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  1. RP Name:: vosirk grandaxe MC Username: thumperjack_/southernwhiskey Discord: you have it What Nation Are You Affliated With?: none. alligned with druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: because i was told to What Skills Can You Bring?: axe. nature stuff.
  2. You clearly have a poor grasp of right and wrong here, bucko. That’s not a running elf joke. It would have been disgusting behavior no matter who you said it to on the server, but you had the audacity to say it to a new player as well. Get out of here with trying to justify it.
  3. Two glowing orbs shone through the brush of trees and bushes near the beginning of the bridge leading toward the Aureon plateau, their owner watching the Emerald Prince and the Lioness as the challenge was made and a response given. His lips curled upward into an almost cheshire grin, one long elven ear flicking as a bird flew past to sit upon a branch and watch as well. Clearly the Autumn Prince was enjoying the show, his student of a Lioness rising to growl at the Aspect-worshipping Red Panda. Twas an intriguing display to be sure, and of the utmost interest to him and his Wildcat goddess. He did not step out from the shadows to interfere, remaining where he stood and opening up a sack of snacks for whenever his wife doubtlessly came about to observe as well.
  4. ThumperGiri dew it u wont
  5. Miklaeil rumbled quietly, tales of such beast-men finding their ways to the ever-watchful and ever-listening Leopard. The recently retired ‘ame decided to take a trip out to the Marshlands, his antlered helm donned with the blood markings daubed across its visor, the autumnal hue of his glowing, druidic gaze piercing from behind it. He stood silent on the very edge of the marsh, merely staring ahead as he communed with the trees and various creatures milling about within. His form grew tense the longer he listened, his gloved hand falling to his sword pommel and gradually wrapping its digits about the handle with the crackling of leather. The wildlife of the marsh were uncomfortable, thusly he was uncomfortable. The Leopard wasted no time as he strode off down the road, veering off from the trees until he was well away from the marshlands, then disappearing into the brush to return home.
  6. Hunters of Blood and Flame Followers of the Sanguine Fire Since the birth of the Creed, it has remained an unknown and quiet addition to the culture of Mali’ame and Druids alike. Its teachings reserved only for those who were thought to be wild in their heart and strong of body. That changes now with the creation of this group, our ways becoming open to any who seek to learn the ways of the Sanguine Fire. As the ways of the Creed say, those who follow it are the apex predators and guardians in the Wild. They hunt the corrupt and tainted of the natural world and cut them out, they purify the debris left behind through blood and fire, and they do it all with the very spirit of a Mani in their souls. The Hunters and Warriors Devout Followers of the creed who show their devotion to the Wild Gods through hunts and battle alike. Typically found in the professions of bounty hunting and tests of battle prowess in the ongoing effort of collecting trophies and adding onto their lists of grand testaments. They are not hard to pick out in a crowd due to the common theme surrounding Sanguine dress and armor. Usually found in padded and studded leather or half-plate, covered in trophies and adornments. Another giveaway is the crimson daubs of paint (or perhaps blood) marked upon their varied armor pieces. Heralds of Blood-Fire The Heralds are the attuned druii of the Creed, wielders of kuila-infused black ferrum weaponry and natural communion with the most wild places in the world. Their duties are mostly the same as the Devoted, spending much of their time as hunters and warriors, only with a more spiritual connotation added to their work along with the added duties of watching the Balance constantly before leading the Devoted to purge any taint threatening its sanctity. The Heralds also act as guides for the rest of the devoted Sanguine. There are only ever allowed seven Heralds within the Creed, for too many may cause an imbalance in the strength of the Sanguine just as too many predators tilt the natural life in the wild. When a place opens up in the Heralds, a current Herald takes on a student from the devoted Sanguine to be taught. Current Heralds The Leopard The Raven The Fledglings The uninitiated of the Creed are those not yet tested by the Wild Gods, and thus have yet earned the right to their Sanguine armor and weaponry. They are encouraged to accompany the initiated and the Heralds on their hunts in hopes of being tested. Once tested, the Heralds will decide whether or not the Fledgling has earned their place among the rest of the Sanguine. OOC This group is essentially mandalorian druids. Bounty Hunting, Taint purging, a lot of event seeking and RP! If you want to join the Creed of the Sanguine Fire, come to Irrinor and seek out Miklaeil or Layla Arvellon IRP! IGNs are ThumperJack_ and Numirya!
