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  1. trying to steal my spot light mate !?!?! >:D

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    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    Does this mean one can acquire Dwarven panzers.
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    Duties by Dungrimm

    ((I re-read it myself just before my last response, you’re right, as I said my bad. I’ll have to bring up the subject of Thoak’s body to Kazrin when he comes back from getting a pack of cigarettes.
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    Duties by Dungrimm

    ((Then someone messed up, because it was among the sarcophagi in the crypts, be it an empty coffin or otherwise, as for Thoak, at the time of making this post I believed he was sealed within the tombs, honestly bad on my part.
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    Duties by Dungrimm

    ((Dwifur most certainly was, as he possessed a grave there. Upon second reading I do recall Thoak being entombed elsewhere, but seeing to the man a burial felt proper. “Removin’ t’em from t’eir graves be indignant, of t’at I will confess, but it is wit’ just cause we ‘ave done so. Kaz’Ulrah fell, t’e bodies of our honored dead will nae be left ta’ t’e Umri to rob should they feel compelled to, I care vereh little fer t’eir allegiance, as kin is kin, and despite w’at t’ey may ‘r may not ‘ave done in life, all Dwarves deserve burial wit’ t’eir descendants, barring t’e most...Dishonorable folk ‘mong t’em. Now, do yerself a favor, drop t’e accusatory nature. I myself fought fer Ulrah in t’e final battle.”
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    Duties by Dungrimm

    (Source: https://paul_rj.artstation.com/projects/BmXV3D) On the 21st of the Grand Harvest (exactly two months prior to the writing of this message) a journey was undertaken by High Prelate, Fili Grandaxe, aided by Starbreaker Clan Father, Jorvin Starbreaker, to the old crypts of Kaz’Ulrah. This journey was one of duty, as it was found impermissible that the Dwarves as a people would allow their honored dead to remain any longer in foreign lands, as the crypt had since the fall of Ulrah a decade prior. As such, with oversight from the High Prelete himself, they would break open the tomb, and move the coffins to a carriage brought explicitly for their transport. The bodies are to be reinterred underneath Kal’Azgaryum, where they shall remain with their living descendants for the foreseeable future. Listed below are the names of those recovered Borgin Grandaxe Valen Grandaxe Decks Grandaxe Rogan Grandaxe Jakrod Silvervein Boreas Silvervein Rasun Goldhand Noreath Goldhand Servis Stormbreaker Gerigston Longmane
  7. So far one of my only real complaints with the Dwarven community is the fact that most of its members are in euro-timezones. Makes it hard to find people to RP with sometimes, wish we had more Americans

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    Healing by the will of Anbella

    ”T’would be much obliged ef t’e clergy were ta’ grace t’e ‘ospital grounds wit’ t’eir presence, per’aps arrange ah blessin’ of Anbella fer t’e grounds? An as far as alchemy goes, t’e ‘ealin’ potions might be ov ‘elp?” “T’at would be most welcome!”
  9. In any other kingdom, in any other land, one would consider the opening of a clinic to be a dull affair, important on a local level if most. Today however, is a moment of immense symbolic value, at least in the opinion of this author. On this day, the 15th of Malin’s Welcome, 1701, construction finishes on the first official hospital of Agnarum. With construction ordered by Gimli Metalfist, who served as quartermaster for the project, the assembly of the healing ward was overseen by several healers, most notably Illynora Sylvaeri, who along with Runnir Starbreaker, and Nepir Wolfguard, served as advisors during the construction, in order to ensure the medical facilities were constructed in the utmost standards, our leader on the project, Master Metalfist, was happy to oblige. With the planning of several other wards already underway, it seems for the first time in a generation, masterful Dwarven engineering will be put to work, constructing a house of healing rather than weapons of war. For those readers who are not of Urguan’s folk, and therefore are unaware of the monumental symbolic value of this event, one must understand for well over half a century, the Dwedmar peoples have been embroiled in conflict, violence, and war, beginning with the Civil War, all those years ago, to as recent as a decade ago, with the fall of Kaz’Ulrah, and the mass exodus of Dwarves from their halls, many would not survive the trek to Agnarum, and even fewer would be able to adjust to life here, I was one of the lucky few. We Dwarves have suffered, by the Gods we have suffered, but instead, today, with our voices singing the songs of old once more, we carved out a house of healing from the rock, within the eastern quarter of the city. If the Brathmordakin are willing, this may one day prove to be among the most advanced medical facilities in the realm of Atlas, as the tools to do so are most certainly within our grasp, all Dwarves require is the knowledge, as for too long we have forfeited healing for violence, and creation for destruction. If you believe you are skilled enough, perhaps pay a visit, and if you are hired, make use of this facility to save lives, rather than take them. Anbella bless this facility, and Dungrimm guide those we could not save previously. May the Dwedmar know peace after such turbulent times. - Jorvin ‘Stone Eye’ Kazrinkadan Starbreaker.
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    The return of the Lord of Mynebor

