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  1. A BARN FOR HELENA Reason the city needs one Jason can’t get enough eggs to run his bakery because the city doesn’t have enough barns. Jason will become homeless and depressed if he can’t get his eggs. A barn for the public use of Helena citizens will help people like Jason from homelessness and depression Resources it will give the city: Eggs Meat like; Chicken Pork Beef Mutton. Wool Leather Made by Jason Sponsored by Carrington & Co.
  2. Jasons Bakery 8 Merchant Street, Helena Jason’s Bakery in Helena is now open for business. Jason’s bakery is run by the famous baker Jason Woodward. I can make you cakes or pumpkin pie (its famous) or even bread. Picture of Jason baking in Helena ~Jason Woodward Head baker of Jason’s Bakery
  3. Ozziemine


    Jason grew up in a small hut in the Wastelands, His mother was a low paid slave for a group of wilders. His father had abandoned him and His mother at the age of Four. Jason is quite educated, as he can do the basics of reading and writing. He can also fluently speak common but that is all he can do. At the age of Sixteen, Jason went out to find a job somewhere in the cities such as Helena, Sutica, Avalian and Reza. After Arriving in Helena. To begin his adventures in Arcas. At the Age of Seven he had heard of the war between Curon and Suffonia. He wanted to escape beign captured by Suffonia on the roads. Jason’s aspiration is to be a Nobleman of Oren and own land.
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