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  1. The Union of Houses Ruthern and Morovar 16th of Gronna & Droba, 395 E.S. Prinzen Gustaf Morovar & Dame Tavisha vas Ruthern on the eve of their wedding day. The Ceremony It is with great excitement that Prince Gustaf Sigismund Barbanov-Morovar and Lady Dame Tavisha Markov vas Ruthern announce their approaching matrimony. Following a romantic date in the Jade State of Yong Ping, coupled with several successive years of mutual fondness and intimacy, the pair has decided to bring their partnership before the eyes of Godan. The Haeseni Prince and Lady welcome all invitees to attend and cherish this moment alongside them, should they wish. The wedding ceremony will be held within Saint Henrik’s Basilica in the city of Karosgrad. It will be held on the 16th of Gronna & Droba, 395 E.S, following the conclusion of the Haeseni Remembrance Festival hosted by the bride. Afterwards, a party shall take place within the palace. Invitations To the peerage of the Kingdom of Haense: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his pedigree His Grace, Ailred, Duke of Vidaus and his pedigree His Grace, Ruslan, Duke of Valwyck and his pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann, Count of Reinmar and his pedigree The Right Honorable, Jan, Count of Jerovitz and his pedigree The Honorable, Isaak, Viscount of Aurveldt and his pedigree His Highness, Otto, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his pedigree His Lordship, Robert, Baron of Seswesk and his pedigree His Lordship, Yvo, Baron of Richtenburg and his pedigree All subjects of the Kingdom of Haense And all friends of the bride and groom from Haense & Beyond. Signed, His Highness, Prince Gustaf Sigismund Barbanov-Morovar. Her Ladyship, Dame Tavisha Markov ‘The Independent’ vas Ruthern, Marian Knight-Sergeant of Haense. ~The Wedding shall take place on Saturday (October 16th) at 5:00pm EST at the Basilica (Church) of Karosgrad~ ~after the Haense Remembrance Day Festival~
  2. "Gotta say I feel proud of myself for spilling those beans to Ele." Simply stated Tavisha Markov, as her eyes skimmed through the epistle. "Wonder whose's childhood was worse: mine or hers." She snickered to herself, pandering on the thought.
  3. THE HAESENI REMEMBRANCE DAY In Homage To Our Fallen Heroes 16th of Gronna and Droba, 395 E.S The time has come to acclaim and honor the many heroic figures who exchanged their lives for the sake of our peoples’ safety and dignity since our ships set ashore in the lands of Almaris. The Remembrance Day of Haense shall be celebrated in the form of a solemn Festival at the Royal Gardens on the back of the Prikaz Palace. Over the course of the day, all of the gathered are most welcome to query soldiers and officers alike on matters of the military and their experience over the years, in hopes of motivating new heroes to seize arms. Beyond that, some military equipment shall be set there for display, although obviously kept unoperational and unloaded. Flowers, candles and other such items may be brought to adorn the cemetery and gardens alike, in respect and benefaction to the dead. The Martial Costume Wear During the event, all of its attendants are encouraged to come dressed in costumes and attires harking back to the uniforms and armors garbed by not only the Haeseni Army (from any historical era of your choice), but also the Corpus Medicus, The Diplomats, among servers from other institutions invaluable to the Kongzem in times of strife, for wars are not won only through blades. Those who would like to honor a fallen ancestor, any otherwise prominent historical figures, or even living men and women partaking to any of the institutions referred to, may do so through however ways they see fit, so long as it’s done in reverent manner. Examples of such would be costumes alluding to these figures, or even masks. The Brotherhood’s March The integrants of the Brotherhood of St. Karl, the reformed grand army of Haense, shall set off from the barracks towards the gardens, bearing flickering banners and arms alike as they traverse into the gardens. Their parade shall be accompanied by the sound of brass instruments and drums. With their Arrival, the other events shall commence. The Reenactment of Battle The first celebrity shall thus be announced