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  1. Klaudia sighed as she eyed the newly blood-stained floors in the throne room, but was ultimately satisfied with her husband’s decision.
  2. Margaret cheers, raising her cane in the air, and then almost falling, so she puts it back down. But she dances in excitement! Until she loses her breath and almost breaks a hip. But the point was still there.
  3. Maria quickly changed that option!
  4. The Reza Job Board From the office of the Maer, 1707. [!] Signs are posted around the streets of Reza, along with job application forms. The signs read the following: Citizens of Reza, for those of you looking for a career or community placement within the city, please read the following job descriptions, and submit the attached application to be reviewed by the maer, and the leaders of the following government sections. Office of the Justicar Lawmen - Day to day legal matters are settled by the Kingdom’s Office of Law, a small assembly of local judges, jurists, and legal scholars, who punish wrongdoers and settle dispute on a small scale. Scribes - A vitally important though often overlooked branch of government, the Office of Scribes is responsible for the publication and standardization of Haeseni documents. They record important legal and diplomatic proceedings, and make copies of important papers and charts. Diplomats - The diplomatic corps of the government, the Office of Envoys are the Kingdom’s boots on the ground in imperial and inter-vassal affairs, serving in minor posts throughout these areas when necessary. Office of the Seneschal Palace staff (Handmaidens, butlers, chefs) - In service of the royal family and important members of Reza, these staff are available to serve during feasts, or tend to whoever may be in need of their services within the palace. Stewards - To uphold the city of Reza's pristine exterior and interior, manage its citizens, housing and infrastructure. These are the duties of the Stewards, spearheaded by the Head Steward. They work hard and toil away at the city day and night, making certain that the cityfolk are given the service deserved. Architects - The hard working folk that design and build structures within the city and keep them looking tidy! Office of the Marshal Soldiers - The vast majority of the Haense soldiery is housed within the Royal army, the strong center of the Kingdom’s military apparatus. These men and women perform the full array of military operations, border patrols, gate duty, escorts, city defense, and the rare offensive assault. Community work Tavern - Looking for bartenders and waiters/waitresses, as well as talent to keep tavern goers entertained and well looked after. Church - Looking for soup kitchen volunteers, members for the clergy, and musicians. Miner, lumberjack, farmer - The city is lacking resources in its storage! Looking for miners, lumberjacks, and farmers who are looking to make some mina! (Notify the maer if you’d like your business added.) Start a business! - Would you like to be supported by the city in starting a business? Pitch your idea here! It will be reviewed by the maer, and then the city will determine whether they’d be interested in helping or not! Signed, Baroness of Venzia, First Maer of Reza, Lady Maria Kovachev.
  5. Mcname: Dovely_ IC Name: Klaudia Vanir Residancy/ Street name, number: 3 Marian Blvd Class/ Title: Noble
  6. Maria Kovachev eyed over the letter, nodding slowly at the familiar formatting of her own letter, but with less actual ideas. “Quite interesting.”
