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  1. What is my Carrington investment worth from last map?
  2. "Do you know how to say anything else besides what Sven feeds you like fresh grapes? He bends down to plop little lies into the waiting maw of a greedy king. The Nordlings will try to pass your legionnaires off for chlidren after we give them a shave. All of you will see eye to eye after being cut down to size. Bedfellows before and after the battle." remarks a serious Halcourt.
  3. Former Mayor Alphonse Sylvester Halcourt would think long and hard about the words of this Haenseman. "Most of your kings die before age thirty due to mental health issues. You should consider investing time and effort into your own royal family's well being. Yam glad that your king will kill himself before too long. I am sure the Economist Mister Fitzpatrick would agree with upon reviewing a statistical analysis of the correlation between nu-haensian royalty and sinful behavior. I heard the current king beats Norlandic women for fun but that does not fit your 'bleeding heart' agenda you wish
  4. Alphonse would remark upon reading this work, "It is true, the only place the Norland hordes find success is in their imaginations."
  5. The Mayor, the illustrious Alphonse Sylvester Halcourt, also known as A.S.H. would hear the news of the end of the pathetic insurrection. He would ponder what next steps lay for the Empire and the capital, his beloved home of Providence. He would reach for his trusty journal and begin to write. Dear Diary. I am sorry to hear about the end of this affair. It made things a bit more interesting then the daily drone of the City Assembly. It is bittersweet, this victory. I am both glad that I did not have to leave the safety and warmth of the Imperial Capital but also a bit disappo
  6. It was a pleasure to work alongside you Anore! Nothing but love.
  7. The Mayor, Mister Alphonse Sylvester Halcourt would once again read through the poetry to discern the meaning. He would reach for his trusty diary to record his response to the poem. He would have to remember to swing by the market to get some ink at the Providence Bazaar. Dear Diary, This demented youth continues to put out propaganda for the rebels. It is common for youth in wartime to 'play' war. A child picks up their stick and pretends for it to be a sword. The excitement of such times and events seems romantic to a young soul. War is not flowery poems or prose. It is ste
  8. "The People of Providence look forward to working with our partners in Talon's Port to host this event. I promised to help bring this event to other nations and this is a promise kept. Thank you to our partners down in Talon's Port and I look forward to another amazing event!" -Mayor A.S.H.
  9. "I will be in attendance at this great event to raise money for the ISA. I hope my fellow citizens will come to this night of fun and charity to show our support for the war effort. Our troops should want for nothing and it is our duty to invest in their success. I look forward to seeing you all at the Kovachev House!" -Mayor A.S.H
  10. Mayor A.S.H. would read over the missive with a frown on his face and a little quiver coming to his eye. Anxiety was very much apart of his current career but it had lower stakes then what was being suggested in this notice. He would gulp and reach for his journal to jot down some thoughts on his current feelings. Dear Diary, Myself being a reservist in the I.S.A. makes the notice today give me some small tremors. My duties so far in the army have involved collection of resources and attending the drinking nights at the cozy Novellen. I am sure when I have to report to the cam
  11. Mayor A.S.H. would look over the prose and decide to return to this preferred method of expression, his trusty journal. He would recline in his chair in the Mayor's office and bring the light brown book closer onto his lap. Dear Diary, I believe education could fix this young person's faulty disposition. There obviously is a lack of understanding of the laws, customs, cultures, and norms of the Empire. They seem capable of poetry but lack problem solving or any other developed mode of critical thinking. This young mind seems ripe to be recruited by the enemy into their child
  12. The Mayor would ponder the current state of affairs after hearing the confession of the surrendered rebels. He would scratch his chin before putting a pen to paper to journal his feelings. Dear Diary, Providence is an exciting place to be in wartime. It has been quite some time since we stretched our muscles to rip away the scar tissue from our slumbering bones. We have lifted crowns up and dashed them against the rocks, the crown jewels spewing into the sea. When man turns against man it tears the world apart. However, regardless of the outcome, humanity always rises to a ne
  13. Mayor A.S.H. would read the missive and consider the evident conflict to come. He would remark to those standing around him in the square of Providence. "Today we see the true color of Horen turn coats. They could have been apart of something great but now resign themselves to be tossed aside like these cart bombers. Can you imagine the Johannians moving from settlement to settlement, asking for a room to rent!? I am sure they will find some barn to lay their heads to rest and slip into sweet dreams where they can freely imagine their cause as just. These Horrenite has-beens will b
  14. Second Imperial House Tour ______________________________________________________________________ Mayor Halcourt and his judging partners, Fourth Member Virgil DeNurem and Alderman, and House of Common’s Otis de Rosius have made their rounds of the various properties submitted for showing to the commission. Quite a few prominent citizens accompanied those with an artistic eye to judge the properties from attic to the cellar! A few comments on differences in floor design between houses. Those that were favored had grander and more spacious entrances. The effect of
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