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Found 16 results

  1. [!] A majestic hawk would deliver a letter to Owyn de Joannes, Regent of Sedan ((@Emery)). The letter would be neatly folded and sealed with the crest of The Rustlers. To Owyn de Joannes, the House of de Joannes, and all those who align themselves with the Goats of Sedan, I am aware of what you have done. Rest assured that this is both your first and final warning. Should any Goat lay a finger upon any of my men again, there will be trouble. While we do not wish to pursue conflict, we will not hesitate to do so, should your dishon
  2. FRESH PRINCE OF ELVENESSE 18th of the First Seed, Year 26 of the Second Age “Mi iz da new frezh Rex ob da Twiggiez” -Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Smol’Ruk Today marks another victory for the Ferrymen on the Elven front. A group of 70 Ferrymen marched on the capital of Elvenesse to capture another key victory in the war against the Elves. The force of Ferrymen led by the infamous Captain Banjo, snuck their way into the inner city of Elvenesse and rushed their way into the heart of the capital. At the square, the Ferrymen grouped civilians and soldi
  3. STORMING OF THE BASTILLE 14th of the First Seed, Year 28 of the Second Age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IahvCIqeOc “Okay, I pull up, hop out at the Orenian after party You and all your friends, being tossed like bodies.” - Banjo during his after concert. “See that right triangle? a^2+b^2=c^2” - Sigma the Mathematician The Ferrymen are proud to announce the first major victory of the war, with the Siege of Luciensburg followed with the Capture of the Bastion. The Ferrymen along with the joi
  4. A Deal of Flame and Rivers "In the midst of Chaos, there is always opportunity." - The man with the two mustaches. https://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY Preface: This contract stands as the officiation of the deal between the Kingdom of Norland and The Ferrymen. This deal will expire at a time where deemed fit by both signatories or conditions detailed later within this contract. Arrangements: The Ferrymen shall aid Norland in the next major global conflict they engage in. Norland shall pay The Ferrymen 3000 mina prior to the conflic
  5. [!] A notice has been pinned to the general event board, announcing a coming event that all may participate in! The folk of the House play merry music in anticipation for their beloved cultural pastime [!] The horns of Hawksong ring proudly amongst the treetops, kin, announcing our traditional mounted hunt for rabbits and boar! Our House has elected to open up the ride for all who wish to join us on the following elven day for an event of fast-paced hunting, chasing and comradery of the Twilit Folk's heritage. Limited space is available if you cannot provide y
  6. The title and poll says in all. I've always used 1.8 PvP in Minecraft and just started to get into 1.9 PvP when I came back to LotC a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I enjoy the 1.9 system better for 1v1s, but in skirms, warclaims, warzones, or any other fights that contain more than four people, 1.8 is definitely the better system. The issue with 1.9 in group fights is that they feel prolonged and grindy, going in for a couple of crit hits on someone, then falling back/kiting for a minute or so to regain health from how overpowered saturation is in 1.9 (this causes for group fights to take m
  7. MISSION SYSTEM OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Realm of Arcas. Through the strength and cooperation of the Legion of Urguan, we have created a system for the Mission Board that enables the citizens of Urguan to fulfill their duty to the Kingdom. Each mission entails the mission’s coding for difficulty, location, reward, and the contact you’ll need to begin your work. This new Realm of Almaris is one we’ll need to explore and protect together for the good of all dwarves. “If you want to travel fast, go alone, if you want
  8. As issued 11th of The Grand Harvest, 2A 6 THE SIXTEEN GRAND CHAMPION OF URGUAN After the conclusion of the Grand Tournament of Urguan, Grimnir Ireheart stood at the Great Dias of the Arena of Urguan being given the sovereign question on his acceptance of the title of Grand Champion. He stated simply he intended to fight only with honor but not accept the title in any stead, thus forfeiting to Durorn Ireheart. He was given the same question with triumph “Durorn Ireheart, vested in me as Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and seeing you fit as the best example
  9. THE SIXTEENTH GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Grand Kingdom “The trumpets of Kal’Darakaan call for descendants of Urguan to bear witness to the Sixteenth Grand Tournament! Let this event inaugurate an era of splendor and eminence, akin to those enjoyed by our ancestors. It has been nearly fifty years since the last Grand Tournament and as such, it is time for a new dwarf to step up and adopt this distinguished mantle. This event will be co-hosted by Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut and Falk Irongut, Rikkin of Clan Irongut.
