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  1. Disheartened

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    I too play six. This is why I love Joel. He’s #Relatable. Also myself and my cat both approve. How do I know that my cat approves? Because I decide what my cat thinks since she can’t tell me herself. So +2.
  2. Disheartened

    [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

    My cat and I both approve +2
  3. Disheartened

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    Hush... it's just a meme.
  4. Disheartened

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    The guinea pigs were too loud I couldn't sleep! Also my precious snake was hungry. :(
  5. Disheartened

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    IGN(s): Disheartened, SmirkingLoudly Age: 19 Timezone: EST Discord: Alicia#9441 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a microphone?: Yup! Average daily playing time?: Probably at least an hour a day, but it depends on the day. I’d say on average I go online on LoTC for three hours a day unless there’s something going on irl. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Unfortunately, not on LoTC. I have had many moderator and admin positions on other servers, however. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I personally believe that I would be coming onto the GM team with a lot of previous experience that would be relevant to the position. Through my experience, I’ve learnt how to best deal with situations, and what sorts of things work and do not work. I also am quite familiar with many plugins, but may need to be refreshed on them. As a person, I know that I have excellent work ethic, communication skills, and problem solving skills. I also see myself as a very level headed individual who is able to get along with mostly everyone. I also am oocly trained through my college program to deal with a variety of different individuals in a professional setting. I feel that this would need to be used often in this position. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Nope, I’ve never applied. Anything else you want to tell us?: I suppose just that I am a nursing student, so my schedule is open sometimes and completely busy others, though I do make an effort to make time for LoTC in the first place, so this’d just be more motivation. ;) I also have a snake named mouse, I am hilarious and therefore needed.
  6. Disheartened

    [Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

    +1 I guess he's cool idk
  7. Disheartened

    [Accepted] [Trial]edel reaches for the sky

    +1 he's cool I guess
  8. Disheartened

    Daelish Culture

    He looks like you except hot... and completely different.
  9. Disheartened

    [Denied]Game Man

    Was the hero thing really necessary? He's 14, I wasn't entirely mature at 14 either but I truly don't think immaturity means he deserves to be excluded from literally everything and constantly made fun of. I'm surprised he still makes an effort to support half the people he does.
  10. Disheartened

    [Denied] fm app

    I'd trust mr.creeper5 with my life. Well - maybe not my life but definitely with my forum life. He's a good pal. +1
  11. Disheartened

    Joren's Host

    OOC MC Name: Disheartened Skype[Group Chat Notifications, if you're already added, good]: already in Do you have Teamspeak?[microphone not required] (y/n): Yes I do RP Name: Annebelle Colborn Race: Human Age: 26 Religion: Cannonist How much are Ruthern Bannermen payed a week?: 100 minas I, Annebelle Colborn do hereby swear that my life is pledged to those of House Ruthern, till my oath released, or death taketh me, I shall serve the Lords and Ladies of House Ruthern with my utmost capabilities. I will hold true and steadfast amongst my comrades, to protect the honor of my Liege and myself, I pledge. God Save my soul if I break my oath.
  12. i warned you get ready to die kiddo

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    2. CheapTrick


      prepare to fall to my m9 baretta, leaf worshiping scum

    3. Disheartened


      I'll have my fellow Canadians prepare the maple syrup and the moose. We shall meet on the battlefield, my friend.

    4. Chimp


      ive warned the police about your death threats irredeemable.

  13. Disheartened

    [✗] Haense Charter

    Annebelle Farsight signs.