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  1. Aedrie Sirame stepped across the sturdy wooden bridge off the coast of Siramenor’s mainland. Her left hand gently carried a dark wooden staff covered in vines and iris flowers, quite similar to those wrapping around her arms and legs, while her right held a rather large woven basket. She turned left on the sand to face the horizon, dotted with ships and pieces of pale green seaweed poking out from the depths. She looked to her right to admire four vibrant wooden statues depicting Mani: Hamatsa, Bolomormaa, Nemglan, and Amaethon. The Dedicant slowly made her way to kneel beside the grand statue of the Thunderbird. She set her staff beside her and reached into the woven basket, producing several items from inside: bunches of protea and gladiolus flowers and several beautiful feathers, seemingly from eagles, falcons, and owls: birds of prey. ”Ordivtilruer Nemglan...” the Mali’ame began to recite a soft prayer to the Princess of Eagles. As she spoke in front of the towering shrine, her head was dipped toward the ground and her eyes, usually wide and calculating, were peacefully shut. Upon finishing her prayer, the Dedicant opened her eyes once again and drew a small circle over her chest. She reached for the offerings she had extracted from her basket and held them in both of her vine-covered hands. Shuffling closer to the flame at the base of the statue, the ‘ame began to offer her items one at a time. First, the flowers. Her cupped hands held bunches of deep pink proteas and light pink gladiolus flowers that seemed to be freshly picked. Dew drops leftover from the cool morning glistened in the sun as she carefully placed the flowers into the fire. She then picked up the various feathers and placed them into the flames one-by-one. Shades of black, grey, brown, and white flashed before reducing to ashes before the statue of the Thunderbird. After a moment of meditation, Aedrie rose to her feet once again and picked up her basket and staff. She quietly stepped away from the shrine and made her way back across the wooden bridge toward the mainland. Turning left at the sandy beach, she approached the Aspectist island and gently pushed aside the vines to make her way toward a blazing flame toward the edge of the island. The ever-present smile that rested on the Dedicant’s face seemed to brighten as she neared the flame; memories of her Dedicant’s Vow came rushing back from a time that now seemed so long ago. Aedrie kneeled once again beside the flame and placed the basket in her lap, her staff now behind her. She reached inside the basket to remove the horns of a bison that she had helped hunt from a nearby hunting ground earlier in the day. ”Laran Moccus,” she began in a similar fashion to Nemglan’s prayer. Her words were soft yet confident, steady and smooth. The ‘ame lifted the bison horns and offered them into the flames, watching as the fire crackled and welcomed the offering. A soft smile remained on Aedrie’s face as she meditated for a while beside the fire, listening to the gentle waves of the ocean behind her and the sharp crackling of the fire in front of her. Upon opening her eyes, she slowly stood up and picked up her items, peacefully walking off toward the center of the village once again.