    “Ironkiln?” Jorvin remarks, distaste to be heard in his voice as he swiped the the document, nailed to a post upon his patrol route. The Guard of Agnarum re-read the note, before shaking his head. “Changin’ yer name dunnae release ye from yer written word, ‘ow... distasteful.” Is all he would comment, before discarding the note onto the frozen ground, and returning to his duties.
  11. I’ve heard the Dwarf community gets a lot of flank and honestly I get why but I’ll be real with you, going on two months of active playtime I can say these guys have been the friendliest and most welcoming guys OOCly that I’ve encountered. Some of the fellas are a little rough around the edges but I honestly love these guys.

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      Don’t get me wrong, I know what happened, I got the story. But like I said, they’re not for everyone but they’re good dorfs, bront.

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      Only people who I’ve seen roleplay fear without merely being cowards. Good lads. 

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      We love you to Jorvin 


  12. Written by Jorvin Kazrinkadan Starbreaker Hello weary traveler! If you are reading this, then clearly for one reason or another you wish to travel to the lands of the Dwedmar. Having lived in this realm for the better part of a decade, I have explored most, if not all within the borders of this fine nation, and am happy to impart my wisdom upon you. However, one must remember when traveling, just like any long trek, it poses it’s dangers. This guide will help you to on your way, instruct you on the dangers, the local niches one must avoid, and particular attractions once you enter within these lands. PART 1: What the **** is an Agnarum? The Kingdom of Agnarum lies nestled within valleys and hitherlands of the southwestern regions of Atlas, bordered by the Yatl Wastelands (Often referred to as the Fennlands) to the southeast, the Duchy of Barrowmount to the North, Curon to the Northeast, and the ocean some twenty miles to the west. Agnarum is not a large nation by any means, though its population is larger than one would think at first glance. Many villages surround the mountains, but underneath the hills of rock and gravel, and windswept hitherlands lie miles and miles of cityscape below. It is a long and sometimes difficult journey to reach these lands from the North, but once one does they will be greeted with he hospitality of the Dwarves, as these conservative-minded Dwed have not forgotten the old tradition of treating a guest warmly. Once a minor hold, Agnarum now bustles as many Dwarves, and sometimes even entire clans have moved here from the north. Part 2: The Surface Congratulations! You’ve reached the borders of the Kingdom, and now you begin the journey from the hitherlands to the keeps below! While you trek your way through our lands here are a few things to be aware of, and be prepared for. Local Wildlife Being just on the borders of the tundra, many species of wildlife call this region home. Deer and moose reside in the forests to the east, and mountain goats climb along the rocky spires. If you are not a hunter, and fishing is your profession, the river running through our lands provides ample trout and salmon to those who know how to gather them, be warned however, as it is not just Dwedmar which hunt them. Packs of wolves from the south can often be found in the valley, and bears of all manner, from the harmless black, to the terrifying polar war bear prowl the region. While easy to avoid these lumbering beasts have claimed the lives of many an unfortunate traveler who was not prepared for the challenges of the land. The Climate Agnarum is a beautiful land, but one cannot expect to travel there without facing adversity in one form or another. Simply put, Agnarum is a cold realm, though hardly arctic like our Fennic neighbors, even our summers are considered temperate by some. Always be prepared for the cold, as the temperature plunges even further during the night, warm clothes are a necessity three seasons out of the year, and during winter it is ill-advised to leave the mountain home. However, in almost ironic fashion the actual city of Kal’Azgaryum is one of the warmest locations in the southern realms of Atlas, being buried hundreds of feet under ground, insulated naturally from the weather. Even during the coldest of winters, when life on the surface could be all but barren, the lava flows underneath the earth keep the city well heated, never dipping below sixty degrees. (Which is why it is not unheard of to see Dwarves shirtless, even in our cold climate.) Crime In regards to illicit activities, I am proud to say that despite our troubles (which all realms possess) Agnarum has one of the lowest crime rates among major nations, in no small part due to the constant vigilance of Dungrimm’s Legionaries, who serve as both the military and policing force of the kingdom. Recreational use of drugs is legal, and not particularly stigmatized, though use in excess is frowned up. Unlike the