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  1. VonAulus

    Safety Team

    F in the chat.
  2. VonAulus

    New Year New World

    Thank you Sergisala, hope to bring more good news in the near future. I am personally not a big fan of freebuild but we could not possibly change the current map to have freebuild closer to the CT then charters are already. Freebuild is not objectively better then charters. You can have your opinion and argue for it but I do not agree. I have been talking with Korvic about this possibility but we are being delayed on this opportunity due to the server maintenance and stability issues. Chump is no chump. Look for the next update for more information on what you are suggesting here. Things are going to be very different next map.
  3. VonAulus

    New Year New World

    I am unsure why the magic section would be under lockdown but maybe it is? I am not super involved in the daily running of the library. AnythingGoes is Alex I think I was just using their current MC Name.
  4. VonAulus

    New Year New World

    The Library of Dragur is run by AnythingGoes and they have pex from the World Team because they are the primary one does building/maintenance/expansion. It is complicated and convoluted this map but the Library of Dragur was taken over by the World Team under Luka. There have been discussions to give it back to the Community Team but we are examining our options for next map on what to do. Players do run the CT and I am sure if you contacted AnythingGoes you could be included in that. I am not sure what you mean by locked up but you can get into it right now I just checked.
  5. VonAulus

    New Year New World

    We are not going to be removing any charters or nations until server stability it back up. As a team we think it would be unfair to strike now when player counts are lower due to the server stability. I understand why people would not want to log in when you crash and lag to oblivion.
  6. VonAulus

    New Year New World

    World Team Update January 2020 Roster as of the New Year Admin: VonAulus Managers: Qizu (Charters) Dibbo9 (Creative Director) Voop (Arcas Director) Hiebe (Logistics Director) Builders: Drfate, Vermy, Sneakybandit, Gamma_byte, Starfelt, Toxdog, Vermy, Role_play, Unwillingly. DanSoup Designers: Edelos, Erik0821, Kaelan__, Esterlen. Xarkly Dual Hatted: Architecus, Junar, Lackingvibes, Cpt_noobman Library of Dragur: AnythingGoes Charters Come Under World Team One recent happening is the transition of the charter system to a charter subsection of the world team. World Manager Qizu has been overseeing the team with help from newly added member Kaelan. Designer Erik0821 has also joined the Charter Team. This was the original intention of the charter system to be securely under the World Team instead of under Moderation and the transfer went very smoothly. Moderators still provide help with players interacting with the charter system but it is good to have a few staff dedicated solely to the maintenance of the system. As always we are appreciative of the coders who have kept this plugin running the automates so much of it. Charter reform will be coming to Lord of the Craft. Look out for a YourView on the subject soon or share your comments on this post. The team has been hamstrung by the server stability issues and we did not want to punish players for not logging in due to crashes constantly kicking players. We understand the difficult situation charters and nations are alike as we are players and experience the crashes and chunk lag. World Edit Comes to Nations/Charters I am very proud of how the team has handled the increased amount of region wiping and world edit requests. This was definitely a great policy we introduced that has saved nations and other player groups alike a ton of time that can be spent roleplaying. Server stability issues have gotten in the way of getting to all these edits but I am hopeful with the planned update to 1.15 and to the server box we will soon be able to get to all those cuts and cleanups. The current version of World-Edit is strange to use as it processes the edit slowly and glitched out while trying to run it. Hopefully, this will improve with time. Reminder, the cost is 2000 mina paid to either a manager or the member doing the edits, this mina is then given to me and put in the GM Bank. Building Updates I wish I could share with you all the projects that have been completed. Many landscars have been cleaned up and event sites built for the Story Tea. Once I can move around the map again in peace there will be a more detailed update coming with pictures. Despite the lag, many of our builders have still been working on their various jobs and duties including the large cleanup of Lyria and the Voidal Terror sites. New Year New World We are staying on this map forever. Didn’t fool you? Anyway as many probably already know we have been working on the next map for months, since before my time as Admin. The World Team has beefed up the Designer core with many veteran players from across various player groups. It is a pretty diverse group and I am proud of the progress we have been making. I know players want specifics but I do not want to give those out just yet. We are not transferring to a new map over the next few months so you do not have to worry about that. I will also not commit to a release date until we have a good idea ourselves and are actually progressing towards a finished product. When we do there will be a lot more information on Nation/Charter transfer, map design/name, and other great content coming from the team. One thing to look for is less World Team members being able to focus on Arcas. We are not at that point yet but in the coming months, we definitely will be. Activity data on this map will play into land for the next map. We are not headed out of here in a hurry so keep roleplaying like normal and everything will be alright. There is a lot more information to come about the next map but I can not share it with you at this time. The whole team is working hard to make it the best map possible and we have a talented group set up to bring us the best product LOTC can provide. I look forward to sharing the details with you in the future when the time is right. Feel free to message me anytime on Discord: Grool#6871
  7. Rupert signs the petition, hoping for the construction of a barn.
  8. Thank you so much Korvic.
  9. As a black man, I am deeply offended you linked gorillas to my ethnicity and skin tone. Please speak to me on discord, not wishing to file a report on your racist remark to my skin-tone. Please don’t link gorillas to black people. Thank you. 

    1. Travista


      Who tf thinks gorillas have anything to do with persons of African origins in 2019



    2. Corporatocracy


      me love lat travis

  10. This thread was locked due to the amount of toxicity/bullying taking place. Please try to remain civil and enjoy the holiday season.
  11. No more Banlion, feel free to use Badlion, -Merry Christmas from the Admin Team.

  12. WVl4YVc.png

    1. Boomboxdoom23


      Omg feels like this was 5 mins ago. Time flies when ur having fun

    2. VonAulus
    3. CommissarVoop


      Top 10 Powerful Picture Taken Before Disaster.

  13. Honestly this is a pathetic attempt to cover for a banned player who is alting. It was so very obvious that this was dewper who posted this thread and got his buddies to reply to it to give a “new” player a reason to run around with his old bandit friends. This is very tiresome to deal with and this thread is evidence of collusion between many and dewper. Do not add ContentSponge on discord, the IP’s line up with dewper’s other known alts. Really pathetic all around guys. Dewper is banned and every time we figure out who he is he will remain banned. If you keep helping him there will be other bans to follow. You think you are very smart dewper but you are not and this sad attempt to build a backstory pales in comparison to the lengths other players have gone to. As soon as I saw the title of this thread i knew it was you lol.
  14. ((Reminder, if your only reason to post is to stir up and OOC response, just do not post. This is a warning to everyone to not use roleplay threads to jab at your roleplay enemies in OOC. Look at yourself and see if you are adding to toxicity on the server by these posts. Thank you and have a nice day. ))
  15. We can only remind our players to not be toxic through certain mechanisms. I think this post points out that players have to also look at themselves as individuals in how they approach the server and the community. You have to treat others how you would like to be treated if you were in their situation. We will see if this works, it might not. The last couple systems were horrible failures and if this is something so different from that I think it is worth a shot.
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