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  1. They say you're washed, Chenn


    They say you can't pvp, Chenn


    They say you're too scared to rally, Chenn


    How will you respond, Chenn?

  2. This thread is such a Derfey moment
  3. Geopolitical Derfey comments, “I think they forgot a member of the ‘Canonist’ alliance.”
  4. "LETS ******* GOOOOO!!!" Said Jonny Fortesque.
  5. Robert 'Derfei' Alstion makes some modifications to the public missive: The Archbishop of Albarosa, The Prince Merryweather Lord Commander, The Viscountess Valence Governor of the King’s Person, HRH Prince Robert Alstion Defender of the Faith Sir Gawyn Tiber Knight Grandmaster of the Order of Paradisus, Ms. Melina Dieuxmont, And Sjt. Louis Haverlock.
  6. Skimmed through the post and while I agree with some of these arguments, realistically there's only so much staff can do about this. I really think this plague of determining "proper conflict" has devolved to an issue with player mentality, not a specific ruleset. We've seen combat and conflict rulesets dramatically change over the past few years, but these issues still persist. Why? At the end of the day, the responsibility of changing and guiding how playerbases approach conflict roleplay falls on the leaders of communities (not necesssarily the NL, but for example, a military leader). If people really care about the issue of CRP vs. PVP, set an example of having a good mentality as the leader of your RP group. If you set an example of CRPing in good faith, and PVPing when needed (or if both parties are down to just pvp), the grunts/noobs that follow you will inevitably adopt the same practice. We often see many people talk about how they've had the greatest CRP duels ever regardless of the outcome, because the two players beforehand set mutual standards for what that conflict would look like. Imagine now, if military/community leaders set that example for the people under them. At the end of the day: sure, there's still rules to work on (Re: Xarkly's post about mechanical running). But at the same time, there's only so much change in the rules that we can administrate. It falls on RP leaders of militaries and communities who care about these issues to set the example of when it's fair to CRP, and when it's fair to PVP. Only then, we might see some change spread across the server.
  7. Sir Peter Montalt, Baronet of Ivanovich in Veletz, signs the missive.
  8. "We must introduce him to Bertha Potte." Sir Peter proposes the idea to Edward Galbraith and his Vilac relatives. @chaotikal @Evrocentrik @𝖂𝖆𝖌𝖜𝖆𝖓
  9. "Godanistan this, Godanistan that. These Raev are going to drive me insane." Sir Peter Montalt prepares a small gift for his cousin Oksana in celebration of the new birth.
  10. Sir Peter Montalt, battered and bruised, is wheeled off in a wagon by Willy Horen following the battle at the cliff. The army, despite their numbers, was pincered by both sides in the great Urguan halls - it was a fatal mistake to take a battle at that position. In the midst of many haybales, the Verbantine commandant weeps for Gerhardt.
  11. Farewell, my dear father, Until I am worthy enough to meet you again in the golden fields of Mardon. Sir Peter sat in the flowing river of the hills of Middelan, laying his sword in front of both his deceased parents and the brother he never knew.
  12. Discord: Chennster MC Name:Chennster RP Name: Ser Peter Montalt Timezone: EST
  13. Ser Peter Montalt readies his horse for the momentous challenge to come. He reminisces over his duel with the King of Numendil some months prior, wondering if they may compete once more across the arena.
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