Empire of the Humans, magic is not shamed, nor illegal, excluding for obvious reasons that of a dark nature. Racial laws are also unheard of, despite some of our number being unfriendly to outsiders (mind you this is not the norm). So long as one behaves, they are welcome within our halls. When on the road, be careful of banditry, as the Curonites to the north have been suffering from highwaymen for some time. Similarly, the exiled Frostbeard (Often referred to as Blackfists by older Dwarves) have also attacked citizens of Agnarum on the road, though they have for the most part, been kept at bay. Keep your wits about you, and you will be fine. Part 2: Kal’Azgaryum If you have made if this far, your journey is over, and you survived, I knew you would! Now the real fun begins! You will find the Dwarves of Agnarum a friendly, fun-loving folk! Our taverns bustle as men and women brag over their most recent hunt, and our libraries possess the knowledge of ancients, gathered by the dutiful Remembrancers. You will find the information available here rivaling even that of the Eternal Library of the High Elves, and only surpassed by the Great Library of Draugr itself. If it is a party you seek, you have come to the right place, as our folk like nothing more than a song, a party of friends around the hearth, and a damn good drink, produced locally of course. If you have come seeking a smith, you will find one, as our craftsmen are rivaled by none, save perhaps the Elves of Aegothrond, if only for the fact they themselves, are as Dwarven as Elves can get! If you require a smith, the clans Metalfist and Starbreaker are your best bet, specifically Gimli Metalfist or Stromnikar and Kazrin Starbreaker, feel free to ask around, as to contact them is hardly a difficult task, the stereotype that all Dwarves know each other often proves true among the residents of the Kingdom. Likewise, if you need a chef, you will find no better than the Cottonwoods, specifically Bjor, who reside on the surface, in the shadow of the mountain. If you have come seeking shelter, you will find it here, and if you require a blade, you will find the many a warrior in our halls, though do not mistake our kind for common mercenaries, Dwarves are always willing to fight for a righteous and just cause. And, if you come with a king’s ransom, you could perhaps commission even the Runesmiths of yore, whose craft is finer than none. And perhaps, if you are an adventurer, one might wish to delve into the ancient tunnels and ruins that can be found within the cavernous mountain chambers? Though be mindful to respect the dead in your spelunking, as Dwarves will not tolerate the disrespect of their ancestors. In conclusion, we are a stubborn, unwavering folk who are not prone to leaving our mountains, but do not mistake this as anything but a harsh exterior, for once you have made friends with our people, it will not soon be forgotten, as Dwarves have long lives, and even longer memories. If you come as a visitor, you will be welcomed with the open arms of the Dwedmar, and if your intentions are fowl...Well, if the wildlife doesn’t kill you, you will find the Dwarves just as ready to cast you beyond our borders. Good luck on your journey! I hope this guide will help you in your travels, and I hope to see you soon.
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    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    The Siege of Kal’Azgaryum, 1698, written by Jorvin ‘Kazrinkadan’ Starbreaker. The following is the latest recount from War-Historian, Jorvin Starbreaker, also author of ‘The Fall of Kal’Tarak’, and ‘The Battle of Prince’s Folly’. Allow me to preface by saying, right off the bat, yes, I am a soldier within the Legion of Dungrimm, and a loyal one at that, however do not allow this to cast doubt upon the authenticity of my writing. I consider professionalism to be the utmost importance, along with the fact I do not find the act of kinslaying to be a fitting propaganda piece. The Battle took place on the 1st of the Grand Harvest, 1698 underneath the twin peaks, and before the gate of Agnarum, it was a clear day and little was out of the ordinary. I myself was many miles from the city at the time during the battle, as I was off on a ranging towards the Southeast, investigating suspected bandit activity. When I was informed of the attack via messenger raven, I rushed back, but arrived too late, as the fighting had already begun. Clan Frostbeard, formally exiled from Agnarum, attacked with between nine and twelve thousand soldiers, led by Garrond Frostbeard (assumed? If anyone know the exact number, and leader of Frostbeard forces during the battle, please send bird.) with the intent of raiding the city, possibility in retaliation for the near-shaving of Garrond Frostbeard a short while prior. The attack was sudden, and the Legion caught off guard, bells sounded throughout the city to alert the guard, and the commanders quickly rushed to assemble some fifteen thousand men to the defense, leading these forces was the Grand Marshall himself, Dain Metalfist, as well as