  7. The Leopard stood before the shrine to his goddess, the burning flame glistening in his tired, cat-like gaze. He murmured his prayers as he always did, asked the Wildcat for answers as he always did, and received only the fading glimpse of felines in the grass. It had been some time since he had gotten anything more than that, and the silence had not troubled him until now. Though the reason for such silence was immediately obvious, it was a test. The Wildcat did enjoy her tests. The Leopard knew exactly what he had to do, rising from his seat on the ground and striding off toward the city with a vigorous gleam in his glowing eyes. ________________________________________________ Miklaeil Arvellon, Annilir of el’Okarn’ame, stood before a crowd of assembled Elves and assorted visitors from other lands. He stood straight with a soft, yet wild, grin on his face. “Lliran! I stand before you today, on the cusp of our new age, with glee and excitement in my heart and mind. We are about to enter into a time of prosperity and good health as we have never known it before. What a sight it is! With so much change and potential coming, I thought it fitting to add a little more. I have led the Forest Guard since the fall of the Diarchy, through the good and the bad. I remember leading our rangers to fell many a voidal monstrosity at Terror’s portal, pushing back bandits and vagabonds from our realm, and maintaining order in our city. I look on these memories with a fondness in my heart, for while I may have shouted the commands, it was the Okarn’ame themselves who had faith in my decisions. For this, I cannot thank you all enough, and I hope you offer the same trust and loyalty to he who will be replacing me.. Kalius Tresery.” He paused a moment as the crowd talked amongst themselves, lifting a hand for quiet and continuing. “It has been an honor to lead this guard, of whom I consider to be the very best in all the ‘ame’s history, and an even greater honor to have fought alongside each and every one of the brave soldiers who wear the uniform. I hope I get the chance to do it again. Until then, lliran.. Asul lente karinto, ame nae evareh.”
  8. A letter would be sent back to the Mali’fenn in plain parchment, dropped overhead to wherever it had come from. “Aesilnoth, You dare write to me accusing me of negligence of duty when the only reason I was put into such a situation that required me to make that decision was because of your failure to uphold the duties of the uniform I trusted you with. I offered you sympathy when your own mind turned against you within our woodland walls, causing you to draw steel upon the citizens you promised to protect. I went to you personally, advising you to seek out help with your mental situation and to find ways to move past it. You declined my advice in a drunken haze, leaving my company to drink yourself further into oblivion. The only fault of mine in this entire mess is not stripping you of your duties then and there. But my sympathy for your condition stayed my hand, I thought that if I could fight through the same pain then you could as well. Clearly I was wrong, for the next day I woke to hear you had threatened and attacked the Grand Prince of Fenn, our closest ally. I cannot even fathom the mind that would think such a move was a good idea unless it was insane. I took a few guards with me to follow the Fennic envoy that had come to notify us of the impending doom to our alliance due to the actions of a mad man. Do you know what we found when arrived? I found my officer, my soldier, my old friend, sat in the midst of a tavern begging to be killed. Even then, I told the guard to only subdue you. Then you started fighting us. My decision to bring the blade to your neck was one of mercy for a man so lost from himself that friend and foe were all the same. Even then, I let you live. I did not have to heed the order given to me, I could have followed through. I did not. I stripped you of your ranks and duties to Irrinor and left you with the people you had attacked. Everything after was not mine to control, thus I cannot be blamed for it. I followed through with my duty despite taking every opportunity to give you a chance. Your blame is falsely placed, your challenge wrongly issued. It is denied.” -Miklaeil Arvellon
  9. Looks neat! I love the decor work in those screenshots
  10. The Annilir of el’Okarn’ame shook his head as he pushed the corpse of the human raider from his sword, blood spurting out onto the cobbles at his feet. A disgusted noise escaped his lips while gazing at the noble’s still eyes, murmuring under his breath, “Fools.” The human had somehow found his way into the woodland walls of Irrinor alongside another of his short-lived race on horseback, rushing into the city square demanding weapons be dropped and making to kill the guards milling about. Yet there were no screams of fright or panicked attempts at escape, only the clean hiss of drawn steel as everyone in the square drew their weapons and charged the human invaders. The pair of raiders were taken from their steeds almost immediately, sustaining wounds from the many mali’ame guards and citizenry that rushed to dispatch them. Whimpering they fled for the gate, only to find themselves trapped by their own folly with iron bars blocking their freedom from the Irrinite retribution. The Annilir snorted softly as he watched the bodies get carried away to be used for ritual and then put on display for the rest of the failed human raiders that sought to pillage, “Make ready for the next, no doubt they will bring more bodies to line the mound.”
  11. Miklaeil rubbed his face, just returned home from time spent upon the battlefield to his resting family, as he read over a parchment set upon his kitchen counter, “Clearly the ‘fenn have the superior growth of beets.”
