shortage which brought R&R into decline. The conflicts the Empire faced had left Red Rose in the dirt, with the loss of its Yong Ping Warehouses & Factories, the pillaging of The Chateau's vineyards, the company Director Ana J. was forced to leave the famed business in the memory of Providence following the execution of her sister. But Finally R&R returns to its homeland, the Orenian Capital the embodiment of its newest location, The Helentine, in honour of both its original company's founding homeland. From The Curator of Imperial Crown Jewels to The Rosewood Boutique. Red Rose has known perfection, quality, and detail for over 100 years in its trade. And while the People of Mankind may be more divided than ever, if there's one thing that brings them together, it's the incomparable quality of Red Rose℠. Coming Soon!
  11. Ana J. Wandered in to join her father & mother in her new green suit. "Worry not, Papa. I'll have the R&R Mercenaries find the infiltrator's hut and send this 'Walter' to work in the mine outside of Yong Ping..." @Taketheshot @Azie
  12. The Curator of Crown Jewels, Vespira L. informed the princess the jewels she supplies to the crown would also be limited with her remaining diamond stock, ensuring it was rushed to her straight away so she'd not be too calmed from her visit to forget the tragedy!~ @libertyybelle
  13. [!] Short letters are delivered to every address in Providence [!] With the recent events related to Red Rose Industries. We're happy to announce despite the set back in materials, The Director of R&R has found a way not only to preserve the company, but to allow for more bond sale's with estimated profits of 15 mina per bond. Today, we announce Bond Investments in Red Rose Industry will drop to 100 Mina per bond, with a 1% income in all R&R Earned revenue. All current bondholders will not lose any invested mina from the change in price, as is tradition. This will instead create 32 More Bonds to invest in For R&R For new bond investors who are interested, your investments never decrease in price under any circumstances, if bond prices lower, the remainder invested is added to the liquid balance you're able to withdraw or reinvest at any time! Please write to Analiese d'Azor as soon as possible with your interest to invest before we sell out again. Remember, The More you invest, the more you earn! (OOC Note: Please message me on discord PrincessSnowie#0848) Remaining Bonds: 16
  14. Selm Rose temporarily closes its doors, allowing for two floors of shop space for rent. Each floor is renting for 50 mina a year. Please contact Ana J. if you're interested in renting a space in the famous Selm Rose Boutique. Best spot in The city, directly beside the gates, and the square.
  15. [!] Merchants & Aristocrats across Eastern Almaris would spread word and flyers of the horrific crash [!] With Breaking news coming from Komnenos mine's, it has come to the attention of Red Rose Industries, and associates that all remaining diamond mine's in Almaris have completely dried up. An already dwindling supply now completely cut off during the recovery of Oren's economic crash. The professionals at Red Rose Industry now value all diamond items not from the median average of 180-250, but now at 300-500 Imperial Marks. With raw materials worth close to 500 alone. "It has been a long kept secret in the industry by my father, and my predecessor that diamonds have been going on short supply across the continent since the early 1800's. explaining how many other smaller jewelry company's have completely dissapeared from the lack of interest in lesser materials. Both The Curator of Imperial Crown Jewels & Its parent industry, Red Rose, were the two last standing. And it saddens me on the mark of my own appointment that These materials are now officially, declared inavailable by all our vendors." -Lady Analiese d'Azor "In the beginning of Red Rose itself, diamonds were already hard to find, it took years for me to find capable vendors for Red Rose. And when I finally found one, I was informed that numbers were depleting, but the entire jewelry world chose to keep the people in the dark, as to not raise prices and lose business. Such had led to the wreckless use of the rare materials in abundance, that brought Red Rose into a sort of, Golden Age." - The Former Director of R&R, Vespira L. Today, Red Rose industries declares a final end to its consistent profitable age after over 48 years. The Director Ana J. Does not wish to worry any investors or consumers of R&R, however changes will be made, both to prices, material availability, and the terms associated with R&R Bonds. As of this moment, all charitable donations and projects by R&R are on hold. The R&R Expansions to foreign ports, and new industries, are cancelled until further notice, the new collections of 1865, 1870, as awaited by the upcoming Astercalia season, are cancelled until further notice. The reported earnings of R&R for 1860-1865 came in to an estimated gross; $3,170. With around 47% coming from items sold with the use of rare gemstones. Due to the shortage, Red Rose is now willing to buy old catalogued piece's at wholesale value designed by The Duke Joseph Ledicort d'Azor & Vespira L. to be dismantled. "I wish to ensure our loyal customers across Almaris, this crash in the industry will not discourage Red Rose Industries, and we shall maintain ourselves, and prevail." A Message from The Director;
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