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  1. On her way to visit her sister in the Father Grove, Aedrie stumbled across a particularly hefty chicken. "Who's been feeding you, suika?" She wondered aloud, moving to gently scoop up the bird before continuing on her way. "MIVEN!!" She declared happily after knocking thrice on the Bear's door. "I found a new friend!"
  2. IGN: searose143 RP Name: Nara Starbreaker Candidate: Norli Starbreaker
  3. IGN: searose143 Discord: searose143#3190 Character Name: Aedrie Sirame Position: Artisan/Novice Art: Painting, Textile, Carpentry, Pottery
  4. A small 'ame curiously picked up the tome and began to read, her gaze lingering for a long while on the last statement. Only upon hearing a loud hoot from her beloved owl companion did she snap out of her trance and look up, slightly furrowed eyebrows relaxing as she neatly placed the tome back where she found it. She then began to walk off, silently pondering.
  5. A high-pitched yelp of excitement sounded from somewhere underneath the Queen's Bounty. Inside her new C-class home, Nara Starbreaker pinned the invitation beside her bed and turned on her heel, immediately sprinting out the door to go find the best rocks to carve and give as gifts.
  6. ((IC)) Name: Aedrie Sirame Race: Mali'ame Applying For: Co-Head Librarian or Librarian Age: 75~ Experience: Worked for many years in the library of Siramenor; current librarian at the Druid Grove. Lots of experience in scribing texts and writing original works - particularly poetry. Citizen of Elvenesse: Yes ((OOC)) Time Zone: EST IGN: searose143 Discord: searose143#3190
  7. Out on a stroll around Aegrothond with a light brown owl and tiny snail, Aedrie came across a flyer. Her face immediately lit up with excitement, and she raised the message for her and her animals to read. “Let’s go make a costume!!” She sang as she ran off to do just that.
  8. A small, red-haired Druid silently studied in the Siramenor library, her dark green gaze flicking calmly across the shelves while she recalled prayers and considered the best tactics for use in the upcoming battle. She rose to her feet and stepped up toward the beach to make her way through the village. As she passed Miven, her ever-present light smile tugged into an amused one, her left hand decorated with a crest of an owl gently tapping the ‘ame’s shoulder. “Beautiful, Lari’onn,” she mused softly. Stepping into the Apothecary, she climbed downstairs and pushed her single braid, woven with v
  9. Aedrie Sirame stepped across the sturdy wooden bridge off the coast of Siramenor’s mainland. Her left hand gently carried a dark wooden staff covered in vines and iris flowers, quite similar to those wrapping around her arms and legs, while her right held a rather large woven basket. She turned left on the sand to face the horizon, dotted with ships and pieces of pale green seaweed poking out from the depths. She looked to her right to admire four vibrant wooden statues depicting Mani: Hamatsa, Bolomormaa, Nemglan, and Amaethon. The Dedicant slowly made her way to kneel beside the
  10. 6th of The Amber Cold, 1774. Aedrie Sirame lifted her gaze to study the stars above her that were slowly fading with the vibrant light from the rising sun in the east. She took in a deep breath of cool air through her nose, allowing peace to wash over her as she held the breath for a bit before slowly letting it out. In the Mali’ame’s left hand she gripped a dark wooden bow decorated with carvings of a stag and the Mani Morea, and across her right shoulder she carried a homemade quiver full of arrows. A gentle smile appeared on her face upon noticing a light grey owl that glided si
  11. searose143


    Aedrie Rosedale was born in Irrinor to Fyra and Thokas Rosedale. She is their second child; she has an older brother, Aeltis, who is about 35 years older than her. From a very young age, Aedrie wanted to learn as much as she possibly could. Her brother and father are extremely skilled in woodworking, so Aedrie knows a thing or two about crafting tools. Her mother was a sculptor, though Aedrie didn’t have much of a connection with her because Fyra was so focused on her work. Aedrie excelled in school – as soon as she started to read, she learned about all kinds of ancient magic: she read all a
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