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  1. Before: After: Explanation: Upon connection, the dreams and ambition of power which drives the naztherak completely expels any desire for romance. Naztherak may not engage in romantic relationships and are completely incapable of sexually FTBing.
  2. Somewhere, something wicked smiles.
  3. A false prophet carves an eye into his cranium with boil-laden hands, empty sockets beaming miasma like streams of sorrow. A package is dressed in yellowed papyrus reeking of sulfur, delivered unto the Red Lich, Hand of Iblees, holding within it the prophets severed arm with two silver eyes sown into its palm. In the chaotic tongue, the branded arm was scribed upon: β€œThe seals begin to crumble, the Mind of Hell awakens, let us be Two yet One.” @femurlord
  4. The global elite work overtime to pump mina into the Pengu uprising.
  5. Of Mana and Sulfur The Sorcerer State of Hohkmat lay shrouded in an eerie darkness, as if the night itself clung desperately to the land, refusing to yield to the impending dawn. Just as the sun's first rays were expected to break through, a surreal event unfoldedβ€”the sky was instead veiled by plumes of ash, a somber curtain that sought to blot out the light. Amidst this ash-laden atmosphere, Five ominous pillars rose defiantly, casting wicked flames of the fel that danced between them. The infernal glow lashed against the heavens, resembling malevolent waves crashing against an unseen shore. Each pillar stood as a testament to the arcane prowess that governed the state, channels of power drawing from the depths of forbidden knowledge. In the macabre tableau below, crows gathered like dark omens, perching upon buildings and scaffolds with an unsettling presence as prowling black-cats litter the streets and lurk within shaded corners. In the obscurity of the night, concealed within the square, A pentacle, etched with meticulous precision, manifested on the ground in a dark, scarlet substance. At the Five points of the pentacle, severed heads of different creatures were carefully arranged; a goat, a cat, a snake, a crow, and finally a bat. Above the pentacle, an inscription in common tongue, weaving a dark narrative with every word: β€œThe Dark Star Rises; Five points to his star, Five fingers to HIS fist; Hail to the Arch Princes. The Black Lexicon is seized, the Wheel turns, and soon the first seal is broken. HAIL IBLEES; HAIL THE LORDS OF THE HIGH HELLS."
  6. God bless, return to the era of schizo posting. Beautiful writing young scholar
  7. "Five?" Some entity wrought of limbs and flame turns unto it's kinsmen, a deep hum rolling from it as he spoke aloud. "The irony.. They know not that their King rots in Hell; And 'pon his ashes, they memorialize the Five. The time nears, for those distant birds of mine to begin their work.. Soon, all of Man, shall know;" "God, is dead." Papyrus is scribed upon, rolled, and delivered unto churches and forts across Humanity, unbeknown heretics summoned to his presence.
  8. Somewhere, something frozen wails, onyx-wisp tracing cracked flesh, clung to the neck of the behemoth. A name is scratched from a frigid tablet; And a candle is lit at some viscera stained alter.
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