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  1. SimplySeo

    The Iron Guard of Kal'Varoth

    “Mer’azunnoth thas’kaznok, da Urguan’kadan ath ayna othok! Olkodran var’nazka karen’kladianmar!” (Beware my enemy, the sons of Urguan are upon you! Nothing will break our shields!) The Iron Guard of Kal’Varoth The Iron Guard of Kal’Varoth is the successor guild to the Ironbreakers of yore, acting as an independent organization following the second military reformation of the Underrealms. Beholden only to their Marshall and their Lord Commander, the Iron Guard inherit the legacy of Urguan’s heavily armored defenders. Putting their emphasis on discipline, tactics, and a strong command structure, they hold the line against the Underrealm’s foes. Forming an indomitable shieldwall of iron and steel. Their two primary duties on the battlefield are holding the position granted to them no matter the staggering costs, and pinning enemy formations so they might be flanked. Off the battlefield, they serve as the primary police force of the inner city, where their ability to take a beating, coupled with their more...Level-headed nature in comparison to the marauders, makes them ideal for enforcing law and order. In short, they are the successors to Dungrimm’s Legion, which has undergone reorganization following a decentralization of the Legion. The Iron-Guard of Kal’Varoth was founded by, and currently led by former lieutenant, Jorvin Starbreaker. Essential Ranks; Ranks that are required at all times to be filled. Lord Commander (Thrumm’velerakian) The highest rank within the Guard. The Lord Commander serves as both the primary field-commander of the Guard, but also the chief representative of the Iron Guard on the War Council. The Lord Commander is not a rank earned only through honor (Though to be honorable is certainly a requirement) but he must also possess an understanding of general strategy, and logistics. Lieutenant (Barel’rikkin) Serving as the hands of the Lord Commander, both on and off the battlefield. Lieutenants are the boots on the ground, fighting as commanding officers in the shieldwall and making the quick decisions the Lord Commander is not present for. Ironbreaker (Khro’nazkarumm) Senior soldiers of the Iron Guard, having served at least a decade as an Ironguard. It is the Ironbreakers who the Commanders relies upon to be unwavering, and to never retreat in the face of overwhelming odds unless the order is given. Ironguard (Khron’akvel) A full-fledged rank and file soldier of the Iron Guard. Clad in Black Ferrum armor, sporting a spear, sidearm (Often a short sword or war-axe) and a tower shield. The most numerous rank. New Blood (Cast’ardol) A fresh recruit often homeless and clanless, yet to prove themselves. The ‘Grunt’ rank of the Iron Guard, armed with simply a blade and round-shield. Secondary Ranks; Ranks whose duties may be performed by commanding officers in the event there are not enough Guards to perform these tasks. Quartermaster (Ironguard or higher) The one in charge of procuring, and maintaining the arms and armor of the Guard. It is the duty of the Quartermaster to ensure all members of the guard are well provisioned with weapons, a full suit of armor, and at least a week’s rations. Watch-Captain (Ironbreaker or higher) The most experienced of Law-Enforcers in the Guard, tasked with ensuring regular patrols are conducted within the designated area, that the laws of Urguan are followed to the letter among the Guard, and enforcing a high standard of honor and professionality among the guard.. More importantly the Watch-Captain is tasked with maintaining order and discipline in the Guard, and dealing out punishments should the rules be disregarded. These punishments may range from demotion towards in the most extreme cases, execution of deserters. The most extreme punishments however require approval from a commanding officer. Artillery Sergeant (Lieutenant or higher) The one tasked with training the Guard on the construction, maintenance, and usage of artillery pieces, as this is often information the common infantrymen lacks. On the field of battle if he is not busy in the shield-wall, he will be tasked with commanding an artillery battery. Standard Bearer (Any) Among the most important, yet dangerous jobs is that of the standard bearer. It is he who carries the flag of Urguan into battle and ensuring it never fall into enemy hands. The Standard Bearer works to direct soldiers on the field with his flag, ensuring no contingents of the war-party end up lost. Perks and benefits Free sleeping quarters and storage within the barracks of Kal’Varoth Tax-cut of fifty percent, meaning should a member of the Guard own property, they need only pay half the normal amount. Should the member of the Guard be grievously wounded in battle, he shall be compensated of a sum ranging from 100-400 minas, depending on the extent of his injury. A member of the Guard may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. However, should a suit be lost, they will only be provided 1. Kit per stone week. Duties and Code of Conduct; Tasks consist of the duties required every Iron Guard, with promotions and demotions based on how well, or poorly these tasks are performed. Patrol Duty. The Iron Guard are tasked with ensuring both the Inner-City of Kal’Varoth, and the Underways remain cleared of hostiles and illegal activities. This includes checking on passersby to ensure all is well. Any complaints should be noted and promptly investigated by one or more on-duty Iron Guards. Surface checks. Similar to the above, the Iron Guard may at times, be tasked with patrolling Urguanite lands above ground, this includes the Hefrumm Village and nearby road systems. Let it be noted that should activity be sighted alone the road, the reporting Guard is to seek the support of another guardsmen before dealing with any bandits. The only exception of this is if a life is in danger, at which point the Guard is required to put themselves between the attacker