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  1. I found that shade interaction and this should be kept freeform. From the way it's written, it's very up to the player on how it's rped. It's also why I didn't redline you can't befriend your sycophant.
  2. Sycophants of Boletius The mysteries of the Fae Realm contain many surprises for the descendants of the realm, one of which being a symbiotic spore based lifeform that has a peculiar drive to nestle themselves in the brains of random beings to cause minor mischief. They don't do it for survival, or out of malice, they're mostly just bored. Feat Explanation Sycophants of Boletius are spore based fae creatures, who's attention got caught with all the happenings on the mortal plane. Descendants in particular catch their eyes, so they decide to nestle in there and cause mischief. They settle in the brain of the host, usually passing through airways and the like to make their way inside. This happens at seemingly random times, with no clear pattern. Sycophants are not inherently malicious, and their goal is not bodily takeover. The most control they'll have over the host's body are things not necessarily visible to other people. Sudden cravings for tuna, minor hallucinations (eg your pen is two inches farther right than it appears), and most notably, a voice in your head. It makes it quite clear that it is indeed a foreign being, usually announcing in a grandiose fashion that it now lives inside your head. They have no physical form, but will usually have their host hallucinate a mock form for them to look at, but it's mostly another avenue to annoy the host. It is open to conversation, leading hosts to appear as though they are arguing with thin air. This is an open Feat, meaning you can apply and be "infected" at any time. ST may also use this lore and infect players with Sycophant as an avenue of interesting roleplay. Effects Usually these would be feat abilities, but as all of these actions are involuntary IC, they are labelled as effects. Minor Hallucination The Sycophant decides to mess with the host's head, and causes a hallucination with no real malice. It can be the noise of a fly buzzing by your ear, that chair being slightly lower than it appears, it's very freeform in what can happen. This is also what it uses to "appear" to the host, usually as a sprite-esque creature, but can be anything from a weird dog to a talking flower. Redlines Sycophants attempt to play with the host, not harm them. Hallucinations that cause inherent harm to the host or anyone other than the host will not play out. Hallucinations will not appear in combat. It wants to mess with you, not get you killed. The sycophant will not have you hallucinate injuries, on yourself or others. Cannot be mitigated by magic, substances, or otherwise. No body takeovers, this isn't edgetown, shade is down the hall to the left. Voice of the Fae Pretty self explanatory, this is what the Sycophant uses to speak to its host. It's voice is minorly annoying and judgemental of your actions at worst, and is usually used to make comments on the host's day to day life. Redlines The Sycophant will speak to the host at random, and its purpose is to mildly annoy the host at best. It will not insult your deepest fears, make you question yourself, etc. At worst it makes fun of your shirt or calls your friend pudgy. The Sycophant will not attempt to impersonate loved ones or people in general. At most, it'll make it sound like someone is calling your name. It's pranks are intended to be mostly harmless, so hallucinations that would trigger severe reactions or violent tendencies will not come about. Cannot be used to meta in any way, and cannot be used as a middleman to talk to nature. It will not help you during combat, actually staying quiet so that the host can focus properly on not dying. The sycophant holds no wisdom the host doesn't. No snarky "oh I bet that dude's a shade!" Comments. As above, it cannot be mitigated by magic, substances, or anything else. Housekeeping Arguably the only "useful" thing about keeping a Sycophant around, the symbiote will decide that as recompense for playing around with you, it'll clean up shop some. Slowly fixing things it finds "sub optimal", such as heart issues or liver damage from overdrinking, though it takes quite some time for these to take effect. The Sycophant has no idea how to handle wounds, however, so on those, it's traditional medicine for you. Redlines Wounds such as cuts, stabs, broken bones, and concussions are not fixable by the Sycophant, as it simply doesn't quite understand the issue when it comes to "speed", and you should have those fixed way before it takes the Sycophant to fix it. All housekeeping ceases in combat. Physical deformities, minorly damaged organs, and minor diseases will be repaired over a period of 10 OOC weeks per defect, and it cannot work on multiple things at once. For example: You have a damaged liver and scoliosis, it'll take ten weeks to fix the liver, then another ten weeks to fix the spine. It is impossible to properly explain injuries and "teach" the sycophant how to heal wounds. The Sycophant cannot grow back removed body parts, such as limbs, ears, eyes, etc. It cannot cure blindness, but can mend poor vision. Cannot cure infertility, or increase poor fertility. Pregnant women's children are unaffected. The Sycophant cannot fix issues with your brain, such as bleeding, or mental illness. You cannot get enhanced anything utilizing a Sycophant, you will at most be at a base level of health for your race, and it does not help you gain strength or dexterity. Scars are able to be healed, but won't always be healed. If they cause pain, it is likely. Life threatening deformities and diseases are not fixable by the Sycophant, it merely states that it tried it's best, and that it's sorry. Disdain for the Void Sycophants are Fae of the Eternal Forest first and foremost, and will have a disdain for practitioners of the Void. As such, they'll be quite the bother to mages, even going so far as attempting to break their concentration while casting. Redlines Sycophants dislike mages, and will attempt to make their casting more difficult. After casting, the sycophant will grow more persistent in it's talking and influence, giving the mage a headache of a varying degree. It can be anything from a minor pain to an immobilizing migraine, and is up to the individual on how they wish to rp it. Ridding Yourself of the Sycophant Some people don't quite like the idea of having a fae in their brain, and will obviously attempt to get rid of it in some fashion. Thankfully, there are two solutions, should you wish to rid yourself of the sycophant. You may speak with a druid, who can get into contact with the fae via Communion, and politely ask it to leave. It will usually oblige, though not always. The only sure way to rid yourself of a sycophant is a cut from Azhl steel, even the smallest cut will do. The sycophant values its life over its fun, after all. Should one be rid of a sycophant, but wish to call them back for whatever reason, there is also a way to do so. Again, talk with a druid with the Transcendence feat, and they are able to call your sycophant back to the material plane via a fae ring. Redlines Tier 3 and above druids are able to speak to the Sycophant, utilizing the ability Beastspeak. Druids may not use a sycophant to read the host's mind, and if an attempt is made, the sycophant will simply tell the druid off. Whether the sycophant listens to the druid or not is up to player discretion. If they succeed, contact an ST to deny your feat application. Azhl steel will immediately rid you of the sycophant, whether willing or unwilling, and you must let an ST know so they can deny your feat application. OOC Purpose I wanted a fun avenue of roleplay not seen very often on the server outside of darker magics, and it seemed like something with a lighter tone might be something that people would be interested in. There is no real mechanical or roleplay benefit or deficit, and it's quite easy to acquire and remove. You want a person in your head? Go ahead. It doesn't have to be a shade, it can just be a prankster.
  3. It's a nice concept, though personally I would highly recommend a name change out of respect for the culture it originated from.
  4. Word reaches to a woman some distance away, who reads the missive with a curious glance. A nod of approval, nothing more.
  5. A blind woman smiles as the missive is read to her, and she sets off to meet with a mutual friend.
  6. Curiosity within the walls, the crowd, the treetops. The folly of man, and the pride of dragons.
  7. time to reverse engineer a train and then give it legs
  8. Skin: m'lord Bid: 2k Discord: TimberBuff#2397
  9. Literally the only issue I see with this is the minor error here of “do not have/have possessed”, which should be “do not have/have not possessed”.
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