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  1. VonAulus

    AiiMlif3 confirmed via dibley's instagram

    My picture is actually my mental image of Scipp3r
  2. VonAulus

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    Minecraft Name: TheCrackerJack Roleplaying Name: Lars Character Age: 30 Character Race: Human Discord: You have it “I, Lars, pledge my life and soul to the service to His Grace, Duke Ratibor of house Carrion, and to GODANI almighty, until I am discharged or die honourably in the battlefield. For Duke and Duchy, so help me GODANI.”
  3. VonAulus


    Full Name: John Hugh Sarkozic Prefecture: Belvitz Address: The Balt, Sarkozic Keep Political Party: Independent
  4. VonAulus


    Full Name: John Hugh Sarkozic Year of Birth: 1642 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz ((MC Name: VonGrool
  5. VonAulus

    Decree of Abdication

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pla7nDYciI4 Decree of Abdication, 13th of Sun’s Smile, 1681 IT is with great heaviness that he, John I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Baron of the Balt, Protector of the Eastblight, Patriarch of House Sarkozic, hereby abdicates the Ducal Throne and Barony of the Balt, due to growing health concerns and a desire to devote the latter half of his life to his true passion--becoming an architect. The Barony shall be inherited by his Lordship’s eldest, Josip I Sarkozic. The Ducal Throne shall be put up for election, anyone with Carrion Blood permitted to ascend. The Current Electors, Josip I Sarkozic, Maxim Vladov, Septimus Bracchus, and Konyves I Ivanovich, shall hold a Duma in which the next Duke shall be elected. In the event of a tie, the Electors shall cast their votes again and again until a Duke is agreed upon. Signed, John I Sarkozic, known hereby as John The Good.
  6. VonAulus

    On The Inquisition

    By the Duke Sarkozic and Council, A Proclamation for the Banishment of Inquisitors The Duke Sarkozic, having taken special notice, hath signified his high displeasure thereat, and hath thereupon commanded us to put all Laws in execution (that are in force in this Duchy) that inflict any punishment upon such as exercise any thing to extoll or maintain the power or jurisdiction of the Inquisitors, within this Duchy, and to review the Proclamation to remove and exclude all Inquisitors from the lands of Adria. It is well known, by daily experience, what intolerable mischiefs and inconveniences have grown upon this Realm of Adria, through the extraordinary resort of such persons hither as are commonly called Inquisitors and others of that sect, who seeking to setup and maintain a foreign power and authority within this his Duke’s Dominion, The said Inquisitors, by pretence thereof, have usurped and exercised Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction within this Duchy in martial, spiritual, and Ecclesiastical causes, to the great derogation of his Duke’s authority. And the said inferior Inquisitors have likewise exercised great brigrandry, as beating, harming, and such like, and by color there of have taken and exacted harm upon Adria, from such as are accosted by them, to the intolerable grievance and impoverishing of this Duchy, And they all seeking and daily endeavoring to pervert the hearts of his Duke’s subjects, and to draw them from the true Law here established, to blindness and superstition, & to alienate their affections from their sovereign liege Lord the Kings Majestie, and to subject them to the said foreign authority, to the generall disturbance of the common peace and tranquillity of this Duchy. For reformation of which abuses, and avoiding of such seditious persons, sundry Proclamation have been issued and published in this Duchy: by immediate warrant from the Duke Sarkozic out of Adria, and others by authority within council of this Duchy for the time being, thereby strictly charging and commanding them forthwith, or within some short time then after (and to never hereforth expire) to depart out of this Duchy, and never to return hither again, unless they should conform themselves to the Law here established, and repair to the Duke duly and orderly: upon pain of the Duke Sarkozic’s high indignation, and such punishments as might justly be inflicted upon the willful contemners of the Duke’s command. Know ye therefore, that Wee in obedience unto his Dukes’ command, and for absolute warning to be given in this kind, do denounce, and in the Duke Sarkozic’s name strictly charge and command, That they shall all of them, that is to say, all Inquisitors whatsoever, depart out of this Duchy of Adria forthwith. And that no such Inquisitors shall from and after the said proclamations, repair, come or return into this Duchy, upon paine of the Duke Sarkozic’s high displeasure and indignation, and upon such further paine and penalty as may be justly inflicted upon them by the Laws and Statutes of this Duchy. And upon the like paine, We do in the Duke Sarkozic’s name expressly forbid all, and all manner of persons whatsoever within this Duchy, to receive, relieve, or converse with, be ordered by, or receive instruction from any such Inquisitor in this Duchy, or come into the same or any part thereof, contrary to the intent of this Proclamation. And We do further in the Duke Sarkozic’s name declare, publish, and command, that if any such Inquisitor shall wilfully abide and continue in this Duchy after the said Proclamation, or shall voluntarily repair or return into this Duchy, or any part thereof: or if any person or persons shall receive, relieve, converse with, be ordered by, or receive instruction from any such Inquisitor, That then all and every official and all others of his Dukes officers and loyal subjects in this Duchy, shall use their best diligence and endeavors, to apprehend all and every such Inquisitor as aforesaid, and all and every of their receivers, relievers, and followers, and them and every of them to commit to some safe and strict prison, to the end such further order may be taken for their punishment, as to Us, the Duke and his council, shall be thought fit. And We require them and every of them, to be severe to put this the Dukes’ commandment in full execution, as they and every of them will answer the contrary to the Duke Sarkozic, who will call them and every of them to a strict account touching the performance of their duties in this behalf. Given at the Balt of Duke Sarkozic, the the five and tenth day of the Deep Cold, 1677. Duke John Sarkozic Magistrate Safwa Marshal Vladan Maer Red God save Adria.
  7. VonAulus