and victim without hesitation. Gate Duty. Every member of the Iron Guard, including the command-strata are not only encouraged but expected to take gate duty upon themselves, to ensure at all times the inner city remains secure. Construction. Should the nation undertake vast projects, it is the duty of the Iron Guard to offer their assistance, be it in the actual building, or in obtaining the resources to do so. The Code of Conduct is a general series of guidelines and rules on how one must behave when on-duty as a member of the Guard, as their behavior while in armor reflects upon the collective honor of the Guard. Honor At all times, a member of the Iron Guard is a gentlemen, first and foremost. He must conduct himself dutifully, lending aid to any Dwarf who require it, and do so without audible complaint. Discipline The task given to the Iron Guard in battle is simple, and it is one they must follow until their deaths. As a wall of iron, they are the vanguard, the first to hold back enemy hordes, only retreating when a general fall-back is announced, and only doing so until all other forces have left the field safely. Loyalty While a member of the Guard may in private, question the orders of his commanding officer, he must not do so while in the field. An Iron Guard is expected to follow their orders without complaint, and to do so in public is a punishable offense. Secondly, upon assuming a senior rank (Ironbreaker or above) an Iron Guard is expected to swear an oath of loyalty, not to the King or council, but the Articles of Urguan, and the principals the Underrealm was founded on. Sacrifice Above all other things, the Iron Guard are true sons and daughters of Urguan. As such, it is to them that falls the sacred task of protecting Urguan’s folk from internal and external threats alike. Be it eldritch demon, lusted for the blood of descendants, or rebellious dwed who threaten to unmake all that we have bled for. The Shieldwall will not break, and if we are to die, we will die standing. ' “Oz’kazak khor’nerroth’akveluron! Keznol’Brathmordakin mer’ulro Khazadmar!” (To war Guardians of the Deep-Realm! Ancestor Gods be with us!) Formations Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Khain’ohin - Half-ring formation - Leader stands in the center of the primary line, one or more Dwed on each of his flanks - Remaining troops take position on either side of the center, to surround the center party in a broken ring - Used when communicating with a second armed party, to ensure that they are surrounded should they become hostile Application RP Name: MC Name: Race/Subrace: Discord name and number: Have you served in previous Dwarven militaries? If so, which: (You may be entitled to skip the ‘New-Blood’ rank, proceeding directly to Iron-Guard or Ironbreaker) Report to either Lord Commander Jorvin Starbreaker (DixieDemolisher/Seo#0650) or Grand Marshall Gimli Grandaxe (Dwarven Daddy/Lt. Big M.#4933) for your uniform/skin
  2. [!] the following letter is nailed upon the door of the Tax Office within Kal’Varoth, and a copy submitted to various government officials around the city. On behalf of the good people, and merchants of Kal’Varoth and the Underrealms of Urguan, I write this letter to the Grand Merchant Dimlin of Clan Irongut, to inform him that we, the good merchants of Kal’Varoth utterly refuse to cooperate with this ‘performance report’. We believe that it is not only unnecessarily bureaucratic, but also ineffectual, as any vendor who does in fact pay their taxes to make use of their stall, is entitled to do so as they please. We argue: That the ‘monthly vendor report mandate’ will do more harm than good, as many of our number have much better things to do in the service of our great nation, than file unnecessary reports that will never see the light of day. We emphasize: That we, the good citizens and merchants of Kal’Varoth are patriots, and will more than happily pay our taxes to ensure the kingdom runs smoothly. However we firmly believe that, between the overcomplication of the merchant system, coupled with the suspension of mining permits two stone days prior, that the policies of the current Grand Merchant, are more damaging than not. Should action not be taken in regards to these mandates, it is with heavy heart I am sure, that the merchants of this nation would be required to take their business elsewhere. -Jorvin ‘Kazrinkadan’ Starbreaker, Clan Lord of the Starbreakers, Rikkin in the Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum, and the Underrealms of Urguan. Patriot and Commanding Officer among the forces of the Underrealm. Ambassador to the nation of Aegothrond, Battle-Brother of Da Arkammar oz Zarhere, and proud owner of ‘Starbreaker steals and Deals’ -Brokkr ‘Stumpy’ Grandaxe, owner of ‘Stumpy’s Rock Emporium’ - Darek “Hammerfist” Irongrinder, Former King of the Kingdom of Ord, Lord of Kal’Khron, Kal’Nuram and Varoth’Akvel, Marshal of Da Arkammar oz Zarhere, Dwarf CO Board Member, Former Clan Lord Clan Hammerfist, Longbeard of the Legion of Urguan. Adopted son of Zahrer “The Merciful” Irongrinder, - Zahrer “The Merciful” Irongrinder, Arch-Runelord of the Temple of Az’adar, Rikkin in the Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum and the Under-Realm of Urguan, Lord of Kal’Az’adar, The Citadel, Jarnstrand, Kjellingrad, Khaz’Varekan, and the Westmarch, Master of the Kal’Varak, Hero of the Brathmordakin, Father of Clan Irongrinder, Arbiter of The Age of Industry, Slayer of Setherian and The Dharok, Chief Executive Officer of The Dwedmar Corporation, Longbeard Commander of the Legion of Urguan, Seneschal of the Legion of Mercy, and Snow-Elven Patron God of Unreasonable Warmongering. - Atandt ‘the Honorable’ Irongrinder, Clan Lord of the Irongrinders, kingslayer, Restorer of Honor, CEO of DNN, Dwarf CO Board Member, Longbeard of the Legion of Urguan, Grand Master of Da Arkammar oz Zarhere, temporary Grand Marshal of the Urguan Legion, former Lord Commander of the Temple of Az’Adar guard.
  3. SimplySeo

