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  1. Aye, that opinion is pretty much my own on the matter. Ain’t a whole lotta point in banditry if half the parties involved don’t remember it happening. Don’t want someone to recognize you from banditing them? Genuinely conceal yourself, put out their eyes, somethin’.
  2. Jorvin Starbreaker reads the declaration of war within his halls, a frown soon marks the Chancellor’s face as he shakes his head softly. ”Ah’ war declared oan falsehoods ifin ah’ ever read one, utter bullshoite.” He huffs, rising from his chair and retrieving his nearby warhammer from it’s mount on the wall. Jorvin rolls it in his hands for a moment, before clasping it tightly. ”Yet some’ow, ah’ doubt t’e king will exercise caution w’en t’e Fennites call ah’re aid. War et’ll be t’en.”
  3. Jorvin Starbreaker scowls as he reads the letter. ”Trialed fer tax evasion? Losin’ yer property is enough, Hekkaes dunnae ‘ave t’e authoriteh to enforce t’is.”
  4. Sons and Daughters of Urguan For those of you who are unaware, my name is Jorvin of Clan Starbreaker, and while I am young, I have served our nation for the majority of my adult life. I continue to do so now, for as of today, I have taken the position of Lord Chancellor of the Underrealms. While I have been called many things, a man to shirk duty has never been one of them. I will serve you all to the best of my ability until I can no longer do so. Decisions of the Council (Penned on this day, 8th of the Sun’s smile, 1727 Ascension of the King While the Underrealms has always been a democratic nation, it has not proven necessary today, as for the first time in our history, a Dwarf has been unanimously nominated for as king. Early into today’s council session, Utak of Clan Ireheart was sworn in as King of the Underrealms, facing no opposition, an election was deemed unnecessary. King Utak’s reign will be formalized with a coronation at a yet undecided date. When said date is decided upon, an announcement will be made. Appointment of the Grand Marshal With Utak Ireheart’s ascension to Kingship, the position of Grand Marshal was left empty. After a brief discussion among the council it was decided upon that Ozneat of Clan Treebeard will serve the Kingdom as commander of her throngs. Known for having militarized the Forest Dwarves into a formidable force, it is trusted that he is more than capable of the task. Reformation of the Grand Merchant position After much discussion among the council, it has been decided that the Grand Merchant position is to be split in two. Housing and taxation shall now fall upon the new position of Warden, currently held by Hekkaes Goldhand. The Grand Merchant meanwhile, will be tasked with selling Dwarven goods abroad to generate a profit, and thus fill the Underrealm’s coffers once more, for this task, Mafraedon Irongrinder has been selected. As Lord Chancellor, I aim to administer matters both diplomatic and domestic for our king, should you be a citizen wishing to bring any topic of import to the council, feel free to contact me by either bird or letter, as I have opened a mailbox outside the Starbreaker clan hall for those needing to contact me. Foreign dignataries wishing to meet with Urguan should similarly see to contact either myself of the King. Narvak oz Urguan Narvak oz da Khazadmar Narvak oz Utak Kravamoruk Charged as we are by Yemekar
  5. Jorvin Starbreaker enters the now abandoned office of the former Lord Chancellor, fumbling to light the wall-mounted torch. His eyes scan the cluttering of the desk...and the floors...and the walls. Greeted by mountains of paperwork, the new Chancellor stares blankly for a moment, blinks. And promptly spends the next several moments screaming internally.
  6. Jorvin Starbreaker raises a brow. ”A temple in Sutica, eh? Suppose bringin’ fait’ to the fait’less s’what t’e clergeh’s ah’ll ‘bout.”
  7. He’s not allowed to leave until he collabs with Gimli
  8. Grew invested and ended up leading an eight year old group. I just want to leave the group in a better position than when I joined it. Attachment to the clan aside, I could say the same as everyone else. The small group of friends I’ve made makes all the annoying, tedious, downright bullshit worth it.
