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  1. IGN: BemoBlue Roleplay name: Feliks Jusmia Discord tag: Amount of tickets: 3
  2. Discord: IGN: Blue_Due Bid(s): 61 Item(s) bid on: Northern Mountains
  3. ASSAULT AMENDMENT ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] To ensure those who wish harm upon others in the city state of Yong Ping do not get away with it. This does not remove initial Assault Laws, rather it adds to and expands upon them. 一。Attempted Assault: Any Individual found attempting to harm another (hit, swing a sword at or shoot another individual), or stating they will harm another will count as attempted assault. Those found guilty of attempted assault will receive 15 lashes with a whip minimum, and at its
  4. Rapture

    The Alias Act

    THE ALIAS ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] This is an act to clarify name changes, and special circumstances around alias. 一。If an individual wishes to change their name they may legally do so, by writing their old name, and the name they wish to go by as well as reasons for changing in a document. They must then submit this document to the box on the second floor of the government building. If the individual has a criminal record they must state this, and it will affect if the application is accepted
  5. THE RIGHT OF ARMS ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] To ensure there is no confusion around who and who cannot carry weapons, this act is in effect as of immediately for all Citizens and Visitors. 一。CITIZENS of the city state of Yong Ping DO have a right to carry arms (Carry weapons). However these must only be used in a case of self defense or defense of the city. 二。ALL VISITORS to the city state of Yong Ping MUST hand over their weapons. Those who attempt to conceal weapons from the gua
  6. RESISTING DISCIPLINE ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] In an attempt to preserve the peace and enforce the necessary measures to protect citizens and uphold Yong Ping law. 一。Anyone found to be disturbing the peace, and/ or starting fights unnecessarily will be disciplined by the guard as they see fit and thrown out of the city. Repeat Offenders can and will be banned. (1) This includes disturbing court cases. 二。Any individual attempting to avoid an action of discipline or call to court,
  7. YONG PING v. MINTO TOWNSEND [Year 15 of the Second Age, 10th of the Deep Cold] [Year 16th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] YONG PING, Represented by Eiji Takai of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, JUDGE CHEN WENPING DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT ON BEHALF OF YONG PING: MINTO TOWNSEND, ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: Two Counts of Harassment: Any verbal, physical or mental harassment towards another party is illegal in the bo
  8. The Laws of the City State of Yong Ping These are the laws and rights of the people of the City of Yong Ping. They are to be obeyed and respected lest you suffer the consequences of breaking the Law. Yong Ping Laws Key Does not require trial Requires trial Honour Law Fetishisation: Sexualisation or any indecency involving dress or use of cultural norms in a suggestive manner by any party regardless of identification method is strictly prohibited and offenders will pay a hefty fine of 50 mina.
  9. So fun fact when it came to the forms weirdly enough it actually started from Platos story of all humans originally having two halfs, so some have two males, some two females, and others a male and a females. Although it kind of evolved from there but I liked the refrence to that and this concept of soul mates or two sides of the same coin. So that idea physically remained in the forms and mentally in the idea Bonding.... But eh I guess this is irrelevant. I also just find the constant comments on erp things funny, because those of us who wrote it hate erp. Though I kind of have a
  10. Okie dok thank you for the clarification.
  11. Do Hobgoblins look like the Hobgoblins in DnD? It would have been nice to see some examples of what each of the subraces and mixes look like, so people can more easily make character and give them the right appearance you know.
  12. Sign up for The Black Guard or Knights of Arbor RP Name: Gawain Ashdown MC Name: Blue_Due Combat Experience (none is fine): So far none but eager to learn.  If you wish to become a Knight, are you ready to take the oath and attempt the trials?: Yes.
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