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  1. hey buddy status updates are bugged so that I can’t reply to them if someone posts an embedded youtube video but hope you’re having fun on the lord of the craft roleplay server love you x 

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Yeah replies to status updates are kinda janky sometimes.


      I’d suggest making this a bug report tho

    2. VonAulus


      You answered my question. If you dislike lotc so much and enjoy another roleplay server, maybe you should put your energy into that. Your toxic obsession with complaining can not be healthy. If you do not like the direction of LotC you can always stop coming here. If you can not come up with more reasons you like LotC over all the things you hate, maybe it is just not for you. 

  2. 8.0: Settlements Howdy future citizens of Almaris, I am reaching out today to give a bit of an update on the Settlement system for next map. Firstly, four active Settlements from this map have already received vouchers for next map based on consistently meeting requirements. Al’Faiz, Vaelya, Talons Grotto, and Marsumar. More info will be coming very soon to those four about land placement for next map. For all those who did not meet this initial wave, there is going to be a simple process to attempt to get a Settlement for next map. There will not be a ton of these slots available and will be reserved for the best ideas the World Team thinks have a good chance of success. This form is applicable to both Settlements from the current map, and for new ideas. Quick refresher on what we are looking for can be found in the current Region Rules post: That is all I have for today, I will be checking the responses on this post for questions. You can also hit me up on Discord at Grool#6871. https://forms.gle/rWArdFiuJwGWCB6A8
  3. Welcome to the team, Anore!
  4. VonAulus


