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  1. "Th' peace conditions were total removal of Vikela entirely!" Sydney remarks to no one. "Wasn' it? How can y'expect someone t'not fight when literally ev'rythin' is on th' line here??" He is talking to himself.
  2. i think it's going to be interesting to see how child characters who grew up entirely without the sun are going to be played
  3. And yet, "V'llaire's" goal has been accomplished. Confirmation. The church will not interfere one way or the other. The unnamed human behind Jonathan's identity can rest easy knowing that the Canonists will not intervene for the sake of anyone. It is best this way.
  4. i made my first silly haha forum post is this nervousness normal im so very nervous

    1. DrunkPapaBear


      Good post 🫡

  5. [!] A paper, pinned to a post, or maybe a notice board. Perhaps even littered on the ground. It has recently come to my attention that the Uruk’s plan to destroy Vikela. From this, I question, why would they wish to do such a thing? What purpose? Then it hit me. The purpose is obvious. They simply wish to show their might. There is no just cause for this bloodshed other than to prove that their new system can stand strong. This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to invoke fear into the hearts of Southerners. Their goals are nothing but destruction, and to gain land for themselves. Immediately after they had to make due to the Cannonist nations. And yet, they practice something that is an affront to Canonism itself. I do not mean Shamanism. I mean Blood Magic. I have it on good authority from an anonymous Orc that there are numerous blood mages within the New Horde. And there were multiple in the time of the Old Horde. Perhaps the new Rex is unaware. Maybe we shall give benefite of the doubt. But is that a risk we can take? Suddenly, there is war in the South, perpetuated by destructive, power hungry individuals, who allow blood mages to walk among their illk. Who allow rituals to occur, and do nothing about it. If they are able to claim Vikela, what is next? Might they turn their eye to the good Canonist nations? Might they wish for revenge? For what was rightfully seized... back? Do they deserve to take new lands and make new demands on a whim? Their previous leader may not have been the only one invested in the darker arts. Is it not possible that they knew all along, until they couldn’t cover it up anymore? And, sure, some were disgusted and revolted, but their transition to a new Rex was almost too smooth. The reforms almost too appealing to the outsider- I ask you to consider the potential implications there. Are the Uruk- the New Horde- simply trying to lure us into a false sense of security? Are we so willing to forget their part in the Coalition war? While leadership has changed, it appears their bloodthirsty nature has not. Their need for death, blood, and destruction remains the same. The Southern alliance is in peices now, torn to shreds, and is it not funny how the second that happened, this war was declared? Is it not funny how they can sit and demand destruction on another group, while harbouring those who practice dark magics? So, Canonists and others alike, I implore you to consider: Just what is the risk if the New Horde wins? What will satiate their appetite for blood? - Jonathan V’llaire
  6. A weaver reads the words, considering. Where will she go? No where. She will stay where she is. However the unification happens, she will stand. There is no where else to go. There is no turning back. This is what Katherine Anne has become.
  7. Sydney contemplates the ethics of rallying couples to perform public displays of affection in New Valdev. "They can't get us all!"
  8. A young artist is troubled. What does this mean? What of the funeral pyres? Must every part of Caeso's childhood be erased?
  9. we in a hot tub that voidal tear nightclub ..

  11. Lanre. Kiva frowns. They find the idea silly. Then again, their understanding of the void is limited, biased, and, ultimately, not correct. Viewing the void as a living, breathing companion to borrow power from, rather than a tool. In their mind, the Void will reveal its secrets as it sees fit, and causing tears and the like distresses it. And thus, causes the beast to be in pain, and to lash out, like a lion with a thorn lodged deep in its paw. But they can tell him none of that. And they know he will not remember them. And they know... He was never the type to choose to be good. So Kiva will not even entertain the thought of helping with this.
  12. Sydney doesn't know how to feel. But he knows he can't be stagnant anymore. Casimir was getting older, and Syd wasn't the most present friend, if he can even call himself that anymore. "I have a blasting potion, it was a wedding gift." No, that's not exactly what Casimir had said. He can't remember exactly what Casimir had said. "You'd be a good soldier." Or was it... was it.. "You'd help Balian as a soldier" or- did he say soldier at all? Did he? Sydney just can't remember. And that upsets him greatly. Casimir was wrong. He was not cut out to be a soldier. Or a knight. Or a Shrike. Syd exists in the shadows of other people. Naya, Athri, everyone. He thrives only with them to push him forward. Casimir never knew that, though, and he never needed to know that. He's gone now. Like so many others. Sydney cannot stay stagnant.
  13. "Yes Gravelord," we all say, in unison. The necromancer long turned from the path wants to fit in.
  14. I went from having a list of situations I'd PK in to a list of situations I wouldn't PK in. I have only died IC thrice though, and all times were to someone I was friends with who didn't steal my items. And the situation my characters died in fell into the Things I Refuse To PK To Unless Mods Tell Me Otherwise 1. Things that REQUIRE someone to die. IE, ghouls killing to "level up," orc bloodlust, rituals that require a death. If it is something like a public execution, sure yeah PK, but if it's a condition from a dark MA/CA or curse that requires someone to die... I'll be your fodder, I'll help you out, but I'm not going to PK to it. Like yeah sure do your funky ritual, happy to help, but I have other things to do as well so it's not going to be the end of the character. 2. Banditry. Basically of any kind. I'm not PKing to a bandit unless I have a really good reason. Especially with murder hobo bandits becoming more frequent again, I'm just not going to. That's essentially my list, but also if I don't have fun in the RP I probably won't PK. On the topic of kloning, a character was recently PKed (not mine) because the person who killed them also took out the klones. Not to mention, when klones return to life, they are extremely weak for a period of time. I've personally never seen those effects dodged IRP or seen it be taken advantage of, but also I've only been here since November.
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