  10. Before I get into the post – this is not to kick up controversy, nor get attention or any such, just some feedback on the surge PVP system after trying it out for a couple days. I also realize it may be way too late into development to make any changes based off of this feedback, and that it might just get disregarded. But then, oh well, I’ve already wasted my time writing it. I like surge this far even though I’m way worse at it than 1.8 pvp. I hope it stays relatively even with equipment differences as to avoid another Axios situation. But there’s a few flaws, and a few suggestions I’d li
  11. TOURNAMENT OF BARRADIN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Realm of Arcas. “The Horns of Kal’Evraal call for the sons and daughters of Urguan to the Tournament of Honor. Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut wishes to remind the world and our kin that our axes are always sharp, and our shields are always ready. That the dwarven folk stands vigilant as protectors of the Realm. All fighters are welcome, be them Beardlings or Longbeards, lads or lassies, anyone willing to fight with honor. The winner of this tournament will hold the honor of being the victor am
  12. *posters would be seen all around Axios* "Grand King Bastion Ireheart is selling Sharpened Carbaurum Warhammers, of the highest quality. Forged by the legendary Dwarven smiths, these weapons are amongst, if not the best weapons in Axios. If you wish to purchase these finely crafted carbaurum warhammers, then please come to Kal'Omith and approach the stall outside the gates of the city. Or contact the Grand King for bulk purchases of the warhammers." *a sketch of the stall would be seen underneath the picture*
  13. *Flyers are up everywhere* "I am in need of a combat teacher to teach my three children how to defend themselves if need be, i'd do it myself but i am not so great at combat. I will pay 50 minas per lesson, per child, and will provide a combat dummy. Please bird me if you are interested in the job" ~Arabella Rosalie Delevoye OOC INFO: My username is TheCheshireNeko, i am in roman timezone and my fellow children are usually on around 6 pm- 12 am my time. If you are interested in this job, shoot me a message.
  14. A Quick Guide to PvP by oblivionsbane I'm writing A Quick Guide to PvP because of all the hubbub and complaints I've had to look at for the last... Year or so I guess. I figure maybe if I write up a guide on it, it might help players that are inexperienced stand a fair chance against it. I will not be going into great detail about every single aspect of MC PvP, because this is meant to be a crash course for people who aren't used to the PvP scene at all. That said, let's get started! -FPS- Getting amazing FPS isn't as crucial as you might think. More always helps but even
  15. The Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers & Sisters The Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers & Sisters are a group of men and women dedicating their lives to the success of the Orthodox religion, themselves, and the Lesser Ruskan region known as Rosemoor. Recently having established their keep, the Flotstad, the Band have now made themselves quite the presence in Rosemoor, a duchy within the land of the Kingdom of Oren. The band is made of warriors and archers who come together for the greater good of themselves, religion, and to as well stop the ever-growing Setherien worshippers from makin
  16. What?! RP Battles with 10+ people?! Impossibru! Not quite. Yes, large battles that are conducted using roleplay combat as opposed to PvP can be difficult and confusing, I will not pretend that they are not. But this chaos can be managed if one is willing to focus and be patient... and perhaps practice these techniques. Before we delve into the guide itself, I'd like to note that this is not a debate on whether PvP or RP combat should be the default, nor should said topic and other relation topics be debated here. This is strictly a guide for those who are willing to try and participate in
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