  2. 6th of The Amber Cold, 1774. Aedrie Sirame lifted her gaze to study the stars above her that were slowly fading with the vibrant light from the rising sun in the east. She took in a deep breath of cool air through her nose, allowing peace to wash over her as she held the breath for a bit before slowly letting it out. In the Mali’ame’s left hand she gripped a dark wooden bow decorated with carvings of a stag and the Mani Morea, and across her right shoulder she carried a homemade quiver full of arrows. A gentle smile appeared on her face upon noticing a light grey owl that glided silently from the trees of Siramenor to follow the Dedicant as she set off on her mission: a solo hunting trip. “What do you think we’ll find this morning, Hileia?” Aedrie hummed softly to the owl circling around her. She uttered a tiny chuckle and continued walking at a somewhat quick pace out of the Glade and across the road to a dense cluster of grasslands and woods near the swamp, each of her steps light and careful. The Dedicant wandered along peacefully, though she appeared to constantly scan her surroundings for signs of movement. She climbed up a grassy incline and stopped abruptly at the top, peering down at the valley below the cliff she was positioned on. A deep grumble from the valley caused Aedrie’s grip to tighten around her bow. She instinctively crouched down in the tall grass to conceal herself before pushing aside the blades obstructing her line of vision. A dark brown lump emerged from across the river and revealed itself: a bison! Its huge head rose up to sniff the air, its two horns pointed upward toward the rising sun. The Dedicant glanced at her beloved owl for a second, then back to the bison. “Look what we found!” she whispered as she began to raise her bow. “One of these can feed practically all of Siramenor.” The Mali’ame’s eyes narrowed slightly as soon as she reached for an arrow; a second lump emerged from behind the first. Then a third. A fourth. “A herd,” she murmured to no one in particular. “Aspects, a massive one,” she added after a few more seconds of scanning the valley beyond the river. There was, in fact, a massive herd in front of the Dedicant: it looked as though there were at least thirty in her line of vision alone. No doubt, there would be more beyond the soft hills behind this patch of grassland. A quick swoop across Aedrie’s line of vision caused the ‘ame’s eyes to tear from the herd and up into the sky. She let out a tiny, nearly undetectable hum before crouching further in the tall grass with her owl. Her focus quickly shifted to what appeared to be an oddly tall bird flying away from a nearby tree... a crane, perhaps? Aedrie heard a series of high-pitched calls and panned her vision back toward the grazing bison. Squinting slightly to see despite the distance, she noticed several more birds quite similar to the one in flight above her: a flock. A group of the cranes took off from the tree and gracefully swooped downward to plunge into the nearby river, and Aedrie was hit with an immediate realization: “The fish, of course.” She loosened her grip on her bow and paused to admire the scene, which seemed truly filled to the brim with animals available for hunting: bison, cranes, and trout were very obviously abundant, and the hills likely concealed many others. The Dedicant brightened as an idea came to her. The light, ever-present smile that had been on her face widened, and she slowly rose up from the tall grass to hurry back to her home, the Glade of Siramenor. Upon her hasty return to the grassland, she was holding a sturdy wooden sign and a large vial of dark green paint with a paintbrush she had crafted from a raccoon bone. She set the sign on the ground and got to work, her owl close by her side. When the ‘ame finished painting, the sign read: ”Morea’s Hunting Ground. Feel free to hunt: Bison, Cranes, and Trout. DO NOT OVER-HUNT!” Despite the rather firm final statement on the sign, a tiny smiley face was painted directly below it. Aedrie stuck the sign in the ground and silently stepped back, still wearing a satisfied smile. She glanced once again to Hileia, then back to the grassland behind the sign. “For Morea,” she whispered, and she drew a circle over her chest. With that, the Dedicant turned around and excitedly walked back to her home, one step closer to completing her Grand Task.
  3. searose143


    Aedrie Rosedale was born in Irrinor to Fyra and Thokas Rosedale. She is their second child; she has an older brother, Aeltis, who is about 35 years older than her. From a very young age, Aedrie wanted to learn as much as she possibly could. Her brother and father are extremely skilled in woodworking, so Aedrie knows a thing or two about crafting tools. Her mother was a sculptor, though Aedrie didn’t have much of a connection with her because Fyra was so focused on her work. Aedrie excelled in school – as soon as she started to read, she learned about all kinds of ancient magic: she read all about many types from Contract Magic to Mental Magic. Aedrie is fairly religious and especially respects Ohowaki, the goddess of Knowledge, Scholars, Teachers, and the Silent Hunters. She wants to mark herself with Ohowaki’s crest. Her passion for learning motivated her to spend nearly all of her energy on schoolwork. When she wasn’t reading or at school, she loved to spend time with her best friend, Thaia Nightwing, who was half High Elf. Thaia loved reading about history because her High Elf father constantly told her stories of Iblees’ War. Aedrie never fell from her place as first in her class. After school, she wants to study magic: particularly Druidism. At 52, Aedrie is fairly young, so she wants to travel the world in hopes of gathering wisdom wherever she goes; however, her determination to learn magic has made her somewhat blind to everything else.
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