  7. [!] A letter would arrive in the mailbox of each Rezian citizen. Good day, dearest citizens! For those who do not already know me, my name is Maria Kovachev and I am running for maer of Reza 1706. I know the single thought running through the majority of your heads right now. “Why?” Well, one thing I’ll acknowledge is that I’m young and inexperienced, but that doesn’t stop me from having a mind full of fresh and new ideas to make the experience of the average Reza citizen better than it is currently. Given our recent move to this new continent, I recognize that we are low on not only mina, but also resources. And this is where I figured I could come to a win-win situation for both leadership and those who wish to settle here in our newly renovated (and gorgeous) housing districts. The government needs resources desperately to fill up our storage houses and allow for new things to be constructed and decorated. If capable citizens are willing, our government could remove the initial pricing of the houses in exchange for the resources they need by utilizing trade deals with families who wish to move in. The taxes would still remain, but the people of our lovely city have some time to acquire the mina that they are missing before tax time comes about. I’ve also noted that we do have a suggestion box from our previous maer. Did any of you know this? Probably not, because I didn’t. While I believe a suggestion box is a good idea, and necessary when attention is brought to it, I believe it is easy to neglect and ignore, especially if no suggestions are brought in by citizens who haven’t even been informed that it is there! This being said, I’d like to implement a council of citizens who vote on ideas and suggest things to add for the betterment of haense. Meetings will be held with myself and our city’s Lord Bursar, Henrik Ludovar, along with the previous maer Bjolfr Nord. Our combined experience and ideas along with the people of our city will prove useful in identifying issues and solutions to these issues as they arise and even perhaps before they do. Another main focus of mine is to push for jobs within the city. How many times did you enter the tavern in Markev to find it empty, rather than buzzing and full of life? How many times were you in search of a good smith who could craft the perfect ring that you needed to propose but had to settle for the one in some other place? Or how many times have you yourself been searching for a job that isn’t the military? Well, I know that we’re in desperate need for staff in our clinic, our tavern, our smithy, and more to ensure that those people who need it are able to hire someone capable. The city, of course, will supply the needed materials for you to begin the trade of your dreams! I’ll also be implementing a new system to identify which jobs desperately need workers and a place for people to put their names when they’re in search of a job! Like a job board! As well, another goal of mine will be to gather enough resources to be able to complete the interiors of some critical buildings in haense. Our hospital, rooms in the tavern, and more have yet to be constructed and decorated. This goal goes hand in hand with the previous one, as most of these buildings will provide more work for our citizens! This further explains our great need for resources of all types for our wonderful architects to use as they need it. As the canonist religion has been important to myself and my family since I was a child, I’d like to do what I can to aid the church in any way I can to organize events and ensure that faith is still a prominent aspect of our community here in Reza. I plan to gather people who wish to volunteer to farm for the church’s soup kitchen that will soon be implemented, as well as promote the need for volunteers to help feed our poor. I’d also like to push our community to get more involved with our lovely community in the church, so that we may provide the workers there with extra support when they wish to organize events or other services. Signed, future maer of Reza, Lady Maria Kovachev.
  8. Mcname: Disheartened IC Name: Maria Kovachev Residancy/ Street name, number: 8 Marian Blvd Class/ Title: Noble
  9. The day hadn’t been a lazy one for young Maria Kovachev. Her arms full with a tall box of her belongings that she’d been organizing since their arrival in this new manor. Upon being finished decorating the dining room, she shuffled past the door, or well - tried to, before slipping on the envelope and falling right on her ass, her belongings falling to the ground with a loud crash! She grumbled and sat up, angrily tearing the envelope open with her hands. Her eyes scanned across the parchment as the gears turned in her brain. Ideas flooded her head and she let out an audible maniacal laugh. Moments later, Varon came down the stairs, all he saw was Maria surrounded by various belongings and a giant box, sitting on the floor in front of the door, clutching some random parchment and laughing to herself. Loudly. “Maria, what in GOD’s name are you doing?”. Maria slowly turned her gaze to him, a wide grin still plastered over her lips. “Making history, Varon, making history.”.
  10. Update on lists acquired: Ruthern – Coplete list submitted, meeting scheduled. Ludovar – Complete list submitted, meeting scheduled. Vanir – Member list pending, meeting scheduled. Baruch – Complete list submitted, meeting complete. Colborn – No response as of yet. Grimm – Complete list submitted, meeting scheduled. Kovachev – List pending, meeting scheduled. Stafyr – Complete list and ledger submitted, meeting complete. Caunter – No response as of yet. Jameson – No response as of yet. Enthelor – Member list pending, meeting complete. Arberrang – Complete list submitted for clan Skarpefanger, pending/refused for the others. Meeting complete. To clarify, we only ask for living and active members of the families. If there is a village or settlement of sorts, we ask as well for a ledger containing its information.
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