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  1. Lyth’ros Des’nox looked onward as he trekked across the land, grunting softly under his breath in annoyance of a rock stuck in his boot.
  2. A doctor looked up from his desk of papers and reports at the sound of three bell chimes, his silvery brows tightening into a knot as he lifted his hand up to rub at his eyes whilst muttering a soft prayer to Wyrvun, “Farewell, good Prince.”
  3. A certain mali’ame clad in the colors of autumn and bearing the marks of wildcats and ravens peered at one of these posters, scratching his cheek lightly, “Worth a visit, at least.”
  4. The Arvellon Seed Watchers of the Harvest Moon _________________________________________ “From golden trees, we keep vigil.” The Autumnal Lore _________________________________________ The Arvellon Seed is one of the smaller and lesser known tribes amongst the first migration of Mali’ame. Whilst others adorned themselves in unique and colorful markings and apparel, the Wood Elves of the Arvellon were only identifiable by their shared physical traits and their name. Yet even this left them confused with the seedless brothers and sisters. However the Mali’ame of the Arvellon did not much mind this for centuries to come. They enjoyed the ease in which they could meld within the rest of their tribal society, watching and listening as the Wildcats of Felixii do. Little is known concerning their worship of the Wildcat Princess, as is most things with the feline mani. Similarly shrouded is the seed’s later adoption of worship to Kwakwani, the Trickster Raven. Though they took to these new ways and meshed them with that of Felixii’s, creating the unique and unknown culture that they are in the modern age. In the times of Malin and the nomadic Mali’ame, the Arvellon were led by a man known as Carsul’il. Known among his kin as the Laughing Lynx for his hearty attitude and his peculiar style in hair. Carsul’il was the first to take on the name of Arvellon, and the founder of their ame’lie, a grove considered to be only myth and named the Harvest Wood for some said it was a place of perpetual autumn that was always bathed in a copper and gold light from the rays of sun shining through the canopy. While most of the tales sprung from this age, and of Carsul’il specifically, are considered myth and the true events that happened are lost to the winds of time, the more modern era of the Arvellon is easier to recollect if similarly unknown to anyone but the Arvellon. Carsul’il eventually disappeared into the wilds as most ancient mali’ame do, leaving behind his ways for his second child, Merriel Arvellon. Unlike her father, Merriel did not have many daring adventures. She preferred the quiet and watchful side of their ways, living her life upon a simple farmstead with her mate and listening to the breeze for all manner of news and secrets until the day she had her first and only child, Miklaeil. Miklaeil was bound to take after his grandfather from the day he began to walk, always grinning and dashing about from one adventure to the next with the clever wit of a cat. Only his mother could truly tame his lust for the thrill and unknown, until the day he came of age for manhood. Miklaeil gathered what few things he owned and set off into the world, leaving a supportive but deeply saddened Merriel behind. Years past and the young Arvellon found himself in what was known as the Dominion of Malin. It was here that Miklaeil decided to first attempt securing a steady life after thirty or so years of travel, though doing so cost him the identity of his ancestors within him. He donned bronze and then silver plate, shouted cries of war in the name of various princes and princesses, and even took on the name and beliefs of another seed entirely in his patriotic vigor. He began to look less and less like that of Carsul’il, and his letters to his mother grew less and less filled with wonder and joy but instead with grim and dark experiences. It was about this time that Merriel Arvellon died, caught in an accident with farm equipment. Years past and Miklaeil gradually fell back into the old ways of his grandfather, Carsul’il. His constant grin and cheeky quips became his trademark, and his vigilant and cat-like eyes always watched with a certain mischievous glint. Twas long after the Dominion collapsed when he became a Lord upon the council of Aegrothond, then yet more until he met the lovely Empyreal Princess of Alderyn, Layla Le’Cai. It was not long after noticing the same playful glint in her eyes that he fell in love and returned fully to the ways of Carsul’il. Between the two of them, the Arvellon seed’s history and culture were reborn into something both new and old. Beliefs and Traditions _________________________________________ The ways of the Arvellon are deeply rooted in Aspectism and the Mani pantheon, basing most all their various styles and values upon that of the old ‘ame teachings. Religion Aspectism and the Mani pantheon are both well-cherished parts of the Arvellon culture, most everything about them being divined from these practices. However, like most other Seeds, the Arvellon worship a select few Mani in particular. Those being Felixii, Princess of Wildcats, and Kwakwani, Princess of Ravens. Both of which heavily influence the day-to-day lives of the Arvellon, making for Elves with an odd mixture of secretive yet colorful personalities, flitting back and forth with words and actions like a cat or bird at play. Often times these Elves make offerings to both Mani in the form of tricks and pranks upon those deserving of it, or merely for the fun of it. Appearance Elves born of the Arvellon typically share the same set of physical traits, depending on the circumstances