  9. To our honored Marshall, Utak of the Elder Clan Ireheart, honor be upon you and your ancestors. While we have not always seen eye to eye, I do, and always have considered you a true comrade in arms since my first days in the Legion, where you presided over my first training. Since then I believe I have come far, and my proudest moments in life have been fighting alongside my kin in the shieldwall. However you have no doubt noticed my recent absence, which I confess was due in part to a poorly treated injury I sustained in the recent conflict. I have been nursed back to health, but am still taxed upon by the infection. Similarly, I have come to a realization. Shortly after I joined our Legion, I was told I would be capable of 'great things', this is praise I took to heart, and is what drove me to strive for the rank of officer. Since then our Legion has gone through several reformations, and during those reformations I had been promoted to the rank of Commander, one of your two second-in-commands. While there are few greater honors than this, I have come to realize that, much to my shame I am woefully inexperienced for such a crucial position. While I have served our nation since my arrival, this is still only thirty years of experience in comparison to that of some of our number, who possess centuries of such. While I certainly think of myself as competent, I must confess I believe I am under-qualified. Let no man say I held a position which would be better in the hands of someone else, as such, I formally request permission to resign from my rank of Commander now that we are no longer at war. Still wishing to serve our Legion I request demotion back to the rank of Captain, at least until I am better qualified to once more act as a commander. Similarily, I also request temporarily leave from my Legionnaire duties, to better focus on my duties as Clan Father and Rikkin, and to focus once more on my health to ensure no permanent injury. Signed, Clan Father Jorvin ‘The Young’ Starbreaker, son of Kazrin Starbreaker of the line of Kazraden, descendant of Gotrek the Starbreaker. Rikkin in the council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum, and founding Councillor of the Underrealms of Urguan.
  10. Maybe a dumb question, but is there any lore written on the celestial bodies of LOTC? Planets, stars, etc? Besides the existence of the sun and moon is anything else written down?

    1. Heero


      The stars are Aenguls and Daemons. Funny enough, the Dwarves are right when it comes to religion. The Moon really is the after-life. Who would’a thunk

    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      canonism is literally canon lore, read “ancient history” in the wiki lol 

    3. Ixli


      yeah, check the wiki bruv

  11. Thankie, order of some events might be a little jumbled? I wrote it all from memory. Think it came out accurate though.
  12. Metagame any of this and you’re gonna catch this hammer, boi “Understand this, I will not be like all those Clan Fathers before me who gave up, I would sooner die. That is where I differ from my father, I will break before I bend.” Jorvin Starbreaker [ Basic Information ] [Name] Common: Jorvin ‘Kazrinsson’ Starbreaker Dwarven: Yorrvin ‘Kazrinkadan’ Kornazkarumm [Race] Cavern Dwarf [Date of Birth] 5th of the Deep Cold, 1645 [Gender] Male [Sexuality] Bisexual (female leaning) [Affiliation] Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah (until 1692) Kingdom of Agnarum (1692-1707) Underrealms of Urguan (1707-Current) Dwarven Clergy (Briefly) [Political Affiliation] Confederate (1692-1707) Neo-Urguanite (1707-1717) Neo-Confederate (1717-Current) [Religious Affiliation] Brathmordakin (Dwarven Religion) [Favored Gods] Yemekar Dungrimm [ Traits ] [Health] Stressed: This character finds the burden of work and life almost too much to handle. Scarred: Old wounds have left this character visibly scarred. [Genetic] Strong: This character was lucky enough to be born with above-average strength. [Non-Inherited] Brawny: Through vigorous training, this character possesses a rather muscular physique. [Lifestyle] Scholar: This character is well-read, possibly even preferring the company of books to people. [Positive] Chaste: This character is neither all too experienced, nor all too concerned with sexual matters. Diligent: This character possesses a strong sense of duty. [Negative] Envious: This character