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Found 24 results

  1. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard, or found flying about the city of Karosgrad TO BATTLE!* *for the purposes of training and exercise ~A painting of halflings o' yore defending themselves. Of course, this training will nae use such deadly & improper weapons, thankfully~ Calling all halfling bounders! Calling all weefolks! Calling all bigguns who wish to partake! T'is time for the greatest training t'ar ever was! There will be lots of archery & slingin' practice, duels with training weapons, and more! Come on down ter Honeyhill an' da lands between us and the city, and we'll have ourselves a mighty good time (hopefully learnin' somefin' too)! ~Horse Archery & Sling Training!~ The main event of the training will be a big ol' mock battle between two sides, with all da figh'ers using ponies to evade the enemy! Make sure ter wear protective clothing unless you want to be poked with a lot trainin' arrows and bruised wif' slingshot stones! ~Individual Sling & Training Stick Duels!~ After the big fight, those who remain may train against one another with trainin' arrows and wooden sticks! ~Target Shooting!~ Some stationary targets will be set up all o'er the hillside for fellows to try their aim with! Ponies & other necessary materials will be provided, but bringing your own t'is encouraged! Any halflings nay a part of the bounders already may join the organization during the event, if they so wish! -Filibert Applefoot, elder of Honeyhill ((noon to 2 PM EST, Sunday the 21st of November, 2021))
  2. Get off Our Lawn 5th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 48 of the Second Age “‘Run trough dem’, but also turn back on dem.” [!] The missive would be posted around Almaris, specific copies of the missive would be sent to Urguan, land of the Dwarves. The reign of terror of the Ferrymen is now a mere memory of those who met our swords, but that does not mean we are vanquished. We lure in the dark, a retirement so call it, until we are brought back into the world to fight once more. A beast in slumber must not be poked, lest you wish to deal with a terminating conclusion. Once we are brought back into the world to serve our mission once more, it is not only Urguan who will suffer but the world. You have attempted to take advantage of our slumber Urguan, kicking us out of lands we were granted by Grand Kings before you. Your greed and stupidity will be your downfall. My terms are simple: You have but two options, the following which you may choose from: Get the **** off of our lawn. Leave our lands alone, our forts alone, and allow us to live peacefully in retirement. OR The nation of Urguan, for as long as I am Captain, will never be able to hire out our services. The nations of Almaris shall once again feel the fear of the Ferrymen. I expect your decision to be swift, a meeting if necessary can be arranged. Pick wisely Urguan, for the fate of the world rests in your hands. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep.
  3. THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN Copies of the missive would be pinned to notice boards around the Principality of Savoy and Almaris. INTRODUCTION His Excellency the Royal Exchequer of Savoy, Conrad de Falstaff, hereby invites all to the Festival of Saint Adrian this 16th of the Grand Harvest, containing a multitude of festivities and a chance for business owners to present their wares and finest services for a 10 mina fee; this is waived for local Savoyards. Stalls will be scattered over the streets, open for all denizens of the eventful day. TIME AND LOCATION The festival of Saint Tobias will be held in San Luciano in ((Sunday, October 3rd. 4:00 PM EST)) NO REFUNDS ATTRACTIONS The Stalls The Festival will be an open ground for artisans of all trades - and merchants from San Luciano and abroad, to showcase their crafts and ply their wares. A 10 minas admittance fee, for the cost of putting up a stall, is suspended for companies chartered in the Principality of Savoy. Sword in the Stone Contestants will test their strength for 5 minas by attempting to pull an ancient sword, nearly lost to time. Whoever is able to pull the sword from the stone shall keep it and its perhaps mystical properties Apprenticeship Opportunity During the Festival numerous companies will be looking for potential job-candidates. Therefore, merchants and prospective job-hunters are encouraged to find each other during the Festival. EVENTS DURING THE FESTIVAL Grand Regatta As the sun sets over the South Sea, all festival goers will be invited to the Grand Regatta, a partner race around the lagoons of San Luciano for a monetary prize. All are encouraged to participate with an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. Brawl of St. Adrian A melee will be held for all comers, a chance to demonstrate your mastery at arms to all of Savoy. The winner will walk away with a purse of minas. There will be a sign-up prior to the event, and an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. MINAS PRIZE Victor of Adrian A Prize amount of 250 Minas A Street shall be named in your honor within San Luciano A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. A Melee weapon of their choosing made by the finest smiths of Savoy. Regatta Winner A Prize amount of 100 Minas A Gilded gondola inscribed with the name of the victor A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. ENTRY SLIP The form attached needs to be filled out and handed in within the next Saint week to obtain a stall or participate in the public events. MC Name: RP Name: Company Name(if applicable): Discord: Will you be participating in the Regatta?: Will you be participating in the Brawl?: Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR BRAWL: Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Hephaestvs | Vladislav of Goza Big_Flopppa | Sylvester Daedalus Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR REGATTA: Rylothh | Haskir Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay SPONSORS & DONORS OF THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN:
  4. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Dulle fur Leopold ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ A depiction of a Sedanian bravely fighting alongside their Savoyard and Osinite Allies during the succession war for the bastard prince of William “the coward” Buckfort. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Dullue fur Leopold, or translated to Duels for Leopold. Is an event where his Serene Highness, Leopold I of South Sedan shall host a tournament, for one to be named the Champion of Sedan. All are allowed to fight with their blood and sweat for the title under the watchful eye of the graceful and diligent Sovereign of Sedan. Alongside the duels. We, the event planners and his Serene Highness himself do warn anyone coming for hostility will be imprisoned and trialed by Sedenian Law. