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  1. News of Terrence May’s passing made its way to Sigmar Baruch in his hospital bed. He laid there for hours, speechless. The old man recalled his many years with him. From Terrence’s time as his Duma Representative all those years ago, to now. Throughout the years the two worked together in the Commons on opposite sides of political spectrum, they worked together in the Royal Duma when Terrence was Palatine and Sigmar his loyal supporter who fiercely defended his mentor, and they worked together on the Aulic when Sigmar was Speaker and Terrence was the Senatorial advisor. Their paths similar yet so different, both called Valwyck their home, both spent their lives dedicated to politics and improving the kingdom they served, yet one was born a peasant and the other born a noble. Sigmar always found it ironic that it was he, the noble, who was mentored by Terrence, the lowborn. in his early years it bothered Sigmar, but now he sees that Terrence’s wisdom came from the strife he endured as a lowly fishermen, a viewpoint a highborn could never have understood. “Rest well now old friend...your fight is over, but I’ve got a few years of fightin’ left in me, Ah’ll do ye proud.” Sigmar would wipe away the swelling tears in his eyes as he said goodbye to his friend and mentor one last time.
  2. Hearing the passing of Lord Otto, Sigmar Baruch would sign the lorraine and say a quick prayer. “Hell o’ a run Kortrevich, Hell o’ a run. May ye fin’lly rest.” Karl Kortrevich would frown as he tugged at his father’s sleeve, wishing to leave the room, he did not want to see his great grandfather that way, nor did he understand what death truly meant, he merely knew he wanted no part in it. as he entered his room he saw a letter with a golden cross lying on the desk, he read over it, pride swelled up in him as his grandfather put his faith in him. he’d put on the golden cross and ran outside to play.
  3. Emerich Gant roars with anger hearing the news of the assassination, the kinslaying committed by his nephew. Petyr ‘The Great’ dead... “He’ll pay for this, all those little brats will.” Emerich grabs his sword and begins his hunt. Sigmar Baruch was struck with grief. not sure what to make of the situation, his monstrous son killed by his grandson who defended himself. “They said ‘e was a monster...so many things Ah ne’er got to say to ‘em...” Sigmar locked himself in his tower for many days.
  4. “Try it, I dare ye. My family has brought justice to one ludovar, It would be my pleasure to see it happen to another.” Emerich Baruch-Gant grins as he readies his sword for the Pure and former Duke Petyr ‘The Great’.
  5. Emerich dances a jig at the news “Na Na the witch is dead Na NA the witch is dead!!! Juliya! tell the children we’re throwing a party.”
  6. Sir Sigmar Baruch gives a thumbs up, “now that’s a man to vote for!”
  7. “Tha’s nie’ the name of it!!” Emerich Gant would shriek to Petyr. “GAAAAAHHHHH!!!”
  8. Sigmar Baruch would nod, “It’s good to know Ah can retire ‘n leave the Commons in good hands!”
  9. Sigmar Baruch would shake his head, pulling out a bottle of Carrion black. “A Honorable man, I’ll miss ye mah friend.”
  10. Sigmar Baruch grumbles, “ the same family tha’ committed treason, the same family tha’ beat mah friend the late Karl Vyronov to near death. Tsk Tsk. Tha’ land is cursed! Anyone who live on it be damned, should be left to honor the dead!”
  11. Sigmar Baruch nods giving his approval, “glad We can take a fook’n break ‘n folks will still be informed.”
  12. “Hm, Ah well.” Sigmar Baruch would shrug wondering what the fuss was about, only remembering the girl as the remnants of the vesnians who betrayed Haense in the Two Emperors and who harbored a Devilish militant group that attacked him and his cousin Erich Stafyr on multiple occasions.
  13. “Why’re we invitin’ wicks to our ‘ome!?” Sigmar Baruch would grumble irritably after they’d threatened his family multiple times.
  14. In Memoriam: Lost the Battle, Won the War, 324 E.S. By: Sigmar Joren Baruch HKML A depiction of the coronation of Josef Marna, 1715 With the stirrings of the past in Helena as they hold their festival remembering the War of Two Emperors, I reflect on my early life and recall vividly the war that ravaged humanity. The war that set us on a course of destruction, the war that almost ended the kingdom that all haeseni and highlanders call home. With all that it cost us, I feel without it we would not enjoy the new lives we live today. The sacrifice that was made by all Marnanites to end the tyranny that bound us was one of great courage and greater meaning. Our haeseni leaders risked everything for a belief that Haense would no longer be a slave to the Renatus regime, and instead would liberate itself alongside its Adrian brethren and follow a new Emperor, Josef Marna, who believed in self evident rights and liberties that all man possessed. I recall the sacrifice that all haeseni made for our noble cause. All men, no matter their status, fought to free themselves from the Pertinax. From lowborn to Prince, all walks of life supported the fight to free ourselves from oppression. The leadership shown by King Marius II, Georg Alimar and his brothers, and Lerald Vyronov inspired even me. Being in my teen years for most of the war, parentless and unsure of what to do, I looked up to them and followed their fervor for change, dedicating my own young life to fight for liberation. My parents, who turncoated and received a traitor’s death, would not define me nor deter me from serving the cause. My Great Grandfather, Marius Baruch, would educate me on the crimes against humanity that the Pertinaxi Tyrants committed and, in my young age, I was impassioned to fight along side my haeseni brothers for change. However, this excitement and hope did not last the length of the war. As battle after battle the war raged on, I watched many friends make the ultimate sacrifice in war, and many mentors do the same. Others lost faith in our valiant cause and became uncommitted to freeing themselves from their chains, deciding slavery was better than death. In the late stages of the war, freedom felt further away than it did at the start and the looming fear of death, loneliness, and destruction grew uncontrollably as Haense stood alone friendless and ally-less. It seemed that the sacrifice was for naught, and all was lost. Here we stand, decades after the Two Emperors, remembering the war that changed the course of human history forever. I can say without a doubt in my mind, that we lost the battle, but we won the war. We set free the chains that bound us and liberated ourselves from the tyrants that oppressed us. The Kingdom of Haense stands strong, rejuvinated and growing while the Renatus Regime cowers, removed from their seat of power, homeless and landless. I could not bring myself to attend the festival, as I refuse to break bread with renatus veterans who slaughtered innocent women and children on multiple occassions, but I hope that all of Haense never forgets the sacrifice we made for freedom, and one day, holds their own event to celebrate the noble Marnanite cause. We would Have perished had we not prevailed.
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