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  1. Honestly this is a pathetic attempt to cover for a banned player who is alting. It was so very obvious that this was dewper who posted this thread and got his buddies to reply to it to give a “new” player a reason to run around with his old bandit friends. This is very tiresome to deal with and this thread is evidence of collusion between many and dewper. Do not add ContentSponge on discord, the IP’s line up with dewper’s other known alts. Really pathetic all around guys. Dewper is banned and every time we figure out who he is he will remain banned. If you keep helping him there will be other bans to follow. You think you are very smart dewper but you are not and this sad attempt to build a backstory pales in comparison to the lengths other players have gone to. As soon as I saw the title of this thread i knew it was you lol.
  2. ((Reminder, if your only reason to post is to stir up and OOC response, just do not post. This is a warning to everyone to not use roleplay threads to jab at your roleplay enemies in OOC. Look at yourself and see if you are adding to toxicity on the server by these posts. Thank you and have a nice day. ))
  3. We can only remind our players to not be toxic through certain mechanisms. I think this post points out that players have to also look at themselves as individuals in how they approach the server and the community. You have to treat others how you would like to be treated if you were in their situation. We will see if this works, it might not. The last couple systems were horrible failures and if this is something so different from that I think it is worth a shot.
  4. How did you survive the Nether?
  5. Shannon, I have read the entirety of your post and I agree with the importance of freedom of speech. If you are from a country that steps on your rights and restricts this, that really is unfortunate and I wish there was more I could do to help personally. The issue I have with your whole post is it ignores what is really going on in a lot of these political discussions which is the spreading of radical views. It is really difficult from a moderation perspective to decide what political debate is appropriate and what is inappropriate You might think it is a cop-out to just say it is off-limits, but, that is not what we are saying. We are just saying that political discussion should be continued in private, off-platform. Out of OOC chat, out of the general Discord and New Player Discord. I was recently dealing with a ban appeal, and a friend of the banned player approached me. He told me a pretty typical story of how this other player deserves a second chance because of how he has had a lot of negative influences by other players on the server. They have fed him racist programming and such through interacting with him in-game and in Discord. That is a tragedy, that our platform is being used to spread hate and racism. Groups of players are using our server to recruit impressionable youths into racist or extremist ideologies. I, along with most, grew up partially on the server. I remember people posting anti-Semitic memes on the forums openly and the horrible situation of the last U.S. presidential election. I wish I would have tried to learn about politics from the real world instead of from racist teens on the internet. I was taught much in the same way as our previous banned player by listening to Coaster sing racist songs in Teamspeak and listening to the old White Rose guys scream about Alphas and what they thought about minorities. I was deluded into thinking that was acceptable because everyone else said it was cool to have free speech. Just today, there was a conversation in LOTC general discord about how female moderators are not as good at handling conflict as male moderators just because of their gender. I think deplatforming this type of expression is perfectly acceptable, and will help our server grow and become a better community. LOTC is about Minecraft roleplay, and that really should be it. It is not an edating service. It is not a place for racists to connect. It is not a place for political organization and discussion. Most online communities I have come across, whether on Reddit, different forums, or in other games, have a similar policy to this. Let me pitch another scenario. Imagine you are a new player and you log into LOTC Discord for the first time. You are not sure you want to play on this server, so you check out the General Chat on LOTC Discord to see what is up. You jump into a racist, sexist, classist debate. Do you think many people are learning anything from this, or are people just wanting to argue for the sake of it? I tell you, if I was joining today, I think I would just hit the Leave Server button. In the thread, many have talked about policing toxicity. You can not expect us to police toxicity and also allow people to say whatever they want. The Mods do not have time to read the public discord and play judge to players’ political debates. This is unreasonable and prevents them from working on things like lowering modreq wait times or implementing new war systems. Maybe my experience on the server is not typical, but, I think it might provide some insight into our thought process. Some might accuse us of not thinking this through at all, but, there were many nights of conversation between different members of the staff team leading to this policy rollout. I think it is a positive step towards fixing some of the problems facing our community. I would be a fan of leaving the Debate section open to public discourse about IRL issues, but that is just me. Throw up a NSFW warning or something.
  6. @Tato This sounds like a Moderation or Lore responsibility. I would encourage them to do it, but, World Team does not have the knowledge or expertise to interfere in that. You can message me personally if you really need something moved, I would be happy to help.
