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  1. Ban this person for leaking.
  2. VonAulus

    Infraction Log Update

    Very impressive Anore. Glad you got the ball rolling with this much needed reform. This new system is much easier to use then the old discord look up.
  3. Day 2 of waiting for VonAulus to be removed for incompetence. 

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      it looks like u have a fanclub grool!!

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      Narthok and Haense on the same side, truly a sign of things to come.

  4. Freebuild requires a lot more work because of the constant activity check signs and constant disputes over the 50 block rule. Part of why this is happening is put out in the post, it is a very large amount of work to keep up with all these settlements. I have had five charters in the last day with between 0% activity and 0.05% activity ask for Charter Expansions. It is way too much work for the current volunteers to keep up with and adding more people to the team is definitely not the solution. We are wasting way too much time managing the land due to the poor map design of this map which creates an imbalance in the value of certain land. The truth is about 95% of Charters fail and the 5% that succeed do not justify the hours and hours of effort players put into the build and resources to be set up for failure by the system created to give them an outlet. LOTC is not a Towny server at the end of the day, it is a Roleplay server, and the Charter system is anti-roleplay as it decentralizes and bastardizes player interaction. The fact you point out the fiefdom expectations in a nation but call for a freebuild system baffles me. Quite the mental gymnastic there.
  5. Charter Policy Update March 9th, 2020. Why? After an extensive review of the activity data, it has become more than clear to the World Team that the current system has failed us. While we see a rapid uptick in the number of charters that form on Arcas, we do not see an equal uptick in activity to justify these settlements springing up. To put into perspective just how lopsided activity distribution currently is and has been for a long while now, of all the recorded data - sixty charters make up 15% of the server activity. With the average charter contributing .25% of the recorded data for the week. On the other hand, fourteen nations make up 85% of the server activity. With the average nation contributing just over 6% of the data for the week. This means that despite making up roughly 18% of the total player-controlled regions, the average nation contributes 24x more activity than the average charter. After the first round of cuts after the update to 1.15, we have cut the amount of regions we are tracking down to 55 regions. Those were just charters that had under 0.02% of playtime for either of the first two activity checks. Now on the backend of nation and charter management, seventy-four independent groups are a lot for a team of volunteers to manage. And this is especially evident when we review how over the past couple of months the system has been neglected, mismanaged, and abused. Steps for Arcas: The creation of new charters will be halted until the inactive charters have been cleaned up. We will be releasing a charter system with stricter requirements, along with expanding on the system with a Lore Settlement section (which Flamboyant will be posting soon). Charter tier expansion will require closer following of activity check numbers with the hope the centralization of roleplay will lead more groups to meet them. 1% is going to be the goal, there will be incremental increases on a two week schedule moving forward. March 22nd will be the first cut off at 0.1%. April 5th will be the second with a goal of .5%. April 19th will be the third with a goal of 1% for each charter. After this has been put in place, we will be looking into Nation reform and the new charter/settlement system moving into the rest of this map and next map. Qualifying for one of the two weeks of the activity period is all that is required. Make sure if you are a Charter Leader or Nation Leader to stay on top of announcements in the main LOTC Discord. This is where it is best to communicate with myself or other members of the Charter Team. I am going to be personally overseeing Charter Reform moving forward till we can find a suitable candidate to be the point person for policy initiatives.
  6. “Some would say you should invest in such and enterprise but it is hard to make predictions, especially about he future.” Abiah would state, perusing the records of profits and expenses. “Recent trends point towards expansion of profits and reduction of expenses. A good sign.”
  7. Rupert dies at the hands of the Emperor. Fitting he should be convicted in the court building of his construction and murdered in the square of his design. His last thought would drift to the Golden City as he remembers it. Perhaps that is what the Seven Skies looks like those who experienced its glory. Carry on Carrion.
  8. VonAulus

    Tech Update

    Thank you for all the work you did for the server, Korvic. Very glad I got to know you better over the last few months.
  9. I stopped the Narthok thread because it was toxic. I think if you read the forums that most criticism of me is allowed to pass through and very little is done by myself or Moderation to stop it. You can have whatever opinion of me or my motives you want but I would rather be friends with people then deal with bullshit and bullies. I think if you got to know me Crevel you would realize I do not back down to bullies and generally deal with situations head on with my chest out. I saw a lot of problems with the current map of LOTC and thought I could help to make the server a better place. I did not join staff with the thought of being an Admin but when I saw the possibility I went for it. I really care about LOTC and it has been important during my formative years and I want to give back to the community in the way I know how. I know you get bugged a lot but it is surprising how much people will lie to you to get what they want. On the flip side some player’s kindness and support know no limit when you help them. I find the vast majority of players to be really here for the right reasons which is to build a joint narrative and community. You know me Muffins but my personality is very much of trying to help others to get their projects or goals done. They are two different jobs but I had not thought about it much before it. I see a lot of people argue we need less Admins and let the team work itself out on their own. I think this lacks a fundamental understanding of how the Staff works on LOTC. The position of Admin is basically like being on the board of governors for any organization. You are involved in joint decision and direction of the server as a whole. You need executives to run the team and to represent their interests as well as the other groups interests on the board. You really need people with a direct line to the Admin team to advocated for what the team needs. If you had this level break between Admins and the teams you would not see a lot of the requests for basic permissions and busy work getting done. The few Admins would be overwhelmed with pings for little things each team needs. Obviously this system can be improved upon and I am sure it will change with time but the removal of Admins is really not possible after having seeing how the staff runs efficiently(or not so efficiently) in different cases at different times. Everything has its plus and minuses but when I help a player or see a project complete that is what I enjoy. I do not enjoy dealing with bans or toxicity but I would rather it be focused on me then on kids or innocent players on the server. I was feeling pretty down about being an Admin a few weeks ago due to a lot of constant negativity but I think that the work I do is important enough to deal with it and push past it. My parents raised my brother and I to work hard and advocate for ourselves and to engage in dialogue and teamwork with those around us so I try to bring that to the job. I would remove PVP from the server and reinstate Villain Application.
  10. Yes he does know that I am an admin we talk about LOTC periodically. @VonEbs
  11. Everyone is a lord of the craft. Good. You will have to ask them.
  12. I am pretty hairy but I feel like that is TMI and not really interesting. Wdym? Ally. I have run out of time to work on my youtube channel since taking over as Admin. Maybe one day I will not cut off the possibility. I need more context.
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