is prone to seething jealousy. Greedy: This character is known for hoarding wealth. Wrothful: This character is known for having an extremely poor temperament at times. [Other] Ambitious: This character desires to be in a high position of power. Cynical: This character is known to have a cynical, somewhat unpleasant view on life. Stubborn: Once this character is committed to a course of action, it is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. [Leadership] Aggressive Leader: This character is known for having a very aggressive, and confrontational style of leadership. Heavy Infantry Leader: This character knows the value of armor, and makes frequent use of heavily armored infantry. [ Inventory ] [Primary Weapons] (Max One) Enchanted Warhammer (One Handed) Forged by the late Stromnikar Starbreaker, this weapon was granted to Jorvin after his ascension to Clan Father, and enchanted shortly after. It possesses electrical and telekinetic enchantments which, if allowed to muster a full charge, can be unleashed to devastating effect. Starbreaker Heavy Warhammer (One/Two Handed) A larger, heavier, non-enchanted variant of the above weapon roughly the length of a Dwarven sword. Forged from Black Ferrum, it possesses a crowbeak on the back of the hammer-head. Dwarven Spear (One/Two Handed) A simple yet dangerous weapon often used during Legion duties, it stands at six feet, and while not intended to be thrown it can be used to great effect when paired with a shield. Steel Bearded Axe (Two Handed) Occasionally carried into battle in place of a hammer, sacrificing weight for speed. While not nearly as effective against armored targets, against unarmored, or lightly armored foes, its raw cutting power makes it more than lethal enough. [Secondary Weapons] (Max Two) Steel Seax (One Handed) A long, single edged bone-hilted knife often tucked at around the back of Jorvin’s belt. Steel War-Axe (One Handed) Often used when carrying a spear into battle, due to the possibility of said spear breaking during combat. Hung around the side of Jorvin’s belt in a leather ‘holster’. Slayersteel Dagger (One Handed) Occasionally carried instead of a steel seax, in situations where encountering less than wholesome entities is a possibility. [Off-Hand] (Max One) Dwarven Heater Shield A heavy, legion-issue shield, primarily designed to form an unbreakable shield wall, but still plenty effective in single combat. Steel Round Shield Smaller than the heater shield, but capable of taking just as much punishment. Favored in single combat. [Satchel Contents] Rations Jerky and hardtack, enough to last a single man several days, but no longer than a week at maximum. Canteen Metal canteen containing a day’s worth of clean water. Flask Metal flask containing a day’s worth of alcohol, usually mead. War Horn Encase of attack, a horn is tucked into the satchel, when blown it can be heard for roughly forty stones. Fire-starter Encase it is needed to ward off the cold, or boil water within the canteen to make it drinkable. Bandages Encase of injury and that medical assistance is not immediately available, the satchel contains a roll of bandages for covering wounds. [Armor] (Max One) Urguanite Officer’s Uniform Standard issue steel plate armor of Urguan’s Legion, complete with a bright orange cloak, encase you had any doubts to the country of origin. Starbreaker Plate Armor Black-Plate Armor specific to Clan Starbreaker, bearing the clan sigil of three stars and an anvil upon the chestplate. [ History ] Early Life Born during the golden age of Kaz’Ulrah in the early Atlasian period, Jorvin is the son of famed High Remembrancer, Kazrin Starbreaker, and the fiery tempered Maeven Blackhammer, a captain of note within the Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah. The eldest of three children, (the other two being Ketlin, and Azdal) he was relied upon to watch over his siblings from an early age, and as such, developed to be quite protective of them, even if he was often resentful for the attention received by his younger siblings from their parents. As is often the case, opposites attract, but seldom last for long. This fact would prove especially true in the case of Jorvin’s parents, who separated shortly after the boy’s sixteenth birthday. Ketlin remained with their father, who as one often busy with his work, sent her away to further her education under Draugrite scholars, Azdal