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  1. [!] A letter is nailed to Bramblebury's notice board: From the Desk of Elder Greta Goodbarrel Snow's Maiden, 1816 Fellow halflings; The circumstances under which I write this letter are grave indeed. It is a letter I wished never to have to write, especially not so soon after being elected to one of the three highest offices in the land. But it is a letter that, nevertheless, must be written. I am sure that most will dismiss this letter, as they have done with every other thing I’ve written; or perhaps they will look down upon me for being a coward or a quitt
  2. Greta stares at the missive on the noticeboard, reading over it several times with an incredulous expression. "We will tear down your fireplace and kitchen to keep our village safe?! Who authorized this?!" She shakes her head in extreme disapproval "The Elders gave absolutely no authority to the fire department to make or enforce laws! This will call for a serious discussion with the Fire Department."
  3. Greta approached the small wooden box placed outside the Drunken Pumpkin. Handling it with special care, she brought it inside the tavern where Jorts and James sat ready to count the votes. Though Greta was a bit surprised at some of the votes, thankfully the outcome of this mostly ceremonial election was quite clear. Counting a second time just to make sure her numbers were correct, the Elder quickly wrote a flyer, which she scurried off to nail to the village notice board: The Bramblebury Sheriff Election of 1815 | 615 Results Fellow halflings! It is with great joy tha
  4. The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Josie_Exotic Name: Onelia Peregrin Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea () Nay (X)
  5. Greta blinks as she reads the message posted. She reads it over a couple times before letting out a soft sigh. "With all due to respect to Mr. Proudfoot, if nobody's seen you for that long you're little more than a name in a history book. I think it goes without saying that the protector of the village should be someone who's been roaming about recently. The four year rule doesn't exist without reason."
  6. ((MC Name: HalflingPrincess )) Name: Greta Goodbarrel Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (X) Nay ()
  7. Bramblebury Laws and Traditions 1815 | 615 As leaders change and time passes, old documents sometimes weather with age. The halfling people have only continued to grow in that time, and so it seems apt that our laws are updated to reflect that. The Law No murder of any kind will be tolerated in Bramblebury Theft is prohibited in Bramblebury Kidnapping and abduction of any kind is forbidden in Bramblebury No halfling may be held as a slave or unconsenting servant in Bramblebury The halflings of Bramblebury are free to worship whichever
  8. One evening during dinner, Greta informs Kerra of her intention to attend.
  9. A Guide to Burrows in Bramblebury ~ 1814 ~ Introduction For many centuries, weefolk have been hole-dwellers. It is no secret that a halfling is happiest when at home, and it is undeniable that every halfling has the right to a warm burrow of their own. Alas, in recent years, many halflings who have been present in our community have gone without burrows for extended periods of time, despite the fact that we have plenty of room for them. In hopes of correcting this issue, the Council of Elders is pleased to present this guide to help weefolk both new and old acquire and maintai
  10. It has been brought to the attention of the new Council of Elders that several of the rules provided by the constitution were vague and thus resulted in a some amount of confusion for the outgoing Elders as they counted the votes for our recent election. The Elders of Bramblebury, in order to clarify the rules of elections, and to ensure smooth and peaceful transfers of power in the future, hereby present the following revisions: I. Concerning Misleading Language It was recently brought to Elder Greta Goodbarrel's attention that a certain passage within the constitution implies that a candida
  11. Greta beams as she reads over her name and the generous number of votes next to it. As she reads about the tie between Filibert and Jordan, however, her face falls. "Oh lord... he's going to throw a fit over this, isn't he?"
  12. The Ballot: ((MC Name: HalflingPrincess)) Name: Greta Goodbarrel Vote for Elder: James Peregrin () Greta Goodbarrel (XX) Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom () Winter May Gardner (X)
  13. Greta reads over the letter several times, getting particularly hung up on a single line. "Tensions are high? Sure, we've had issues with our neutrality but... I didn't hear anything of this sort." She sighs as she finishes the letter. "I'll miss them both a lot, but I suppose this not the worst of farewells for a woman who has a accomplished much as Isalie has. I wish all the happiness in the world to Isalie, best of Thains and best of friends."
  14. "Good lord... and they say MY writing is obnoxious?!"
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