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  1. Hey. . . True but thats mean.
  2. To try and be nice with this, as you are someone new to the server and has not written lore before: - This is obviously ripped from D&D / Baldurs gate 3, meaning it is material that is not simply 'inspired', it is blatent theft of other peoples works with little to no change at all - You have not made this in anyway the same as normal CAs or magics are written and made on the server. I suggest looking over the links posted on the bottom. - You did not think about how to match this at all to the server lore, or in anyway how the server rps certain magics. Especially adding a focus on romance which is very heavily looked down upon by the ST, especially if it is for a non-humanoid CA. - none of your abilites are explained, they are easily powergamed and poorly represented. They are in simple terms, uncreative and not thought out. - Your images use do not describe at all how these characters would actually look. and are stolen right from a game. - You do not explain how a devourer would become ascendant, nor any of the rituals behind the CA / magic on how to become one of these, though I assume it is by a tadpole in the eye. - Your redlines are a poor mess and make this very easily abused, when you write redlines, write them like they are for five year olds. - Your purpose has no thought or meaning behind it and is a niche already taken by other CAs and magics Links that will help you: Base CA sub examples and how to write it Why lore can bad and examples of bad lore, this also goes over plagerism. A decent article on the difference between plagerism and influence https://www.thedailystar.net/shout/the-fine-line-between-plagiarism-and-influence-77381 And lastly, the lore teams guides on actually making lore, and how to fit it into the server. I hope this helps and you take time to look it all over before submitting again; I hope I didn't come off as rude.
  3. "Why not templars? They use magic too." A paladin would grumble, hating hats
  4. I like the lore, but it does seem odd for it to be Garumdir- he is the god of what is basically the clockwork realm and cares about non-magical inventions and machines; I don't know if it really fits with rune smithing
  5. Welcome to combat on lotc, it's always a shit show. A post like this comes up, we all argue in the comments, nothing gets fixed, repeat next year.
  6. Favourite person you taught magics to? (hint it's me)
  7. Sir John, a loyal retainer to Richard is overjoyed with the news!
  8. The Morals of the Lion, Mercy, and the Bloodline of Darkspawn The Amber Paladin Prologue Throughout the history of the Order and my time within, many have had different ideas on what constitutes as mercy and how we should deal with those who are related to or defend what is considered Darkspawn. These may come in the form of defense of a family member who has become corrupted, defending the secret of a lover, or being the child of. Within this writing I shall lay out my answer to this question based on my own experience dealing with the creatures and in relation, bloodlines and the ideas of mercy. Chapter 1 What is Mercy? Those of us who work under the banner of the Lion or under that which is above him, God, are all known to have different ideas on what mercy should be given; is the crime committed redeemable? Are those who have become corrupted able to be forgiven and granted redemption? Within my mind there are many answers, but one persisting ideal, Mercy. We do not fear the darkspawn, we pity them; for they have fallen from the path of the righteous and become slaves to power and false ideology. Therefore before redemption they must be granted mercy- the mercy to see the hand of God. ‘What is this mercy?’ Some may say it is to grant them redemption they have not earned, or by finding a way to cure them of the affliction they themselves sought for. No, it comes in the form of granting them the right to be judged at the seat of God, to allow the Creator to know his own and judge them without the bias of a mortal coil. They must be sent to the Creator by the sword of the righteous and unyielding - only then may they gain their chance at redemption away from the mortal coil. Chapter 2 The Blood of the Tainted When one becomes corrupted and ruins their soul, be it by learning dark magicks, accepting the vampyric touch, or making deals with damned creatures, their blood becomes tainted and blackened by their disgusting quest for power. This is not to say that their entire bloodline is corrupted or tainted, however this causes two issues; the bloodline is now known to be corruptible and any children that come from the tainted are now cursed to the damned fate of their fathers. The question now is what to do with those of blood, those born after, and those that knew. On the first issue- if one is found to be corrupted and granted the mercy of the Creator, their entire bloodline must be tested to see if they have also come to become corrupted and foul; any found to have done so should be granted the same mercy. Those who are seen to be clean and untainted should be watched and kept close- unknown if their minds are also afflicted with corruption. Any signs seen of them falling in should be immediately snuffed. On the issue of those born after; they are cursed, they have been given the blackened blood and their souls can only be saved by the Creator. Therefore to be saved they must be given the Creator’s mercy so he above may cleanse them of the tainted curse that has come to affect them. This is the only redemption we can give them, for It would be cruel to make them continue on this mortal plane; subjecting them to the curses of their father. Lastly on the subject of those who knew of the corrupted choices of their blood, kept the secret or stayed silent- they are sinners and have already chosen to stray away from the path of God. Any who come to the defense must be granted mercy, give them the opportunity to plead their case before the creator, the same for those who kept such a wicked secret and did not grant their own blood the love of the Creator. Any who did not know should simply be subject to the prior mentioned surveillance and kept close. Chapter 3 The Job of the Paladin and the Believer As the chosen of Lion we have a simple job, to slay the darkspawn who come to corrupt and destroy the descendants and the will of God- we are given a sacred duty and must complete it even if we should die. When one of the Order falls, another takes our place; so is the will of God. We must never falter in our duty in a misplaced sense of false mercy or kindness that the corrupted do not deserve. Our Creeds tell us of our duty and the duty to stop the corruption by any means. For those not of the Embered but follow God or any Aengul under the banner of the creator must remain prudent and keep an eye out for those who are at risk of becoming corrupted or have become such. This is done through making sure that those who spout blasphemy and dark texts must be quickly removed and reported to the leaders of their community. Should it be their own leader it must be brought to the Church or the Paladins so the scourge must be purged. Just because one is not a Knight, Paladin, or Lord does not mean they can not help fight the scourges of the damned. Be it through reporting those you suspect of corruption or fighting the damned yourself- you defend the will of God. In the end remember my friends, do not hate the darkspawn or the corrupt; pity them. Pity their choices and their fall to temptation- but do not let pity stop you from granting them the mercy to beg at the feet of the Creator for redemption.
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