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  1. "Five?" Some entity wrought of limbs and flame turns unto it's kinsmen, a deep hum rolling from it as he spoke aloud. "The irony.. They know not that their King rots in Hell; And 'pon his ashes, they memorialize the Five. The time nears, for those distant birds of mine to begin their work.. Soon, all of Man, shall know;" "God, is dead." Papyrus is scribed upon, rolled, and delivered unto churches and forts across Humanity, unbeknown heretics summoned to his presence.
  2. Somewhere, something frozen wails, onyx-wisp tracing cracked flesh, clung to the neck of the behemoth. A name is scratched from a frigid tablet; And a candle is lit at some viscera stained alter.
  3. A proud global elitist scans this missive with a gasp. "Just imagine what this'll do for the opium trade.." He thought, disregarding most of everything else.
  4. An elder stands above a cauldron of ink, bubbling and shifting vastly in color; His jaw shifting to chew on some heap of tobacco, soon spit to his feet in offering, waving a hand to another unseen in the corner of his study. "Papyrus agh a quill.. It ahm tik for mi to zay mi pieze." And so did he begin writing with that strange ink, spending hours into the night, hunched over his desk.
  5. It has been a long journey in the community. We've all had our bumps in activity and interest-plunge here and there but it's been an absolute thrill thanks to many of the people helping keeping things going as a community not only in leadership but throughout the entirety of the playerbase. I've had alot of amazing rp with all of you and I'm excited to get things back on track, I hope with the potential acceptance of this rewrite we can reach the majority-narrative for players who are less familiar with our rp and get people interested in interacting with our community. Though I was too busy to work directly on the final drafts; Dio put his absolute most into not only bringing out my ideas but our community's input to a solid piece that should at the very least give us some direction depending on player responses and verdict. Another huge shoutout to @Diogen for shouldering all of this over the past couple of months and for being one of the strongest pillars any of us in fw leadership have had to keep us in the right direction.
  6. Holy shit- this shit fire +1
  7. _Leyd


    Would you rather receive 5 million dollars- but never talk to your current friends or family ever again, or get 5k that you can ONLY spend on two friends (including vacations with them etc) would you rather only listen to country for the rest of your life, or only listen to K-pop for the rest of your life If you had to pick one superhuman ability what would it be If you could give a younger version of you advice what would you say? at what age did you realize you were clinically insane
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    Clan DhΓ»lrak

    Zzzzz (im sleeping)
  9. We are working on an entire overhaul, which will take awhile no matter how many people we involve, if you've any questions feel free to DM me!
  10. Somebody had to do it +1

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