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  1. josh moment way to bait and switch llir on god
  2. "Let it be known." That woman muttered, as she read the missive over. "I, some coward, have caused the 'once great' to rally the world against me, and they still cannot do anything meaningful." "Three out of three scores of men, and they view this as an achievement."
  3. "What fun!" Came the cry of some Cockroach, as she read the missive. "You find your home being raided fun?" Cried her shadow, four eyes peering. "Oh, dear me." A tut. "It is always fun."
  4. "Looks a bit like a crow." Mused a reclusive woman, eyes scanning the missive, the icon having caught her eye, "He's lost his subtlety." "It was never subtle." Remarked her companion, her prisoner, her power. "I like this man." Was all the Prison had to say in return.
  5. To Yera, and for all throughout Aevos, As my hound did earlier, I take pen to this paper to clarify my intentions. You have irritated me. Disdain drives my actions when I hear your name. Deny all you like to your people, for I know those who have walked your halls, and sat at your table. You hide behind pacts with the infested church, your actions buried like a corpse beneath your floorboards. I know your deeds are cloaked by the ill-informed, those who trust your word struck by the gravity of what you find acceptable, or simply too afraid to draw your ire. All is fair in the chase after me, isn’t it? I have been silent on your dealings with traitors, of you pacting with devils just for the bitterness of a revenge never found. I know the results of these dark dealings, the pain caused to your citizenry, and the fear in their eyes as they avoid the conversation. All is fair in love and war, you tell your advisors, as you lavish in the Calamity you inspire. This is the only respectable thing in your existence. Do not mistake my past silence for acquiescence. You have one year. One year to find closure. One year before I spread all that you have done. One year and let loose my hounds to scratch at your doors. The Eye Gazes, the March continues onward, The White Cat
  6. (This follows all redlines of Prophecy lore, allowing any who possess some way to glean the future to acquire the contents of this post, and only those individuals) The first thing you notice is the near unbearable heat, as though you stood at the edge of the pits of the Hells yourself. You thought you were in total darkness, but the light adjusted, and you stood in a small, stone room. Beneath the earth, before an altar of black stone. Atop it sat a feline - A housecat, seemingly, with fur of pure white. A glow from its eyes, a wound at its heart. Blood pooled at your feet. Words rang in your ears, as the room came alight, a crimson fire beneath the animal. Engulfing it, but not consuming it. “The Eye gazes upon the world.” You felt as though this animal could see through you. “The White Cat gathers her hunters.” An image appeared in the flame. A bovine skull. Empty sockets are somehow filled with hate to rival every man to have ever lived. “The child of crimson has grown, the snow melts beneath her feet.” That animal grew before you, mutating. That blood from its chest came out in a font - Eternal bleeding, the puddle at your feet reached your ankles. A beast of unnatural ferocity stood, bearing teeth to rival a lion’s. That heat continued. “The Mother of Calamity approaches.” Rang that voice, clear and true, “To usher her Children.” Your perspective shifted, and you stood within the ashes of a razed city. The architecture was unfamiliar, as was the garb of the charred corpses that littered the streets. The only standing being was a woman with two heads, four beams of light bursting from behind her. Dressed in red, she spoke. “The First Seal is broken.” Came a choir of voices, before all went to black. You awoke, drenched in sweat. The image of a cat’s eye scorched into your mind. -------------------------------------
  7. Could you state the justification behind these changes? I don't see why some constructs would be affected by wither as you've written here.
  8. misread, my bad. also you mispelled it maleflame
  9. Not to be Naztherak on top, but I would like to see a more tangible reason as to why Sorvians are immune to malflame, as other constructs with souls (or portions of those) within them are still affected in full.
  10. love getting free rep from staff announcements

    1. Nug


      henlo i lost my diamonds. pleaz respanw them

  11. Handling Inventory Recovery Requests Hello from the Triage Team! We’re the small team handling bug reports, and, topically, inventory recoveries. The purpose of this post is to streamline the process of these requests, due to the large number we’ve been getting, due to a few different ways your inventory can be duplicated or bugged in some way. To make these requests go smoother, and to get the items you’re missing back quicker, we’re implementing a preferred format to the treqs you’ll make. The format is as follows: Name of the persona affected (If the inventory of another persona was duplicated, please indicate which persona lost their inventory, and which persona had their inventory duplicated), approximate time the issue happened, and any identifiable items in your inventory that we can use to find the right snapshot. /treq Hi there my inventory was lost. persona: [Persona name] time frame: [date/time pm/am EST] Notable item(s): [ST signed, physical items name of item etc] Here’s an example: Also, a frequent issue our team is running into is time zone differences, which cause us to be unable to ask questions about the things you’ve lost, or even give you back your items. If you’re not sure you’ll be online at the same time as our triage members, you can put a chest down at the location of the ticket (the place where you run the command) with a password lock, and put the password to the chest in the ticket. This way, we can try and get to people who play at different time zones than us. Last thing to go over, the spoiler below will contain a non-exhaustive list of known things that can cause your inventory to bug out. While our techs work on fixing these issues, it’s best to try and circumvent these problems to make things easier on us and you.
  12. Cursed parents refers to the people cursed to have a cursed child. Under the current lore, two cursed children do not create more cursed children.
  13. oh this world where I go "ouchie" when someone cuts me open and then burns me alive for being a witch
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