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  1. “Not again…” A Waldenian woman would sigh within her home in Reinmar. She looked to her husband, knowing he would have to go fight if things did escalate.
  2. An Elder Wen would look at the missive, nodding in approval. Her calloused hands had worked hard to prepare the items for her niece's shop whilst other plans commenced.
  3. A certian Vuln’miruel would let out a disappointed sigh before going to see the Celia’nor Chancellor.
  4. One of Laltyl's many children sat in her home, in the company of her dearest fiancee. This daughter had sat at her desk, hand resting under her chin for hours. The thoughts quickly came flooding in. Perhaps I too should join her. Life with my dearest is a dream, but the forests will forever call to me. This young mali had been taunted by the voices that lie within these damned woods, trying to pull her in. Back to the life she had just before. As she thought, the girl wiped the tears that began to form and fall down her cheeks.
  5. Annette de Rosius would remove the wax seal, opening this letter. Perhaps it was yet another missive on the affairs of state, or maybe a letter from her family in Haense. She held one of her newborn daughters close as her eyes started to skim the words imprinted with ink. Oh no. And as she finished, the letter that once sat between her fingers floated to the ground, that same handing going to cover her mouth. What did she do? What did they both do? The young mother scooped up the other child, making her way out of the manor with her two children.
  6. Annette and Adrian had went to Sedan, to reminisce on the past and see their father. The siblings walked into the small town, wandered around. As they turned a corner, there he was. Ludwig, on the ground. Gore rushing out of his abdoment. In the heat of the moment, Annette had fallen to her knees by his side, crying out for her father and screaming to his murderer. In her mind, she could only think of one thing. Why him and now? Her mind was weak, sorrow taking complete control of it. The healing salves and oils she had became no use as she sat there and wept. After it all, the young woman would refuse to leave her home. She only left once to send a letter to her dearest friend, but besides that, she sat at home. She laid in bed for hours, weeping for her father. Or, reading the books he used to read to her as a child. She thought about Hemlock and all the memories from their time there. "Come back to mich in somevay, bitte."
  7. Stalashal Vuln'miruel eyed the document. "Elveness? Seems these old Imperialsts can't spell for shite, and are behind with the times. It is Mali'nor now, stupid valah." She rolled her eyes, showing the document to her fiancee.
  8. Annette von Audrick sat at the family table with Aurelian, reading him a book. She thought back on the times Ludwig would read to her as a child, or tell her stories of his victories. “Vater ist proud uff us, Aurelian. Ich hope du know zhat.”
  9. Annette von Audrick would point to her family name, showing it to her lover. "Look! Ein event ich am nicht ein plus one to!" She beamed. @CanadaMatt
  10. Stalashal Vuln’miruel, the Amaethean Lady Commander would let out a sigh of relief. “Ahernan, Spirits. I’m tired of going to war with my lliran.”
  11. Annette von Audrick would see the missive. "Ein Isabel from Haense?" She asked with a lofted brow. "Zhat must be Isa... vhat did zhey do to her?" She then set out to search for her dear friend.
  12. Annette von Audrick would take the paper from her dear friend, her eyes reading the material. "Ich have nicht heard of half zhese diseases..." She said as she brought the paper closer to her face. "...But he ist Valdenian. Zhe Barclays are gutte people." @Junoix
  13. The Elvenessi commander would look over the field, a smirk on her face. “A decisive Mali’nor victory, lliran.”
  14. Annette von Audrick would see the invitation and a smile would quickly grow on her face! "Alfy told mich zhey vere getting married...Vhat ein joyus time." The woman would start to sew a new dress for the occasion!
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