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The Household of His Serene Highness Invites His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his noble pedigree As well the rest of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s Citizens His Serene Highness, Oliver Renault de Savoie, Prince of Savoy and his noble pedigree As well the rest of the Principality of Savoy’s Citizens The Right and Honorable, Quentin Brae, Lord-Mayor of Du Loc and his noble pedigree As well the rest of Du Loc’s Citizens His Excellency, Azkel Frostbeard, Lord-Regent of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and his noble pedigree As well the rest of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan's citizens And the rest of the allies and friends of the principality For the Dulle fur Leopold ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ OOC Time : 6:00 PM EST Date : 9/19/21 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Sign up Age : Alliance : Race : ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Decreed by, His Serene Highness, Leopold I of South Sedan, Prince of Sedan, Duke of Ravensberg, Count of Louisville, Count of Döbern, Baron of Avoria, Lord Ponce and Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, and Destroyer of Rozanians. Her Ladyship, Roberta Louise de Ravensburg ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  5. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN For decades now, the Grand Champion of Urguan is a position that has gone uncontested, a position meant to highlight the best warrior amongst Urguan’s Folk. This vacancy in a previously celebrated tradition is not one that can stand any longer. Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe hereby calls for a new Grand Tournament, with its winner being rewarded the position of Grand Champion, amongst other prizes. Said tournament shall be held [8/14], in a bracket-style. Listed below is all one needs to know prior to signing up: THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: RULES AND REGULATIONS For any who wish to attend the Grand Tournament of Urguan, each individual must agree to the rules as follows: I. ONE must be of Urguan’s Folk. II. ONE must be able to attend the tournament on [8/14]. Rescheduling shall not occur. III. ONE must be a citizen of Urguan. IV. ONE must not kill their opponent in the tournament. V. One must sign up prior to the day of the tournament to compete. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: PRIZE POOL While the winner may receive the title of Grand Champion, other prizes can be won. Said prizes include: First Place: Grand Champion Title, 1000 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the winner by The Grand King, A weapon made by the Bekarumm eron da Kornazkarumm Second Place: 500 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the runner-up by The Queen Third Place: 250 minas, a specialized weapon OOC: Must sign up prior to 12am EST on Friday Night/Saturday Morning to be added to the bracket. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: SIGN UP To sign up, fill out the form attached below: ((Username)): Name: Age: Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Grand King of Urguan,
  6. A Fitting End for Slavers The sun rose high on a dense, insect-ridden jungle near Krugmar, the undergrowth threatening to devour already-crumbling stretches of road. It was in this choked, humid land that a small group of battle-hungry Dwedmar and a single Uruk clad in crimson hunted, far from home and hearth. It was the slavers’ scent that drew them from the mountains, and soon enough they had found the filth they sought. On a quiet road, two Uruks of Krugmar - one of whom being none other than the Snagagoth - had the misfortune to meet the children of Urguan, each one more eager than the last to carry out Dungrimm’s will. The Uruks carried an Umri slave with them; fresh, breathing, and undeniable proof of their transgressions. The Dwedmar and their Orcish comrade held their weapons aloft, eyeing their prey as Yazmorra Blackroot negotiated the surrender of the slave being transported. The slave was released, and not a moment later, the first strike came from the Grand Queen herself. The ensuing fight concluded with the Snagagoth face-down in a pool of his own blood, a Frostbeard blade lodged in his chest, and his Raguk accomplice attempting to offer terms. Both were brought back to Urguan’s halls in chains. The slavers were thrown into sky cells, to await questioning. Not long after, their interrogations were complete, and the Grand Queen was left to render judgement. The Uruks would face death, and it would be one of their own kind who would give it to them; Naffog, the Orcish Grandmaster of The Crimson Edict who’d fought alongside the Dwed patrol - upon his own request. The Uruks from Krugmar were dragged into the city square, their hands and feet soon nailed between the stone tiles. The Raguk pleaded for his life and the Snagagoth placated himself, suggesting that a slaver’s soul could be saved. The Orc who’d been chosen to mete out their punishment would hear none of it, and had already chosen what fate his misbegotten kin would suffer. Soon, skin was separated from muscle, and bodies were tormented beyond recognition. So it was that two Uruks, flayed living and hung on posts, decorated the heart of Urguan. An end befitting any slaver. Grand King of Urguan,
  7. 11th of the First Seed Bloodlust answered with Dwarven Ire The Moon rose into the black sky as the sun fell back behind the orcish city. As the orcs and their slaves alike gathered in the Krugmar square, huddling around the lit campfire for warmth the generals of Krug stood around ready to give a speech. Urguani Forces led by Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe and Bakir Ireheart moved into the city with a company of 90, made up of Dwarven Legionnaires, Men of Blackwald, The Rustlers, and the GOATS, with compliments of the The Silver Lubba band. They charged the square quickly, cornering one of the Krugmarian Generals, the Urgani force was quickly surrounded by 135 Urks of Krugmar. The Urguani forces slammed their swords and axes together preparing for Battle. Bakir stepped forward asking the cornered general “Where is your Rex? Bring him to us.” Some orcs in the group surrounding them chuckled and awaited the response of their Targoth. The Krugmar General simply responded “Our Rex is dead, died of a heart attack” Bakir shrugged, going to lift his axe pointing it at the throat of the orc “Then we shall take you instead.” With that an orc war cry rang out, the circle of orcish warriors collapsing on the group of 90 dwarves surrounding the Grand King and the Krugmar General. Battle ensued, Urguani and Krugmar forces clashing, the sound of battle filling the streets of the city. The Orcs were quickly driven back into their own gatehouse, orc bodies filling the square with not one dwarf being scathed. The remaining warriors of Krug and with their two Generals hid in the gatehouse expecting to be safe from the dwarves that were waiting inside. The Warriors of Sedan and Silver Lubba suddenly pushed into the gates where the orcs were hiding, quickly overcoming them and dealing with them easily. Axes and swords were raised into the air and thereafter, Urguan War Cries filled the Orcish square as the corpses of Krug’s kin began to rot. The Raid party then returned to Kal'Darakaan. Victorious, hauling a sack of orcish heads behind him.
