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  1. Sigmar welcomes his friend into his home once again with a feast, for his great job serving the kingdom, as well as negotiating with the stubborn small-minded Lords of Haense. “We’ve much work to do to get through to these stubborn lords Mister May, I hope your ready.”
  2. look at ye go cousin!” sigmar would cheer sipping his Carrion black as he sits at his dining table next to his new wife!
  3. Sigmar plops down at his desk, defeated, and distraught. “A day before my wedding...he was a mentor to me. I only hope I can accomplish half of wha’ he did. Rest well Uncle, rest well.”
  4. “I didn’ know tha’ the vessian rats decided who we go to war with. A pity.” Sigmar frowns as he reads the missive
  5. Duncan sighs hearing the news, he looks up to the night sky and chuckles, “hm, we had a hell of a time back in our day didn’t we. I hope ye rest well Larrbear, remember to save me a drink up there.” he would look back down, laying on the beach sitting alone on the sandy shores as a wave of nostalgia came over him, remembering all their times in Belvitz and Markev, when he met her in the capital, the birth her and Nikolaus’ daughters, then moving on to Reza, and tavern hopping across Arcas.
  6. [!]A painting of the County of Ayr circa 1728 Decades ago, deep within the realm of Atlas, the House of Baruch remained a shadow of its former self. After a brief succession crisis following the death of Count Aldrik, Marius, who never expected to ascend to become the head of his family, struggled to keep his father’s holdings intact. Many of his followers, sceptical of his ability to lead, left for the capital of Markev, leaving Ayr and Greyguard Hold, the seat of House Baruch, barely defendable. Enemies of Haense were keen to take advantage of this, storming the keep and rebranding it “Arberrang”, taking hold of the precious Baruch relics hidden inside. Marius and his remaining family believed they had been lost forever, and for good reason. Following the siege of Greyguard with the Imperials emerging victorious and routing the Arberrang dogs from the lands, the following Baruch heirlooms were absent: The Whalebone Coronet: A relic in which all Counts wore on the day of their ascension. An ivory white whalebone formed into a circlet with a crowned grey jewel symbolizing the prowess and prestige of the House of Baruch The Whalebone sword: A silver blade with a whalebone hilt, its pommel curved as if it was the tail of a whale, a dark grey gem within it. [!] The siege of Greyguard Hold in which the Baruch’s lost their home. Now, almost five decades later, the Baruchs have found what is rightfully theirs. They had found the heathens who had taken their relics and have retaken them and they are now in the hands of the House of Baruch once more. As well as this the Baruch seat, Marianburg, has been erected for what will be 20 years. This is a time to rejoice with festivities! To celebrate this most joyous occasion the Count of Ayr, Sigmar Joren Baruch, along with his cousin the Baron of Gant, Joren Aldrik Baruch, wish to invite the noble families and their retinues within the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska to a feast which will be hosted by the Count Sigmar in the County of Ayr. Signed, Sigmar Joren of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Guardian of the Haeseni Coast, Lord of Jorenstadt, and Marianburg, and Lord Kastellan of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Joren Aldrik of the House of Baruch, Baron of Gant [!] The Coat of Arms of House Baruch [!] The coat of arms of the County of Ayr ((Friday, feast will be at 3:45 est in Ayr.))
  7. Sigmar chuckles, “vessian rats, they punch a Lord, they break Haensetti laws, and now they complain when punished.” he burns the missive scoffing
  8. ((its your leader’s job to advertise lal it was advertised in Empire chat.))
  9. “Idiot... hopefully they shan’t listen to this fool.” One of the many reading the missive says shaking his head as he reads
  10. Duncan was out overlooking the ocean at his vineyard when he received a letter informing him of the passing of his mentor Marius, who to him was like the father he never had. “Finally, you may rest old friend, you deserve it.” Tears fell from his face as he looked to his young son, Marius Karl Kortrevich, who he’d named after his mentor. Sigmar was preparing for his council meeting looking for his grandfather, but he was nowhere to be found. He went upstairs to his room, and as he entered he saw Joren sitting on the bed next to Marius’ peaceful, lifeless body. “I’m Sorreh Sigmar, ‘es dead...” Joren told him sadly his face emotionless.Sigmar’s face was filled with tears, not a week ago he’d lost his dear Uncle Ulric. Sigmar overlooked his Great-grandfather’s body, whose silver beard covered a pleasant smile which brought a peace to Sigmar, “I hope I made him proud”, he said wiping the tears from his eyes. Sigmar was incredibly sad, but knew it was inevitable considering his age that he would not live to see him grow up. “Till we meet again grandfather...I’ll do my best to be like you.”
  11. Sigmar Joren Baruch, Count of Ayr, signs the document
  12. “It’s seems it’s time for us both to rest...as much as its pained me through these last few years, I could never not call you my brother, find peace Rodrik...find peace” Duncan smiles softly as he and his pregnant wife sail off into the distance.
  13. Sigmar Smiles reading over the missive, “I believe we’ve made the right call grandfather. Cousin, it seems we’ve much to do. The north remembers.”
  14. Hearing the news Duncan’s head falls into hands as a tear falls from his face. “Great men taken too early...thank you for your sacrifices. they shan’t be in vain...The North Remembers...”
  15. “That there is. Plenty of time to do many things we’ll see how wrong and ignorant you truly are.”
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