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  1. Isalie Gardner, after watching her people debate and speak and go back and forth, walks up to the polling station. Each halfling had cast their ballot, all of them collected in an apple box. After the last ballot was dropped in, Isalie grabbed the box and scurried off to her burrow. There, she counted out all of the votes. And recounted them. After tossing out Monkeys vote with a chuckle, she was left with a dilemma. The wee folk were truly divided. It was a tie. Now, with accordance with their new Constitution, it was all down to her. She mulled over this decision over a glass of Gretas wine with her family. She had finally be able to gather all of the remaining Gardners to have a meal. Here, with her children and her love, there was no political tension. There was family. She smiled, and she knew her decision. Now, to tell her people. On a crisp First Seeds day, Isalie walks back to the square. No one was gathered - she had brought the apple box to stand on to declare the victors. So, she decided to just post it on the noticeboard! [!] On the Bramblebury noticeboard, there is a declaration from the Thain! "People of Bramblebury! Gentle wee-folk! Friends and family! It is with great joy that I announce your Mayor and Sheriff! Your Mayor, obviously is Iris Peregrin! Your Sheriff, is Meemaw Applebottom! Rejoice! Knox bless us, everyone! -Your Thain, Isalie Gardner"
  2. [!] A notice has been posted on the Brambleburys noticeboard! The first of its kind! How pretty~! Bramblebury Job Census Thain Your fearless Leader the Thain! They represent all of halflingdom and lead their people. They are chosen by the previous Thain or if something tragic happens, by the people! -Thain Isalie Gardner (Jade_Emen, Jadeemen#3529) Mayor Your Mayor leads the halfling government! What a silly thing! They represent the good of the halfling people, and are responsible for this and that within the village. They are elected by the people, for the people! -Iris Peregrin (TakeMeT0TheFae, TakeMeToTheFae#3833) Sheriff Your Sheriff enforces those finnicky laws we all follow. Where would we be without order? The Sheriff makes sure no miscreants go unpunished and that everyone is safe and happy! They are elected through a series of competitions! Just kidding, they are elected like the Mayor! -Meemaw Applebottom (nerdy#8906) Rancher I hope you like critters! Folk with this job are in charge of caring for and protecting all of Brambleburys livestock! You are in charge of feeding these hungry fellers, caring for them when they're sick, and tracking them down should they wander off! Also bonking any wolves or youngin's that try to mess with them! -Filibert Applefoot (jumperhand3, NotEvilAtAll#2321) Farmer The lifeblood of halfling society! Well, besides partying and such. Farmers tend to the fields and keep up with all of our crops. They harvest whatever isnt being used by others and make sure to keep a healthy stockpile for winter! -Bassett Mowood (OddOllie123, Ollie#8553) Innkeep We have an inn! For some reason, people want to stay in our beautiful village! Who could blame them? As an Innkeeper, you are responsible for taking care of the rooms, and making sure no one sleeps on the streets! Even though they are very nice streets to sleep on. But why sleep in the road when you could sleep in a bed? Keep the rooms warm and clean, and make sure no one is taking up space when they're not even there! -Filibert Applefoot (jumperhand3, NotEvilAtAll#2321) Tavernkeep Keep the party going! Thats your motto! You serve drinks and tend to the tavern and her patrons! Food, booze, good music and good company, thats all you desire once you're on the clock! Whats a clock? -Filibert Applefoot (jumperhand3, NotEvilAtAll#2321) Librarian Ah, a place all scholars can meet and read in peace. When you work here, you keep up with the histories and literature of Bramblebury. One would say this is the most important job! They would of course be a bookworm. -Greta Goodbarrel (Johnnythewizard) -Callum Fiddleberry (TAZ0MB0, tazombo#0886) -Acron Flint (PuppyRuf5, Jurassic Raptor#7342) Teacher FINALLY, someone to teach these illiterate small folk how to READ! And maybe teach them some other things about the world! If you can read this, you had a teacher! -Greta Goodbarrel (Johnnythewizard) -Demeter Pebblebrook (Little__Lady, Little__Lady#0556) -Wilburt Woodstock (Hobbits, Hobbits#9172) -Callum Fiddleberry (TAZ0MB0, tazombo#0886) Healer