  8. [!] A white goose can be seen flying across the lands of Almaris, dropping a missive wherever it may land as it seeks to spread word as far as possible. A number of specially addressed invitations would be sent to royals and leaders of respected groups and nations. “Lliran, the time has come, as it always does, for a show of strength to be held. I’ll keep this short since I know many have limited literacy skills. A tournament will be held within the Fennic Remnants to decide a champion of combat. As I imagine I’m sure many reading this have participated in similar events, this one like many others will be fists only with no armor advantages. I call to the sellswords and bandits, the guards and soldiers of Almaris, to come and prove their strength for honor, glory, and a two hundred mina prize.” - Arevthor Tathvir [!] Accompanying the missive is a number of extra sheets to be used for an application into the tournament itself. OOC: Tourney will be held on 7/8/21, starting around 8 pm EST or once enough participants are gathered, Applications will be closed at 6pm EST to give organization time Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScL2VlMwxiIAJnC45ZlMGTx0UlvPX7nRCiCJ5qu6YD3P3l8GQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  9. THE START OF THE LONG DISPUTE [!] A well drawn picture of a few rustlers outside of the gates of Elvenesse. Just over two years had passed since the last attack on the Woodland Realm. The elves of Elvenesse had thought they were safe... But everything changed when the Rustlers attacked. Today is a day of triumph. The Wardens- cowards. Sitting high up in their towers, useless to the onslaught the Rustlers brought upon them. Arrows flying through the air- falling upon rock and dirt, only to be picked up and loaded into the crossbows of the very Rustlers they were shooting at. No iron clashed upon any soldier, no blood was spilt. - The citizens took their place. Massacred, robbed from, forced into hiding during the slaughter. No Wardens on horses rode through the city. Instead, they hid in their tower in an act of cowardice. Time and time again, Elvenesse has lied - coming up with continuous nonsense about winning raids, killing people, and the ‘might’ of their cowardly army. No more shall it continue. They shall be brought to light for their chants of ‘victory’ over the likes of the Orcs, Rustlers, and Ferrymen. This marks the start of the long dispute. [!] A well drawn picture of the rustlers after they stole a painting of an elven warrior. [!] A well drawn picture of the rustlers.
  10. [!] A majestic hawk would deliver a letter to Owyn de Joannes, Regent of Sedan ((@Emery)). The letter would be neatly folded and sealed with the crest of The Rustlers. To Owyn de Joannes, the House of de Joannes, and all those who align themselves with the Goats of Sedan, I am aware of what you have done. Rest assured that this is both your first and final warning. Should any Goat lay a finger upon any of my men again, there will be trouble. While we do not wish to pursue conflict, we will not hesitate to do so, should your dishonorable acts persist. Heed my advice, men of Sedan: Beware the blue bandana. Signed, Elsil’Ceru, Rustler Boss Signed, Elsiimah’Ceru, Rustler Boss
  11. FRESH PRINCE OF ELVENESSE 18th of the First Seed, Year 26 of the Second Age “Mi iz da new frezh Rex ob da Twiggiez” -Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Smol’Ruk Today marks another victory for the Ferrymen on the Elven front. A group of 70 Ferrymen marched on the capital of Elvenesse to capture another key victory in the war against the Elves. The force of Ferrymen led by the infamous Captain Banjo, snuck their way into the inner city of Elvenesse and rushed their way into the heart of the capital. At the square, the Ferrymen grouped civilians and soldiers alike to handover their belongings and fought those few soldiers and civilians who had the courage to fight the renowned fighters known as the Ferrymen. Only one of the Elves stood valiantly against the Ferrymen and fought like a true champion (@GeneralPumpkinCZ). At the end of this skirmish, the commander of the Elves was found running cowardly away from the city and the rest of his small force of resistance laid dead in the streets, a fitting death for those who do not stand up for their kin. No losses resulted on the attacking party, as the original group of raiders marched to bandit the remaining civilians and cowardly soldiers. In the throne room the Ferrymen held a short ceremony, crowning Smol’Ruk the ‘Fresh Rex of Elvenesse’. [!] A picture depicting the Ferrymen and Smol’Ruk sitting on the Throne of Elvenesse. As all the elves were either robbed or killed - the Ferrymen left the capital of Elvenesse bare and looted. Their bags filled with loot they had not seen since the days of looting the Imperial city of Providence. Truly a win for the acclaimed Ferrymen. [!] Pictures containing the loot of the Raid on Elvenesse. The Ferryman will come for you all in due time. Signed, Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion The Ferryman Smol’Ruk, Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Personal friend of the Golden Rex
  12. STORMING OF THE BASTILLE 14th of the First Seed, Year 28 of the Second Age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IahvCIqeOc “Okay, I pull up, hop out at the Orenian after party You and all your friends, being tossed like bodies.” - Banjo during his after concert. “See that right triangle? a^2+b^2=c^2” - Sigma the Mathematician The Ferrymen are proud to announce the first major victory of the war, with the Siege of Luciensburg followed with the Capture of the Bastion. The Ferrymen along with the joint forces of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Kingdom of Norland, and the Silver State of Haelunor marched upon the gates of Luciensburg where the Imperial Army was currently stationed. The Imperial Army, made up of 8,700 soldiers, hide cowardly behind their gates as a Coalition Army of 10,000 led by the infamous Banjo, Donovan Freysson, and Officer Grudgebeard. Although the Imperial Army cowered behind their gates, the mighty Ferrymen Special Ops group led by Henry Parente and Django committed Operation Poor Plumbing, in which they infiltrated the sewers and slayed an impressive 1,200 Imperials at their hands. With this victory in hand, the Coalition forces moved to Urguan to commit the traditional Ferrymen Slide with a record 5,000 soldiers neatly cha-chaing to the rhythmic beat of Banjo’s banjo. This was only a mere cover up for Imperial Intelligence, as a Second Operation branded “Oren After Party '' was commenced shortly after. 