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  1. Upon hearing the news, a woman thinks to herself for some time, before closing the journal in her hands. "The Circles are getting strange."
  2. [!] A single tally mark is added to the missives.
  3. [!] A simple letter is written, in neat handwriting, and posted wherever a 'ker woman might be allowed to. "I am in search of a student. If you believe yourself worthy, solve below. Everything you need to solve this message is within this message, and a basic understanding of the alphabet. 2-1-24-19 7-7 24-8-22 18-25-23-10-19-12-12 9-9 24-21-24 2-10-11-4-6-6 1-20-2-12-4-18 12-3-12 18-11-5-5-13 23-7-2 25-22-16 14-15-23-4-22-6-18 12-7-7 12-26-22 23-13-11 1-16-18 20-19-1-22-18-22 19-9 11-3-12-15-5-4-19-7-26 5-1-6-12-1-6 1 19-25-1-1-25 10-8-5"
  4. [!] The following writing is presented in the form of a small, leather bound book. Easy enough to pocket and carry around, if one wished. Copies are strewn everywhere, bearing only the title, and the following symbol, on its cover. "It is the very nature of our kind to find meaning, and order, in this world that is so devoid of either concept. Our kind being those that read this, those who make the Material their home, conquer its very essence through various means, those who carve the world to imprint their very beings into the realm so as to not be forgotten. Your very act of reading these words on a page, penned by one who is considered mad by many, is in a sense, you confining the world to a sense of order. I, the author of this manuscript, choose to take insurmountable concepts of our very beings, and transcribe them into twenty three words. Twenty three words were read, and yet the meaning of it all encompasses so many words, most that exist and some that don't. Now, many of you, dear readers, have dismissed this document as some sort of esoteric philosophical discussion, the kind that litters the shelves of the many "libraries" (though I loathe the misuse of the word in most establishments) throughout this world. I assure you that it is not the intention of this work to impose upon you a moral conundrum, or some deep philosophical discussions. These are the ravings of one who is considered mad by many, remember, and some of such madness is going to naturally come to any work I apply myself to, be it pen to paper or blade to flesh. This work is to outline the beliefs in which myself and my associates operate under. More order within the chaos. This is not some strange order with lofty goals of conquest or to create civilization supreme, nor destroy our enemies. This small gathering's only goal is to collect and preserve the knowledge of the world, in an effort to use it for the betterment of the world. I have taken this task upon my humble self, as it is that very person who had the idea of using some of the madness this world has graciously bestowed upon me to make this dreary world of death and destruction a bit better. I assure you, dear readers, that what follows is a set of beliefs, even rules, or "tenets", as some like to say. Intertwined within will be the ramblings of myself and others within our organization. This document will most likely be incomprehensible to some, especially over time, as outlooks and beliefs are due to change at any and all times. I will start with the very core of why I do this, and for you to properly understand why, the very nature of my being is known to few. A trusted few. I do not wish to use this organization in the pursuit of fame, recognition, fortune, or what have you. I have taken measures to ensure such, but for the sake of simplicity, and I suppose familiarity, you, kind readers, may refer to me as Wyrd. Some of you may even have met myself or my associates in our travels, in our pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge is not kept from the light, and the misuse of knowledge is punished within our ranks. I suppose "ranks" is a rather terrible word to use, as there is no rank within this Order. Organization. Cabal. Scum. Whatever you may call us, our natures will be left in shadow for the time being. This is not for want of mystery or to hide ourselves, but to prevent ourselves from using this work we do to our own betterment. Thus, the first rule is written: All who associate with our endeavors must remain anonymous. You will not discuss your life within the organization with those you know and love, nor those you love and know. Whilst operating for our interests, your true face and name must not be associated with any of them. Your true self and the self within our group are separate, and will be treated as such. Some of you few who are still reading these ravings may be curious. How does one join this organization? What is the name? How do I find you, "Wyrd"? These questions may be answered, but I will first describe to you the requirements. You must agree to all of the rules set out. We must not squabble without any sort of order to our actions, for doing that is succumbing to this world and letting it choke you. Second, to be a suitable candidate, you must have a healthy thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is the very core of us, as a group. It is difficult to describe in words on a page, as what resonates with one reader may not with another, but I will attempt. Knowledge is the very core of us all, those within this plane. Knowledge we carry is what brings us forward and away from stagnancy. We seek knowledge from all cultures in an effort to spread it, so that this world may live in some sort of collaboration. A lofty goal, no? Something good to devote your life to, I believe. I am getting off topic. I am not usually one to write such manifestos. Speaking to people is not a strong suit of myself, but I will continue. The second rule is written: Those with us must be willing to share their knowledge for the betterment of ourselves and others. You must be passionate in our mission, to better the world through the careful collection and dissemination of knowledge and information. Our job is to learn and educate, above all. This does not answer any of those questions, I know. I will get to them. The previous two are simply things you must be willing to integrate within yourself in order to move forward with us. Let us speak on recruitment. Once you have accepted the terms listed above, you are able to consider joining. In order to actually participate within our organization, you must be sponsored by one who is already a member. As such, you will be brought to the others and judged accordingly, be that with questioning, tasks to perform, etc. It is not a rigid process. The third rule is written: Aspirants must be sponsored by one already within our ranks. After what is considered to be adequate testing, a majority vote is required. Any who deny entry must state reasoning, which will be discussed with other members. The sponsor's vote is not an automatic yes, and a revocation of sponsorship will result in immediate dismissal, unless overruled by another majority vote. Once accepted, the aspirant will be trained, and inducted. Inducted is a word with such heavy weight. We are not occult in nature, dear readers, but we may come into contact with it now and again. Religion is not core to us. Or worship. Or the hatred of such. That is not to say religion is not present within our ranks, but like all other aspects of your life outside of our work, it is kept away. With what is written so far, I must give my writing hand a rest. Thoughts scurry about in my brain far too much for me to just sit and write them all down. A pointless endeavor. My writing will return when it is time for the second volume, which will come in time. Farewell, dear readers. Wyrd."
  5. TimberBuff

    Remove FTBs

    whatchu mean my boy I've never been raided And I was referring to polysemic saying we should ban ERP off the server, which isn't something we can enforce.
  6. TimberBuff

    Remove FTBs

    There is literally no way nor good reason to prevent two consenting adults from ERPing in dms. This is such a strange take. Will I get banned for saying something suggestive to my wife, who also plays the server?
  7. bro so sweet of u to think of me man im happy that im cool enough to get complained about this stuff is discussed irp and the characters mentioned are controversial within the community and have methods that most other druids disapprove of. y'know that internal conflict that people say is cool.
  8. [!] Not long after, the letters are torn down.
  9. A Search for the Curious [!] A letter is pinned wherever a well travelled individual would be allowed. I seek to spread the art of Artifice, of life. If you find yourself clever, find the location hidden below. Wit is the key. Reb Vwyqrmlb Tmpnmpwrfml. Qnbwh rm reb npmnpfbrmp, pbosbqr w Tpfkqml Tmd.
  10. An 'aheral woman examines the missive with some curiosity, blinking twice before rereading it. She was entirely sure she was present for the author's execution.
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