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    Ivan was born into a Highlander family in a village in the domain of the Holy Orenian Empire. At 2 years old, he, along with his mother and father, would move to the new realm, Atlas. There, they would settle as farmers in the Empire of Man. For a large part of his childhood, Ivan and his family would settle in a small village as farmers. By the time Ivan was 19, he was ready to take over the farm his parents had worked for his entire childhood. He would stay in his own village, secluded from the bigger world, until, just days after his 20th birthday, raiders came to sack his village. Ivan was powerless to defend himself against them and they slaughtered his entire family. Having nothing left at the village, Ivan traveled to Carolustadt to apply his efforts elsewhere. In the capital of the Empire of Man, he was able to find an apprenticeship under a merchant, where he stayed and learned for 3 years before venturing out into the city to live on his own. He currently works as a merchant, just barely getting by through selling and trading whatever he can get his hands on.
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