a majority of the command staff. Rushing up the stairwells to confront the Frostbeards, Legion forces were not afforded time to coordinate a defense prior to the attack, leading to a rather disjointed entry onto the battle, at least until assuming a shield-wall before the gate. The Frostbeards peppered the defenders with arrows, and though the main line held relatively well thanks to their shields, those trading missiles with the enemy through arrow-port, and windows were hammered with projectiles. Despite this, there were relatively few casualties on both sides during the skirmishing period of the battle, the Frostbeards held, and so did the Legion, as the two’s shield walls occasionally clashed with each other. It was an hour after the opening of the battle, disaster struck. Due to a tactical error of the highest sort, there was a miscommunication in the ranks, forces of the Silvervein Clan, led by Dwarger ‘Savior’ Silvervein charged ahead of the main battle-line, assuming support from the rest of Legion’s vanguard. Without the aid from the rest of the host, some three thousand men of Clan Silvervein were soon surrounded by Frostbeard forces. Forces from Clan Metalfist, led by the Grand-Marshall himself attempted to intercept, breaking the encirclement, but were unable to reach the Silverveins in time, leading to the Marshall being wounded, and evacuated back to the gatehouse by Gimli Metalfist. Things looked grim, as the legion took substantial casualties in the attempt to pull out the Silverveins, but the Frostbeard attack itself was slowing. Silvervein warriors had managed to inflict a significant amount of casualties upon Frostbeard forces during their charge, despite being heavily outnumbered. Eventually after this deadly confrontation, the two sides slowly begun pulling back, as despite the heavy damage they had inflicted, the Frostbeards proved unable to break the Legion’s lines in a reasonable amount of time, and further assault was deemed too costly to carry out. The Legion, meanwhile had fallen back to the gatehouse, tending to the wounded and forming the shield-wall behind it’s metal porticulius. It soon became clear that, unless heavy siege weapons were brought to bear against the gate, there would be no breaking the Legion, and as such, the Frostbeards soon sounded their retreat. Official numbers will vary over the next week, as we are still counting all the dead, though it is roughly estimated that three and a half thousand were lost of Angarum’s side, with just as many wounded, while the Frostbeards suffered similar, albeit slightly lower casualties, due to their own smaller force. It is the personal belief of the author that this battle has done much to highlight the deteriorated state of Dungrimm’s Legion, as I described in ‘The Host of Dungrimm’, and I suspect action will soon be taken to begin reforming Dungrimm’s Legion, in terms of discipline.
  14. [!] The following is transcribed onto the first page of the book, written exclusively in Dwarven. If I am to go to war, let it be just If I am to go into battle, let it be a victory If I am to fall upon the ground, and have breathed my last Dungrimm, War-Father, Guardian of the Slain Welcome me into your halls I am the Hammer of Yamekar, and I shall smite the wicked I am the Sword of Dungrimm, and I shall grant us victory I am the Shield of Anbella, and I shall safeguard the Dwedmar, wherever they may be Hear my oath, o mighty gods of the Brathmordakin, for I swear in your name Only in death, does my duty end. -Written by Jorvin Starbreaker, son of Kazrin Starbreaker The Legion of Dungrimm is the standing army of the Kingdom of Agnarum, standing between thirty, and forty thousand strong, it is the smaller, yet most disciplined force among the descendant hosts, however... Few in number are the Dwarves who patrol the hitherlands at night, and the discipline that sparks fear in the hearts of our opponents, has degraded. This is of blame to no one, as we live in a time of peace, however I believe things can be done to improve the state of our valiant host, as I will outline in this document. Loyalty and Duty Cohesion and Uniformity Doctrine and Purpose 1: On loyalty, duty, and the dereliction of. Having gone through training, and spoken with my fellow soldiers of the Legion, several things have come to mind, some of which I believe negatively impact the effectiveness of our fighting forces. I am aware, as the race of Urguan, the lines between civilian and warrior are often blurred, which leads one to wonder why we are so few in number? The answer, in my opinion, is how the legion recruits its members. Many take soldiering on as profession akin to the guilds, secondary to their primary trade. While being versed in many things is admirable, it is my belief that if the majority of the population knows how to fight, then there should be something setting the Legion of Dungrimm apart from civilian militias. As of now, our training regimen teaches people how to fight, this is good, and should not be changed, but I believe it is not enough. Equally important to knowing