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  1. Discord: Drew#7225 IGN: Drewdood Skin name: Revolt bid: 20
  2. “Ah da, ‘heretics’ your as ignorant as ye are a bad politician, go back into yer rat hole kaedreni scum, ‘fore we come to burn down her homes a secon’ time.” Sigmar Baruch would chuckle waving him off dismissively.
  3. “Kaedreni Scum! should’ve ended the lot of ye a long time ago! Too brainless to maintain a damned kingdom and too spineless to stand up fer ‘em selves!” Sigmar Baruch would be enraged at the insult of his granddaughter.
  4. “After reading much into this, my vote is Da your Holiness.” Father Karl Kortrevich would dip his head to the delegation, signing the Lorraine before returning to his seat.
  5. Karl Kortrevich would be banned from ringside for 5-7 Saint's Days for using an illegal maneuver and for gaming with too much power, a single tear would be shed from the God-fearing man.
  6. "Talk ****, get hit." Karl Kortrevich would yell out as he was escorted outside of the Barclay manor, swiftly RKOing Ailred Barclay before getting counted out of the match, not making it back in the ring before the 10 count.
  7. "Ah, da, I must of missed the missive that said when a family reclaims a black sheep that finally found its way, its prestige stealing." Karl Kortrevich would scoff. "Barclays, so damn daft."
  8. "oh my...I do enjoy Orenians attempting to tell us how to run our Kingdom, it appears they're lost without us, living in the headspace rent free." Sir Sigmar Baruch would shrug drinking his Carrion Black as he read over the ruling he took part in writing." "double oh my."
  9. Sigmar Baruch would look over the missive with a nod, "wha' a good lad, standin' with LAW AND ORDER like a good Koeng would, justice will ALWAYS be served in HAENSE! we are TOUGH ON CRIME!!!" he'd smile sipping his carrion black as he watched a peasant boy get flogged for tresspassing, a peace would come over him.
  10. @argonian To the Honourable Brother Ailred, In response to your letter expressing disagreement to Brother Benedict, I must express my own opinion on the matter, in concurrence with Brother Benedict as I wrote in my own letter to the Council Previously. I will restate my prior argument to the Free Will question, one that I think is very practical, as I am a practical man. God created Horen, Malin, Krug, and Urguan and in each he instilled Free Choice or Free Will to choose the path for themselves. As we know the story goes that it was Horen who chose God, but I wish to put the
  11. His Holiness and dear brothers of the Faith, It fills my heart with joy that I may now take part in the theological debates of the Mother Church. As listed by His Holiness, there is much to discuss for the Council, so I will get to the point, I pray that God gives me wisdom to argue these points which I think properly align with the Faith. First, on the topic of Aenguls, many things were mentioned in the letter so I will attempt to go through each one by one. On the veneration of Aenguls, I hold the belief that this is nothing more than a celebration of God’s creations.
  12. HAURUL CAEZK: THE ORIGINALIST By Sigmar Joren Baruch Tov and Yermey | 343 E.S. INTRODUCTION The Law Codex of Hanseti-Ruska is the foundation in which all institutions of Haense are based. It is the rock to which the Kingdom is anchored. It is the primary function of the Judicial system to uphold the textual meaning of the Codex and to strictly adhere to what the authors meant when they were originally writing the law. The law is strictly what the text says, it is not a loose, dynamic text but rather a strict, stable text that Jovenaars should not
  13. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA ve Krawn z. Boniface Tov and Yermey | 343 E.S. Jovenaar Sigmar Joren Baruch Prosecution* Lauritz Christiansen Defense Boniface Testimonies Ailred Barclay Boniface THE FOLLOWING CHARGES WERE BROUGHT AGAINST THE DEFENDANT; 420.02: The crime of intentionally speaking sacrilege or in contrary to the teachings of the Canon and slandering the Church or Godan shall constitute a middling offence, 420.03: The crime of spreading
  14. THESIS: ON THE SYMBOLS OF THE EXALTED AND WHAT CAN BE LEARNED FROM THEM The Exalted Prophets, the founders of our holy scrolls, receive gifts from Godan, which become symbols of their lives and stories. Horen and his Golden Laurel, Owyn and his Sword of Fire, Godfrey and his Silver Scepter of Rebuke, and finally Sigismund and his Globus with the Mark of Heaven. All of these items gifted by Godan to the Prophets not only symbolize their lives but represent their ideals and what they should stand for to us through the Scrolls. Firstly, we shall cover Horen
  15. “Very well, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” Valdemar Boritsky “And your age?” 40 “I know it may be clear, heh, but it is for the sake of records. What race of the descendants are you of?” Human “You are able to read and write, yes?” Yes “And with that, are you at all familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism of our Church?” Yes “You are of course baptized?” Yes “Good, good. Are you married? Do you have children?” No “In what way of the clergy do you wish to serve? As a
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