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  1. Duncan was out overlooking the ocean at his vineyard when he received a letter informing him of the passing of his mentor Marius, who to him was like the father he never had. “Finally, you may rest old friend, you deserve it.” Tears fell from his face as he looked to his young son, Marius Karl Kortrevich, who he’d named after his mentor. Sigmar was preparing for his council meeting looking for his grandfather, but he was nowhere to be found. He went upstairs to his room, and as he entered he saw Joren sitting on the bed next to Marius’ peaceful, lifeless body. “I’m Sorreh Sigmar, ‘es dead...” Joren told him sadly his face emotionless.Sigmar’s face was filled with tears, not a week ago he’d lost his dear Uncle Ulric. Sigmar overlooked his Great-grandfather’s body, whose silver beard covered a pleasant smile which brought a peace to Sigmar, “I hope I made him proud”, he said wiping the tears from his eyes. Sigmar was incredibly sad, but knew it was inevitable considering his age that he would not live to see him grow up. “Till we meet again grandfather...I’ll do my best to be like you.”
  2. Charter name: Ayr Owners username: Drew2_dude Owner’s Roleplay name: Sigmar Joren Baruch Location (XYZ): X438, Z-1948 - X399, Z-1998 (New Corners for expansion) x:445 Z:-3070, X: 345 Z:-3070, X:345 Z:-2970, X:445 Z:--2970 Tier upgrade: tier 1 to tier 3
  3. Sigmar Joren Baruch, Count of Ayr, signs the document
  4. “It’s seems it’s time for us both to rest...as much as its pained me through these last few years, I could never not call you my brother, find peace Rodrik...find peace” Duncan smiles softly as he and his pregnant wife sail off into the distance.
  5. Sigmar Smiles reading over the missive, “I believe we’ve made the right call grandfather. Cousin, it seems we’ve much to do. The north remembers.”
  6. Hearing the news Duncan’s head falls into hands as a tear falls from his face. “Great men taken too early...thank you for your sacrifices. they shan’t be in vain...The North Remembers...”
  7. “That there is. Plenty of time to do many things we’ll see how wrong and ignorant you truly are.”
  8. done it yet ‘ave we? have we bowed like you said we would? no. your an ignorant bastard tha’ I find quite amusing. stupidity cloud yer mind, or maybe its because ye don’t have one. either way if ye still think we’ll bow come make me.”
  9. Nothin’s ever lost. still waitin’ for Haensemen to bow to you? tha’ happened? don’t think so. wrong again per usual for the brainless nubmskulls on the Pertinaxi side.”
  10. “Have you seen your picture?” Says the old man looking at the crybaby who he’s never heard of before
  11. “Why you always a ***** oh wait it’s just your nature yikes...some people only know ignorance and stupidity...”a man says chuckling at the crying man who complains about all.
  12. “It seems the church has fallen back into cowardice and corruption. Something that must be cut out. This is war.” A grumpy old man sharpens his sword to go meet the new pontiff
  13. “Im glad we have true leaders, one that exist in more than just the temple of discordia.” Duncan nods with approval
  14. Duncan thinks this mans a buffoon and this topic is completely different from that but the ignorant baboon just can’t comprehend normal things.
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