Have a knack for treating fevers and stab wounds? Then working in the boo-boo clinic is the place for you! Working in the clinic, make sure you have no aversion to blood or bile. Parties with bigguns can get kind of rowdy y'see -Demeter Pebblebrook (Little__Lady, Little__Lady#0556) -Isalie Gardner (Jade_Emen, Jadeemen#3529) Woodworkers Oh to be one with nature! Oh, to be a killer of nature! Oh to be a crafter of nature! If you enjoy the outdoors and chopping down trees, working with wood is for you! Theres not much to say about these manipulators of lumber, they connect with wood in a way we might never understand! -Wilburt Woodstock (Hobbits, Hobbits#9172) -Theodore Mowood (TAMEFX, TAMEFX#1905) -Rufus Knowise (Cheesewheel_1, Four-Footed Floof Noodle#8249) Blacksmitth It would make sense that us wielders of shovels and hoes would need a supplier. Being a blacksmith means you manipulate metals of all sorts to make tools for your fellow wee folk! -James Ashfoot Peregrin (JackClockington, Clocky The Cat#8001) -Rufus Knowise (Cheesewheel_1, Four-Footed Floof Noodle#8249) -Fjord (NicktheRed20, NicktheRed20#4487) Tinkererer A Jack of all Trades; thats what you must be! You invent and inspire as you create things no halfling has ever dreamt of! The wheel! Fire! A pumpkin canon! You are responsible for our mightiest of inventions, and we salute you for this! -Iris Peregrin (TakeMeT0TheFae, TakeMeToTheFae#3833) -Rufus Knowise (Cheesewheel_1, Four-Footed Floof Noodle#8249) Other Occupations! Did I miss your career? It must have not been that important! Either way, let me know and it shall be documented! Application:
  3. Bramblebury Mayoral and Sheriff Elections, 1797 The time has come for the halflings to cast their votes for our Mayor and Sheriff! Please follow the instructions below: THE CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR: Iris Peregrin THE CANDIDATES FOR SHERIFF: Theodore Mowood Alfie Greenholm Meemaw Applebottom [!] A polling station can be found at the entrance to the Drunken Pumpkin The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote Iris Peregrin for Mayor? Yea () Nay () Vote for Sheriff: Theodore Mowood () Alfie Greenholm () Meemaw Applebottom () Rules of the Election: You may vote only once for each position If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress)) ((No voting as multiple personas) If you are under the age of thirty-three, you may not vote If you are a biggun, you may not vote If you are banished, you may not vote If you live outside the village of Bramblebury, you may not vote Voting will close in 2 pumpkin days ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post)) May the best halfling win!
  4. If anyone were to enter the Thains cabin, they would notice that the living area has turned into more of an office than a sitting area. There are books and papers and quite a few tea cups strew about. Isalie seems to be preparing for something! But what? If one were to ask the Thain what she were doing, she would give them a smile and explain she was just preparing. Though she was smiling, it was clear to see the sorrow in her eyes. She seems to be preparing for the worst. Emerging from the cabin after a few days, the Thain wanders over to Bloomerville and tacks a few posters up! They would read as follows: Fellow Halflings! In this time of crisis, I have had a lot of time to think. And I realized I'm not very good at planning. So, I wanted to invite the halflings of this continent to a meeting to discuss the future. Elves have forecast that this continent does not have much time left. While I wish to be optimistic, I also wish to be realistic. I am growing old. I do not plan to leave you anytime soon, but should I perish, I want to make sure you're all prepared. Meet with me in an Elven on the Snow's Maiden to discuss the future. We will discuss: Our place in the new world Leadership Government nonsense And any other concerns necessary! I will be leading this discussion, but anyone is free to speak their minds. Should you wish to speak, simply raise your hand and wait for my signal! (OOC: Wednesday 11/10/20 at 6:30)
  5. smiles at this news "Ah'm so happeh she's foun' someone tha' makes her happeh"
