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  1. haha he's finally safe to be a drunken bastard in peace
  2. [!] There is a note pinned to the door of the Gardner burrow! "Dear friends, family, and nosy neighbors, My husband and I have decided we are in desperate need of a holiday. Tensions are high and I feel the constant eyes of those around me, and I feel I can no longer be comfortable in my own burrow! So, we've decided we need to get away for a while, as we never really had time to spend after our wedding! Fear not, if we are needed we are only a bird away! We plan to travel a bit before staying in one of the Wardens cottages he owns, so our location will be a bit of a secret. To my daughters, I leave the burrow in your care. Jol, you have your apartment, but feel free to pop into the burrow whenever you like! Anne and Winter, the burrow is yours to do with as you please. If you have any questions, please feel free to bird me. There might be a key I've forgotten about here or there. Also, please look after Clover. They seem particularly entranced with nature, and will need a guide. Clover, listen to your sisters. You might not understand everything at once, but take your time. And to my neighbors. If I hear you're giving my girls any grief, I'll be sure to come back! And I wont be happy about it! Thank you everyone for understanding! Again, if you have need of us we're only a bird away! Yours, Isalie Gardner and The Warden!" (This is basically to say that The Warden and Isalie have been shelved! I am willing to bring Isalie off the shelf if theres an emergency, but I find I need something new to focus on!)
  3. Looking to play a Sorvian? You're in luck, my character has started making them! Dm me if you're interested and we can talk it over! You will be given a base skin that can of course be changed, as well as all the info you would have been taught. And you'll be introduced to the rest of the Sorvian community! Disclaimer: My characters name is Isalie Gardner, and shes a halfling. So, you'll be involved in a lot of halfling rp. And you will need to make a CA. Discord - Jadeemen#3529 Sorvian Lore-
  4. Isalie Gardner reads the notice and vibrates with excitement. She as all halflings do, has a immense love for food! And of course drink, but as she has been experimenting with cooking, now is as good a time as any to showcase her creations!
  5. Isalie looks at the missive and blinks "Whu' ta fuhk. When ta fuhk'd she became ah CottonWood?" Looks around, visibly confused and upset "ANNE!"
  6. Honestly, I didnt start out with an accent. Didnt start using one for a while, it sort of naturely integrated into my rp. Everyone has their own style and theres no right or wrong way to do it! You dont even have to have an accent at all, you could come from a colony of halflings that dont use accents. Who knows! Its up to you, and if anyone says anything to you, let us know. We'll get the shovels!
  7. Isalie Gardner approaches the polling station, picking up the crate thats positively overflowing with voting slips. This election had been a whirlwind of emotions and events, and now it was time to watch the chips fall. She takes the apple box, the same apple box used in the previous election, to her burrow. With the help of Mayor Iris Peregrin and Sheriff Meemaw, they count the votes. The Thain cant help the sigh of relief. The results had been overwhelming, and there was no question in who the people wanted. Together, the trio of halfling leaders write up the results and take the announcement to be pinned to the noticeboard [!] On the Bramblebury noticeboard is a document signed by the current halfling leadership "Good people of Bramblebury! Gentle Wee-folk, halflings, friends and family! It is with both a joyful heart and that of a mournful one that we declare your Elders! Your Elders are to be Burt Hassenfort, Onelia Peregrin, and Kerraline Goodbarrel! Isalie Gardner and Iris Peregrin will be stepping down from their leadership roles, and spending more time with their families. Long live the Wee!"
  8. Bramblebury Elder Elections, 1806 The time has come for the halflings to cast their votes for our three Elders! Please follow the instructions below: THE CANDIDATES FOR ELDER: Burt Hassenfort Onelia Peregrin Kerraline Goodbarrel Cyris Collingwood [!] A polling station can be found at the entrance to the Drunken Pumpkin The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote for Elder: Burt Hassenfort () Onelia Peregrin () Kerraline Goodbarrel () Cyris Collingwood () Rules of the Election: You may cast no more than three votes for Elder If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress)) ((No voting as multiple personas) If you are under the age of thirty-three, you may not vote If you are a biggun, you may not vote If you are banished, you may not vote If you don't have a home in Bramblebury, you may not vote Voting will close in 2 pumpkin days ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post)) May the best halfling win!