in the form of a reenacted battle, alluding to the foes Haense has had to face in the recent past. The members of the military, enthusiasts of combat, those trained in it, among others may all join. They shall be divided into two teams and be handed training weapons in order to face off in the arena, to demonstrate how warfare is like to the watchful audience. ((This shall be done in the form of PvP)) The Posthumous Mentions The names of remarkable men and women who have perished in battle shall thus be listed, their stories, deeds and fates informed and honored, all once the Reenactment comes to a close. Anyone close to those spoken about, who’d wish to muster words on their legacy, shall be given a chance. At last, an ordained clergyman of the Church of Canon shall orate and bid the gathered to pray. The items brought to tender the fallen shall thereafter be delivered. The Toast of Closure At last to signal the end of the celebration, all Haeseni peoples gathered shall take up on hands a glass of Carrion Black for a toast in name of the Fallen; half of the glass’s content shall be poured into the soil, and the rest shall be drunk - mirroring the Haeseni tradition of ‘The Last Drink of Death’. Not only this shall serve as closure to the event, but hopefully to any lingering pains on the hearts of those who stayed, replaced with solace, comfort and good booze to warm them from the inside. ~~This Event shall happen on October 16th, at 3pm EST~~
  4. Tavisha vas Ruthern seizes the papers, swiftly running them through with her eyes, reading everything with excitment and high hopes. The smile on her face shifted though, turned into a hapless frown, as she took to stand tall, breathing slow and unsteady, her fingers bending inwards as her nails bit at her palm. In a burst of outrage, she took to tearing all of the paper apart, peeling bit by bit until there was naught; naught on the entire newsboard. At last a punch of hers was sent to it, knocking the entire thing down as she stormed with a furious and melancholic scowl.
  5. "When will those jokers even fight back? They boast such superiority and progress, yet have done naught but to run, hide and face their own humiliation." Wondered a Haeseni Dame, who had grown sleepier after merely batting an eye upon this pamphlet; swiftly crumpling it in her hands, ere tossing it aside. "At least their wickedness should meet its end shortly."
  6. The newly-knighted Marian Dame of Haense couldn't help but to indulge herself in a long glance set upon the missives spread across Karosgrad, the Kongzem, and beyond; a smirk curled on her heart-shaped lips. "Boom" The sonorous word softly wafted out of her mouth, as a sense of relief availed her - everything was proceeding smoothly, and the Silver-State was soon to suffer.
  7. "Yaaaaaawn" Yawned Tavisha vas Ruthern upon hopping into a fine hammock bed she successfully set up inside the occupied Fort, caught in a gentle sway along with the cool gusts of wind of the desert's night; figures she'd take some proper night of sleep before traveling back into Haenseni turf.
  8. Tavisha Barrow silent but snarkily laughs in BSK recruitment.
  9. "Nice, a ***** to kill" Tavisha thought to herself, in sheer and complete secrecy.
  10. Tavisha Barrow grew tired of avoiding and evading the plethora of missives talking about the contest, as if they haunted her all over the place; she skid into a halt to read one proper, deciding to sign up for it. "No harm in giving this a try." Ign: Drasanee Character name: Tavisha Barrow
  11. Hey, this is almost perfectly balanced. . . are the philposters going to bully me now?
  12. An uruk woman nonchalantly skid into a halt to skim her conflagrant eyes over the letter, addressing it with irreverent scoffing upon conclusion. "Immensse power, huh? Pfft! Didn't sseem any tough after I sshot it under the wing right after it firsst sswoop down- jusst a maimed flying chicken. If thosse sscaliess hadn't wrecked one of the ballisstae, nor sscreeched as much as they did (only to run without a fight), chancess are it'd be dead already. To me it sseesmss like both paladinss and azdrazi fucked up." ere sauntering away with a contemptuous snort, seeing that the two orders had endangered all other denizens of Almaris.
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