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  1. Monika von Augusten beams as her gossip was published in the paper. She brought it to her father, "Papa, look at vhat ea vrote!"
  2. Monika von Augusten, Aimo's squire, spends her time in Petra's mines, very proud to have Black Lung for Petra!
  3. Monika von Augusten, a Petran squire sharpens her blade, humming a song she had heard during the last battle. "Down with the traitors." She mumbled
  4. Therese von Theonus sighed, pulling a hand down her features. "Did we not tell her to stop using the Brascan title? That it is Petran?" She shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest. "I hope she is ready for what is to come."
  5. [!] A portrayal of the bride and groom The Haus von Theonus is happy to announce that Konstantin Aleksandr has joined Regina Charlotte Barclay in holy matrimony. Due to the ongoing tensions throughout the continent, the newlyweds decided to have a private ceremony with close family and others in attendance. Sir Konstantin von Theonus, Guardian of the Commonwealth, Knight of the Petrine Laurel, Lord of Bingleburg, Hero of Faubourg Regina Charlotte von Theonus, Lady of Bingleburg
  6. Monika sharpens her sword, ready for whatever is to come!
  7. “Vhat zhe. . .” Monika looked at the church, still aflame and turning to ash as she returned home. “Zhese people do niet even respect ein church. Zhey deserve nein compassion.”
  8. Annette von Theonus laid in her bed, nodding her head as she thought of her time in Minitz. "Ich miss zhat place. Mein friends. . .hov our family vas." She spoke, looking over to her husband. "A shame."
  9. Thérèse von Theonus weeps for the loss of her brother-in-law, holding onto her husband. “Shall he join His Majesty in the skies. He was a good man and did not deserve this. The best brother I could ask for.”
  10. “Ave Petra, Ave Queen Catherine I!” The Petran Vice-Chancellor yelled.
  11. "Justice will be served." A Petran squire comments, going to her butterfly garden. She released a cabbage white that day, for the poor soul that was lost.
  12. Thérèse von Theonus salutes the Queen! “May your next adventures be full of excitement, Your Majesty.”
  13. The Vice-Chanzlé of Petra wonders when Hohkmat became a nation. . .
  14. A woman's eyes looked upon the missive, horror filling those eyes quickly as the read the contents. "No. This. . .this cannot be." She dropped the paper to the ground, a hand covering her mouth "My brother? Of all people?" She asked herself before weeping for her now lost family.
  15. Tap. . . Tap. . . Tap. . . A pre-teen girl tapped the pad of her finger against a frame, taxidermy butterflies carefully pinned inside. Her eyes stared, dull. The once youthful smile she once had was now gone, replaced by pure misery. These creatures that once brought her happiness now brought her nothing but sorrow. Monika stood there, her mind replaying the events of that night. Voices flooded her mind, telling her different things, and she didn't know which to follow. A voice came louder than then all, "Keep your brother out of trouble now" it told her. And oh, how she failed. It was her fault. This. This was all her fault, and she had no one but herself to blame. At least her family's name was cleared now. . .but at what cost?
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