how to fight, is how to take on the mindset of a soldier, a man who fights not for personal glory, or fame, but one who stands behind his helm, and acts only out of duty to his people. Becoming a skilled combatant is only the second purpose of effective training, effective training is, in my mind, breaking someone down, and building them back up to become a better version of themselves, one that is loyal to the King, and to the Brathmordakin, who fights for others rather than themself, and one who will not recoil against the enemy. Increased physical training, and more importantly drilling is what I am suggesting, what I believe is necessary, learning how to fight as one, cohesive unit. Knowing how to fight is one thing, but having the stamina to do so is another, beneath is my personal suggestion for a regimen based off my own experiences, feel free to alter at will. Athletics: Knowing how to strike is important, keeping the strength to do so is even more. Soldiers of the Legion will be pushed to their limits, running in heavy armor for between two or three miles, the objective is to maintain a steady pace the entire time, rather than bursts of strength, or energy. Climbing: We are the mountain folk, and as such the mountains will be the grounds we fight to the last, learning how to properly climb rock-faces, whilst in armor is an important talent which, while common, cannot be assumed to be known beforehand. Endurance: Weight lifting, swimming, and the ability to withstand harsh environments are skill-sets that will be required, as the forces of the Legion are often fighting abroad when working with allies. We live within marching range of a hellish tundra, and a volcanic epicenter, operating in these regions could be done, in order for soldiers who have otherwise grown accustomed to the underground climate, to be taught how to withstand the harshest of environments. In conclusion, the goal of said intensified training is to create a highly specialized, highly coherent fighting force, far more distinct from the general populace than it is currently. Instructors will be needed on site at all times to ensure a high standard of competency, and punish incompetency with further training, or menial tasks, however this instructor does not necessarily need to be the Grand Marshall, but can be anyone from the Officer’s branch, assuming they have the skill necessary to do so. On this final note I must bring up a topic that saddens me, which is the fact that very few of our number attend training sessions at any one time, some only joining in for the glory of battle. It is my personal opinion that this sort of behavior should be reprimanded and punished, assuming training becomes more frequent, soldiers would be expected to appear for training at least once every two weeks, UNLESS they have informed an officer, or the Grand Marshall with a reason for their non-attendance, as arbitrary flunking should be punished with demotion, and if done twice, expulsion from the legion. 2: Cohesion and Uniformity With a stronger emphasis being put on operating as a member of a team, groups of individuals must be taught how to behave in an orderly, cohesive fashion, responding to orders in unison, and bellowing their battle-cries in unison are good places to start, as they also build up moral, as the soldiers in question performing the standardize battlecry will feel inspired by those around them, this also has the bonus of having the OPPOSITE effect on the enemy, demoralizing them in the face of a united front, in the form of a wall of steel, which leads me to my next point… Uniformity in the legion is necessary in the mind of this author, as he believes the armor of the legion is a banner of pride, but also because in doing so, one identifies more with their smiliarily clad compatriots, as such, standardization should be enforced to a degree of the command’s liking, ensuring that soldiers of the legion are identifiable by their armor in battle. Personalized armor, even if it is more efficient than that of the Legion’s, should not be worn in battle in place the standard armor, unless given permission by their commanding officer. This applies mostly to those of the Ironbreaker and Ranger ranks, as slayer uniforms consist of lack thereof. Pertaining specifically to the Ironbreaker ranks, I also believe equipment should be standardized, Ironbreakers, as Heavy Infantry, will often be fighting in formation, meaning that weapons such as polearms, towershields, and short-weapons are more effective than greathammers, great-axes, and war-swords. It is not flashy, but I have seen what a spear-wall can do against an enemy rank, and it is a sight to behold. Shields however, should remain customizable, as they more often than not denote the clan of the wielder, allowing them to be easily identified. The reader will please note I am not suggesting an end to the use of our traditional weapons, far from it, I am no Dwarf to break tradition, I am merely suggesting that spears and the like be used alongside them. Using these weapons also grants one access to