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  1. Holy shit- this shit fire +1
  2. _Leyd


    Would you rather receive 5 million dollars- but never talk to your current friends or family ever again, or get 5k that you can ONLY spend on two friends (including vacations with them etc) would you rather only listen to country for the rest of your life, or only listen to K-pop for the rest of your life If you had to pick one superhuman ability what would it be If you could give a younger version of you advice what would you say? at what age did you realize you were clinically insane
  3. _Leyd

    Clan Dhûlrak

    Zzzzz (im sleeping)
  4. We are working on an entire overhaul, which will take awhile no matter how many people we involve, if you've any questions feel free to DM me!
  5. Somebody had to do it +1

  7. An elven man’s jaw hung aloft, his breathing shook as his heart pulsed into his throat and his gut rolled over itself; there was silence, whispering, and finally- screaming, he dropped to his knees and drug his fingernails against the ground beneath, embedding wood grain up to his cuticles. His voice carried throughout the confines of his home, pouring into into the streets of the silver city; There on the ground, he would remain for hours, pleading to something, someone, to unsee this tragedy, to wake him from such terror.
  8. A wretched hag hums in pride deliverance of her song; a twisted grin spun as a chortle summons in reverberation through those icy canyons which her throne lie.
  9. “The children of GOD bargain the use of the forbidden? Believing any who know the Father to be capable of torment in the mind? Oh how they’ve fallen-“ The wretched Priestess turns, directing a tattered limb in direction of another. “Summon my Crows, we must observe this heresy and prepare to bring ABSOLUTION, weave ourselves into the herd, and swallow the swine from within its sty, free the people, repent.”
  10. Holy formatting- this is all so good
  11. Damn, and to think I once had some respect for you, crazy, shit take bud.
  12. A self-proclaimed Empress rolls a thunderous laugh across those gelid lands, a gaze set yond to those so devoted with a grin lined with blackened daggers. "Now watch; as they scramble. Let us hunt!" The Nordling giant exclaims, lifting a sword of twisted ice high.
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