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  1. Imperial Contract House Est. 1756 [!] This notice is posted throughout the lands of the Holy Orenian Empire, Cloud Temple, and neutral nations Introduction As directed by the Secretary of the Treasury, Peter de Sarkozy, the treasury of the Holy Orenian Empire is happy to announce the formation of the Imperial Contract House. The goal of organization being to more effectively facilitate trade and commerce within the Empire, as well as to obtain the necessary goods and services required throughout it. It is to be primarily managed by the Imperial Treasury’s Undersecretary of Labor. Contracts for goods and services will be offered primarily by the Imperial Government, however outside parties are permitted to participate. Eligibility either as a contractor or a contractee shall be determined by the Imperial Government. The Contract House As a member of the Imperial Contract House, you will be able to bid on contracts offered by the Imperial Government, nations of the Holy Orenian Empire, as well as third parties such as businesses or individuals. Contracts will be awarded based on a bidding process that will take things such as price, reputation, and terms into consideration. To apply, simply fill out the form attached and send it to the Undersecretary of Labor. All are welcome to apply. [!] Attached is a form for application OOC: https://discord.gg/Qvjjh6W Signed, Undersecretary of Labor, Peter Bisk
  2. IGN: Racc00nPete Discord: RaccoonPete#5406 Character Name: Dirty Dan Profession: Hobo Short Bio: Dirty Dan is a dirty, smelly, homeless man who occasionally partakes in “legal” activities. Need I say more?
  3. Love you @Korvic thank you for all you’ve done

  4. Using the auction house is cheesy. It discourages RP on the server and should be removed. Change my mind.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. RaccoonPete


      @Rickson OOC trading is still closer to RP than just dumping stuff on anonymous auction house IMO. For example, if two nations are at war, OOC trade is a LOT less likely between them. However, with the AH enemies can just dump stuff onto it and be supplying their enemy without even knowing.

    3. Cr1TiKaLlyMoist


      I just want to run into a city and hear people shouting over each other in an attempt to get me to buy their **** 

    4. monkey poacher

      monkey poacher

      remove minas too and you’ve convinced me

  5. You merely adopted the lag. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see TPS above 15 until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!

    For real though, I joined the server over a month ago and the lag has only gotten worse. Late night EST used to be my one safe haven, but now it’s actually worse than prime time. Please fix it soon before I quit the server, this is ridiculous.

  6. Haense Employment Registry, 1750 Issued by High Steward Peter Bisk of New Reza at the direction of the Imperial Secretary of the Interior, 11th of Owyn’s Light, 1750 As directed by the Imperial Secretary of the Interior per the Imperial Employment Opportunities Act of 1743, I request that all employers of the Kingdom of Haense fill out the form attached to this pamphlet and submit it to my office. The form will help would be employees find employment within the Kingdom, and the Empire as a whole. Attached is a copy of the Imperial Employment Opportunities Act. [!] A small form is attached to the pamphlet https://forms.gle/2wYeYKmRMUeLTwtVA [!] A copy of the Imperial Employment Opportunities Act of 1743 is attached https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187389-imperial-employment-opportunities-act-1743/ Signed, High Steward of New Reza, Peter Bisk
  7. “Big surprise! They didn’t accept the offer! Guess we’ll have no choice but to fight the fiercesome dagger ears!” Jack would say to nearby members of the Brotherhood sarcastically. “Perhaps instead of permitting their idiotic kind who don’t realize they’re even at war into the city, we should start detaining them and clipping their disgusting ears?” ((Why this song for this post? ?))
  8. Is it too much to ask that the server not **** the bed seemingly every time I have a day off?

  9. Peter reads the paper visibly upset that his appointment to High Steward wasn’t mentioned.
  10. [!] A note given to Aeden verifying the endorsement You have my endorsement as High Steward of Reza. The Wick boy is too young and I believe your plans to be better than his. I should say though, the clinic is already being renovated. Best of luck in your election. Sincerely, Peter Bisk
  11. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals 

  12. @rukio makes me feel unsafe. Are there any lawyers in game that can help me file a restraining order against her?
  13. “I’m quite positive taxes will still be levied against imperial citizens and those in charge will still get paid despite the government not doing it’s job”, Peter would think to himself, “I wish I could get paid for sitting on my ass doing nothing”.
  14. The exterminator continues to drive his van down the streets of the city in the year 2019 drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte blasting Kanye West. Excuse me sir, we’re trying to RP here smh
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