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  1. Very articulate rewrite! Adds intricate details to the features of Nephilim, and even includes more reasonable weaknesses to other magics, alongside the exhaustion table. Big +1
  2. i'm afraid i have some bad news for you buddy
  3. Simon Pruvia seethes with hatred at having to speak with anyone tangentially related to his Albarosan, or rather, Jrent bastard cousins. Nevertheless, the Viscount takes the Imperial appointment, ready to serve his Empire within a moment's notice.
  4. i can't believe you've all fallen for the hanrahan rep farm
  5. Simon Pruvia, a man with a 100% win rate against Othaman duels - extends his services to Kelhus.
  6. His Royal Majesty, King Chenn I readies his vassals and levies, beginning the march towards Yong Ping as he prepares to claim his rightful inheritance to the throne.
  7. From distance away, a scion of the Firstborn sat upon the mountains of the South. Eyes closed, his digits rest in his lap betwixt each other as he meditated. The scion had only heard stories and tales from his master of the Inquisitor-General, yet he admired him, as if he was his own. Muttering some words underneath his breath, flickers of ash and ember ripple as some semblance of heat did as well - distorting the air around him, a slow trickle of warmth upon his features. Staying there for some time, the herald concentrated, the news of the prophecy already reaching his ears. He w
  8. JUDE Written by Vinzant Cardinal Buron, FSSCT A depiction of the first monastery of St. Jude. PRELUDE Ever since my ordination as a priest of the Canon under the Metropolitan of Providentia, I have been heavily engrossed in the histories and study of the Ruskan Orthodoxy - a practice ingrained in my own heritage, and a practice I intend to reflect as the Bishop of Buron. In my studies, I have found much substance on the namesake of our previous High Pontiff, the Ven. Jude II - that being St. Jude, the patron of monastics. St. Jude was widely known
  9. MrChenn

    The Epilogue

    thats crazy but put me on tech team
  10. @Oinked ‘s wife applications are open

  11. "I'm afraid this Mercatorii army does not serve in any capacity as a militia of Oren - unlike the Hounds of Don and the Metinan company that have official documents for their contractual obligations. The MRA serves upon their own volition, irrelevant to that of Orenian high command." A man stated. "This document highlights a failed attempt and folly at any sort of reason by the Duke Elysium. Nevertheless, we wish a speedy recovery of your denizens."
  12. Sharing a drink with the Cerulian delegation as Her Royal Majesty signs the document, Simon Pruvia cheers to a long period of prosperity amongst his Canonist brethren.
  13. From the Seven Skies, Sir George Galbraith wonders if these glasses were miraculously created after the original event decades ago.
  14. "Where the f*** is my letter?" The Viscount Pruvia-Provins flipped over his table, after egregiously having not received a missive from his sister.
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