600 Ferrymen and 600 Norlanders led by Banjo and Donovan Freysson went on an incognito mission in the heart of the Kingdom of Oren. This operation was not hard though - the Imperial gate keepers were fast asleep as the 1,200 soldiers easily walked through the gates. These Coalition soldiers were met by 1,400 Orenians who at the sight of combat fled to the safety of their Bastion. They made a grave mistake, for Grand Strategian Sigma from Norland calculated the fastest route to cut the sluggish Orenians off and beat them to the inside of the Bastion where their forces were quickly slain, with no Coalition casualties. These Coalition soldiers captured the Bastion on this day, bringing the first major victory of the War. Let this be known - hiding behind your gates and murdering innocents will lead you onto a path of defeat. The Ferryman will come for you all in time. Signed, Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism The Ferryman
  13. A Deal of Flame and Rivers "In the midst of Chaos, there is always opportunity." - The man with the two mustaches. https://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY Preface: This contract stands as the officiation of the deal between the Kingdom of Norland and The Ferrymen. This deal will expire at a time where deemed fit by both signatories or conditions detailed later within this contract. Arrangements: The Ferrymen shall aid Norland in the next major global conflict they engage in. Norland shall pay The Ferrymen 3000 mina prior to the conflict and 4000 if victory is achieved. For the duration of said conflict the Ferrymen will not attack the Kingdom of Norland or their other allies in said conflict. The Ferrymen will be supplied by the Kingdom of Norland for the duration of the conflict when needed. The Ferrymen will be given a keep on Norlandic territory to operate out of in the future. The Kingdom of Norland acknowledges the Ferrymen as their own entity whose actions are not representative of The Kingdom of Norland. The Kingdom of Norland is not obligated to defend the Ferrymen from external troubles after the expiration of this deal. Any attempts to claim the land the Ferrymen reside on will still be considered an invasion of Norlandic territory. Penned and arranged by, Donovan Freysson II, Marshall of the Kingdom of Norland Signed, Sven Edvardsson, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protector of Highlanders Signed, Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Defeater of Racism The Ferryman
  14. [!] A notice has been pinned to the general event board, announcing a coming event that all may participate in! The folk of the House play merry music in anticipation for their beloved cultural pastime [!] The horns of Hawksong ring proudly amongst the treetops, kin, announcing our traditional mounted hunt for rabbits and boar! Our House has elected to open up the ride for all who wish to join us on the following elven day for an event of fast-paced hunting, chasing and comradery of the Twilit Folk's heritage. Limited space is available if you cannot provide your own mount and supplies. However, all that can provide their own steed and supplies are welcome to join the hunting party! We recommend both ranged and close range weapons. Keep what you catch, or collaborate with the House in food preparation for the Mani Masquerade that will follow the hunt! Send a letter to myself to reserve your spot ahead of time to ensure the best possible experience! 3 PM EST, 4/24/21 (( This is a casual PvP event - but before you 'yikes' away, don't worry! Your characters will need to coordinate and chase down some game that will be played by willing volunteers that will drop some goodies upon being downed. The rules are as follows: The hunt area is restricted entirely to the Hinterlands. This area is outside the main city, but within the first series of gates you encounter when walking to Amaethea. The event itself will last about 30-45 minutes, and will be a mix of RP and PvP between bouts of animal chasing. Feel free to bring any and all tools you feel will aid you in chasing down the 'game'. There will be no 'popping' of the 'game' permitted via MC mechanics, as the volunteers will be issuing a few chases after they hide. Come have a good time!))
  15. The title and poll says in all. I've always used 1.8 PvP in Minecraft and just started to get into 1.9 PvP when I came back to LotC a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I enjoy the 1.9 system better for 1v1s, but in skirms, warclaims, warzones, or any other fights that contain more than four people, 1.8 is definitely the better system. The issue with 1.9 in group fights is that they feel prolonged and grindy, going in for a couple of crit hits on someone, then falling back/kiting for a minute or so to regain health from how overpowered saturation is in 1.9 (this causes for group fights to take much longer since it takes less skill now to successfully kite people). With 1.8, there was less health and saturation was not overpowered for regen, which very much shortens the fights and is overall a much more enjoyable experience (plus, kiting in 1.8 takes much more skill and practice than kiting in 1.9). Not to even mention are worthless projectiles are in 1.9, although that's mainly due to the nature of vortex (i.e. every player has 40 health). So, overall, in my opinion, 1.8 is a much better pvp system overall. I know my claim is very lackluster, but I am sure that many of you would understand my reasonings for why I believe 1.8 is the better system.
