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  1. Valeriya Lorina had never planned to be married, nor did she plan on producing any children. For she was an ambitious woman, one who took to adventure and exploration. One who never settled in one place, nor sought to. When she met Sergey, they connected relatively quickly. Though he may not have carried the best reputation, she saw in him what others may not have. A man who had endured, who had persisted, and had great plans for his future and the future of his family. It was with a certain admiration that she acknowledged this, but no, she did not love him either. Not in a traditional sen
  2. *An application was submitted in the proper format* Name: Tatyana Katherine Ruthern Age: 53 Race: Highlander Prior Relevant Experience: Surgeon General of Haense, Practitioner General of Providence, Lady Maer of Reza (x2). Unsure if these are all relevant but I am skilled in medicine and can put on some great events!
  3. -✦✧✦- Northern Geographical Society Grand Opening Held on Vzmey ag Hynk, 355. ✧ The Northern Geographical Society is pleased to announce that a grand opening will be held on Vzmey ag Hynk, 355, at their newest location in Karosgrad at Wailer’s Way IV. Events and Festivities will be held as we open up our newest never before seen exhibits of Natural History and Great Women of Human History. This event is not to be missed! Natural History Exhibit An exhibit containing a collection of works containing information on the earliest explora
  4. -✧ ⚔ ✧- The Tournament of the Hauch Bratej i Karosgrad Wzuvar ag Byvca, 353 E.S. -=- Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, You are hereby invited to a grand Tournament that will be held in the next Saint’s day to name a new Hauch Bratej i Karosgrad [New Marian Translation: Grand Champion of Karosgrad]. With this great honour also comes an invitation to fight in the name of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska in the upcoming Tournament of Nations. This event will be held in the fighting pits at the Old Stout Crows Pub of Karosgrad by Lady Valeriya
  5. p.s Remember when Butch walked her down the aisle
  6. I sent it to you and also you are this DRY ASS GRANOLA BAR for doing this to me.
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