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  1. [!] Not long after, the letters are torn down.
  2. A Search for the Curious [!] A letter is pinned wherever a well travelled individual would be allowed. I seek to spread the art of Artifice, of life. If you find yourself clever, find the location hidden below. Wit is the key. Reb Vwyqrmlb Tmpnmpwrfml. Qnbwh rm reb npmnpfbrmp, pbosbqr w Tpfkqml Tmd.
  3. An 'aheral woman examines the missive with some curiosity, blinking twice before rereading it. She was entirely sure she was present for the author's execution.
  4. Discord: TimberBuff#2397 IGN: TimberBuff Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Excellence - 150 mina The One - 150 mina Conversion: Yes - USD
  5. https://gomalemo.tumblr.com/post/175779031207/hawkmoth-dragon found the artist
  6. Due to the arguments presented, I'll be removing the memory share ability from the lore. Thanks @Xx_BloodStalk_xX, and @Delmodan for pointing out the issues I hadn't before. Cheers.
  7. - IC and OOC consent is needed in order to enter the area - Passengers being able to leave of their own volition is intended, and an oversight on my end to not include a line. Will be edited posthaste. - The argument of a lack of memory share seems to be overcome by other things in this lore. Someone could use lucid dream to create a false reality in which that they are innocent or guilty, just as easily as they can show a memory. Another thing would be just people would have to believe that this is a thing that is possible to do. I could see some sort of compromise in which someone could use the lucid dream ability to vaguely recreate scenarios, with no real specifics? Or redline it to only be able to recreate places without specific details like people present. I think the lore could be fun, but I do want to assuage the issues of possible powergaming with villainy.
  8. Yeah, not that big a deal. Give me a bit to come up with a new word and replace it. Easy fix, thanks for feedback.
  9. - Closed, but no TA and there'll be a self teach altar - Simply by giving someone the ability, the rest comes fairly naturally. There's no tier system or otherwise. - Redlining how accurate someone's memory can be is a rather difficult thing, I believe. Honestly, showing someone your first person perspective of a memory of being robbed isn't much different than people just describing what happened, except maybe having a neat bit of flavor to it. How often I've seen people slap up someone's skin on a bounty poster as an "artist's rendition" is too many to count. As for using combatively, all abilities are non combative, as stated. - One at a time, as I'm sure most people only have two hands. However, due to there being no TA needed, theoretically someone could go around and give this to everyone on the server. Though, the same can be said about housemagery. - I've thought the same, but it was less work to leave it how I wrote it lmao Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Conduit of Enlightenment Background The soul and the mind, two vastly powerful things on their own. Able to achieve a multitude of things alone. People look at the raw power of both of these, and wonder what more they can do. The finer abilities of the mind and soul, when working in tandem, are often overlooked. Things that won't help you kill a man, but will help you tell a story, or give a lesson. It is so often that these abilities are used for battle, when we should learn how to better share the experiences with those close to us. A Conduit of Enlightenment is one who has achieved this connection, their mind and soul tethered together in a way that no other magical force in the world can achieve. The true power of the mind is not in its capacity for suffering, but its capacity for telling a story. Abilities Mindscape Travel (Non Combative) The practitioner is able to enter an enhanced meditative state, entering into a "physical" representation of their own mental state. This usually manifests as the place they are most comfortable with in the real world, but can have twists to reality, colors being changed, etc. Depending on their mental state and their view of said place. Practitioners may bring up to two people with them (henceforth referred to as Passengers) into the mindscape. Redlines Lucid Dream (Non Combative) The Practitioner is then able to move on from the mindscape to a complete lucid dream-like state, having complete control over the environment around them, and being able to grant a similar or limited amount of control to Passengers. Tethering Tethering, or as most magics would cause it, connection, is a simple feat. It requires no TA, you must simply be taught how to tether people’s minds and souls. The practitioner places a hand over the recipient’s head and heart, and enters the very same meditative state used to use all the other abilities stated before. Within this state, they take a student on a journey of their mind, which can lead to a multitude of things, and is very freeform. People may face their past, what they believe to be their future, or even just a wild sequence of events with no clear meaning. There is also a method that one can learn to do this on their own, with no one to guide them. The true ability is caused by the Practitioner to tap into their soul via a deep meditation, causing the mindscape to form. It is not a true, permanent tether, the practitioner has simply learned how to "poke" their soul to induce this state. Citation Booklight, for his original lore - Purpose The primary purpose of this submission is to expand slightly on the abilities of this rather old lore, and make it a rather easy ability to learn. I thoroughly enjoy this lore, and simply wished to update it to modern standards so we can continue to enjoy it. Changelog Added a redline that Passengers can exit of their own free will. Changed 'mindplane' to 'mindscape' to keep voidal horror lore in mind. Removed "Memory Share" as an ability. Clarified some teaching stuff. Clarified that tethering is a minor thing, in which the practitioner is able to "tap into" their soul. Added grogginess rules. Edited outside stimulus rules. Added 'forced stay' redlines.
  11. I think it really comes down to an individual character thing, but I see what you mean. Main real reason is "Dragons hoard", and isn't related to the druid aspect.
  12. Heyo friendo, like I said in my last reply, this comes from a long accepted lore piece of the nature Dragaar, Taynei'Hiylun, who is an attuned druid. The hoarding aspect comes from the fact that they're dragonkin and made by a dragon. As for it not fitting with druids, if you read into it, it's actually very possible for this CA to introduce conflict within the existing druid playerbase due to a different set of ideals.
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