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  1. "Imagine restricting your life based on what some wrinkled, near-dead, cross-dangling, geezers and their long dated book of cattle-herding preach!" Leikn stuck their tongue out at the very pitiful thought, laughing at the Canonists; going so far as to 'moo' toward one village priest indoctrinating local youth, believing that was how Flexio was spoken!
  2. "Sooo.. Aleksie stays wearing that crown despite it all? Uau. . ." Said Leikn upon seeing the King at Valdev, fine and dainty as he was, ridiculing the situation, unamused by "So much blahblahblah and nothing changes!" as no verdict or announcement seemed to have been shared with the public yet.
  3. Why the second slot? Because this is incredibly powerful. Voidal Magic is pretty much the most powerful magic on the server, perhaps not individually, but it allows a single character to have 5 different magics that are all very powerful on their own already, to the point the physical weakness matters little and a T5 multislot mage may take on various enemies solo and still teleport 32 or so blocks away with translo if they start losing. Add this on top of spellforging, the voidal feat dlcs (mainly eminence and voidstalker), and potential Jing Summons. If anything, restricting this by making people choose between investing 2 slots on an individual magic for maximum power with it, or more flexibility/variety of spells by getting more MAs, is a great way to tone mages down a little. Not like the 1 slot abilities are weak, not even close.
  4. "TOO DAMN LITTLE! DOUBLE THE REWARD!" Protested Leikn, yet another Chaos Gremlin who came in contact with the posters.
  5. This feels more like a Lanre Cerusil shadow-buff, given all the offensive fire based magic that Air Evo would become unable to counter as well - but I digress. This fails to tackle the BIGGEST problem with these two Air Evocation Spells: how they essentially make Martials, even Ranged ones, useless, not Fire-Mages. A Fire Evocationist, Azdrazi, Herald, or Naztherak can circumvent an Air Evocationist's Redirect & Air Shield spells with other abilities at their disposal. One could argue a Fire Evocationist wouldn't be able to do so BUT LET'S BE REAL they won't have only this MA, given how voidal magic goes. Whereas a Martial has to get close to do damage, or choose range. Martial: "I'M GONNA USE RANGE HAHA!" Air Mage: "Lol, no." *[Redirect] Spam*" *All Martial Projectiles get denied!* Martial: "OK I'M GOING IN!" Air Mage: "Nope!" *[Gust] Spam! *Martial gets continuously pushed backward, until being finished off by another spell (be it from Air Evo, other Magic, or a Jing). My Suggestions: Make [Redirect] unable to be utilized to redirect/negate Heavy Projectiles (Spears/Javelins/Pilla); Instead, to redirect or at least stop those the Air Evocationist would have to cast [Air Shield] This way Ranged Martials would have a chance to do something against those mages, who could still simply Brisk Step away if they don't have time to cast Air Shield. A single character is unable to carry many javelins, unlike with arrows and bolts, that can be RPed as infinite without anyone batting an eye. Furthermore, all those heavier throwable weapons are more close ranged than arrows and projectiles shot from bows/cbows, creating a balance. So essentially cast [Air Shield] in time. You don't? Skill issue. Find another way, brisk step, or get hit. Have [Redirect]'s Anti-Flame Potency increase with Tier. T1/T2: Tennis Ball sized T3: Cannon Ball? Whatever is most used to define a medium size. T4: Bigger. T5: Beachball. Other metrics can be used, but the point is I definetively think there should be a scaling system to this. This is just a suggestion with examples, I'm not an expert. Combustive Flame Projectiles should explode on contact; higher reward, higher risk. Those caught in the middle get hurt. Likewise, [AirShield]s should endure continuous fire spells for a scaling amount of emotes. T1/T2: Epic Fail T3/T4: 1 emote before the continuous flames get through T5: 2 emotes before the continuous flame pierce the air shield.
  6. Based as ****. Love to see sprinkles of realism like this added to roleplay, especially in this case, as it adds more IRP consequences to the reckless all out global wars the server always has.
  7. "It's so nice to know it all so I can play with both sides!" Giggled the peculiar horned teen known as Leikn, evidently very amused by the position they stood in amid all of this drama.
  8. OOC: MC Name: Drasanee Discord: altheabr IC: Name: Leikn Sinnersbúr Age: 9 Information about yourself: I'm Leikn! I'm magical, got a bow, dagger - but I won't show (meant for surprises), some stolen earned magic trinkets, a big, REAL BIG, wolf pet, and . . . I'm creative-smart! (Miss Dyonne & Rexie said so!) and sneaky. Am also pretty strong, no joking, can shock you. I like having fun, adventuring, playing with animals, exploring, studying cool stuff, and hearing stories (not just bed time ones). I can help thinking outside the box! Or using rogue skills. Or pulling magic tricks. Or cheering people! My wolf can do tracking and carry stuff, including medkit. My ma' taught me some healing stuff.
  9. A horned child-adventurer laid on their bed with a map and a dream; the map, of Aevos - or Solheim, stolen from the nearest library; the dream, a pirate's life Yo Ho! And with that in mind did they mark an X upon Nor'Velythian's location with a fancy glitter-pencil they held onto dearly! Leikn would show it to their parents, prone to pursuing the treasure beneath stone and moon.
  10. Yknow what? This makes sense. They are the guardians of the coven, the mama with the big chancla, not the undying wizard hiding behind an army of undead minions Give them some cannibal flavored whey protein
  11. In the meanwhile, a young horned child dreamed about sailing alongside funny 'bone-people', much like in one of those stories their (adoptive) father had told them to sleep.
  12. Cold be hand and heart and bone. . . Any respectable witch must have their accursed serfs and pawns! I also like the warmth system. +1
  13. Really good rewrite and update for the magic, surely makes it all tidier. I commend the intent on shifting focus from mere enchanting to RP-generating rituals bolstered by player creativity (as imo it should always have been the case), and the desire to further limit minmaxing by making it 2 slots from the get-go, while compensating with some small combative tools to make blood mages more self-sufficient. I also like how "Ritual Rebound" helps clarify what happens following failed rituals, making them less ST-Reliant, and how the "Serpent's Sickness" adds a nice narrative price to learning this dark art, giving more purpose to vampirism (as Corcituri are tied to BM). +1
  14. Very interesting lore! It's good to see an older unused lore concept brought back in a well updated fashion - as it should be - instead of being left forgotten. I don't know much about voidal lore, but it's nice to have further intricacies and depth added to it to allow for different avenues of RP. +1
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