    Douglas ‘Douggie’ Denims would read over the notice with a tear in his eye. He would exclaim to any who would hear him. “This Simon Basrid fellow knew how to talk and knew how to listen. Very rarely do you find someone who has mastered both skills. The Empire will miss his service and I look forward to seeing what he does next. I imagine some magical curiosity will catch his fancy.”
  5. 8.0: Transfer Our approach to the transition to the next map is going to be different than previous maps, and is contingent on the goal of creating a fantasy environment that is more cohesive and sound on a narrative level, while still incentivizing player mechanics and community building. The culmination of this thought comes down to a few policies that will be outlined below. We know map transitions are some of the most speculated topics in our community so we want to be as transparent as we can be. Selection Requirements We will be offering prebuilding to roleplay communities that already have nation status on this map and meet the below criteria. To maintain LotC’s intrinsic themes - the largest racial nation of each core race will be given a pre-build region de facto. This would be Helena, Aegrothond, Krugmar, and Urguan. The next five largest groups, regardless of racial background, by activity data over the last 5 months that follow will automatically get pre-built spots for the next map. This would be: Haelunor, Sutica, Druids, Haense, Morsgrad. Helena – 25.21% Aegrothond – 9.73% Urguan – 4.47% Krugmar – 3.34% Haense – 8.76% Sutica – 7.33% Haelunor – 6.23% Morsgrad – 4.95% Druids – 4.33% No other group currently sits above 3%, the normal Nation Activity baseline. For transparency sake, this model maintains the same list of nations between the ranges of five months, four months, three months, two months, and one month. So there are no outline weeks or months in activity that are affecting this decision. To compensate for this accordingly, we intend to allow nations multiple tiles and far more control of the map to grant to player bases and engage in conflict and diplomacy. There will not be the normal tile lock from this map and nations will have much more freedom with their land to expand and take in new groups and players. We hope by taking the land management out of staff’s hands, we can shift land management towards dynamic roleplay. Nation Spot Selection The nation spot selection is going to involve a series of steps that will require communication from both Nation Leaders and World Team. We will send out a survey to those groups selected for prebuild asking a few basic questions regarding what sort of terrain, climate, and aesthetic a nation would desire. World Team is going to provide a few options to talk over with the Nation Leader and they will rank their top picks. World Team will place the Nations based on their ranked picks around the central themes of the map to ensure a more sensible fantasy world. We hope to have Nation Spots picked out over the next week or so from this post going up. The areas handed over to the players will not be box plots but will be demarcated by natural geographic region. They will have full control of their starting tiles and the terrain will be delivered to them to work on in their own build servers. Your build will need to work with the terrain and not involve significant edits to the terrain to add combat advantages. We hope by entrusting the players with more area, builds will form to the terrain more naturally. We will be checking in with the Nation Leaders on their build progress and reserve the right to request edits if we notice an unnatural and unfair deviation to the existing terrain. Non-Prebuild There will be a system in place before and at map launch to cater to the rest of the player base not included in the nation pre-build. There will be more details about that in a future post to review the status of settlements and lairs. Do not fear, we have not forgotten about you, and you’ll hear from us in our next development diary.
  6. Very proud Muffins, good job!
  7. There are two separate issues you are wanting addressed here: That Community Team has taken player run organization and is now using it. You Own the Wilven Monks idea and LotC Staff is plagiarizing you. First, the Wilven Monks are part of the collective of LotC since the creation and the project was contributed to by players and staff, some around, some gone. If anyone has ownership to the name, it is @shiftnative Here is an early lore piece, building on top of Native’s idea and group: It appears players have in the past been allowed to participate in the organization, which was created by an Admin of the server, and have had special perks such as having homes and a base at the Cloud Temple to help new players. I agree with you that this has been the case in the past and it may be a good idea to take it back that direction in the future. This doc I found seems to be from 2016. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qka8JHMr1TxA1CsJKK65BjoobKh_mGhhm_i5I1JXjkc/edit#heading=h.oz78tctpxlu6 This is 4 years after the order was founded by Native and naturally formed into something else. Since 2012 there have been multiple versions of staff monks, new player guides, roleplay mentors, and various other devices to attempt to help new players. The Wilven Monks are apart of that history and that is why Community Team took something that was inactive and attempted to use it to help the server. To take from my own brief example of submitting lore of the server. I helped Boogerbuster with finishing off the witch doctor shamanism lore back in the day. Once it was accepted I took a break and came back. It was completely different when I came back and they told me I had to reapply because things has changed in the magic system and shamanism. I realized that since I was gone, I was out of the loop and others who were actively using it had co-opted it. There is nothing wrong with that and it is part of being in a culture. People will take something you make and do something else with it. Another example would come more from my career as a builder. Many times I have built something for someone and they have left it abandoned and someone else moved in. The classic example would be the old city of Ves this map. The people I built it for let it go and someone else stepped in to use it. I might have bad feelings about that and not want them to use it, but there is no route or reason for me to take it away from them. They also evicted me from my own city I built but that is life. They were more proactive in taking hold of it and actively using it then I was and they are more then welcome to use the build or tear it down once I had vacated. A third example I will give is Carrion/Ruskan culture. The people who created Carrion/Kralta/Raevir do not condone the usage of the culture by all the different groups. The same could be said about the founding of Horen, Malinor, Krugmar, or the lore/culture of any player group. Once you create something it is out there to create off of. You don’t get to say, “No thats mine and only mine.” I think there is an argument to allowing players to participate in the order and to have Wilven Monk Characters. That seems to be another discussion then the one we are having about who owns the lore. Insert meme about ToS but this is why that clause is important. The Wilven Monks were not your idea and you have no claim to any ownership in any sort of plagiarism case. The Monks are a central aspect to the lore and culture of the server and live in the collective. I personally see no issue in the Community Team using this IC representation as a front to their activities because it adds to the immersion. Why use a different group of monks when this one has been doing the same job for years, off and on? Now if you want to have a Monk civil war story line, sign me up for that warclaim. I would prefer to shift the conversation towards how the Monks could better integrate the player base and work from their current base of operations to offer the best experience to new players the server can provide. New ideas for content and positive steps is definitely where the Admins’ focus lies, not in the gerrymandering of the past. I can not comment on items being taken away from you but that has happened to me before and seems like a conversation to have the with Story Team on how to balance the current iteration of the monks and in returning your Lore Items.
  8. I am a slave to CMU ban me
  9. Accepted, please msg me on discord : Grool#6871.
  10. VonAulus