  7. World Team Policy Update World Edit Use for Nations/Charters After thorough discussion, the World Development Team has decided to assist nations in rebuilds or deconstructions of settlements. World Edit will be used with a World Manager or World Admin’s approval to clear land for a future build site. This policy’s goal is explicit - to help players get back to roleplay is quick as possible while going through a temporary rebuild. No resources will be refunded, and it is up to the manager 's discretion what is okay to cut and if it will be allowed. There will be a base fee of 2000 mina that will be added to a fund to use as incentives for World Team members in future World Team build competitions. Requests will be submitted in-game through the world req system. However, some points below must be clarified as standing policy for World Edit use. -World Edit will not be used to paste in people’s builds or move builds for convenience. -Members are not to use their LC pex to build for their nations or charters without Admin or Manager approval. -World Edit or LC is not to be used to benefit a nation or charter in any mechanical way - building or clearing inordinate terrain for PvP defenses or to abuse mechanics will not be accepted. Team Expansion Registration of new applicants to the World Team going to be paused for the time being. We’ve inherited a large team and have added a sizable portion of new developers - as a result, we are going through a period of restructuring before expanding further. If you apply now, we will get in touch and review your application once the team re-opens. No confirmed ETA on that yet, though we will need new hands and fresh minds before years’ end for certain. Talents that we’d like to see in the near future include worldpainters, nature builders, etc World Builder LC Allowances We are affirming a long unspoken policy here - Members of the team are allowed to work on projects for their various nations or charters as long as it is for event sites or nature. They can also work on nature for other groups that approach them. This policy is to try to invigorate our builders to work on projects that they are passionate about - not to give one group and advantage of another. That is why at the moment these builds are solely for nature or event purposes. Nature or event sites must be outside the city or settlement. The current roster of builders are from a diverse range of groups and we should see the effect of this policy spread out throughout the entire server as a general beautification process. Map development is never truly finished and we can always stand to make our map a better and more immersive realm even six months in. Management approval is needed for allowance projects to avoid circumstances of bias - team members should be able to give a simple pitch of the utility of their intended build. Map Development As of right now, there is no timeline or announcement regarding map development. However, know that the WD team is working hard and we are beginning to build a roster, explore concepts, and establish a firm timeline to deliver LotC an exceptional map and canvas for roleplay. I would like to invite any comments or suggestions to be posted on this thread for myself and the other designers to read through - we want to gather as much data and insight as possible before embarking on this journey. My DMs and the DMs of our managers are also open to suggestions and insight as well for the current map and new map mechanics and innovation.
  8. World Builder Update Brought to you by the World Management Team The World Team has been working hard with the new management team and expanded roster of talented and dedicated builders. While almost all of our members build, the team is divided into Builders and Designers. Today we will primarily be focusing on the work of the Building side of the team, since, that is what I manage for the team. We will also see some work by the Landscar Group and some road requests which are picked up by any member of the team. This is just the start of what our amazing team has in store, and you can look forward to more creations entering our shared home. Bridges! Zarexan with some help from myself, Gamma_Byte, and Crystalclearview constructed a new bridge from the mainland to Korvassa. This project helps link the mainland with the playerbases on the outlying island. It lets you off near the front gates of Thyra. Together many select members of the team have begun working on bridges. Some of those include Zarexan, Patu, Gamma_Byte, CrystalClearView, and Commisar_Voop. This is a small project that we are doing and are happy to be doing it for our players. If you have any bridges that you know could use some work, feel free to leave suggestions! Also, right below, is a few bridges redone by Patu. Welcome back to the team! Sneak Peeks! Courtesy of many builders working with Xarkly and other story members, we have begun to work on some bigger and more secret projects! Below is an area that the builder Unwillingly has begun doing work on, though what exactly this place is.. that is for you to find out. Drums in the deep, golems patrolling the deep roads, this is no safe place for travelers and that is for sure. The dwarven expeditions have mapped a couple of locations within their massive caverns of landmarks from what appears to be trolls and even long ago dwarven cities. The Dwarven Event Squad has put a great amount of work into a new event area. Look forward to this event chain when it goes live. Special thanks to Hiebe, sneakybandit, Captain_Noobman, Qizu, and others for their hard work and dedication. Map Reconstruction We have begun doing some reconstruction to the current map and spicing areas to make them more appealing and enjoyable to the players. Below is an example that VonAlus has been working on! Ruins “Only time can tell..” all jokes aside, we have begun working on the reunification process of builds around the server. Our most recent build was the runifying of Athalia. Our talented builders, Voop and Vermy have finished these ruins and the world team is very appreciative of their work. Make sure to go and check this wonderful place out! Along with Athalia, Vermy has also begun working on the orcish ruins that lay on the eastern coast of the map Patu, who we mentioned before, also helped out the Story Team with little hovel build for an upcoming event. Look out for this cute little area as you are walking around the map! Trick or Treat! Special thanks to Qizu and Unwillingly for decoration the Cloud Temple for Halloween. You have probably seen this if you have Soulstoned or ‘been sent for a walk’, but things like this help our community enjoy the holidays together. Landscars Recently the world team has put effort towards correcting landscars on the map. With the new manager (Qizu) taking over the team we will be stepping back into action with server landscars. If you see landscars on the server, make sure to make a ticket to the world team so they can get handled accordingly! Look forwards to future announcements from the World Team. We all work hard to make the world a better place, so please help us help you by using World Req in-game or drop us a line on Discord. P.S. Heard a rumor about possible player-build spotlights to come! [Click here to apply to the world team]
  9. Check out Grool Productions' new project. Brought to you by the Coal Miner Conspiracy.
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