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  1. It is hard for the GM's to figure all that sort of ideas out. It is near impossible to control supplies of resources like you are suggesting. I think it would be a much better situation if the market could decide for itself. The problem is there is not enough new mina creation in order to drive demand for goods and services. Remember, people use mina to buy more than just MC items.
  2. I have studied fantasy economics for many maps and have had shops and been involved with every type of shop plugin we have had. I have always partly quested to make mina to support hobbies or groups I am in. I do enjoy merchanting roleplay on this server and this is not going to be a rant against nexus. Sorry to disappoint those who hate it. I find nexus to help integrate people into the economy by making everyone specialize and work together. I believe this to be the intent. However, there currently is a major problem in the economy which is the lack of free flowing mina. I will address ways to fix this problem and also why there needs to be more mina. The current leaderboards for mina dwarfs previous installments. It is much too difficult to raise capital on this server with many people have close to zero mina to their name. Now I know a lot of people just like to rp but even they would like to buy a drink at a tavern sometimes. Injecting more money into the economy will help with spreading roleplay industry! I know dwarves can get behind that. Part 1: Mob Drops In Aegis a major source of income was from mina being deposited into your inventory when you killed specific mobs. The pig payday was killing those zombiepigmen that dropped a whopping 50 mina. You could make a living off of just killing mobs and many players did. This is a fun, combat oriented, way to introduce mina into the economy. The current 1 mina drops and sparse population of mobs makes it near impossible to buy a set of armor off of killing mobs alone. Even with the price of iron being in the tank you still can not afford a set. We also might need more mob spawns, maybe sacrifice the one island no one uses? Part 2: GM Mineral Shop This map we already had a system to inject money into the economy. I am sure it was removed because of duping but we still need a way to get some of this iron out of the economy. Look at it now, I have to sell it for 2 mina in order to feed my family! There is obvious a surplus of iron and a lack of mina. Maybe it could be amended that only nations can sell minerals to a gm shop. Fine, at least then they may be incentivized to buy iron in bulk from people and get mina flowing through the economy. Mining is in the name of the game so why not reward people for taking up this profession with riches beyond our current imagination? Part 3: Mina Sinkholes With the current plot system we already have one way of draining mina from nations. Another way would be to sell items that are hard to get at auction houses across Axios. Things like dragon scales and other items needed for upper level nexus creations. I am sure people would like to spend mina on certain things that are not even in the game yet. This could be a good way to drain a large amount of mina from the top players as they try to acquire these rarities. Part 4: Fix Voting This is actually embarrassing in my opinion that 2-3 out of the five links are working. Fix it please. Now to those who think having lots of mina in the economy is a bad thing: I would argue that the lack of mina is much more harmful then having the super rich. Super rich people are much more likely to give money to friends to start businesses and use their money to build up both roleplay and their nations or groups. Hard to build an roleplay group without mina to back it up. We need mina for roleplay to flourish. Money sometimes does the talking that our character can not. PS: Others please suggest other ideas below on how to add more mina to the economy.
  3. Every time I have ever talked to him all he does is heap abuse upon me about having a homosexual brother. I believe he is so interested in the High Prince Ebs because he has a little crush on him. Only a man who is homosexual himself would be so interested in another man so intensely. What are these "Antics" about posting Nazi pictures? What idiot accidently promotes national socialism on the internet? Does he not know that could come back to haunt him when he goes to look for a job one day? I am surprised he even is applying to be on this staff team which is filled with degenerates already. Esterlan would probably support euthanizing half of you. The fact that HeeroZero and Ski_king42069noscope oppose this man is evidence enough. These two are pillars to our community for how one should separate social groups and server moderation.
  4. I wish the chainmail stacking was available to leatherworking. It is very monotonous to grind out 100's of sets of leather armor.
  5. MC name: VonAulus Character's name and age: Grool’Gorkil’Azog, 350 Character’s Race: Orc Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/100039-acceptedgrools-magic-app/ What magic(s) do you desire to teach?: Shamanism: Witchdoctor Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Shamanism is the orcish religion of sorts where the shamans interact with spirits in the spirit world as well as in this world. Witchdoctor is different from the other subtypes because it focuses more on curses and hexes as well as potions. They have been known to grow horns for orcs or curse and entire area and turn it into mush. They channel their magic through totems and other trinkets. They also have evolved into a medicine man type of person with having learned ancient remedies and through experimentation with different ingredients. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): The first lesson my students have gone through in the past is the creation of their staff. It is a three part process with first the student have to travel to the end of the world to gather a bucket of water from beyond. Second they must find a druid’s grove and break a branch from a tree to use as the shaft of their staff. The third is the creation or finding of your first small trinket which we will bless along with the staff in the water from beyond. Your staff is a useful tool to help guide your magic and wave around during incantations, Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: n/a Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: n/a