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  1. Looking to play a Sorvian? You're in luck, my character has started making them! Dm me if you're interested and we can talk it over! You will be given a base skin that can of course be changed, as well as all the info you would have been taught. And you'll be introduced to the rest of the Sorvian community! Disclaimer: My characters name is Isalie Gardner, and shes a halfling. So, you'll be involved in a lot of halfling rp. And you will need to make a CA. Discord - Jadeemen#3529 Sorvian Lore-
  2. Honestly, I didnt start out with an accent. Didnt start using one for a while, it sort of naturely integrated into my rp. Everyone has their own style and theres no right or wrong way to do it! You dont even have to have an accent at all, you could come from a colony of halflings that dont use accents. Who knows! Its up to you, and if anyone says anything to you, let us know. We'll get the shovels!
  3. Will this be updated any time soon? Since the update and such?
  4. Jade_Emen


    Isalie is one of many children from a humble burrow in the Brandybrook. Neither the eldest or the youngest, shes used to being surrounded by loved ones. She has three elder sisters and brother, Wiliene, Ansley, and Petal, and four younger siblings, Dove, Pepper, Armo, and Buck. She enjoys the outdoors and eating her fill each and every day. Her parents are farmers, with her mother, Angelica, taking care of the business side and her father, Griphie, managing the farm. Every Gardner child finds their place in their little world, yet Isalie hasnt found it yet. However she is determined to find it! Having only explored the rolling hills of the Brandybrook, running around with other halflings and pretending to go on adventures, Isalie wonders what an actual adventure would entail. The only thing holding her back is how afraid she is! What if she encountered a dangerous beast! After seeing an angry bear for the first time as a wee one, shes cant imagine having to fight anything.
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