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  1. Unlike Evo said it sounds theoretically powerful, but because under the redlines it says it doesn't cause harm most people just power through it with only a few people freaking out. In my experience it's been primarily used to attempt to freak people out long enough for a blood mage to slip away from a situation or to take revenge on annoying relatives. In all honesty it could be a little stronger so if you are using it to freak people out to get away you aren't just relying on the others around you to rply react to it, but you know that's just my humble opinion.
  2. IGN: BemoBlue Roleplay name: Feliks Jusmia Discord tag: Amount of tickets: 3
  3. Discord: IGN: Blue_Due Bid(s): 61 Item(s) bid on: Northern Mountains
  4. So fun fact when it came to the forms weirdly enough it actually started from Platos story of all humans originally having two halfs, so some have two males, some two females, and others a male and a females. Although it kind of evolved from there but I liked the refrence to that and this concept of soul mates or two sides of the same coin. So that idea physically remained in the forms and mentally in the idea Bonding.... But eh I guess this is irrelevant. I also just find the constant comments on erp things funny, because those of us who wrote it hate erp. Though I kind of have a feeling the dislike of the two forms thing comes from this observable hate of genderbending which I predicted in the first place which is why the male/female one are rare.
  5. Okie dok thank you for the clarification.
  6. Do Hobgoblins look like the Hobgoblins in DnD? It would have been nice to see some examples of what each of the subraces and mixes look like, so people can more easily make character and give them the right appearance you know.
  7. Sign up for The Black Guard or Knights of Arbor RP Name: Gawain Ashdown MC Name: Blue_Due Combat Experience (none is fine): So far none but eager to learn.  If you wish to become a Knight, are you ready to take the oath and attempt the trials?: Yes.
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