of their birth. An Elf carrying the traits of the Arvellon would be bronzed or tan in skin tone, usually a warm hue of some sort. Their hair tends to be curly or unruly in varying shades of red and brown. This coupled with brown or green eyes make them quite suitable for their favorite season, Autumn. Their apparel tends to reflect the colors of Autumn- Red, gold, yellow, and orange in various shades- to symbolize the changing and colorful personalities of the Arvellon and to acknowledge the natural cycle. Ilmyumier Tattoos designed and drawn by the wonderful Numirya A recent and modern addition to the rites of the Arvellon is the ilmyumier, thought up and designed by Layla. The tattoo implements three of the most prevalent parts of the Arvellon’s unique culture with the head of a Wildcat, the wings and feathers of a Raven, and the colors and symbols of their beloved season Autumn. Along with the primary ilmyumier that is found on the dominant arm, Arvellon of this age are known to wear a stripe of paint across their eyes during times of war and unrest to bring good fortune to them and their families. Mallir'hiylun Love is sacred and precious to the autumn Elves of the Arvellon, an emotion and act held dearly since the days of Carsul’il and the Harvest Wood. Making such a declaration toward another Elf is a grand and life changing event for the Arvellon. To them, there is only one such person to be found in their lives and it is an irreversible, unbreakable bond through both mind, body, and spirit. While not used until later in the seed’s existence, there is a binding ritual used to cement this connection between two Elves. Before an altar of Felixii and Kwakwani, the two would arrive in secret during the height of a Harvest Moon. Both would wield ceremonial aurum blades to cut the others palms. After the blood flows from both hands on either lover, the bloodied blades are laid crossed upon the altar before the two clasped hands to mix the blood of their palms and in doing so, intertwining the essence of their bodies and spirit. Once the ritual is complete, it’s said that the mates develop a true and absolute bond. While it’s not known whether this is merely firm belief, or if something truly binds the souls of the lovers, it works. These Arvellon lovers remain together until death, and even then it is said that their spirits pass on as one. Hunt of the Harvest Moon Every year during the Harvest Moon, when the night is bathed in strong orange light, the Arvellon host a ceremonial hunt that begins at moonrise and ends at sunrise of the next day. While the setting is an ominous and foreboding one, filled with shadows cast by the Harvest Moon’s light, the Elves who partake in it are filled with a playful vigor in their hunt. Typically, they will hunt until they find the largest game that they’re able to fell and bring it back to wherever the others are camped. There they wait until all the other hunters return with their prizes, to which a grand feast is held in honor of the peculiar phase of the moon. ((More to be added as RP and ideas progress. Credits to Numirya for a ton of help with traditions and tattoos!))
  5. Enlistment Form | OOC | Minecraft Name: ThumperJack_ Discord ID: ThumperJack#1536 | IC | Name: Miklaeil Arvellon Combat Experience: Former Halerir officer and Princeguard of the Virarim, fought in every orc war since the end of Awaiti’s reign to the very fall of the Dominion. Various defenses of Aegrothond and the Mother Grove after the fact.
  6. “Yikes.” Says a certain druid.
  7. Miklaeil Silma stood out in the midst of a thick wood, fog and darkness surrounding him besides the small campfire before him. A letter sat on the ground beside his tanned and golden form, adorned in green and grey. His eyes stared into the crackling flames alongside a thoughtful frown, his hands clasped against his lips. His mind was filled with the images of days long past, hours spent listening to stories of yore and of beautiful, bright days in a city lost as well. The retired Keeper stayed like this for a long while, until rays of light shone through the canopy above him like gleaming beams of hope.
  8. Is this the real life? Or is it just a fantasy? Caught in a landslide? Dogs or cats? Favorite moment from all your 4 years on the server?
  9. Rothilion smiles the sun’s smile upon remembering the event.
  10. Goodbye toffee! You’ve always been a wonderful, amazing person to talk to and hang out with on discord and in roleplay, and I hope everything goes well for you. Have a good one ❤️ We all love ya lots
  11. ThumperJack

    The Braduk Clan

    Ghorvakh’Braduk grunted in some far off cave, idly cleaning his axe with his war-cleaver resting beside him. The blue-daubed uruk released a heavy snort as he looked off toward the sunrise occasionally in silence, before shrugging his shoulders, “Perhupz.”
  12. Vosirk, within his home some ways off from his kin, smiled widely at the declaration that found itself at his doorstep. The dwarf hummed softly under his breath as he lifted up the sheet with old and familiar orange and grey, “Narvak oz Urguan.”
  13. Rothilion smiled widely at the envelope on his desk, opening it up as he cast a glance upstairs to where his closet was, “What to wear..”
  14. Rothilion silently assisted Velatha in the grim afterwork of the ordeal, his brows set in a tight knot upon his paler than usual face. The Fennic doctor occasionally glanced toward the blue E/R hallway where the commander had laid, his expression becoming only darker for it.
  15. Jedi or Sith? Am I best student? What do ya think of LOTC right now? Community, state of RP, quality of RP, etc etc. What do ya think needs to be done to fix it?
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