    Lair Application

    Hello Seuss, this application does not meet the Staff’s standard for what a Lair is. This camp could be done in another group’s region in coordination with them. I would suggest communicating with another group on Korvassa or on the mainland if you are still interested in putting this camp together.
  11. The First Bicentennial Helena House Tour Competition Sponsored by Helena Red Ruby: Unleashed The Ishikawa Room in the Gradic Manor of Felsen, 1554 To all homeowners of Helena, let it be known that in this year of our Lord 1767 the First Helena Housing Competition shall commence. Be you a smith or a merchant, an expert or a novice, you have the chance to earn a grand prize for the beauty of your home. The home is a person’s own kingdom, some people say. I don’t know them, but they sure say that. And you! The monarch of that land! Of course, not in truth. Our Imperial Majesty is the monarch. He owns all of your houses; he owns all of you in fact. My apologies, dear reader, I lose my train of thought. You are charged with decorating your castle- your house to your heart’s desire. Not the outside, unless you want a fine. The interior, I mean. The judges shall set upon your house like a pack of wolves on a babe left alone in the snowy woods. My overseer tells me that this metaphor is a bit overkill? Forget I even wrote that. Instead, they will set upon your house like a group of eager judges on an interior they have to judge. That’s a bit boring of a metaphor, but I’m not the one with the coffers am I? Damn bureaucrats. Moving on, I guess. The competition will be divided in a tripartite manner: The Business Bracket | Prize: 2,000 Minas and the title Master of Business Decoration There are those of you who battle in our free market system like gladiators of commerce. Some of you have beautiful shops, others have quite drab and ugly ones. It does not matter because now you have time to decorate your place of business! So decorate to your heart’s content and the most creative, the most intuitive amongst you vultures of the marketplace shall win a prize of 2,000 minas! Lord knows you need it, maybe you can invest in some cologne. The Manor Bracket | Prize: 2,000 Minas and the title Master of Manor Interior To be frank, I’m not sure there’s even a point to including you folk in this competition. We all know that you’re too rich to afford an apartment but too lowborn to possess something of actual prestige. You’ll probably just hire the local interior decorator and, my boss says, that’s alright! Whoever among you has the most magnificent manor will score a prize of 2,000 minas. Not that you need it, parasites. The Apartment Bracket | Prize: 2,000 Minas and the title Master of Apartment Design The apartments! This is where those of you in the city’s middle class can finally shove it in the manor folk’s face. Sure, they might win their bracket. But did they have to work with a ten by ten closet of a house? No! They had all the room in the world to work with, those retches. You folk, you salt of the earth, it is your duty to decorate the interior of your apartment and earn 2,000 minas to put food on the table. And… maybe to make up for the debt you accrue buying decorations. The Municipal Judges of Interior Design + Peridot Carrington, Sheriff + Green Carrington, Treasurer + Douglas Denims, Master Builder + Alpha Carrington, Former Mayor + The Colonel, A Colonel Competition Entry Form OOC
  12. Welcome to the World Team Competition! The World Team is introducing a Building Competition to gifted, creative players! The general concept of this project is to come together with the community to provide a competitive event with the cooperation of the Community Team to enhance the players’ experience. It will reward players who show promising creative ability to provide to the Lord of the Craft’s platform, allowing others to share a more realistic experience. And for those interested in such, perhaps entice some players to join our team! The competition is a glimpse into what both the World Team does daily and to connect our players with that! General Rules Theme: Participants must present a centralized theme in their build. With permission, participants will be allowed to work in groups. Players may not exceed a group of four. The World Team will host this competition for a few hours on the day, allowing all to complete their builds within a six hour time period. Once in the competition you will be able to have access to a 100x100 plot but the required plot size is only a 50x50, a flat plotworld will be what you will be working on. General Application Requirements Players must be thirteen years old or above. Given the style of your builds will determine your qualification. If you meet such requirements, you may be invited to an interview with the World Team. This event will give you the tools and resources to extend a helping hand to those who seek to become a part of our team! So, what is the general application process? To join our competition you simply need to join our Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8WuyvY6) Once you’ve done that simply follow the format in #interview-request to get a chance to join the competition! So, what is the staff application process? Those who we see as fit to join the team will be approached by a member of our management. If you manage to get back to us with an interest in joining us we will consider your builds as your trial plots as if it was a normal Trial! No more than 10 applicants will be accepted at a time to the World Team. Thank you for reading this post, we will be starting soon so do make sure to request an interview before then! Prizes First place: 10k Mina, 5 Rename Tokens. Second place: 5k Mina. 4 Rename Tokens. Third place: 2.5k Mina, 3 Rename Tokens. Participation: 2 Rename Tokens. Send inquiries to DylanDeNewb#3399 on Discord for more info.
  13. VonAulus

    Lair Application

    Hi, I talked to you a bit in PM’s about this application, however, we did not seem to get to a consensus about what you need. Before fully ruling on what is going to happen with this Lair Application can you please expand on where or if you need a region. If you do not need a region there is not much of a point for this app. If you do end up losing your home, I think we would be more able to help with setting up a spot for camp roleplay. If you want, you can edit your responses to the questions above and send me a PM on Discord when you have reconsidered that point.
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