  6. [!] Fliers have been placed in the cabins of the halflings reading: Assassins have been dispatched after Halfling Leadership. We have reason to believe that an organization of Nine have gathered to destroy halfling civilization as we know it. Here is what we know: Assassins have attacked Andon Cloudberry, Anne Gardner, and Kat-Kit Applefoot. The assailant had a hitlist; a list of names that they the organization wished to wipe out. Crossed out were Polo Gardner and Kit-Kat Gardner. They will stop at nothing to kill us. We dont know why they’re doing this or who they are. All we know is that no one is safe. To combat this, we are taking precautions: No one is to leave Fort Hope alone. No one is to be outdoors alone. DO NOT BE ALONE We your leaders are working to find these assassins and put an end to their reign of terror. We are also discussing leaving Fort Hope, as there is no real protection against individual assailants. Halflings, do not be alarmed. We WILL survive this. If you see anyone suspicious, talk to an Elder or myself. -Thain Isalie Gardner
  7. [!] Isalie stands at the helm of the ship. She looks out to the wee folk milling about. The Thain has a few words for her people. “My people, I have made a decision. We will sail to Fort Hope in a month where they have promised us safety. I know its not home. I promise it is temporary, but it will be a better place to stay than the Spicy Shrimp. While I love this ship, I know not every halfling is cut out to live at sea. I will not force you to. Those that want to remain on the the ship can, but those that want solid ground may follow me into the fort. Be prepared, gentle halflings. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I do know we will face it together. We will find a home again. That I can promise.” -Isalie Gardner, Thain of Brandybrook [OOC: Tomorrow, 10/14/20, 2:00 PM EST we’re gonna go to Fort Hope. The ship will be moved there, its gonna be a whole event.]
  8. Tears in her eyes, Isalie mans her husbands ship, steering them away from the blaze. She doesnt have time for tears. After her god has doomed their home, she has to be strong for her people. But her husband has just abandoned her. Her home is gone. All she has left is her daughter, and she seems to be drifting away as well. A halfling can only be strong for so long, but she cannot break. Shes more than just a halfling; She beens more since she was burned alive. She has a destiny, though she’s unsure of it. She has to save her people. She must save her people, even if she has to do it alone. Isalie always seems to end up alone.
  9. Isalie sputters in shock at seeing this “THAY’RE GE’’IN’ MARRIED? THAY DINNAE TELL ME THA’!” Isalie then grabs her shovel and goes ghost hunting.
  10. [!] Posted on every door in Brandybrook and on the local noticeboard is a declaration from the Thain! Let it be known to all in Brandybrook that Thain Isalie Gardner hereby appoints Greta Goodbarrel Applefoot as Elder of Brandybrook If she be willing and swear to follow the duties of Elder to assist the Thain in leading her people and protecting her citizens.
  11. This was written by ImCookiie before they left LOTC. This was going to be the template that we would start to develop, but then stuff happen ooc and irp and it just didnt make sense for me at the time to start making a bunch of changes. Maybe that was wrong of me, idk. But, I thought I would show you the players this. This is my plan for the next map. To have a council that everyone can participate in, no matter how big or small the role is. This isnt set in stone and is subject to debate or correction. I wanna hear your thoughts and concerns and ideas. PREFACE: An update to the current Halfling council could provide more activities and responsibilities for deserving players of the community— whilst working towards more activity and a steady retention of newcomers. This would also differentiate responsibilities and lessen the burden of upkeep to a singular or small group of people. Nowhere near complete. Suggestions are welcome. The Halfling Council THE THANE’S OFFICE — THE THAIN As is tradition, an esteemed member of the council is elected to become the Thain and furthermore hold executive and political power over the halfling populace of (village name). — THE MAYOR Right-hand to the Thain, helps with anything that is needed Also could keep finances of the village in-check — THE SHERIFF Keeper of culture and law — THE ELDERS Advisors to the council cos of age and experience THE COMMON OFFICE (order subject to change for final edit) — THE STEWARD Housing stuff + shops and stalls — THE LIBRARY Someone to keep track of books and museum — THE MILITARY Unlike their descendant counterparts, the wee-folk of (village name) are oft seen in practice, mounted on steeds of smaller stature and slower speed (donkeys basically, thought it’d be funny) — THE ARCHITECT Someone who helps build + organize future and current builds (more so a role to offer those who are willing to help) — THE HIGH PUMPLAR A player interested in creating and propagating lore and culture to the halfling community (eg. knox) — THE PARTY PLANNER A player who wants to run events, in accordance with permission from the council THE PUBLIC OFFICE — THE PARRIARCH Patriarch of renown families who aid and participate heavily in discussion of topics and verdicts (major changes, trials, etc) — THE VIGIL Members of the populace deemed righteous by the council to undergo private investigations (to accommodate for stuff like b.o.o.s.e)
  12. Isalie learns of the tragedy long after its done. Another of her children are gone. She weeps. She’s confused. Why was Kit out there? Why were ANY of her people out there? Hadnt the prince promised to protect her people? Her daughter is dead. She doesnt even think of the fact that the village has lost another Elder, her baby is gone. Later, much later when Isalie has had time to grieve and heal, she’ll think fondly that her daughter died fighting for her people. But now, she weeps. She screams. She punches a wall, uses her shovel to hack at the ground. The Prince PROMISED. Aegrothrond had failed them again. No more.
  13. [!] Posted on every door in Brandybrook and on the local noticeboard is a declaration from the Thain! Let it be known to all in Brandybrook that Thain Isalie Gardner hereby appoints Filibert Applefoot as Sheriff of Brandybrook. If he be willing and swear to follow the duties of Sheriff to uphold the law and traditions and to keep every resident of Brandybrook safe and happy! Let it be known to all in Brandybrook that Thain Isalie Gardner hereby appoints Andon Cloudberry as Elder of Brandybrook If he be willing and swear to follow the duties of Elder to assist the Thain in leading her people and protecting her citizens. Isalie Gardner, Thain of Brandybrook
  14. Having just met Greta, the Thain blinks in surprise “Well, that was fast”
  15. The Gardner Family The Gardner family are a people who keep to themselves, plain and simple. The Gardner farm sleeps deep in the trees, and they’re content to keep to themselves, thank you very much. Years ago, Isalie left the farm! Wanting to go on some ‘adventure’ and to ‘find herself’, whatever that means. Us Gardner’s would rather keep to our fields and never see another soul. Hopefully, no more of us Gardner’s stray like that Isalie! ~*~ The Family's Culture and Tradition Gardner’s are farmers, plain and simple. We till the fields, we trade with travelers (only to get them to leave us alone!). A very important tradition for us Gardner’s is our name. Whenever a Gardner gets married, their partner must take the Gardner name. We are also revered bee keepers, cultivating all sorts of delectable honey! It is one of our finer points of trade. ~*~ Your Families Appearance Gardner’s are quite tall, since our great great gram was a dwarf. The tallest stands at 3’4. We have tanned skin, some would argue from our dwarvish blood, but we also work in the sun on a daily basis. Gardner’s have blue or green eyes, and our hair is more often than not a golden color. Isalie Gardner ~*~ Religion The prophet, Lord Knox, might He bless our fields and our harvests! ~*~ Family Members Isalie Gardner – Daughter of Angelica and Griphie Garnder Taurin Gardner – Husband of Isalie Gardner (DECEASED) Polo Gardner – Son of Isalie and Taurin Gardner Anne Gardner – Daughter of Isalie and Taurin Gardner Kit-Kat Gardner – Daughter of Isalie Gardner (DECEASED) Wiliene Gardner – Older sister of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Ansley Gardner – Older brother of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Petal Gardner – Older sister of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Dove Gardner – Younger sister of Isalie Gardner Pepper Gardner – Younger brother of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Armo Gardner – Younger brother of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Buck Gardner – Younger brother of Isalie Gardner (OOC: Message me at Jadeemen#3529 if you wanna play a Gardner!) ( Family tree for reference! https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=11o3slc4i7f&f=812562180119435236)
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