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  1. Armsman Augustus pledges his blade to the full eradication of dragonkin within his Savoyard homeland.
  2. β€œA father can be no prouder when their kin has transcended his expectations. Akin to a silent teacher, the Lord God merely observes during an arduous test of His pupil. Remember this.” Simon sets aside his evening tea within a small home, framing the document upon his door.
  3. "Sa'vi." Simon merely says in passing to his regarded friend Antonius Vilac.
  4. OOC Sign-up: Username: CHENNSTER RP Name: AUGUSTUS Crewmates Usernames: RYLOTH, MILENKHOV Team Name: SA'VI
  5. "The Azdrazi are manipulating the Canonist Duke of Adria, Franz Nikolai, to send his assassins without any motive nor association whatsoever, to kill a few perturbed citizens of an empty city." Augustus surely agrees with the Emperor's missive, wholeheartedly. "Agh! They will face the wrath of my Emperor!" He exclaims with triumph, another resident of Providence swelling with Orenian pride over this mass conspiracy!
  6. "This guy claims Peter III ran a "fascist, market-failing" government, sir!" Comments Augustus, historian and fiscal aide to the Ducal Exchequer. @Beamon4 "I have never heard of "fascism", but it certainly is not equitable to decentralized feudalism. This is the most absurd piece of trash I've ever read: one that serves better as personal toiletries. Perhaps it is because an Imperial knife ear wrote this blasphemy, Lord Treasurer."
  7. Augustus signs up for this organization
  8. Sir George Galbraith rolls in his grave within Redenford.
  9. ENTRY SLIP The form attached needs to be filled out and handed in within the next Saint week to obtain a stall or participate in the public events. MC Name: Chennster RP Name: Augustus Company Name(if applicable): Discord: Chenn#6807 Will you be participating in the Regatta?: YES Will you be participating in the Brawl?: YES Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  10. A farmer exclaims with joy upon the endeavors of the very handsome Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt.
  11. "For we live in a partial dream, we make do with our own interpretation of the lies within. For righteousness is only subject to perception of one, as is the sin of another, and this is the conception of duality. It glows as the etheral sun, pervading all thought and being, with its own myriad of fractals inward of duality. None except God and His instruments sees all." A priest comments within the shells of a temple within a great tower, repeating the imparted knowledge of the Arbiter's Third Eye. "For this contradiction established by duality: of struggle and discovery is what defines us, what defines ASIOTH."
  12. TRIALS OF U M ’ E I Come forth and discern your greatness, scion of Qahnaarin. Embellish in your wake as a Harbinger of Revelry and Ruin - a Conciliator of Wardrom Nahl. My herald, you have already begun your longevity of the Auric path, yet, here marks the beginning of an arduous journey. Your patience will be tested, your vigilance will be noted, and your resoluteness must shine through. You will find yourself on the bridge of death’s gate itself, but I will always be watching. He is always keen on your fortitude. Only you can save yourself. Should you wish to elevate yourself, the Dark Horse of Qahnaarin, then so duly continue forward.. THE J O U R N E Y I. On the Dragaar Gather information on any three known dragaar, and write on them. You may seek the guidance and help of the dragonkin who are knowledgeable regarding this subject. The first is one known as Taynei'hiylu; begin with this. II. On the Firelands Bring your most loved one upon a journey to the Firelands, where Zahkriikyzer and I will await for you, in order to erect a shrine. This will be a final test of your loyalty, to protect one you hold dear as you traverse through the land’s unconquerable odds. Find warmth in its great fires. III. On Chivalry Once you become an Ordained, you will join the ranks beside me as an Inquisitor: one of the many leal positions of the Dragon Knights. Once you join its ranks, you must shepherd great authority to impose His influence in these realms as one of the most elite forces of the Titan. Yet, a knight is none without their oath of chivalry, glory, and service. Perform such an equitable and respectable task for a realm of ours that does not bend the knee to Xannic worshippers. If you are able to finish these, alert your liege to commence your final trial. The final advent of Ruin, as prophesied, will lead you to your purpose. Even if the Heavens fall, you must see this through.
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