too remained with Kazrin, but left to forge his own destiny at the age of eighteen. Jorvin however would remain with their mother as deemed by the court, shedding the name Starbreaker along with his mother. Years passed, and with the passage of time, Jorvin aged. He would find himself the voice of caution to his mother’s temper, and in return she would educate him to the best of her ability. Try as she might, the boy would gravitate towards those interests associated with his paternal clan, particularly scholarly work much to her distress. Despite this, his mother’s influence was apparent, and even as a boy he would adopt a dutiful nature, though he believed himself too weak to serve on the battlefield, and took to the mines instead, in his own words ‘to serve my king’. Jorvin’s professions such in nature, until the traumatic ‘Third Atlas Coalition War’ shook the continent. Three months before Jorvin’s fortieth birthday and coming of age, his mother marched to the defense of Norland with the rest of the Coalition’s forces, and in the aftermath of the sweeping Imperial victory there, she was never seen again, assumed dead. Jorvin came of age alone and angry, until returning to the only other family he knew. In a short while, after two and a half decades, he would return to his father, among the last of the Starbreakers, and would retake the family name, joining his clan once more. No longer alone, but still most certainly angry, the Starbreaker enlisted in the Vanguard the day after news of San’Kala’s fall reached the Crownhold. Knowing they would be next, Ulrahite leadership buckled down, and prepared for the long and bloody siege, which would leave Kal’Tarak a burning ruin. Jorvin would be severely wounded during the fighting, for no warrior was he, and only by taking shelter in the abandoned prison of Kal’Tarak would he survive the final stand made by the Coalition within King Thoak’s throne room. Being among the few ‘soldiers’ to survive the battle, he would charge himself with the task of aiding the refugees of the city in their escape. Marching across Imperial territory for thirty days (all the while beset by Imperials and bandits) the survivors would eventually make it to Kal’Azgaryum, once mortal enemies of Kaz’Ulrah, now the only remaining free-hold of the Dwarves in Atlas, save the Urguanite remnant of Az’Adar. Hunting the Cult, and ascension to Clan Father Among all refugees from Kaz’Ulrah, it was perhaps the Starbreakers who had the easiest time adjusting to life in Agnarum, as not only was Kazrin Starbreaker a figure respected for his neutrality, it was also that several of their number had already taken residence there. Jorvin, ashamed over his failure during the battle soon swore an oath to protect his fellow refugees to the best of his ability, and enlisted in Dungrimm’s Legion to aid in the transition. The young Starbreaker showed promise, and through rigorous training both with, and without the Legion, he would slowly but surely mold himself into a soldier. The Grand Marshall at the time Dain Metalfist saw potential in Jorvin, and soon deemed him as his personal guard, a respected position among his fellow Legionaires. This remained the status quo for some time, until somehow, the reputation of the Starbreakers waned. The actions of Torkan Starbreaker, his uncle and a suspected cultist, soon began to cast the clan in a poor light, meanwhile his father Kazrin, once highly respected, was soon a suspect for treason when it came to light that the Frostbeards, enemies of Agnarum, possessed a mole within the Council of Rikkin. This, further compounded with his refusal to sign the Frostbeard Extermination Act, caused the elderly Starbreaker to retire in favor of his son, who in the span of a single night found himself propelled from beardling, to Lord of Gotrek’s line. For a time, Jorvin floundered, unsure of himself and certainly unprepared to lead an Elder Clan. This was made all the worse by the corrupting influence of Torkan, whom Jorvin discovered to be a cultist of Khorvad, the Dwarven God of Darkness and Ambition. Unable to prove his uncle’s guilt to anyone but himself, the young Starbreaker was wrought with self-doubt and paranoia which threatened to break his spirit. This was prevented however, by the sudden friendship that formed between the young Legionaire and his commanding officers, the father-and-son duo, Dain and Gimli Metalfist. In