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  1. USERNAME: chenndon RP NAME: Simon Pruvia EVENTS ENTERING (Individual/Pairs/Both): Both PAIRS PARTNER (if applicable): [Soon to be filled]
  2. Simon Pruvia prepares his arms, as he drinks with his allies, Robert Don and Ratibor Don! @Milenkhov @biggestdon "Perhaps the Norlanders will remember the power of the ol' Hounds, you reckon?"
  3. Simon Pruvia picks up the missive, setting it aside on his table. "Unity is the most important virtue amongst our Canonist brethren, and the Kingdom of Haense's affirmations toward neutrality have done just that."
  4. "Just like Lucien I, we will see this Holy War through." Father Vinzant reiterates, a pleased look upon his face. "The passive regard to pagan invaders will be tolerated no longer."
  5. "All in a good day's work." Lieutenant Pruvia remarks as he washes his sword of Ferrymen blood, gratified with Saint Edmond's protection and strength after magically reviving Varon from battle five times
  6. Hey, you dropped this . . Thank you for everything you've done for us!
  7. "And now our Canonist brethren joins us. Humanity will stand united." Simon smiles, setting the missive aside.
  8. "Too bad your princess couldn't disarm the beating your King gave his sister." Laments Lorenzo the Halfling Serial Toilet Clogger.
  9. "These hypocrites. They even tried to kill my own two toddlers!" Exclaims Simon Pruvia. @Shmeepicus @Milenkhov
  10. Danny Deltoids - son of former Road warrior, Fent Biceps, eyes this missive with an intriguing smile. "Ah' respecc' dis guy."
  11. Father Vinzant picks the missive up with a begrudged look, quickly turning to his pen as he addresses the ill-informed author. "To Joaquin of Osanora, The only “transgression” that has been made here is your judgement. I write to you in pity of your situation, as your thoughts and actions have been influenced by the same aggressors that we face today. The same aggressors that have taxed and killed our own priests. But do niet fear, I do not envy you for this. I pity you, that you have been used as an instrument for their own gain. These people are not Canonist, and your
  12. Lorenzo the Halfling Serial Toilet Clogger prepares to make Elysium soup for dinner.
  13. After months of diplomacy, the Viscount Pruvia-Provins puts his signature on the accord as he dines with the fine people of Luciensburg.
  14. @SortedJarhead ”Would you look at that, Jimothy! Not even after one month after the war, their own vassals plead help from their King’s tyrannous actions. How many more will come, do you reckon?” Remarks Lieutenant Pruvia to Vice Chancellor Armas.
  15. "Only God can grant them mercy from the forces of the Imperial reds. May this Tenth proclamation of war bring the end to the irrationality of the Nordling extortion." Replied the Viscount Pruvia-Provins.
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