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  1. To the Venerable Ugokoyama Danzen Doubtless you have received letters from both representatives of the so-called clergy of Urguan, as well as my errant cousin Norli's Runecult. Both of these organizations have either been, or are being run into the ground by fools, who care more for their political agendas and the squabbling of their grudges over Dwarfen history, honor, and faith. It is a deep divide, and one of the many reasons I hold my younger kin in contempt. I do not claim to have ever been a prophet of my faith, but I am a Priest of Dungrimm, and have been for two hundred years. My father, Kazrin Starbreaker, is the wisest Dwarf alive on the matters of lore, and has raised me a mind alike, and my clan, that venerable Elder Clan of Starbreaker, conceived the Dwarfen faith as it began in the morning of the world (a subject which I take no small pride in, for my clan among all others values piety.) Furthermore, I am learned in both the modern Da Kirkja Dverga, the An Yemarin Anaros of my youth, and the variations of the faith as practiced by my forefathers. I have remained relatively uninvolved in Dwarfen politics since my time as Grand King, and so I have not troubled myself with the bickerings of the modern cults. Should you wish to speak more, I await your letter, as I do not frequent the surface. Jorvin, son of Kazrin, son of Gardath, son of Osram, son of Koryk, son of Kazraden son of Skalf, son of Gotrek, son of Urguan, Lord of Gotrek’s Folk, Clan-Father of Elder Clan Starbreaker, Grand King Emeritus, Founding Councillor of the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Conqueror of the Voidspawn Photania, Conqueror of the Korvassa, Slayer of the Traitor-Aengul, Gazardiel, Hero of the Brathmordakin
  2. im not a realm leader can u remove it from my forum profile pls

    1. _RoyalCrafter_


      Once a king always a king

    2. TheosVult


      Still "realm leader"...
      Bro really is Numendil's Immortal Lord Emperor

  3. irrinor was an illegitimate state says curufin
  4. The Last Royal Act of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor To my fair and noble subjects. For fifty years, I have ruled and reigned over the Folk of Harren, and in that time, I can say proudly, that we have gone from the most errant of Horen’s children, to retaking our place among His flock. When I was a boy, Adunians were second-class and scattered to the wind. Now, we make up one of the Great Kingdoms of Men, all of this and more, I have done with you, and I have done for you, and I could not have done without you. It is the style of the Kings of Men to rule until their death, but, we are not wholly men. And I cannot, it saddens me to say, rule our mighty nation for another century or more. New leadership is required, new ideas, new hopes and dreams, for I have fulfilled mine, and now, all that is left for me is that my children and my subjects live in the world I have built for them, and that they too prosper. Passion must be reignited, a passion for ruling which in me has waned, along with my energy to do so. It is a passion that my daughter has, but she cannot do so alone. As such, I implore you all to remain at her side, to take her rule, and to grant her wise council, as you have me, for I know I would not have done as I have without you all. Therefore, in my last act as King of Númendil, King and Protector of the Adunians, and Lord of the Númenaranyë, Númenost, and the Barrowlands, is to pass on my titles, my crown, and my throne to my daughter. Caraneth Aryantë of the House Arthalionath, and henceforth be the first to recognize her as Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the House Arthalionath. And may she reign nobly and well. By the Grace of GOD Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath, Founder and King of Númendil, King and Protector of the Adunians, Lord of the Númenaranyë, Númenost, and the Barrowlands, High-Chieftain of the Númenedain and the Harren’hil, Conqueror of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm.
  5. Only on mondays

  6. color-based racism in a world with elves and dragons and magic is kinda uncomfy, speaking as someone who was on the recieving end of it when I played a cave dwarf, 'Darkie' was thrown around a few times and it always made me cringe.
  7. Numendil will reopen in 2-3 business days

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      they're too busy being bald sorry people

  8. Within the Ancestor-Vault of the Starbreaker hall, Jorvin Kazrinsson slept. He did a lot of that these days, his semi-active retirement was well and truly behind him now, every one of his three hundred years felt like two- The Voidal Incursions, the Inferi War, the Mori invasion, the fall of two holds, one built by the hands of his ancestors. The disappearances of his bastard daughters decades before, followed by that of his adopted daughter Lulubelle more recently. Jorvin Kazrinsson wore it all stoically- But it could be said the fall of Almaris and the disappearance of Lulubelle well and truly broke the Starbreaker Clan-Lord. Too much in too little time. As he slept, he dreamed of Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Many of his mentors had gone there now- And many of his friends also. He wondered of Gimli was there, or his brother, Azdal. He knew Bjor was. What fate awaits a Hero of the Brathmordakin when they die? He wondered how he would earn a worthy death. How goes a God-Slayer, Demon's Bane, and Foe of the Void meet a worthy end? He pondered this- With how much he slept these days, he had quite a lot to pon- Crash! Damned beardlings... The seal to the Ancestor Vault- Jorvin's chamber, slid open, two younger ashen-skinned Starbreakers marched in, black-plate clinking. Jorvin rose from the sarcophagi-like bed, sitting himself up with a growl. "Unless tha' Nordlings ah're currently layin' siege to the Crown'old- Ye best have ah' damned good reason fer wakin' me." He snarled, rubbing his blue eyes to glance at the Beardlings. "'ets Nara, laird- She's nay been seen in ah'lmost fifteh hours. We sent Kazagrim 'n Meredin lookin' for her, but nothin' turned up of yet." Jorvin froze, processing what the Beardling before him just said. He blinked a few times, before hauling himself out of the bed. One of the beardlings rushed over with his cane, only to be swatted away with an open hand. Instead, Jorvin reached for the mauling axe that laid beside the bed. "One ov ye- Fetch m'armor damn you. Ah' think I know where t'start looking."
  9. Tar-Númenatâr, formerly known as Ser Uther of Acre read over the document a few times with narrowed eyes, the names 'Frederick' and 'Novellen' catching his gaze. A glance was cast towards his wife, previously the Lady Orelia, now Tári-Sílûrîs. @Seva "They surely wouldn't name their keep after Frederick the Tyrant? would they? At least- They wouldn't do that, then invite me to the bloody feast- Its no secret I was with the band that sent the sod to hell." He hummed in confusion, folding the letter, before tucking it back into his surcoat. "Must be named after another Frederick Novellen- I tell you, There's too many Horens and not enough bloody names- They're all named some variation of the same dozen."
  10. Tar-Númenatâr scowled as he read the missive, glancing over at his heir and daughter, @AstriaS "Bloody pagan vagrants- Anyone who slanders Brandt's house in my presence loses their tongue." He said, he was (probably?) exaggerating.
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