  16. MISSION SYSTEM OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Realm of Arcas. Through the strength and cooperation of the Legion of Urguan, we have created a system for the Mission Board that enables the citizens of Urguan to fulfill their duty to the Kingdom. Each mission entails the mission’s coding for difficulty, location, reward, and the contact you’ll need to begin your work. This new Realm of Almaris is one we’ll need to explore and protect together for the good of all dwarves. “If you want to travel fast, go alone, if you want to travel far and beat the **** out of anything that stands in your path, go with your shield brothers” -Ancient Legionnaire Proverb MISSION CATEGORIES Red: Legion Orange: Urguan Green: Hefrumm Gold: Clans MISSION CODINGS Dark Red: PVP Light Blue: Magic RP LEGION MISSIONS Available for only Legionnaires INDIVIDUAL MISSIONS GROUP MISSIONS MORE MISSIONS & EVENTS COMING SOON KINGDOM MISSIONS Available for all Dwarves GUILDS INSTITUTIONS HEFRUMM MISSIONS Available for all Dwarves (Each mission coincides with Hefrumm’s caste system) URGUANI CLANS Available for all Dwarves APPLICATION The Grand Kingdom Mission Board is always open for those who wish to enlist the help of their brethren. To apply for a task to be received on the board, simply fill out and submit an application as seen below. You will be contacted by Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut within a few stone days. ~x~ Mission Name: Color Coding (Refer to the Color Key at the beginning of the post for reference) Individual or Group Mission: Requirements: Mission Start: Mission Description: Mission Rewards: Thank you to @Dhaelena @SoulReapingWolf @BDanecker@Luciloo @Titanium430 @Masouri @Elite_Snipes_ @Lady_Dietz @Willstertheking2for the massive help with this post
  17. As issued 11th of The Grand Harvest, 2A 6 THE SIXTEEN GRAND CHAMPION OF URGUAN After the conclusion of the Grand Tournament of Urguan, Grimnir Ireheart stood at the Great Dias of the Arena of Urguan being given the sovereign question on his acceptance of the title of Grand Champion. He stated simply he intended to fight only with honor but not accept the title in any stead, thus forfeiting to Durorn Ireheart. He was given the same question with triumph “Durorn Ireheart, vested in me as Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and seeing you fit as the best example of honor and pride in Urguan. Do you accept the title of Grand Champion of Urguan, defender of the Grand King and the light of dwarven valor?” The Marshal stated simply shouting to the spectators all gazing up with envy His answer was simple. “Aye” Silence overcame the arena as the Marshal would grab Durorn’s hand bringing it up high as a sign of victory “THEN HAIL TO THE GRAND CHAMPION! NARVAK OZ DURORN NARVAK OZ URGUAN” DURORN IREHEART XVI GRAND CHAMPION OF THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN
  18. THE SIXTEENTH GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Grand Kingdom “The trumpets of Kal’Darakaan call for descendants of Urguan to bear witness to the Sixteenth Grand Tournament! Let this event inaugurate an era of splendor and eminence, akin to those enjoyed by our ancestors. It has been nearly fifty years since the last Grand Tournament and as such, it is time for a new dwarf to step up and adopt this distinguished mantle. This event will be co-hosted by Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut and Falk Irongut, Rikkin of Clan Irongut. All citizens of Urguan are welcome, be they beardlings or longbeards, lads or lassies. The winner of this tournament will hold the illustrious post of Grand Champion of Urguan, a privilege and a title that will recognize them as the premier dueler in the Grand Kingdom. May Dungrimm guide your fists to eternal glory." TIME AND LOCATION The Grand Tournament will be hosted several stone days from now in the Grand Colosseum of Urguan. ((Saturday, January 9th. 4:00 PM EST)) ITINERARY The tournament will consist of one event, the traditional fisticuffs, as seen in every Grand Tournament since Grand King Thorik Grandaxe. The rules of this event are simple, participants will fight one vs. one until one can’t fight any longer. This will be repeated until only one contestant remains, this participant will be granted the title of Grand Champion and the Tournament Prize. ((OOC: The event will be melee PvP with fists and no armor, 1v1 brackets until only one participant remains. Only ACTIVE DWARVES are allowed to participate)) TOURNAMENT RULES Any sort of equipment will not be permitted during this tournament, only fists are allowed. The Laws of the Grand Kingdom apply to this tournament. The use of performance-enhancing herbs, drugs, or alchemical reagents is not permitted. GRAND PRIZE In addition to earning the honor of being awarded the title of Grand Champion, the Grand Champion will also receive the following: The Grand Champion A Prize amount of 1000 Minas A Set of the finest Dwarven Equipment A Statue will be chiseled in your honor outside the Grand Palace The title of Grand Champion & Personal Guard of the Grand King A Drink named in your honor A Place in the Grand Tombs Second Place A Prize amount of 500 Minas A Custom-made Ferumm Longsword A Custom-made Full set of Iron Plated Armor A Commendation from the Grand King A Cask of the finest Dwarven Ale ENTRY SLIP The form attached needs to be filled out and handed in, within the next stone week. MC Name: RP Name: Discord: Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): ((OOC: YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY, January 8th TO APPLY)) REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS: Mao Blackroot[Mateolog] Svuli Metalfist[Titanium430] Ivar Stormheart[Khelvor] Bakir Ireheart[Ireheart_] Alaric Grimgold[Hrokaz] Yazmorra Blackroot[Lady_Dietz] Levian'Tol Grandaxe[willstertheking2] Durin Hammerforged[Tabby64] Dorminur Goldhand[BDanecker] Caldur Irongut[Nolan_] Bjorn Grandaxe[Jdesarno] Durorn Ireheart[Masouri] Axel Ireheart[Lefty_Bojengles] Odrin Ireheart[Sir_Niccum] Balrog Ironkiln II[J33xt101] Ulfric Frostbeard[Terry_23] Thorgrim Ireheart[PrinceOfTheRhine] Thulin Starbreaker[Thulin_] Lorenzo Ireheart[Pogopants7] Durin Ireheart[youknowwhoiam] Grimnir Ireheart[dyselxic] SPONSORS & DONORS OF THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: Ivar Stormheart Bjorn Grandaxe Officer Grudgebeard Kalgrimmor Falk Irongut Caldur Irongut Balek Irongut Svuli Metalfist Snorri Grandaxe Dunhiem Brewery The Brewer’s Guild The Urguani Worker's Guild