    A silent throne room.

    Hey man above, this is in creative writing section, which means it is just a story the person wrote. If it is in this subforum that means it might not have happened on the server.
  8. VonAulus

    A House Lost, A House Gained

    A notice from the pen of the Duke: ON THE MATTER OF HOUSE IVANOVICH... The noble house of Ivanovich is stripped of its status of elector within the Duchy of Adria. Their Barony of Vilacz will be foreclosed on waiting of direction of the King of Renatus, Aurelius Horen. It sadden me to have to take such drastic matters against the house of my dear friend, Lazslo, the Crooning Crow. If Ivanovich returns to this realm as an active house we would be more then happy to return them to their previous position within the Duchy. ON THE MATTER OF THE GRAYCLOAKS... The GRAYCLOAKS are to be re branded the BELVITZ BRIGADE after discussion with my Marshall, Vladan. ON THE MATTER OF ENFRANCHISEMENT... I would like to speak on the house of Vladic. They have served the Duchy with honor and grace throughout these formitave years. After discussion with the other electors, we have decided to offer Vladan and his house the status of elector ship for his house. Pending the paperwork house Vladic will be enobled within the realm as a loyal vassal of King Auerlius. SIGNED, JOHN I SARKOZIC, DUKE OF ADRIA, PROTECTOR OF THE MIDLANDS
  9. VonAulus

    Aldermanic Ordinance

    DECLARATION OF THE 2nd OF SNOWS MAIDEN, 1671. IT IS HEREBY STATED BY HIS LORDSHIP, JOHN I SARKOZIC, DUKE OF ADRIA: IN HIS LORDSHIP’S EYES, the people of Belvitz have long been underrepresented in their own government, the only elected position being held by the Maer. IN ITS PLACE, a new system of representation is being put forth for the people of Belvitz to associate themselves politically. The position of ALDERMAN is being created in order to fill the DESIRES of the PEOPLE to participate in the governance of the CITY of BELVITZ. ALDERMEN ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE OF BELVITZ, and must be landowners within the city. Man or woman, human or elf, can sit on the council. You must be of legal age within Renatus. ELECTIONS WILL TAKE PLACE ALONGSIDE MAYORAL ELECTIONS to decide on who the Alderman will be. A simple majority is needed to be seated on the council. THE MAER CALLS THE ALDERMAN TO BENCH WEEKLY in order to discuss ordinances for the city. He can call emergency sessions to address pressing matters with the elevated citizens. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF ALDERMEN, as many as the town decide to elect shall represent the city of Belvitz. AUTONOMY IS TO BE GIVEN TO THE MAER AND THE BENCH to decide between themselves how to conduct these meetings. The Maer must put ordinances in front of the Council for a vote before they are to be passed. MEETINGS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL SHOULD BE HELD WITH TRANSPARENCY, and thusly shall be held in the town hall. The meeting place may be changed based on building availability. SIGNED, JOHN I SARKOZIC, DUKE OF ADRIA, PROTECTOR OF THE MIDLANDS VLADAN VALEK, MARSHAL OF ADRIA, CAPTAIN OF THE BELVITZ WATCH, ROYAL HUNTSMAN CALEB CRIDER, MAER OF BELVITZ
  10. VonAulus


