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  1. I am amazed at the detail being put into this server. Im not even in it yet and I already love it all. Literally an entire different world. 

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    2. Unwillingly


      Just be prepared for the server lag. LOTC is going through 1.14 issues rn and the devs are currently working on it. Chunks aren’t loading and the TPS is really low, generally difficult to play on, but we’re glad u like it

    3. IsabellaNightshade


      yea it is really bad... im not going to get on for a day or two probably and wait for it to get better. I could barely find anyone either an even in the cities it was pretty empty, probs because of the lag. 


    4. LotsOfMuffins


      ye mostly cuz of lag, but cities also have peak times, which should be listed in their settlement guide. if youre lookin to join a specific city, i recommend taking a look at their guide



  2. Hey everyone question of the day! 


    What is your favorite part about the server? 

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    2. RaccoonPete


      The semi-realism of the world (so the lore I suppose). It would be the economic part of the game like with most games for me, but voting provides so much mina that it’s not even difficult to obtain anything.

    3. IsabellaNightshade


      oh thats super interesting! Im excited for the Lore portion of it but I understand what you mean when voting can get you stuff pretty quickly. im excited to see how it all plays out. 

    4. RaccoonPete


      IMO they need to tie mina to a commodity that’s not used like gold or emeralds, and reduce the reward from voting to like 25% of what it currently is. With the current voting system, you make more voting than doing 90% of the other things in game. I make 10 mina a day as a Initiate to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, but am getting like 200 mina from just voting lol. It makes it so you don’t really even need to have an IRP job...

  3. IsabellaNightshade


    IsabellaNightshade grew up in the realm of Atlas, in Rivia. Growing up her mother was only able to bare her before taking her last breath. This left Isabella with her father who was a cold man upfront but had a heart hidden beneath. He taught her how to fight for what she believed in, and to stay strong with her beliefs and where she came from. Growing up she also found herself exploring her realm and found a love for nature. she was very social and always loved meeting others but her flaw is falling in love. She had always dreamed of finding her soul mate despite not growing up with the love of her mother. She always stands strong to be a leader but her need for love can alter her decisions. At the age of 18 she left Rivia and the Realm entirely to start a new life in hopes of becoming a leader to a nation and finding her love. Isabellas flaw is not being able to run fast, this puts her up close and personal with attackers and makes it hard for any escape.
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