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  1. Sir Guillermo Rutledge would put pen to paper to record his thoughts on this day. He may expand this in a future paper for the Royal Balianese Academy. It is with great reluctance I will turn my sword upon the heartlands. Balian and Haense will answer the call of our fellow Canonists to protect against this neo-Renatian cult masquerading as my homeland. My family is of Adrian stock and it saddens me to see the great deception of the Pertanaxi Promise. All that awaits the eventual subjects of Pertanaxi Princes is blood and fire. Ves felt that twice. Once at it's sacking and in the intestines of the hellhole of Helena. The blood and potash eventually fed the longest reign Canondom has in the records. The issues with the Pertanaxi fire is it eventually runs out of fuel and will consume itself. The may win a battle, a war, or a crown but will eventually fall to their own flame. Those who plot against their liege time and time again eventually face that from their own vassals. We will once again look into the flames of the heartlands. Will we be consumed or be its master? With that, Guillermo would roll his scroll up and set it away in a drawer of his desk at the Academy.
  2. Guillermo Ruttledge would marvel and the wonderful work tracking down the cultural nuances of Atrus and the surrounding Kingdom of Balian. A new version of Heartlander was forming from the cosmopolitan nature. A Southeron like himself felt welcome among these Heartlanders. He would pen a letter to the authors, Almeida & Napier. Colleagues, I am indeed happy to have read your recent work. I do have a few suggestions for further exploration in an anthropological work on our fledgling civilization. I think the question of sport could be written on at length. I appreciate your work on the fusta and the ceremony surrounding that. I am sure that will educate others as to some of our foreign practices. I do think the Hazienta system should be reformed to better reward soldiers and servants of the kingdom instead of those who have simply inherited it from aging aristocrats. The Petrine political influence is obvious but a line should be drawn back to also influences of the Vesnian Republic and the Duma system of Adria. The Petrine Empire was built by refugees from the destruction of Ves and corruption of the land by the Cathalon Count. The Novellan family is descended from the Sarkozic and Horen lines, meaning equal representation of Heartlander and Highlander genetics. Many of the great families have intermarried between Heartlander and Highlander and the ethnic distinction is fading. These are small ideas holding back bigger ones as we can see with the stagnation of Haense on the continent and the proliferation of towns across a dystopian post-imperial landscape. It is said the sun is blotted out by the towers of keeps and manors. The Haensian inbreeding is causing a strange accent to form and they can hardly be understood unless they are serving you with tax delinquency letters. All humanity understands a missed weeks of taxes! I wish you speed on your future works. Sir Guillermo Ruttledge, Tower Knight of Balian, architect in residence at the Royal Balianese Academy
  3. Overworld mining and resource gathering. How would you propose this be set up exactly? I liked the change from mine-world to node mining this map. The mine-world was anti-rp and node mines could cause conflict. They never really were implemented to a point that it mattered to control mines which is probably a good thing. Caves with dangerous mobs that me n the boys can hunt for mina and loot. I would like PVE aspects of LotC a lot more if they were mechanic driven. I like playing Minecraft still even though I am a boomer and would prefer to use the mechanics of the game. Telanir's curio plugin was supposed to help with this but has not materialized yet. @TelanirDo we have an ETA on those cool features? More armour tiers. Swap iron with chainmail and make have actual iron armor be made from iron blocks or smth, and then add diamond on top of that. I don't hate this idea. I think one way that could be good is not to increase performance but increase durability. Also, stone tools should be infinite tools. They should not break. Why do I need an inventory of tools blocking collection of fields. Either that or bring back purchasable golden tools. That was a good minas sink. BUT in return swap back to 1.8 pvp so we stop dying of old age, arthritis, and the embarrassment of telling our doctors we got carpal tunnel from fighting for the glory of House Novellen. I prefer spam click pvp as well. My real life gets in the way of participating in long CRP or PVP conflict like we have now. Dogs need to go out, my family interrupts my play, I have to respond to one of the my other hobbies or commitments, dishes need to get done, etc... Please shorten the time commitment to participate in battles. Remove tiles they literally serve no purpose besides making things worse. I am not sold on removing tiles. They help with organizing the map for management from the staff perspective. We basically did not have tiles two maps ago and every nation was just limited to city state roleplay. That sucked much worse then Almaris dystopian roleplay. When I joined WT back then we ended up removing 100 charters (remember that word?) that were not registered a single player entering the region over about a month period. There were like 10 active nations and not a single active charter despite the plugin being automated. Remove most nation/settlement perks and just make them purchasable etc. This dumbfuckery that you can't get a green pillar because you have 50 too few EU4 bird mana or whatever is just ridiculous. I agree pillars should just be purchasable. What other perks do they really have? Subforums? Freebuild anywhere that ppl don't pay up (mina-wise ofc!) to region. I do not support freebuild everywhere but a freebuild area