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  1. Disheartened

    An Announcement of Marriage

    Viktoria sat in her office and scanned over the parchment, a soft smile gracing her lips as she considered the endless possibilities for their future together. She then hopped out of her seat, and made way for the tailor, just now realizing that her procrastination had gotten the better of her, as she still didn't have a gown!
  2. Disheartened


    I had fun 👍
  3. Disheartened

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    Yes hello, I’ve made a character for this occasion. Her name is “Maria the Thicc” and she’s exactly what you’d expect. Quite a lovely woman who knows her place is the kitchen, and trust me, you can tell she’s been there a lot. She’s also very progressive, so if she looks a little manly don’t question it. She used to be a man. There’s a lot more to her story, if you choose her for your wife.
  4. Disheartened

    Common Sense

    Viktoria sighed, "You two need to stop this nonsense or you'll have nothing left to talk about at the debate."
  5. Disheartened

    Reaffirmation of Candidacy, 1688

    Viktoria huffs as she overhears the conversation, conflicted between voting for Dominic or her grandfather. "As true as a lot of this is, I don't imagine my grandfather to be a liar. Besides, he's already got the whole army wrapped around his finger. An uphill battle for sure..."
  6. Disheartened

    An Open Letter, 1688

    Viktoria read the letter, and shook her head in disapproval. “For someone who claims to be calm and collected, it seems that he doesn’t take criticism very well. I respect my grandfather, but slandering his opponent, who made a simple, and not to mention, true and unaggressive observation about him is counterproductive. He should go back to focusing on himself and less on others. I know my grandfather as a stern and militaristic man. Not much of one for this type of position, honestly. He retired. He should stay retired.”
  7. Disheartened

    Hansetian Census Act - 1687

    Update on lists acquired: Ruthern – Coplete list submitted, meeting scheduled. Ludovar – Complete list submitted, meeting scheduled. Vanir – Member list pending, meeting scheduled. Baruch – Complete list submitted, meeting complete. Colborn – No response as of yet. Grimm – Complete list submitted, meeting scheduled. Kovachev – List pending, meeting scheduled. Stafyr – Complete list and ledger submitted, meeting complete. Caunter – No response as of yet. Jameson – No response as of yet. Enthelor – Member list pending, meeting complete. Arberrang – Complete list submitted for clan Skarpefanger, pending/refused for the others. Meeting complete. To clarify, we only ask for living and active members of the families. If there is a village or settlement of sorts, we ask as well for a ledger containing its information.
  8. Disheartened


    Full Name: Viktoria vas Ruthern Year of Birth: 1668 City of Primary Residency: Markev ((MC Name: Disheartened
  9. Disheartened

    [Denied][W] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    I too play six. This is why I love Joel. He’s #Relatable. Also myself and my cat both approve. How do I know that my cat approves? Because I decide what my cat thinks since she can’t tell me herself. So +2.
  10. Disheartened

    [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

    My cat and I both approve +2
  11. Disheartened

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    Hush... it's just a meme.
  12. Disheartened

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    The guinea pigs were too loud I couldn't sleep! Also my precious snake was hungry. :(
  13. Disheartened

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    IGN(s): Disheartened, SmirkingLoudly Age: 19 Timezone: EST Discord: Alicia#9441 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a microphone?: Yup! Average daily playing time?: Probably at least an hour a day, but it depends on the day. I’d say on average I go online on LoTC for three hours a day unless there’s something going on irl. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Unfortunately, not on LoTC. I have had many moderator and admin positions on other servers, however. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I personally believe that I would be coming onto the GM team with a lot of previous experience that would be relevant to the position. Through my experience, I’ve learnt how to best deal with situations, and what sorts of things work and do not work. I also am quite familiar with many plugins, but may need to be refreshed on them. As a person, I know that I have excellent work ethic, communication skills, and problem solving skills. I also see myself as a very level headed individual who is able to get along with mostly everyone. I also am oocly trained through my college program to deal with a variety of different individuals in a professional setting. I feel that this would need to be used often in this position. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Nope, I’ve never applied. Anything else you want to tell us?: I suppose just that I am a nursing student, so my schedule is open sometimes and completely busy others, though I do make an effort to make time for LoTC in the first place, so this’d just be more motivation. ;) I also have a snake named mouse, I am hilarious and therefore needed.