these dark times, the Metalfists would prove to be steadfast friends and allies, especially once Jorvin’s father, Kazrin had vanished. Jorvin’s resolve grew, just in time for ‘The War Against September’. Fighting in the vanguard of Descendant lines in the Dwarven Shieldwall, the Starbreaker would personally fell a Minotaur as it broke through Dwarven lines, restoring his confidence and proving the young Starbreaker to be a formidable warrior. In the face of renewed investigation by Jorvin, Torkan vanished without a trace, taking his eldest children with him, and leaving only the young Karvek and Lulubelle in Jorvin’s care. Unbeknownst to Jorvin, Torkan would flee to Mynebor, where he would convince Balrog Ironkiln, a Starbreaker bastard and Lord of Mynebor, to take to Khorvadic worship. Within five years, all of Mynebor would be under Khorvad’s dominion, a fact discovered by Clan Ireheart who, during a raid against them, unearthed a hellish temple buried deep in Mynebor’s mines. With this information discovered, the Azgarymos Dwarves rallied for war, but were delayed by most troubling of news…. The Battle of the Bridge, and Serrimor The coming of the Vaeyl and their minions became known to the Dwarves when cold winds from the south swept over the mountain range separating Agnarum from the wastelands. The winter would be harsh, lasting well into the spring, and when it finally did end, it would become apparent to the Dwarves something unholy was at stake. Volunteering to discover what foulness had beset the Wastelands, Jorvin, along with Gimli Metalfist, and a party of fifty Dwarven rangers, left Agnarum during the height of summer. The Dwarves would make for the ice wall, three hundred miles south of Agnarum. To their unease, they would find that many cities south of Agnarum laid abandoned, with only Fenn and Haense still supporting a determined population that refused to move. Any further south, only the remnants of what once was would remain, abandoned cities and villages were the norm along the coast, but further in-land, they would be met with graver horrors. In one instance, the house of a farmer, with signs that told the gruesome tale of how one man had resorted to cannibalism to survive the winter, devouring his children. Another incident occurred a hundred miles south of that, where an abandoned fortress belonging to the Strigae (vampires) was discovered frozen over, its occupants thankfully vacant, but still populated by the bones of their victims. Still, the Dwarves pressed on, and eventually determined the source of the encroaching winter to be a fortress built along the wall. Jorvin, Gimli, and their entourage would race home against the winter, discovering to their horror the wastes had begun to swallow the Haunted Forest on Agnarum’s eastern border. The King was warned, and preparations were made to seal the mountains, but not before the Dwarves took to the countryside, warning as many as they could of the impending threat. However, the plans would change. Originally intending to wait the winter out in the mountain hold, the Dwarves were called to battle by their ally of Aegrothrond, who made battle against the Vaeyl in cloud temple. Quickly the Dwarves rushed to war, and the following battles would prove brutal. The Vaeyl knights proved to be a formidable foe against the whole of the descendants, and the Dwarven host would soon be separated, Jorvin would remain among the King’s hosts, and would help command Agnarum’s forces during the steady retreat towards the gate which had opened in the Ice Wall. There, assembled once more, the Dwarven host would hold the front line against the Vaeyl atop an icy bridge, while the fleeing descendants battered down the gate, and broke through to the other side. The Descendants would find themselves in Serrimor, a snowy wastelands populated by the ruins of the Vaeyl, who still harried them even now, in the Dwarven camp however, there would be celebration for having survived the fall of Atlas. In that camp, in the frenzy of the moment, Jorvin had fallen for a clanless woman by the name of Elia, and though they would be separated after Serrimor, unbeknownst to Jorvin, their fling would result in the birth of two children, Lyni and Sif. Eventually, the descendants managed to repair the ships nestled in the port of Serrimor, and from there, they would flee to a new land… Enemies returned, and the Trial of Jorvin