    ______________________________________________________________ REAFFIRMATION OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE RENATIAN CROWN 6th of the Sun’s Smile, 1666 I, John Sarkozic, do affirm my allegiance, loyalty and service to the Crown of Renatus-Marna. The Duchy of Adria, and the Houses of Sarkozic, Vladovich, Ivanovich, and Begovic, will stand with unwavering loyalty and support to the Crown in the face of this so called rebellion. Additionally, we will fight alongside the crown with open arms in the ready efforts to crush any rebellion and the Stauntons alike. IN NOMINE DEI John Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Baron of Dormont, Protector of the Midlands
  11. VonAulus

    The Crow and the Ram

    It was not a large assembly. Banner guards, carrying the banners of Crow and Ram, posted outside the cathedral of Saint Emma. The tavern across the street boomed noise, a few drunken Adrian peasants stumbling out to peer on the noble marriage. Eimar var Burgundar embraced his soon-to-be son-in-law with the love of a father. The young duke, John, waited up at the altar as a quiet and timid bride, not one of many words, walked up the aisle. No, it was not a marriage of love; political intellectuals would remark, though, it was one of familial necessity. Amelia var Burgundar and John Sarkozic’s arms were wrapped in the banner of House Sarkoz. The priest spoke the hymns and ceremonies with effortless remembrance, though a spark of joy in his voice when the name of Sarkozic passed off his lips. The ceremony was not one of pomp, rather quick. With the marriage kiss, the Crows and Rams rose in cheer, which drowned out even the din of the tavernites. Like the two families joined in marriage, so too did the church-goers and the drinkers of the newly erected tavern. Out poured the Sarkozics, out poured the Burgundars, out poured the priest and the Vladovics and Ivanoviches, out poured the guards and down fell the flags. Merriment rang on through the night, as the celebratory groom became rowdily drunk. Though, his timid bride sat there with a content smile, glad in her new home of happy people and loud songs. The sun rose over the town of Belvitz, come early morning a town crier announced to the rising peasants. Our duke is married! Amelia var Burgundar, now Amelia Sarkoz, is our Duchess!
  12. Jackster is a good guy that does not get super emotional. I feel this could be a strong asset as a GM. Good family values.
  13. VonAulus

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    OOC MC Username: VonGrool Discord Username: you have it Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: yes How active are you?: Active everyday IC Name: John Surname: Sarkozic Title: Duke Liege Lord: Aurelius Horen Gender: Male Date of Birth: n/a Race: Human Subrace: Highlander Culture: Mixed PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: Medium Height Weight: Slim Eye Color: Green Skin Color: White Hair Color: Brown Markings: None PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Belitz Occupation: Duke CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, John Sarkozic, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  14. VonAulus

    Letters of Ascension, 1662.

