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  1. "OH MY GODANI!" Andrik would shriek! "The pontiff wants to overthrow two excommunicated, kinslayin' pretenders!!! I'm shook to my core!" he'd look around the dinner table to the unfazed Baruchs. "though' ye all would be more shocked... guess the pretender 'n her shite nobles are the only ones."
  2. Sigmar Baruch’s ears singed sensing the mention of his name, he’d shrug off the feeling returning to telling his kin stories of the good ole days as he drowned himself in Carrion Black in the seven skies. “let me tell ye all abou’ this piece o’ work Markus Kortrevich…”
  3. Andrik Baruch, giddy with excitement, would turn to Eirik with a grin, “Ohh I’ve always wanted to do this!” He’d say as the lobster was served by the ayrian servant folk. “Always wanted do what, uncle?” Eirik would respond as he raised a curious brow, taking a bite of his food. “Crush the orenian spirit o’course!” Andrik would say gleefully, crushing the shell and ripping the lobster meat out from within as he ate his dinner on the eve of the siege, excitedly awaiting the day of slaughtering to come. @Gusano
  4. Andrik Jan Baruch would simply nod as he read over his nephew's public address, he then would return to lovemaking with his Hyspian maid Rosita. The forefathers of House Baruch would give their piovian seal of approval. ( @importanthippo @Sarmadonn @KIIWIKILLA)
  5. Andrik Baruch would shout about the Office of the Palatine, blabbering about some nonsense as he smoked like a chimney, disrupting his nephew as he attempted to carry out his duties. “Glad yer government is finally standing’ up for itself Eirik, exactly wha’ those yella bellied wig folk need to hear! Don’t back down to ‘em! Oh and another thing-“ the ranting of the Boyar Baruch would continue into the late hours of the night as he ‘advised’ his nephew on foreign and diplomatic strategy. @Gusano
  6. "Now tell me how it wen' down again cousin? didn't he send out a missive tearin' into the High Pontiff jus' a few days ago callin' him a schemer? so is he runnin' with his tail tucked 'tween his legs like the typical yellow bellied orenian or is this jus' another one of them terrible amateur orenian plots to get in close wit' the pontiff? wha' do ye think?" Andrik Baruch would shout the question down the dinner table, ruining Duke Baruch's quiet evening away from politics as usual. @Gusano
  7. “This ones more full o’ shite than the last one eh? They breed ‘em more stupid each generation in oren, the incest finally seems to be catch in’ up eh? Hehehe.” Andrik Jan Baruch would remark to his kin, Eirik. @Gusano
  8. Andrik Jan Baruch would hum his favorite song about the new fake pontiff and emperor as he folded his laundry and smoked his pipe.
  9. Andrik Jan Baruch would puff his pipe; moans, huffs, and belligerent grunts could be heard by those that passed the Lord Palatines Office, “A-A-And another thin’, those pretentious fooks ‘ave always looked down on us! Always hated meetin’ wit’ em, hope the dwarves get their share ‘n mine too! Hehehe, ‘ope they shove those damned powdered wigs so far up their arse, they’ll be tastin’ chalk for the res’ o’ their no good miserable lives!” Andrik would cackle until it turned into a cough, clearly spending too much time ranting and smoking with his nephew. @Herod
  10. After a rough start to the season, the Valwyck Bears had finally seemed to turn a corner, picking up some key wins. After beating the taking down the undefeated leaders of the Amateur league, the Honeyhill Hedgehogs, Coach Andrik J. Baruch was asked his opinions on the game, the season, and what this win meant to them. "Well, it only makes since that the best team in the league is the one to take down the Honeyhill Cheaters, who have blatantly bent the rules to edge out wins against us the whole first half of the season. This Bears team has found its rhythm, we told you to trust the process, and we've delivered. We're the best there is, the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be. I wake up in the mornin' and piss excellence. Nobody can hang with our stuff, and I'll tell you what I told the team, if we ain't first, we're last, and we're comin' in hot to take that first place from those decieving wee runts who think they can keep us down."
  11. Coach Baruch of the Valwyck Bears could not be found to give an interview after the game, however shouting and loud crashes could be heard from the locker room, we can only infer that this was the doing of Coach Baruch after his losing to the Honeyhill Hedgehogs, killing their win streak.
  12. After two wins back to back, it seems the Valwyck Bears, are finding their rhythm. When asked about the prospects for the rest of the season, and how he felt about the win and the league changes, Coach Andrik J, Baruch had this to say, "Well, ye win some and ye lose some in this game, ultimately its a game of mistakes, missed shot opportunities, turnovers, missed rebounds. Every week I hope that we're the team with the least amount, and again this week we were. that's all I can ask from these guys, Dougal is playing his heart out, Freddy has found his rhythm, Viktor is playing great defense. Next week I hope to see better defense, better offense, and more intensity from these guys, if they're caught slacking, they'll be cut, everyone's replaceable, they know that, I know that, lets just hope we can continue scoring more in the basket than the other team, thanks that'd be all."
  13. After the first win of season for the Valwyck Bears, the joyous aura around the celebratory team is halted when the stone-faced Head Coach, Andrik Jan Baruch is stopped in the back and asked to give a post game interview, with a loud huff, he agreed to sit down and answer a few questions. "How did you pull out a win in this game Coach?" one reporter asked "The ball went in the basket more for us than it did for them, simple as." Coach Baruch replied as he stared down the reporter. "any question better than that? no alright, have a good evening gentlement." and with that Coach Baruch left the interview leaving the reporters a bit stunned by the lack of excitement.
  14. DiscordL Drew#7225 skin: Quiet wolf bid: 200
  15. Valwyck Bears head coach Andrik Jan Baruch had this to say in his rather short press conference that ended quite abruptly, "We have a lot to reflect on in the coming days; roster changes, staff reshuffling, and even a new head coach is possible. Eirik Baruch and I will discuss what needs to be done to turn this into a winning program, I'll leave ye with this, we will not lose a fourth in a row. that'll be all." The next day, this press release was put out by Owner Eirik Baruch alongside Head Coach and GM Andrik J. Baruch, "former starter and point guard Freddy Baruch has been benched for the next game due to a 'pulled hamstring', Otto Baruch will start at the one in the game next week. Go Bears!"
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