    [Bug] Player Shops Display Inventory Incorrectly

    The mods hate capitalism
  4. For absolutely no reason in particular, theoretically what magics would one be needed to make a Sith LordSHEEEV.png.7f11f4ef5bc627fdd85cbe434761fa59.png

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    2. Mavromino


      You could make a case for voidal shifting as Sith Lords were always extremely mobile.

    3. Apostate


      what joel said - that, and a lack of moisturiser


      if you're interested as to what Shade is, send me a message - I'll give you a rundown.

    4. SourDough
  5. Looking for a new community to join? Interested in a close-knit group of fun-loving RPers? C’mon down to Kal’Varoth and make a Dwarf today!

    1. SubscriptShark2


      preferably a frostbeard right?

  6. SimplySeo

    [World Lore] The Under-Realm River of Kismet

    GOOD **** the best **** Exactly the kind of thing I want to see from the under-ways
  7. SimplySeo

    [Festival] Paragon Barradin's Day

    “Neat.” Says a not-so-old dwarf
  8. Dwarves are being discriminated against. Heck longlegs

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    2. J33xt101


      @Burnsy Are you still sour about the honor duel you lost in Holm? 

    3. Burnsy


      @J33xt101 So I mention a problem that could pertain to you to, and the first thing you have to say is something completely unrelated to the discussion. You’re ******* hopeless.

    4. J33xt101


      @Burnsy That problem has nothing to do with me. You guys do the exact same thing.

  9. SimplySeo

    -=Da Kirkja Dverga=- The Dwarven Clergy

    ((RP)) Name: Jorvin Kazrinkadan Starbreaker Race: Cavern Dwarf Clan (If applicable): Clan Starbreaker Reason for joining: Having purged the heretical elements from his clan, Jorvin seeks to restore his honor by serving his gods, and as an extension of that, the clergy. Along with this, he wishes to formalize his preaching while abroad in Aegothrond. ((OOC)) Minecraft Username: DixieDemolisher Discord (Recommended): Seo#0650
  10. SimplySeo

    Sylvaen's Hammer - Inquiry

    [!] The following response is nailed to a post in Aegothrond a short while after. Copies soon follow, distributed by hirelings of Clan Starbreaker, often found underneath the original documents
  11. SimplySeo

    Looking for New RP experiences

    Make a lil dwarf I shall adopt any and all lil Dwedkis
  12. Having only joined in November I’ll admit I’m a rather recent addition to the community, but I’ve only ever had good conversations with you, and you seem like a real standup gent, a proper lad, a friend person. Thank you for helping the community I’ve already grown so attached to become what it is.
  13. SimplySeo

    ----<{ Clan Starbreaker }>----

    Looks very good to me! I will contact you over discord shortly
  14. When are you collab-ing with MC Gimli “Gimmilfuhrer’ Metalfist?
  15. I’m considering making my second character a human, I have a general character theme going, but I have two questions.


    Is there an existing Inqusitorial/Witch-Hunter type group? Doesn’t have to be an official or sanctioned group or anything, I just wanna get my Warhammer references on.


    Is there someone who is willing to give me a brief rundown on the main human ‘cultures’? I don’t know much beyond the fact I’ve seen fantasy-frenchmen and fantasy-germans running around sometimes.

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    2. Parker



      there you go friend. Something you could help me on.

    3. SimplySeo


      @Parker Not quite what I was going for, but thank you anyway!



      @LithiumSedai @D4NNA Is there anything I can read on Waldenian custorms and culture?

    4. LithiumSedai