would be fine. If you want freebuild you should apply to staff so you can aid in cleaning that shit up. It is somewhat disingenuous to suggest such if you have never contributed time or effort to policing or repairing freebuild areas. A general abandonment of the idea that new player retention is fostered by babying them rather than by giving them agency (freebuild, overworld resource gathering, etc. are very much connected here!) I agree with your sentiments here. Outlets for new player creativity is great. They will eventually migrate to established player groups if they are allowed to fail/succeed on their own in the wilds. I build a house in Aegis in the wild and then figured out no one roleplays there and ended up living in cities. Related to the above: streamline the application process. One important example, instead of just telling them to "read duh lore stupid" and directing them to our thousands of pages of mostly out-of-date lore, we should just have a thread for each race describing the basics (the Four Brothers, the original racial nations, major religions, etc.) and just ask the applicants questions that are clearly answered in the thread for the race they're applying as. Or smth like that. In Aegis we just had to know who the Four Brothers were and we could wave away our characters' ignorance by saying "ahyes but you see I come from a distant land". These days noobs have to pretend they came from the capital of Haense and then log in unable to actually find their "home". What purpose does that serve? I like that characters have to be rooted in the current nations and server lore. We as a server can do a better job handing them the info they need that is readable and digestible to prepare them. It would be even better if that was somehow integrated into in game mechanics during mechanical character creation. Think M&B. Mass rule wipes. Some rules can just be deleted or merged, others trivially made obsolete (instead of banning players for jumping 3+ blocks on a horse... just limit horses to 3 block jump height???), and any and all rules related to RP magic and combat can be deleted too while you're at it. Mechanical solution to rules is preferable to text rules. You should apply to mod team to have influence over these changes. Related to the above, mass rollback of Region Owner rights. Just one example: crazy that these ppl can ban "vehicles" (read: boats) in their regions purely to prevent ppl sailing away to safety on their streams n rivers. Banning placing boats is pretty cringe. What other rights are Region Owner's abusing? Oh and stop having half the map be literal OOC demilitarised zones. The whole point of this server is to "deal with it in RP stupid", but then you actually log in and everywhere you go you get a message like "*THIS IS A HUB. YOU WILL BE PERMA-BANNED IF YOU SWEAR HERE))". You're mid-PVP chasing some guy and suddenly it's all like "Papieren, bitte!" because you accidentally crossed into the OOC international zone that takes up half the map. I heard the CT is being moved off map. Good move if so! Never let anyone return without dying please. I do not feel most of the map is a demilitarized zone. You have to have some sort of protection around hubs/portals/CT or people will just camp there to bully people. It is hard for moderators to crack down on horrible villainy roleplay quickly due to how much the community screams when someone is banned for being an ass. All in all, you have a lot of good suggestions. My one suggestion is that you should apply to staff to influence these things if you are passionate about changing them. My experience is that one can do a lot more good for the server pushing energy into nations/player groups on the server rather then staff. I am sticking to being creative and helping friends instead of focusing on appealing to the playerbase at large. However I think you would gain from seeing things from the other side to better understand why things seem broken.
  4. There is a non recognition of the dialectical relationship between having a ton of these in your signature and the fact you are constantly getting in negative interactions. On one hand I can see wearing these comments like a shield around your forum profile to shame those who have wronged you. However, this dunking action really gets us away from the ultimate power move - forgiving those who have wronged you. I do not think we are inherently good at this. I am not claiming I do this either, just an observation. There are quite a few of us boomers who have seen the transition from enemies to friends over the last decade. Early enemies on here eventually because close friends through aligning of goals or repeated interaction - positive or negative. It is also possible players have a high level of ambivalence - a love hate dichotomy - where they can hold both mutually at the same time. I have seen some signatures that have nice things or exchanges in them. I also like to see people's character history in there to see who is alive and dead. It is like a personally character graveyard. That is cute. Something that would be cool for the forums is if you could post as your character on threads. So the character name showed up instead of an OOC forum profile. You could maybe still click and find out who really posted it to make sure it is not a fake character. Just an idea.
  5. fixed where do you feel the eternal ally should be plotted?
  6. U seem on the Adria/Renatus quadrant to me, if I say empire, how many times do you sneeze?
  7. Barclay is a haense baby, is there a better spot on this axis? axis doesnt have to be for everyone
  8. the center is empire so it sounds like ud be in between empire and renatus
  9. Where would you plot sir niccum?
  10. updated 2/3/23 updated 2/4/23 2/5/22 lmk where and why you want to be plotted
  11. Grool is still alive so he can't be an ancestor. Is there an age limit on orcs?
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