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  1. This feels like a private conversation to be had with administrators or moderation, and I am sure they were aware of all evidence when ruling on whether he’s changed his behavior on this server. If the post is to “let the community decide”, what is the community deciding here? Since when was the appeal process and a player’s status on the server decided by a community feedback post, and not by staff? If you want to confer to a general discussion about when a player should not be allowed to roleplay on the server and what general rules should follow, that’s fine, but this seems more like an exposé than an actual discussion.
  2. “Loyalty knows no man except for Sir Edmond of the Blackwald. Petty squires and aspiring knights will deplore themselves for not being born decades before, to have witnessed his numerous tenets of bravery.” The aged Baron of Guise remarks.
  3. This guy actually sucks

    1. Nathan_Barnett36


      I conquer, he made a private ban report on me!!!

    2. MRCHENN


      That was 2 years ago get over it

  4. Adelric de Savoie, colloquially known as Father Blackwald, reminisces over his youth in Petra under Ashford tutelage - pondering over the fate of his mother.
  5. Full name: Adelric de Savoie Summers’ old: 24 Clerical role: Priest Diocese of Service: Albarosa Minister of Ordination: Cardinal Albarosa Racial identification: [!] “Human, child of Horen” had been filled out on all admission forms [!] Sex: Male [Username: Chennxcitedly] [Discord: Chenn#6807]
  6. [!] Radovan (@Calvin_) and Ratibor of Vaska prepare to defend their reigning championship title.
  7. Derfeyvs Septimus stands upon the battlements of the Archduchess's stronghold, holding the Sword of Horen aloft. As the battle ensued, the Loyalist forces were clearly outnumbered, soon to be engaged upon. "Hear me, oh faithful of the Derfeyist Church. May the Sainted Cuckhold's betrayal be visited upon you a thousandfold. So be it." Derfey then begins to chant in ancient tongue, the words of the Fifth Canticle. The words echo across the battlefield, striking a curse into the heart of the rebellion army. "By the blood of the EVERDEEN SEXIST, by the power of the burning bush, I curse thee, General Lambert of the rebellion. May your mind be clouded by confusion, may your sword arm falter, may your feet be heavy with the weight of defeat. So mote it be. May you be cursed with the blood of a thousand Haeseni." He slams the blade onto the ground, sending out a pulse of dark energy that engulfs General Lambert. The army soon found itself thrown into chaos as their leader is plagued by a disastrous sight, his arms extending to thirty times its reach. Soon enough, General Lambert vanished into the thick darkness, as if an other-wordly force had banished him his crimes. Verily, the curse began to afflict the army of the rebels as they began dropping like flies, the rest, fleeing to a feeble attempt at escape. A thick, dark smoke rises from the altar, and Derfey turns to the assembled faithful, raising his arms in triumph. "The rebellion is doomed," he declares. And thus, the Archduchess’s army prevailed.
  8. "This title is unintentionally misleading." Said Ratibor.
  9. How do you feel like you've grown since joining this server? Both as a player, and in your general outlook on the politics of it all.
  10. "I do not understand. They raised an army in declaration of war for the aim of deposing the Archduchess, yet, complain when those who raise blade for him are killed, and his army are outmaneuvered, outwitted, and are out armed in battle?" Adelric questioned. "Pray tell, is the Cuck of Vafleur uneducated about the folly of war? It is not some abysmal construct: war inevitably leads to death. Does he think his of war has no consequence, no strife? He could have ended the war last night if he simply signed the peace treaty offered to him." "How will you declare war, yet complain when your army cannot handle it? The deaths he complains of, are his burden only!"
  11. FIDES CUCKIFICUS FAITH IN CUCKOLDRY Addressed to the Faithful Flock of Almaris OF THE LOFTIEST ANTI-PONTIFICATION DEMOTHEUS DERFEYVS SEVENTUS Hark! Ye faithful of the Derfeyist Church, gather 'round and listen close. We are excited to have returned from travel to bring our flock great tidings of great mirth and absurdity. For the Cuck of Valfleur, who was wronged and scorned by the so-called unfaithful Archduchess, has found enlightenment. Verily, does Saint Constantin's heartache know no bounds, for he was cuckolded by a foreign prince from Haense. But fear not, for in his suffering, Saint Constantin has found redemption. As it is written in the Second Canticle of Derfey: "And lo, the Derfeyist doth cry out, 'Tis not the blade that maketh the man, but the cucketh that doth break him. Blessed be the cuckold, for he hath been tested in the fires of infidelity and hath emerged stronger in his faith in the Exalted [Derfey]." (6:9). And so, in his cuckoldry, Saint Constantin hath found glory and a place among the saints within the Seven Caves of Derfeyist heaven. He hath become a shining example of Derfey's teachings, a beacon of hope for all those who suffer in love. So sayeth Derfey, the first Exalted Derfey, and not the last. Derfey giveth, Derfey taketh, so the adage goes. Let us all take heed from Saint Constantin's example and find glory in our suffering, for in the eyes of Derfey, the cuck is truly blessed. In the name of Derfey, I anoint Saint Constantin, Cuck of Valfleur, and do hereby mandate that he shall be revered and celebrated among our flock forevermore. Let us take solace in his example, and remember that even in the darkest of times, Derfey's light doth shine. For it is through his suffering, his humility, and his unwavering devotion to the holy institution of marriage that he has proven himself worthy of such an esteemed accolade. It is upon the hour of this celebrated time for the Prince of Man that the Church of Derfey does enfeoff him the titalage “Ever-cucked” in celebration of his willingness to strike down the Archduchess where she stood for her infidelity. Furthermore, We do implore the members of our Holy Father Church in Minitz to by religious and secular mandate procure a wife for every unwedded man from eighteen to thirty years old in honor of Saint Constantin’s sacrifice. ST. CONSTANZ OF PETRA GOLDEN CHALICE Patron Saint of Cuckolds The holy relic of Saint Constantin the Cuckhold of Valfleur is a golden chalice, adorned with engravings of antlers and the crest of the foreign prince from Haense. This chalice is said to be filled with the tears of Saint Constantin, shed in his moment of greatest humility and devotion to the Derfeyist faith. It is believed that drinking from the chalice will grant the drinker the strength and fortitude to endure the trials of cuckoldry and emerge victorious in the eyes of the Derfeyist Church. Miracles: 1. Firstly, through his cuckoldry, Saint Constantin has managed to gain the favor of the foreign prince of Haense, thereby securing a valuable alliance for our beloved kingdom. Truly, this is a miracle of diplomacy and statecraft. 2. Saint Constantin, in his ability to turn the tears of his cuckoldry into a potent elixir that, when consumed, granted the drinker the ability to see the true nature of their partner's infidelity and the strength to forgive them. This miracle has been witnessed by many of our faithful, and we urge all to partake in this blessed elixir, for it brings not only forgiveness but also the strength to move on from the pain of betrayal. So let us all raise our voices in praise of Saint Constantin, the patron saint of cuckolds, and his miracles. May his story serve as a shining example of how even in the darkest of moments, forgiveness and strength can be found. In the name of Derfey and with the Balance of Yemekar, as well as Holy Matrimony with the Burning Bush, REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE! DEMOTHEUS DERFIVS JUVENTUS POMPOUS SEVENTUS
  12. "Harken ye, rebels! You are quick to speak ill of this Duchess, yet darest not speak a word of the powerful foreign Prince with whom she had 'dallied'. Your cowardice is apparent and thy rebellion is empty." - The Machinations of Geoffrey Derfei Chaucer, Page 21.
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