  19. Before I get into the post – this is not to kick up controversy, nor get attention or any such, just some feedback on the surge PVP system after trying it out for a couple days. I also realize it may be way too late into development to make any changes based off of this feedback, and that it might just get disregarded. But then, oh well, I’ve already wasted my time writing it. I like surge this far even though I’m way worse at it than 1.8 pvp. I hope it stays relatively even with equipment differences as to avoid another Axios situation. But there’s a few flaws, and a few suggestions I’d like to give. Firstly, chainmail and piercing weapons. At the moment the only piercing weapon is ranged, and ranged isn’t especially dangerous – just rush them down, or shoot back, not a big issue. This means that chainmail is a very safe option in armour, and to prove this, is the most widely used in the current beta, gambeson being a close second with plate a distant, distant third. To help shake up the dominance of chainmail, and to add on the versatility of using the surge weapons as proxies for RP weapons, I’d suggest adding one of two meele piercing weapons. Maybe a thrusting sword and a spear, a ravens beak, or even a trident. This would change the armour balance a lot, add a few new options, and diversify the weapons. To add more onto ranged – at least in the now, I feel it needs a buff. It doesn’t provide a noticable threat and does maybe three or four hearts of damage before meele begins. Of course you shouldn’t be able to kill someone from afar without them having options, but adding a bit more damage so you need to consider how to counter ranged would maybe add something to combat. To touch on anti-ranged, and combat in general, shields see very little use. This is because of two reasons I think. Firstly, they take up a weapon slot, which leaves you with far less options in gear if you take a shield. And secondly, two-handed weapons are powerful to the point that taking a one-handed weapon and a shield is just giving yourself a gigantic disadvantage. Buffing one-handed weapons (perhaps by giving them a much shorter cooldown to allow some basic combos) and buffing ranged would change this a lot as shields would now be more viable. Alternatively, just give shields their own slot so that you can carry three weapons and a shield, or make shields take up the fifth armour slot right now used for reserve armour. I’ll also briefly touch on the warhammer – it is right now by far the most dominant weapon due to its incredibly high crit damage. This leaves other weapons behind, and a lot of users, since it’s hard to get the timing correct, especially when its lagging, which is a fair bit of the time. Maybe lowering crit damage in general to make them a good tool but not absolutely essential could fix this, and make combat a bit more fair between those skilled and not skilled. And this is where my post veers off into the purely theoretical – mounted combat. We haven’t seen any mounted combat yet, but I’m concerned about it nontheless purely from reading lances and pikes. Firstly, the new pvp system is based heavily around crits, which you get from jumping and then striking the opponent on the downwards arch of your jump. As you may notice, this is very hard on a horse. This leads the main option for horsemen to work as horse archers, and as I mentioned above - ranged combat just isn’t especially powerful. A fix to this that’s of course heavily theoretical, but would lean into historical precedent, is to give lances an incredibly high damage, but stupidly long cooldown. Let’s say straight off a fourth or third of your health, but with a six second cooldown. This would add a niche for mounted combat as opportunistic high-risk high-reward gambling, as if you charge in and land your lance you’ll likely deal massive damage to your opponent. If however, they hit you with their pike to dismount you, or you miss, you’re done for since your weapon still has a six second cooldown til it can be used again. Such a long cooldown also allows time for countering, by shooting them from range, backing up and eating to heal since healing is pretty quick with enough saturation, backing up to join your group again, etc, etc. This would give cavalry an active and interesting role, make pikes a viable thing to carry around to counter this, and add something realistic – lancers, heavy cavalry, shock cavalry, whatever you want to call it. Something very real in the late-medieval-ish era we find ourselves in on lotc. It would also make cohesion very important, since the best counter to high single target damage is to swamp them with numbers, in this case a mass of pikemen counter-charging the cavalryman to dismount them. Which is also realistic, but leans into the current dynamic of group PVP – cohesion and coordination is extremely important, and this would only enforce that even more. But those are my thoughts, I’ll probably come back and add more to this when I remember something or come up with something new, I’d encourage others to give their thoughts as well, this changing of the pvp system si very important and will lead to a lot of changes within the community. (also, @nickrocky213 sorry mate, thought it best to ping you, if I wasn’t supposed to, very sorry about that, have a good day)
  20. *posters would be seen all around Axios* "Grand King Bastion Ireheart is selling Sharpened Carbaurum Warhammers, of the highest quality. Forged by the legendary Dwarven smiths, these weapons are amongst, if not the best weapons in Axios. If you wish to purchase these finely crafted carbaurum warhammers, then please come to Kal'Omith and approach the stall outside the gates of the city. Or contact the Grand King for bulk purchases of the warhammers." *a sketch of the stall would be seen underneath the picture*
  21. *Flyers are up everywhere* "I am in need of a combat teacher to teach my three children how to defend themselves if need be, i'd do it myself but i am not so great at combat. I will pay 50 minas per lesson, per child, and will provide a combat dummy. Please bird me if you are interested in the job" ~Arabella Rosalie Delevoye OOC INFO: My username is TheCheshireNeko, i am in roman timezone and my fellow children are usually on around 6 pm- 12 am my time. If you are interested in this job, shoot me a message.