  9. How dare you make me cry about Sean Sr
  10. [!] A letter has been tacked onto the noticeboard, signed by the Thain "My people, I have served you for a very long time. By my count, I have been your Thain longer than I haven't been. When Micah O'Connell wrote me into his will many years ago, I was honored to even be mentioned. At the time I was the Sheriff, and before that I was Deputy to Anne Sunbrook. For the first couple of days I was in shock. I was to be Thain, and I had to shoulder this burden with a stranger and a child. The stranger would grow to be my friend, and the child to be my daughter. Still, I had never led anything. I didn't feel worthy of such a task, and I felt all eyes on me. I have been accused of being many things. A tyrant. A witch. A fake. And a few other words not fit to be mentioned. Maybe I deserve these accusations. I did not lead to be remembered. I did not stand in front of my people as a shield to be memorialized. I do not crave power or glory or control. I have remained in my position as Thain for so long, only because I feared that my stepping down would be the end of us. Maybe that is my pride talking. I was afraid that there would be no one else to take control that would do the people justice. Now, we shall see if I was right or wrong. At my meeting, I had a plan. I thought it was a good plan, a plan that would stabilize our would-be government once and for all. Before I even had a chance to implement it, to see if it would work, I was halted in my tracks. No one was happy with my plan, and the louder voice has won. That voice is the voice of the people. You, dear reader, are that louder voice. I admit, my pride took a blow today. My feelings are hurt, and I am upset. However, that doesn't matter. How I feel doesn't matter. What matters is that we survive, and that we thrive. If the plan that the people have chosen leads up to a brighter future, then my pride can take the hit. My pride will heal. Soon, I will be stepping down as Thain. I don't want to, I admit. I thought I had for so long, but once Thainship was taken away, I realized something. I am a Thain. I am a leader of my people, not because I was born to be one, but because that is the role I grew into. And soon, I will grow into a new role. My identity was being the Thain, and now I am no longer that. Have no fear, I will find a new one. I will find a new identity, and I will use that to serve you again. Take heart, dear reader. Change is upon us, and it will hurt. It will be uncomfortable at times, and we might find ourselves yearning for the past. But the past is behind us, and we can only move forward. Moving forward, I will not be the Thain. I will be Isalie Gardner, and I promise I will always be there with my shovel in hand. Whether you need someone to shovel the snow from your lawn or beat back the squirrels from your garden, I will be there. This might be the last time I use the Thain's Seal. I do not know what we will do with it, but I will treasure this moment. And we will treasure many more in the future to come. -Your Thain, Isalie Gardner."
  11. There is a twinkle in Isalies eye as she reads this. "Mah luve's go' her own stars!" She nods happily "Good fer her." She looks up to the sky, as if looking to the constellation. Even if she has no idea where it is. "She'll beh remembahed ferevah."
  12. [!] Throughout Bramblebury and beyond, invitations are sent to friends, family, and well wishers! These invitations read: "The Thain of Bramblebury and The Warden invite you to join them for their wedding! There will be good food and wine and plenty of merriment! Join us on the The Grand Harvest! The ceremony will begin at midday at the theater!" (OOC: Saturday at 12 PM EST/5 PM GMT) "To be different is to be alive."
  13. Gift Slip Username: Jade_Emen Name: Isalie Gardner
  14. Isalies jaw drops as she looks at the notice. "Tha' lyin' lil prick!" She grabs the Thains Shovel "Ah'll stick thus so far up his arse...." She dissolves into ramblings as she paces like a caged animal. After calming down, she sighs "Why ded yeh loie ta us boy? Ah t'ought...." She sighs "Ah t'ought yeh wus our frien'." Frowns, before nodding. It was time to get some answers.
  15. Isalie Gardner, after watching her people debate and speak and go back and forth, walks up to the polling station. Each halfling had cast their ballot, all of them collected in an apple box. After the last ballot was dropped in, Isalie grabbed the box and scurried off to her burrow. There, she counted out all of the votes. And recounted them. After tossing out Monkeys vote with a chuckle, she was left with a dilemma. The wee folk were truly divided. It was a tie. Now, with accordance with their new Constitution, it was all down to her. She mulled over this decision over a glass of Gretas wine with her family. She had finally be able to gather all of the remaining Gardners to have a meal. Here, with her children and her love, there was no political tension. There was family. She smiled, and she knew her decision. Now, to tell her people. On a crisp First Seeds day, Isalie walks back to the square. No one was gathered - she had brought the apple box to stand on to declare the victors. So, she decided to just post it on the noticeboard! [!] On the Bramblebury noticeboard, there is a declaration from the Thain! "People of Bramblebury! Gentle wee-folk! Friends and family! It is with great joy that I announce your Mayor and Sheriff! Your Mayor, obviously is Iris Peregrin! Your Sheriff, is Meemaw Applebottom! Rejoice! Knox bless us, everyone! -Your Thain, Isalie Gardner"
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