  12. Creed of the Sanguine Fire ______________________________________________________________ Beneath the trees of Irrinor, the lines of worship have become blurred. Those who worship the Aspects as gods have also chosen to worship the Mani as their equals. This is not the way of the Sanguine. For the Sanguine, the worship of the mani is more than just devotion, it is their very life and essence. The Mani are far more than just wild spirits in their eyes. The mani are a pantheon of gods that guide every aspect of their lives, whom provide the food upon their tables, the love in their hearts, and the fortunes upon the battlefields. It is the life of the Sanguine to please the Mani. For the mani are all things, and it is only through them that we will be blessed. The Sanguine Code True balance is found only in the Wild, Where all are blind but the gods, And the heat of passion burns hot in crimson blood. Through this passion, we devote ourselves, Through this devotion, we honor our ancestors, And through this honor, we grow strong. Our passion is the Sanguine Fire that our veins bleed. Values ______________________________________________________________ Balance and Purity As is the duty of a druid, the Sanguine strive to uphold the natural balance in all things. Devoted followers strive to safeguard the world from taint and corruption with zealous determination. Though unlike other groups, they particularly hold vigil over the wild places in the world, where nature is most pure. For it is only these places where the Mani may walk amongst the beasts and their followers unhindered by the ravages of Descendent and Taint alike. Likewise, voidal mages and their practices are strictly forbidden and sometimes hunted for their insulting existence amongst the natural realm. Passion The fuel to the fire of every heart that beats to the Sanguine Fire. Every emotion and action taken by the Sanguine are done with the full intensity of their hearts. They hate their enemies with a primal fury, and love their families with the heat of the sun itself. For what reason should one act or feel, if not for the passion of it? Devotion The Sanguine value devotion highly among their creed, especially to the Mani. The entirety of the pantheon is worshiped by those of the Sanguine Fire with the utmost respect and devotion, though it’s not uncommon for one to choose a specific patron to show special reverence toward. Families born from the Sanguine Fire cling to one another intensely like a pack of wolves or a clowder of wildcats. They tend to one another fiercely, both through loving care and savage defense. Honor To leave behind a legacy of honor after death is something all Sanguine strive for. A life lived in the image of the Mani is a life honoring the ancestors that came before, and thusly will forever remain a shining example to the generations after. Fresh kills should be given proper rites, thanked for their sacrifice to the natural cycle. Their bodies used to the full extent, nothing left to waste else their deaths were for naught. Survival To be Sanguine is to be the ultimate survivor in a world of predator and prey, and can be interpreted a few different ways depending on the situation. For some, it’s a matter of glory to see how many fatal situations one can best before they finally meet their last. For others, it’s the pure, natural instinct instilled into every creature from birth. Elves are blessed with long life, which means it should be lived to its fullest in both quality and length. Worship ______________________________________________________________ While the Sanguine acknowledge the existence of the aspects, they do not see them as gods, but rather concepts of nature. It is with the Wild Gods that they devote themselves to. It is the belief that to please the gods is not just through rituals and offering, but through living. It is through emulating the aspects of the wild gods that they will truly be pleased. The Raven requests us to be tricksters, so she may be pleased. The Dolphin wishes us to be healers, to aid our fellow Ame. Some Sanguine choose a single, or few Mani to emulate. Through this they take on their traits, both physical and spiritual. The Sanguine are the Mani’s disciples. They feel it is their duty to tend to the god’s happiness. When misfortune befalls them, it is due to some offence that has been made to the gods which must be rectified. Appearance ______________________________________________________________ The Sanguine have a very distinct look compared to other mali. They spend countless hours devoted to their gods, they often times take on traits of the animal spirits. Tenders of Kwakwani wear dark feathers in their hair and are often tricksters and artists, while followers of the Wolf are seen with warpaint across their skin and tend to have a mean bite. The Sanguine are a tribal people at heart. They wear what they can create themselves from nature, and put nothing to waste. It’s not uncommon to see them draped in fur with trophies of the hunt around their necks. Traditions ______________________________________________________________ Mark of the Sanguine The Sanguine’s tattoos can be found on the back of the neck, colored crimson. It does not matter whether or not the marking is in full view, due to most mali’ame having long and loose locks of hair that cover well below the neck. The tattoo existing is enough for the Sanguine, a permanent symbol that connects the mind to the heart. Kuila The Sanguine have taken to the natural relics known as kuila in a way of expressing themselves as true followers of the wild ways. While few use the crystals themselves, craftsmen and artists use the dust to imbue their weapons and tattoos with an effect activated upon a druid’s communion. However, while there are several colors known to be found in the wild, and more combinations of dust to be made, the Sanguine strictly use the dust of the Inferno Kuila for the symbolism of flame and the color of blood. Trophies The act of taking trophies from fallen hunts and enemies coincides with the core values of the Sanguine. For they as Elves live long and memory does not always last after three or four centuries of life. Trophies of teeth, claws, fur, etc. are taken to remember these battles between mali and beast, often displayed as ornaments upon armor and clothing, or stored in proud view within homes to honor the memory of the slain owner. Afterlife The Sanguine, as most druii do, believe in the Eternal Forest as the place they reside after death. However, their image of the realm is wholly dominated by the Wild Gods, filled with game for hunters of all kinds and made up of every landscape in its most primal form. Blood As the name suggests, followers of the Sanguine Fire consider blood to be the purest form of both life and death. It is the essence in which maintains life in all animals, and what leaks when they pass on. Offerings to the Mani always have the blood of animal or Descendant in one way or another, and funeral rites are often done with paints and offering in blood Credits to Numirya for ideas, writing, AND art!
  13. A roaring laughter erupted from the office of the Annilir as he read the notice, “HA! Those ‘aheral.. WHEW, are they a hoot sometimes..” He then read through it further, squinting slowly, “Oh. They’re serious.”
  14. ThumperJack


    Miklaeil Arvellon, Annilir of Irrinor’s Forest Guard, receives the notice with a small frown. A messenger would be sent to Curon, assuring his attendance to the summit.
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