  22. A Quick Guide to PvP by oblivionsbane I'm writing A Quick Guide to PvP because of all the hubbub and complaints I've had to look at for the last... Year or so I guess. I figure maybe if I write up a guide on it, it might help players that are inexperienced stand a fair chance against it. I will not be going into great detail about every single aspect of MC PvP, because this is meant to be a crash course for people who aren't used to the PvP scene at all. That said, let's get started! -FPS- Getting amazing FPS isn't as crucial as you might think. More always helps but even 30 can be enough to PvP to a fair extent. Typically fairly decent FPS is around 40-60, anything more and you are getting all you need. The only part of PvP that needs extremely high frames is when using a bow. On LotC bows aren't that big of a deal with all the armor people wear and lack of power enchants so don't worry about it. I will now tell you what you should set your settings to, or what I set them to, to get the best FPS possible. Graphics: Fast Smooth lighting: Off Brightness: Bright Particles: Minimal Clouds: Off Fullscreen: On/Off, whichever you prefer. Turn the master volume all the way down. Set the render distance to the lowest setting, preferably 2. Go to the lowest resolution texture pack you have, probably default. Set your FOV to 90, it gives you peripheral vision. Also, you can try getting optifine if you really want an extra 20-30 FPS. -Equipment- Here is where things get kind of interesting. Most people on here think you have to have armor and an iron sword to PvP effectively. This is not true. An iron sword does 7 damage, a stone does 6, and a wood one does 5. Keep in mind you have forty hitpoints currently on LotC typically. Thus it takes 6, 7, and 8 respectively on an unarmored person to kill them (not factoring in regeneration.) What does this mean? A stone sword isn't far off from an iron one, and if you don't have anything else (or can't afford anything else) you shouldn't be afraid to use one in a PvP situation. Armor is a little different however, but not much. On here currently most people use chainmail. It's cheap, effective, lightweight, and good for day to day use. That mitigates about half of whatever damage you are going to do. Which honestly with some of the damage increases on our swords you still end up doing a lot of damage. But it's probably a good idea to keep a set of chainmail on you just in case. (Note: This list states the added damage to each attack. Thus an iron sword would actually do 7 damage, not 6, because you by default do 1 damage.) Finally, keep a bow and some arrows on you. You may not use them, but it's better to have them than to not have them. Also don't ever try and engage in archery without super high FPS and a lot of space between you and the target. In most situations, a sword and armor is all you will need. -How To PvP- Alright, now for the nitty gritty. The strategy here is pretty simple and works well for me. There are really two simple techniques in PvP. One is circling where you move around the other person in a circle so they can't target you. The other is called juggling. I mostly use the juggling technique in my PvP'ing. So, how to PvP effectively. Make sure you are ready and there is someone counting down. Also, generally, it's better to go on GO rather than one, but make sure it's clear which you are going on. Make sure you have full health and hunger, prepared your equipment, and lowered your settings before the countdown! Also make sure you have your sword and whatnot ready. Once the countdown starts, watch what the other person is doing and respond accordingly. Usually people might move around, but I usually either stand still or move back and forth because I'm getting excited. During the countdown hold your sprint key, usually set to your left ctrl key. The second it says go, begin sprint jumping, or just sprinting depending on situation and terrain, at the other player. Keep your ctrl key held down the entire fight and click as fast as you can, trying to keep your crosshair in his hitbox so you do damage. The behavior the other person will give after being hit like this is called juggling. You will be knocking them around and sending them flying. Just try and stay with the other player, at the same time trying to use the circling technique as much as possible to stay out from the front of their screen so they can't hit you. Remember to click as fast as you can. Clicking speed is the difference between winning and losing a fight in MC. If he clicks faster you can basically think of it as doing more DPS than you, which means you will die before he does. Finally, you either win or lose. What's important is being a good sport. If you won, tell them good fight, if you lost, tell them good fight. It honestly means a lot to people if you present an attitude like that afterwards. The only reason some people on the server and I are buddies is because I was a good sport after I lost and told them good fight. http://www.brainbashersgames.com/games/10seconds.asp Practice your clicking speed on this site. A score of about seventy is good. That means you are clicking seven times a second. Also most players on here practice their PvP'ing on thedarkage.nl kit PvP server, so try and get some practice if you feel like it too. Feel free to leave other tips for people in the reply's!
