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  1. [!] Many in Oren would receive a envelope to their homes that enclosed would have this letter ,that was written in extremely bad handwriting and grammar, which read: Response To Silly 'Sewer Gobbo Mafia' accusations Dear Reader, A lot of you know mi as Bonk teh second but mi didn’t start out as Bonk. Once Mi names was Bok and Mi was the twin brodha of the original Bonk before he went missing. Mi took the name Bonk teh Second tu keep the original Bonks memory alive and to keep his cause alive which was to get wroitez fer all the Gobbos en the Oren. Recently, m
  2. [!] You would hear a knock at your door. As you opened the door to see who it was, you saw before you an extremely small Goblin with two large golf ball eyes that stared up at you. At the side of his head are two floppy ears that strangely looked like wings. On the front of his face was a long pointy nose and below that was a smile. As soon as you fully opened the door he shoved a piece of paper into your hands. “Pleaz lat zign da petition, et ez fer da Gobbo wroitez” the Goblin begged you “MI AM BONK!” The Piece of paper would read: My name and full title
  3. [!] You would find a leaflet in you letterbox that would be written in bad handwriting, which reads: In Memory of Bonk After long time of Bonk being missing, the Bonk family has come to the conclusion that our dear Bonk has died. Due to Bonks disappearance, the family of Bonk would like to have a protest for Gobbo rights, something that Bonk, the Gobbo right activist, would’ve wanted.
  4. The Homeless Veteran [PK] “Tonight is an especially cold one” Stervon Shadowsteel muttered to himself as he held his hands over the warm fire which gave him some protection against the cold biting wind. You see, life has never been the same since Stervon Shadowsteel, the once respected lieutenant of the third brigade, left the Imperial State Army. As soon as he left ,he felt the error in hardly ever accepting his pay which was once a noble action he took as he saw the knowledge that he has made the world a safer, better place, a more noble payment. But in the end he found his beli
  5. [!] Many citizens in Providence would find a letter in there letterbox which would read MISSING I have not received any letters from my father in sometime which is not like him. I will be returning to Providence soon to begin my own search for him but I would please ask the citizens of Providence to please return the favor and search for him as he has saved many Orenian lives on many occasions as a Soldier of the Imperial State Army. We are a poor family so there won’t be a big reward for him being returned to us. Do not look for him for profit, no, look for him o
  6. A painting of Stervon Shadowsteel When he became a Lieutenant To Colonel Peter D’Arkent, I am sad to say but I am no longer fit to stay in the ISA. I am no longer the young man who joined the ISA back in Helena when I was 20 years of age, for now I am nearly in my sixties. I can barely lift my left arm due to the many beatings it has taken over the years. Due to the injuries taken to my left arm, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find an advantage in combat and I am no master tactician. This means that I can no longer be effective within the ISA. Lastly I am haunt
  7. My Maan Skins If your friend ever needs a new skin, say: “My Maan Skins” So yeah I do skins now, but guess what! They are completely free, I’m still kinda new to skinning so I’m going to use free commissions to try and level up my skinning skill. Even though I’m using this to get better at skinning, my skins aren’t completely trash and I will try my absolute best to make them the best they can be. Some Info: Just to let you guys know that I’m not Danish (because Maan means moon in Danish I think) it's just that AdventureMan was taken
  8. Lieutenant Stervon Shadowsteel, who has served in the ISA for 32 years, salutes the Lieutenant Colonel, the man who had oathed him into the ISA “You were a fine Captain, but you’re an even finer Comrade”
  9. As Sergeant Stervon Shadowsteel rode on his 3rd brigade steed he would touch his right shoulder, he found that even after all these years it was still sore to touch. He would then turn to his comrade Sergeant Galbraith and begins " My shoulder is stiff and I'm beginning to feel the curse of age but I pledge to not lay down my sword until we defeat the dreaded inferi or until my death. But if I do die I will die protecting the good people of the Empire!"
  10. Stervon was excited to go to war and to finally get justice but there was one bad thought buzzing round his head "What about our friend, Methas?" He says turning to Willem Galbraith "they may force him to join the Sutican army" But those thoughts were quickly forgotten as they were drowned out by drink as Matthias, Willem and Stervon joked and talked about the war to come
  11. Lifted his head up from his notebook which contained the foundations for his first book the Adventures of Stervon Shadowsteel as his friend told him of the news. After he went to his room in the Bastilles barracks and started sharping his sword "Finally I night be able to use this against real warriors not pesky bandits"
  12. Name: Stervon Shadowsteel Business: n/a Helena: Y Apprenticeship:Y
  13. What is the Cactus Cafe? The Cactus Cafe is a wonderful new place to eat in Helena where we sell Cactus related food items. The cafe overlooks the river which makes it a great place to eat at. If you want to a reservation at this breathtaking Cafe please contact either Stervon Shadowsteel (AdventureMaan#2645) or Methas Bennett (Methas#5612). At the Cactus Cafe we strive to only serve the best cacti and if you think were are not achieving that goal then please contact us. Most of our profits made from the Cafe will be donated to ISA. Location Its is Located by the gate, t
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