    John Sarkozic would hold the announcement that just arrived from the capital with the most recent llama caravan. He would wipe some grime off the notice and open it to peruse its content. After absorbing the meaning based on recent events and being at the capture of Curon, he would note to himself the competency of this Count of Gotha. Lord Eimar was definitely a power player in the realm and deserved this respect for his action against the traitors. Let it be known to any others who wished to cross Aurelius that those who are loyal to him can produce results against conspirators. It was also John's hope that Cyrilsburg would be torn down, the city being quite ugly to look at. If not town down, at least closed as to funnel more men and resources into the rest of the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna.
  15. The crows circled the air, perching atop the cathedral. Below, a crowd was gathering. Men of noble standing, peasants of the fields, and riders of horse all mulling about. Yet silent, none spoke. No raevir curse, no greeting or goodbye. The crowd settled, only the chirping of birds and passing of the river played like a symphony in the air. Like the metre of a song, footsteps rose to a platform. A man adorned in red, white, and gold perched. His hair was jet black, like the plume of a raven, and rippled in the strong wind. A crier, which had travelled with the host, shouted for the attention of the crowd, yet it was not needed; every eye was trained upon the man: “I am John, though you all know. For we have travelled together, we have gathered in taverns and exchanged long-travelling letters. Strelts, stranniks, cossacks, warriors, traders, merchants. Once, our forefathers had dined in the same hall, under the same banner, with the same goal. With war, they were crushed, they were split, they were massacred, and then pitted against one another. Some of our ancestors were cut down in the night by assassin's blade, others executed on the block with no fair trial, fallen on the battlefield, decapitated in alleyways, pushed from buildings or perished in flames. Our livelihood, lay crippled by the butchery at Brelus. Here, I issue a bandage to that bloodshed! Here, I issue a mending of the ripped threads of brotherhood! Here, I issue a proclamation of our right to our home!” The Adrian Proclamation, 1661 15th of the Amber Cold To the lords of the human realm of Renatus, to the dissidents in the realm of Haense, to the raiders of Reivers, to the elves, to the orcs, to the dwarves, to the halflings, to all whose books record the rise and fall of the Adrian peoples. We, the people of Adria, lay claim once more to our great Duchy; none shall henceforth make jest of its name with false titular pride. We have gathered in the city of Belvitz, abandoned to the wind and left for our rejuvenation. The river shall give us trade and farming, the forest shall give us the hunt, and the buildings our homes. Here, we shall bring about the greatness of Adria, which had been assembled for a great period of time. We have thrown off the ages of suffering caused by those who would see us kill our own people. No longer shall the men and women of Adria meet with sword, bickering over blood. No longer shall we serve at the feet of those who descend from Butchers. No longer shall we watch idly as Savoyards and d’Amauries march their armies to dust, as dragons fly in circles and lose their own purpose. That time is long gone. Now is the time of the great dragons of Renatus, our glorious royal majesty Aurelius I, a kinsman of Sarkoz and Blackmont blood, has seen fit to bestow upon the House Sarkoz our old ducal seat. We have backed down a would-be rebellion against his authority and shall continue this legacy of loyalty, of order. We pay our respects to our forefathers with this proclamation. For they had met their ends at oft dishonorable or untimely means. They had laid the groundwork, and had built, this great goal called Adria. This proclamation recalls the great accomplishments, the sacrifice, the glory, the commitment of Saint Emma, Franz Vladovic, Victor Sarkozic, Hughes Sarkozic, Sigmar Vladovic, Kazimir Vladovic, Franz Sarkozic, Edmond Sarkozic, Vasili Vanir, and Siguine Barbanov. We mourn the Massacre at Wett, where so many lost their lives. We mourn, still, the loss of Hughes Sarkozic to an assassin’s blade. We mourn the loss of Brelus to that damned Butcher called d’Amaury. But we shake off these deaths, these massacres, this blood which has so entrenched us not to act for decades. We call upon King Karl II Barbanov of Haense to no longer lay claim to our titles, directly or indirectly. We call on him to drop his claim to the following titles, listed in order of importance: The Margrave of Adria, you are not an Adrian. Respect your fellow Karovic kin and drop this illegal claim so that the true Adrians may elect their own Duke of Adria, as is tradition. The King of Ruska, falsely claimed by His Majesty. The title of Ruska is reserved for one of unified raevir peoples. As of this proclamation, our peoples are still split. The Prince of Dules, Lahy, Sorbesborg, and Slesvik, which are honorary titles bestowed upon the Prince of Raev. As there has been no crowsmoot in centuries, you are not the Prince of Raev and have no right to these claims. We also call upon you to erase your pretender status to the following claims: The Protector of Highlanders, The Baron of Vsenk, the Baron of Kralta, and the Grand Duke of Krajia. We call upon any descendants of Adria to come home. Whether your grandfather was a farmer, a grey cloak, a tavern keep, a noble, or a priest. We were all Adrian, we are all Adrian. We call on all strelts, we call on all diaspora, those tossed to the wind by the chaos which shattered Adria, to come home. We extend this invitation, and an amnesty of any bad blood, to houses and peoples in the Kingdom of Haense. Any house of Karovic or Adrian blood, such as the cadet branches of Kovachev and Ruthern, are extended a seat and a position as elector in the newfound Duchy of Adria. Any common folk, gentry, or soldiers who draw their bloodline back to Adria or see in Adria what they have not seen in their current home of Haense, are offered safe travel and amnesty from their opposition to the Kingdom of Renatus, if they are to swear under the banner of Adria. We declare the end of the Adrian diaspora. Once more, the Adrian peoples gather and this time it is at the city of Belvitz; all Adrian nobles or would-be-nobles are called for we shall vote upon our Duke whence it is time. Signed, John Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Baron of Dormont Messenger of the Adrian Diaspora, gathered once more