spear-walls, effective against infantry, and cavalry alike. With proper drilling, infantry groups can be trained to march while maintaining their spear-wall in a phalanx-like formation, which is not only effective in practice, but also further demoralizes the enemy, whose sight is restricted to a wall of tower shields, bristling with a forest of blades, advancing towards them. Note, I refrain from mentioning the slayers whilst discussing tactics, as I believe they are best deployed as Shock-Infantry, charging ahead of the main line to soften the enemy front, while the main ranks of infantry advance in a slower fashion due to the complexity of their marching orders. While the Slayers cannot defeat an army alone, they can hold off an enemy section, long enough for fresh reinforcements to slam into the enemy ranks. When not used as the hammers to an anvil, the Slayers I believe, are also most effectively deployed on the flanks of the vanguard, with the intent of sweeping around, and striking at the enemy from behind once the lines class. 3: Doctrine and Purpose In conclusion, with great effort, the small but skilled Legion of Dungrimm has the potential to become the greatest fighting force in the world, with some effort. However the fact remains that the Dwarven race, as of the past few years, has lost much of it’s former glory, power, and numbers, be it from declining birth rates, or turbulent warfare, it remains the undeniable fact that we are hardly the most numerable of races, as such, it is the writer’s belief that the doctrine adopted by our forces should be that of stubborn defense and, more importantly, detachment from the wars of the surface. Dwarves, as we are, are most skilled within the realm beneath the ground, we are folk of the mountains and caves, and should war come, it is to these mountains and caves we should make our stand. In the event of invasion, a successful campaign would be one that would tire our enemies out, rather than slaughter them outright, to make a Dwarven kingdom so difficult to invade, any potential aggressor would quickly see the folly in their actions. This is of course, theoretical, as the Hold of Kal’Azgaryum, as magnificent as it is, is not made for these tactics. The simple fact remains, bridges can be blown, caves can be collapsed, and very quickly (should the need arise) can the Dwarven people shut themselves from the outside world, the tunnelers and miners that we are, we can most certainly clear any self-inflicted shut ins, while for enemy forces it would ideally take a great number of days to do so. The most ideal, defensible Dwarven hold, is one so deep underground, that numerous artificial cave-ins can be constructed to prevent access, while underground highways, Deep Roads, leading from one Dwarven Hold to another, can facilitate the movement of troops, supplies, and refugees should the need arise. Realistically, such a defense cannot be made indefinitely, but if the architecture suits it, and the kingdom keeps large amounts of food stockpiled encase of the worse, a Dwarven hold can withstand invasion for years, simply by shutting the gates. Rationing food is always a challenge, yet the fact remains that with the Forest Dwarves as they are, we have bountiful resources to harvest in peace time, and stowaway come war. Unless one is under constant strenuous activity, a single large chest can sustain a fully grown man for the better part of two years, if he is cautious and conservative with his meal potions. Therefore, it would actually be quite easy to establish ‘communal silos’ in each quarter of the city, from where food can be rationed. I say quarter because, come the worst, an invasion into our very halls, each quarter of the city, if adequately defended, can be shut off from the rest. A clan hall with sufficient food resources for example, can withstand invasion almost as long as the actual city. Such a scenario, is of course only if the worse comes to pass, and would require extensive cooperation between the military and the guilds, however it is well within the realm of possibility to do so, and ideally such thoughts would be considered for future Dwarven settlements, or military outposts. [Final notes/OOC] This compilation of thoughts, suggestions, and ideas should not be taken as criticism of the current way things are done, these are purely my ideas as someone who has participated in both military style roleplay, and more traditional RP. I simply wanted to offer some suggestions for the sake of improving the roleplaying aspect of things for people participating in the military side of the community. Anyone can join a warclaim, but I think having your character officially join a standard military should be something different. Things such as more intense training, and more detail put into the para/military type things (Such as strategic meetings, law enforcement, etc) has the potential to generate some interesting RP.
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    A most putrid of presences

    “’ ‘as....Anyone actually got ‘proof’ or...T’is jus’ another one’a t’ose t’ings?”