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  1. FORMAT FOR GIFT EXCHANGE: IRP NAME: Vespira Lilianne DISCORD: PrincessSnowie#0848 IRP AGE: 12 LIST OF THREE GIFT IDEAS: Dolls, Jewelry, Vanity table items (Such as hair brushes, hand mirrors, that sort of thing)
  2. Vespira sat quietly in her fathers room, thinking about her evil niece and her poor sister.. Wondering what to believe
  3. character: Vespira age: 11 username: PrincessSnowie discord: PrincessSnowie#0848 part: Noraa
  4. IGN:PrincessSnowie Name: Vespira Lilianne Selm ISA Rank: Papa's Daughter Event(s): All
  5. The old Dowager looked up from her chair after reading the announcement, conflicted on how to feel of this portrayal of her cousins. “Princess Imperial... Hm.. Who was that again? Anne- no no.. ohh.. hm. I should speak to the dear..”
  6. I miss when food expired
  7. The very old Dowager looked to a flyer her serving girl brought to her as she glanced at it, turning her gaze elsewhere. “Little Anne.. To be our Empress.. How proud Laurentina would be- hm.. I must get her a gift..”
  8. The 70 year old widow would place a hand on Eleanor's shoulder to console her before quietly wandering off with her cane as she goes to the basilica to pray, seeing some of the army troops marching down the streets of Helena she’d quietly stand aside before continuing on her way..
  9. After hearing news of his passing the old widow would sigh quietly as she nodded her head, already adorned in black. “Well, I’ll never forget that pleasant evening he and I shared, it was very nice having someone to talk to about the older times, such a shame another great man from my age must fall..”
  10. The Old Widow squinted as she read the announcement, thinking about how they’re all connected again, before confusing herself as she simply stops. “I knew that purple sky meant a Horen’s return...” She’d say in a know-it-all manner before wandering off without a second thought of it.
  11. My Entry for the Skin Contest ^-^ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/queen-of-roses-4514069/
  12. “This one actually listens..” The old dowager would mumble before wandering away
  13. The Old Dowager feels filled with Joy at the idea of a painting Auction. Nearly fainting with enthusiasm at the thought
  14. “I believe they mean Carts. Surely?” Another voice would say
  15. Wonders where the doll of her is
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