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  1. played in galahar renatus - played a king of renatus under carrion - played in empire of man renatus what is renatus?
  2. Clearly in over your head lmfao... be ready for everyone to shit on all the work you have done just like you shit on the past World Team. No one will thank you.
  3. Guillermo, soon to be promoted to Private in the Company of Balian, would be pleased to see the renovations completed on the square. After his next paycheck he would set aside some funds for patronizing Balianite small businesses. These days all goods come from Dwarven or Elven ports. He was happy to see some human products! "I look forward to patronizing the Mozafari Apothercary!"
  4. Please implement the new theme! It is a much needed update and was supposed to roll out with the release of this map. This brown forum theme has been tired since it was implemented!
  5. Orcs-vs-Dwarfs_2785692.jpg

    1. Nug


      let’s ******* goooooooooooooooo

  6. "What is the Duke of Ves? That was never a title associated with the city. There was a Prince of Ves elected from the Patricians as well as Duke of Adria, who ruled the Duchy. There is no such thing as a Duke of Ves. It is nice for such a city to be remembered but I am confused where that title is being drawn from." remarks the old Mayor of Old Providence, Mister Halcourt. "I would also remark: What is a Duke of Helena? There was never a duchy associated with the Imperial Capital. Only Emperors ruled there. It seems strange for a Medieval King to be so interested in latching himself onto the coat tails of Imperial culture. What do I know? You would think those so interested in the past would do some research on it!" "The only title associated with Helena would be Mayor. Maybe this King is just humble and will turn his crown into that of a Mayoral Hat." Alphonse would like to discuss these topics with any nearby.
  7. World Team will be missed. Thank you to everyone who served alongside me and other World Admins/Managers/Members. I have not been involved since Heero took over but World Team put a ton of work into Story Team, Mod Team, and Community Team projects and as you can tell from comments here, got no thanks or recognition. LoTC does not deserve the effort of so many volunteers with how quick people are to cheer the dissolution of what functioned at a high level previously. Normally when a team is not accomplishing goals it is not the volunteers fault... it is the leaders. It was clear new projects and ideas were left to rot and this is the result. Lower staff getting blamed and cut loose instead of any soul searching by the those who made it that way. Quick note on map dev, other teams were included in that. The main discord channels was a coalition of members from Story, Tech, and Mod Teams in addition to World Team. Current iteration of World Team was only created because of inactive Tech focused Admins and to steady the ship when Techzodus happened. I hope this gets the solution they want but as usual it is fighting symptoms not the disease. Again, much love to all WT members. We did not deserve your efforts. @Hiebemuch props to you, always on our side.
  8. OOC Warning. I am not sure whether to spoiler because there is not much to RP with here. I wish to advance and OOC discussion here based on the work presented by Ebs. I do think it is interesting how you draw a main concept through the whole work, that of unity and centralization of power and how each era explored the pros and cons of how systems are organized. Specifically, the constant battle of feudalism structure in Oren and its associated successor states. I think it will be interesting to see how you will tackle that idea leading up till today, with quite a few more empires and even more reforms to be tackled. There is not a whole lot of basis for real political science or historical debate. Primary sources are interesting to find and you can interview some players that are still around. LoTC has the ability to have characters that saw these events to still be present. Some that were alive for the Phoenix Rebellion are still around. I think it could be interesting to get different elven or other long lived characters take on past events. Some testimony to back up forum posts. Wiki Editors should also use this for easily generating some new wiki pages. Another thing that interests me in your project is what content could be created off of it. If a player put this in game in a book, they could build a school course around it. Someone could excerpt a bit of this and expand on something you touched briefly. Another example could be a player using this to guide them making a youtube video about the history of LoTC. This would give them a great jumping off point to do additional research to pull together a narrative. @[email protected] Both of them I know consulted with @Treshure on some of his projects. I think there could be a lot of interest in content surrounding past events in humanity and beyond. Even if not 100% accurate, work like this is important to build on top of. If you require additional research help in the future, I would be glad to help, brother. An interesting project I have been considering as an architectural history of humanity. We have screenshots, world downloads, and hosted legacy servers. I think there would be some interest. I did contribute some of these builds but not the majority. I want to also bring a social history critique. Where is the narrative of the poor and simple folk that fought these wars? A lot more could be done with writing out their stories. It is interesting that a trend/debate from real historiography would play out in a work on LoTC. We have the record of the Kings, Pontiffs, and Archchancellors, but not the story of the butlers and fishmongers! Keep up the good work!
  9. I agree. It does not add anything to roleplay. This should not be apart of the lotc experience.
  10. My parents were killed by ballers.

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