Starbreaker The Dwarves would enter Arcas and immediately set to work erecting their home. The city of Kal’Varoth was atop the ruins of an ancient hold deep in the Underways, with new life breathed into it by King Fimlin the Architect, and others. Here, the Starbreakers would settle into a hall built by Stromnikar Starbreaker, while Jorvin set to work, beginning the revival of the Elder Clan. While the pressure was immense, it was not without fruit, and soon the Starbreakers would prosper for the first time in nearly two centuries. Jorvin sat upon the council which declared the Restoration of Urguan as a nation. Shortly thereafter however, danger struck. Torkan had returned along with Balrog Ironkiln, and in a narrowly-avoided attack, had tried to take the King’s life. Jorvin arrived on scene as the two were carted off for interrogation, and there Torkan would finally admit his allegiance to Khorvad. With the one who had caused him so much grief finally brought to justice, Jorvin’s response was swift, severing Torkan’s head from his body. Ensuring Torkan would never return, his body was buried in three pieces, with the skull kept by Jorvin as a trophy, while the heart was sealed away within an aurum chest, and the body was burned. The Dwarves soon declared war upon Mynebor, now ruled by Balrog’s son, and Jorvin swore an oath to once and for all wipe out the treacherous line of bastard Starbreakers. In the holy war that followed, Jorvin oversaw the eradication of the Ironkiln line, and the destruction of the Myneborite capital of Kal’Khorvad. Unbeknownst to Jorvin, the remaining Ironkilns who weren’t slain in the battle fled, and took the name Steelforged, hiding in Urguan until eventually discovered, and forced to flee once more. In the aftermath of the war, Jorvin would develop a friendship with Atandt and Zahrer Irongrinder, Az’Adarite Dwarves who’d become highly influential in Urguanite politics, this coupled with the brief retirement of Gimli Metalfist (Now Gimli Grandaxe) caused Jorvin to drift further and further into the more traditionalist Urguanite circles. In the aftermath of Mynebor, tensions would rise in the Under-Realm as two of it’s founders, Jorvin Starbreaker, and Borin Grandaxe would become rivals. Borin, who detested Jorvin, and believed him to be a far poorer leader than his father, a close friend of the Grandaxe, began a relentless campaign of insults which nearly culminated into a conflict between the Starbreaker and Grandaxe clans, Borin’s own son, Thondil the Fool vandalized Jorvin’s merchant shop, and damaged his beard with tree-sap. This would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and finally Jorvin would lodge a grudge against Borin which, to settle required either Borin or his son to meet him in the form of a duel. Thondil the Fool would insist he fight instead of his father, and so the boy only recently of age, met Jorvin in battle. The duel was quick, and would lead to Thondil’s death as the Grandaxe failed to block a blow from the crowbeak of Jorvin’s warhammer, rending open his throat in the process. In what was equal parts a final insult, but also a mercy kill, Jorvin brought his hammer down on the boy’s head as he bled out, killing him instantly, but also displaying a grotesque scene to the Grandaxes who came to watch the duel. Due to this, Jorvin would be dubbed a ‘Child-Killer’ by the Grandaxes, and Fili Grandaxe, at the time leader of the Dwarven Faith, would excommunicate Jorvin, and duel him to a standstill in the very same arena the next night. The affair was soon settled in court, with the Irongrinders swaying those who’d not already chosen a side, and the Grandaxes who were formally Metalfists threatening open rebellion if Jorvin was tried with treason, along with clan Ireheart, and several of the Frostbeards. Fili’s excommunication was lifted, and the Grandaxe was soon voted out by his own clergy. Celebration was had, and shortly after these events Fimlin Grandaxe stepped down as King, however, Jorvin’s loyalties would soon become divided as both Gimli Grandaxe, and Atandt Irongrinder would run for the Kingship… The Election and Three Month War WIP
  13. I identify as a midget
  14. All this conflict blacklist stuff is whack, yo. Hella whack.


    But that’s just my opinion

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      hella whack yo

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