  23. The Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers & Sisters The Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers & Sisters are a group of men and women dedicating their lives to the success of the Orthodox religion, themselves, and the Lesser Ruskan region known as Rosemoor. Recently having established their keep, the Flotstad, the Band have now made themselves quite the presence in Rosemoor, a duchy within the land of the Kingdom of Oren. The band is made of warriors and archers who come together for the greater good of themselves, religion, and to as well stop the ever-growing Setherien worshippers from making their way south. --- The Duty of a Brother or Sister to protect and serve eachother to spread Ruskan Orthodoxy to keep strong the Flotstad to end the Setherien menace to protect the weak, to serve the sickly to never abandon their post --- The Home of the Jolly Band The Jolly Band is based in the small hamlet of Flotsam, in the duchy of Rosemoor, Kingdom of Oren. (x-17, z-737) --- Why Should Ye Join the Jolly Band? The Jolly Band is a brotherhood of men and women who dedicate their lives to enjoyment, Godan, and success and help of themselves and others. The Band is an exciting time- little law, freedom, and happiness is what it promises. The Jolly Band is often active in combating the Setherien menace, or any other group they view as a corruption on Anthosian soil. The Jolly Band are active as ever- always on the move, always watching, always doing something. If ye find that ye are fed up with the Setherien menace and are not afraid to get your hands dirty for Godan, join the Band. Those that join that band are always welcomed in the halls of the Flotstad, and are given bed and storage. There are nay ranks within the Band - all are brothers and sisters in the same. --- Allies Azog Mob Decterum --- Sign-ups [b]Name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Race:[/b] [b]Gender:[/b]
  24. What?! RP Battles with 10+ people?! Impossibru! Not quite. Yes, large battles that are conducted using roleplay combat as opposed to PvP can be difficult and confusing, I will not pretend that they are not. But this chaos can be managed if one is willing to focus and be patient... and perhaps practice these techniques. Before we delve into the guide itself, I'd like to note that this is not a debate on whether PvP or RP combat should be the default, nor should said topic and other relation topics be debated here. This is strictly a guide for those who are willing to try and participate in larger battles using RP combat. So, moving on... Why would I want to bother with focus and patience??? Well, there are plenty of reasons... most of which tend to be more selfless than selfish. 1: Roleplay combat makes room for more creativity and versatility than PvP does. Emotes can be detailed and many players prefer this more immersive style of combat. 2: Some players, such as magic users, have difficulty conducting combat in PvP due to the lack of a magic plugin. Many feel that replacing their powers with swords and bows, enchanted or otherwise, undermines both the work put into gaining the privilege to use magic as well as the actual act using magic. 3: Many players have low FPS (frames per second) rates due to their computers, suffer from poor internet connection, or otherwise are put at a disadvantage in PvP for reasons outside of their control. They feel that RP combat helps to minimize these unfair disadvantages. Now, if one isn't willing to cooperate and compromise with other players, then most of this is void. However, it should be noted that people tend to be happy and tend to want to cooperate when you avoid conflict and are nice to them... so. If you're looking to build good relationships with players, perhaps give these techniques a try some time, and see how it goes. Even attempting to compromise will earn you respect from most people. When is this applicable? When would RP fights of this caliber be conducted? Obviously, there are some situations where RP fighting in general is just not practical. Whenever there are mobs, there is an amount of players so massive (say, 30 or 40+), or most players on both sides want to PvP, it is impractical and unreasonable to do a battle using RP combat. However, in battles of say, 10-25, these strategies can be employed. Battles like this might occur during wars between small armies, events, antagonist attacks, or large scale raids. Enough lecturing... what are the actual techniques?! Why, I'm glad you asked! The techniques are simple in writing, but can be difficult in practice. They are as follows: 1: Don't try and follow every single emote. OOC, it's just... very overwhelming. IC, it wouldn't make sense for your character to know every single thing going on in a battle of that caliber. Instead, focus only on... 2: ... your character, and his actions. Make sure you know what your character is actually doing. 3: ... your target. Make sure you know how your target responds to your attacks. 4: ... your attacker(s). This may be the same person as your target, or it may be someone else. It may be more than one person. Make sure you are aware of what is happening to your own character. 5: If you see a player, but do not know the player's character, simply do /seen _______. This only takes up one line of text, and will allow to know how your target responds to your attacks, and vice versa. In order to do the above, it is best to simply scan emotes quickly for either your character's name, the name of your target, and any emotes that appear to possibly affect the entire battle. Other than that, simply dismiss the other lines of text. Below is an example of a chaotic RP battle. Using these techniques, see if you can identify which lines are relevant to your own situation and which lines are not. Below will be a spoiler with the lines highlighted, though I strongly recommend trying the challenge out for yourself before checking the spoiler. Since an in game text box holds 20 lines of text, you will be asked to review twenty lines here. Your character's name, in this segment, is Vashklov the Impregnator, and your target is Bojangles the Clown. The Dark Lord lowers his shield and swings his sword diagonally from high to low and his own right to left at The E-Trade Baby. Little Bunny Foofoo shouts to his comrades as he desperately presses his sword to that of The Edgy One. "Help! Help!!" Bojangles the Clown stumbles and falls to his side as he is rammed by Sir Trolls-A-Lot. The E-Trade Baby lets out a terrifying, loud, high-pitched scream as he is slashed across the torso, falling onto his backside. Gluk-Gluk turns to flee, fearing for his life more than anyone else's. Yolo Swaggins closes his eyes and concentrates as his hands begin to glow a dim blue, trying to block out the noise around him. The Based God shouts, pointing to the tunnel in which reinforcements are streaming from. "Archers, fire!" Squire Billy cries out as Bojangles the Clown's throwing knife impales itself into his back, falling to his knees. George Clooney ducks under Whiney the Poo's backswing with his axe, then swiftly stands, draws his knife, and slashes across Poo's chest on the draw, attempting to immediately bring it back down afterwards and impale the knife in Poo's neck. Vashklov the Impregnator hacks downward at Bojangles the Clown with his broadsword, hoping to take advantage of Sir Trolls-A-Lot's help. Baelif Stonesmasher raises his warhammer from Snooty Elf's mush of a head, letting out a cry of victory. Ser Lord Bastard Justifier Joseph of Tyrannia the Fifth lets releases the string of his bow, watching as the barbed tip of the arrow hurtles towards Vashklov the Impregnator. Below is the same example, with "important" emotes highlighted and noted. Green text shows actions being done to or by your target, yellow text shows actions being done to you, and red text shows actions that might possibly effect large parts or all of the battle, including you. As you can see, there is still quite a bit to keep track of. However, we effectively eliminated half of the distracting emotes from our radar. When more people are added to the fight, even less will be happening to you and your target relative to the flood of emotes, and you will need to focus on even less of what's happening. I hope this could be of some service to people. If anyone has any questions or (constructive) criticism about this method of managing large scale RP battles, feel free to send me a PM on the forums or ask below. Enjoy!
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