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    The second son to Wulfram and Ursola La'Vassieur, Groognig was born and raised near Brandybrook. He was a quiet and content child, loving the animals on the farm as well as helping tend the fields. Eventually when his father passed away at the age of 392 in an accident, Groognig took over the family farm. Eventually he sold the farm in order to pay off debts he owed from a year of drought. He wandered throughout the land eventually making it to an old temple where he spotted a fire. Approaching it, he was greeted by a deep voice, "Welcome Dwed! 'ave a seat lad." Starting to relax a bit from the rigorous journey his life had been brought up to. Later he found out the user of the voice. It was his cousin, Durin La'Vassieur. Later in the year 1743 Groognig traveled north joining his cousins and soon to find out, older brother, Strobeg, in the city of Morsgrad. Brought to Morsgrad by tales of his family, Groognig hopes to enlist as a soldier. Hearing of the conflict with the Orenian Empire, he hopes to prove himself in battle.
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