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  1. Cool new addition, love to see stuff like this.
  2. The Prince falls to his knees, praying for Balian's enemies. "Father Belisarios, we must do something to help these Novellans! They abandoned their name and history to protect them from the Ferrymen but they did not find salvation at the barbarians bosom. The average age of homeless Horens is nine! We need to take a collection for our homeless cousins. Every dragon needs a hoard of gold to guard!" The Prince would shed a tear for the plight of these misguided and self-hating Imperial Remnants.
  3. Alexander sharpens his spear, ready for the war to come.
  4. Thank you for your work on forum-moderation. Characters are responding on forum threads, not the players themselves. If you are not capable of abstracting into a character you should not be responding at all. Keep up the good work!
  5. is it not copied 15 times for others?
  6. Good luck on forum moderation! This has been needed for a while. Spoilered insults have and low effort failrp have got to go. I see this as a positive step.
  7. The Prince takes some time away from scrubbing the floors of the Admiral's office. This essay lay among the papers on the Admirals desk. "It is intriguing the arguments of this author. I am glad our cause has been picked up by learned men. A nation does not have to be called an empire to be imperialistic. We will defend the right of our citizens to express their ancestral history regardless of how it makes bandits feel. I feel for them that they can not get past the deeds of our ancestors and continue to struggle with the memory of their failures. Now that fair Grendok mentions it, are we not allowed to have the Holy Scrolls displayed? The Prophets were Orenians. We must defend Canondom from its godless enemies."
  8. The Prince would remark to his father, "I am glad these supposed cousins have changed their name to save themselves from the Ferrymen. It is not a surprise those who descend from cowards behave in such a way when threatened by the blue bandana bad boys. It is good for the brand to disown these self-hating Aaunishmen who betray the memory or their ancestors. Is Stassion a type of Aaunish ale? They must pay the Ferrymen off with 50 barrels a month as tribute to avoid a fight What next? Will they change the locks on their keep to allow Ferrymen access to their families and gold?" The Prince would set out on patrol which is apart of his duties in the Armada. He would make sure to keep an eye on the copper mine, he had heard legends of a ghost of a slain bandit that haunted the mine. Even though the bandit had not been seen in a few months you could still hear the whispers in the wind late at night. Maybe he would put in a word to the Church to investigate.
  9. "These Losersburg guys can't even get Balianese right! We will have to bring this up to the Royal Balianese Academy if we are to be the main character of their fantasies. They need to work on our branding." Guillermo would remark to the Admiral from the docks.
  10. "If we need cattle rustlers we will let you know." would remark Guillermo to Mister Derfey.
  11. lower the timer for interacting with resource island

  12. "The princess scared off those villains all on her own atop that panda." - Sir Guillermo Rutledge
  13. FULL NAME: Guillermo Rutledge AGE: 35 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonist ((MC name)): Almaris ((Time Zone)): Central
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