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  1. You’re simply too cool to @ (I couldnt remember what you changed your @ to stop hiding samurai man) We always live on- Adrian dogs forever
  2. Love you Sam, you've always been a real friend; even though I'm gone, if you ever need feedback on the weird schitzo shit you write, hit me up
  3. I'd never want to Strong; who else will carry you?
  4. After half a decade on LOTC, it is time for me to leave; For those of you that don't know me I am Exanimated or Justgrim, a long time player compared to some others and still new compared to the real vets. I first came to this server as someone who had almost never experience roleplay, never really payed attention to stories or fantasy, and I got trapped in the fun of the world that has been created by players and staff alike. Over the years I've played many characters, from my first being Jaxon Hargrave, Zolvan Elverhilin, Cain Thelin, and lastly Faen Vulnrith; all of them giving me wonderful memories and stories that I will hold onto. Players like @Capace, @beetle, @glassyskies, @Juno., @BobBox, @marslol, @Catallina, @BoyWonderr, @craneia, @TimberBuff, @StrongBear, @Itz_Cookie, @Morigung-oog, @Lhindir_ and many many others that I can't tag here, thank you for the memories and the fun. I've made many friends on this server who have become more than simple online buddies or acquaintances, they have been true friends who know me better than most other people ever will, Thank you all for being here for me, it was a blessing to meet you all. in contrast I have made many enemies on the server, people who dislike me, hate me, or that I don't get along with; Some I've had issues with stemming a few months to a few years, to all of you, I apologize. I've never been the best person, I cause issues, I've lied, and I've fought, and for all of that, I hope even though we will never interact again, that we can be civil. I'm leaving not for any reason that involves drama or hate for the server; now that I'm done college, I just don't have much time thanks to my profession as a cook, I hope the server continues to thrive and build many more wonderful experiences for those like me. To be honest this has all just been kind of a ramble of thoughts I've had over the past few days while giving away my last ST items; it isn't very coherent and is more word vomit than anything else, just a goodbye for those who I've not spoken to in a long time or lost contact with, so they know where I've gone. Nevertheless, thank you all for the experiences I've had, good and bad. Thank you to the staff and players for all the enjoyment and fun. Goodbye everyone! I pray you all continue to have fun and build countless more stories.
  5. Hey. . . True but thats mean.
  6. To try and be nice with this, as you are someone new to the server and has not written lore before: - This is obviously ripped from D&D / Baldurs gate 3, meaning it is material that is not simply 'inspired', it is blatent theft of other peoples works with little to no change at all - You have not made this in anyway the same as normal CAs or magics are written and made on the server. I suggest looking over the links posted on the bottom. - You did not think about how to match this at all to the server lore, or in anyway how the server rps certain magics. Especially adding a focus on romance which is very heavily looked down upon by the ST, especially if it is for a non-humanoid CA. - none of your abilites are explained, they are easily powergamed and poorly represented. They are in simple terms, uncreative and not thought out. - Your images use do not describe at all how these characters would actually look. and are stolen right from a game. - You do not explain how a devourer would become ascendant, nor any of the rituals behind the CA / magic on how to become one of these, though I assume it is by a tadpole in the eye. - Your redlines are a poor mess and make this very easily abused, when you write redlines, write them like they are for five year olds. - Your purpose has no thought or meaning behind it and is a niche already taken by other CAs and magics Links that will help you: Base CA sub examples and how to write it Why lore can bad and examples of bad lore, this also goes over plagerism. A decent article on the difference between plagerism and influence https://www.thedailystar.net/shout/the-fine-line-between-plagiarism-and-influence-77381 And lastly, the lore teams guides on actually making lore, and how to fit it into the server. I hope this helps and you take time to look it all over before submitting again; I hope I didn't come off as rude.
  7. "Why not templars? They use magic too." A paladin would grumble, hating hats
  8. I like the lore, but it does seem odd for it to be Garumdir- he is the god of what is basically the clockwork realm and cares about non-magical inventions and machines; I don't know if it really fits with rune smithing
  9. Welcome to combat on lotc, it's always a shit show. A post like this comes up, we all argue in the comments, nothing gets fixed, repeat next year.
  10. Favourite person you taught magics to? (hint it's me)
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