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  1. ThumperJack

    A Final Farewell

    Miklaeil Silma stood out in the midst of a thick wood, fog and darkness surrounding him besides the small campfire before him. A letter sat on the ground beside his tanned and golden form, adorned in green and grey. His eyes stared into the crackling flames alongside a thoughtful frown, his hands clasped against his lips. His mind was filled with the images of days long past, hours spent listening to stories of yore and of beautiful, bright days in a city lost as well. The retired Keeper stayed like this for a long while, until rays of light shone through the canopy above him like gleaming beams of hope.
  2. ThumperJack

    almost 4 year AMA

    Is this the real life? Or is it just a fantasy? Caught in a landslide? Dogs or cats? Favorite moment from all your 4 years on the server?
  3. ThumperJack

    A Drakon and Tathvir Feast

    Rothilion smiles the sun’s smile upon remembering the event.
  4. ThumperJack

    Returning to Roots

    Goodbye toffee! You’ve always been a wonderful, amazing person to talk to and hang out with on discord and in roleplay, and I hope everything goes well for you. Have a good one ❤️ We all love ya lots
  5. ThumperJack

    The Braduk Clan

    Ghorvakh’Braduk grunted in some far off cave, idly cleaning his axe with his war-cleaver resting beside him. The blue-daubed uruk released a heavy snort as he looked off toward the sunrise occasionally in silence, before shrugging his shoulders, “Perhupz.”
  6. ThumperJack


    Vosirk, within his home some ways off from his kin, smiled widely at the declaration that found itself at his doorstep. The dwarf hummed softly under his breath as he lifted up the sheet with old and familiar orange and grey, “Narvak oz Urguan.”
  7. ThumperJack

    The Royal Fennic Wedding & Ball of 1707

    Rothilion smiled widely at the envelope on his desk, opening it up as he cast a glance upstairs to where his closet was, “What to wear..”
  8. ThumperJack

    A tribute to the fallen commander

    Rothilion silently assisted Velatha in the grim afterwork of the ordeal, his brows set in a tight knot upon his paler than usual face. The Fennic doctor occasionally glanced toward the blue E/R hallway where the commander had laid, his expression becoming only darker for it.
  9. ThumperJack

    -= A Midget's AMA =-

    Jedi or Sith? Am I best student? What do ya think of LOTC right now? Community, state of RP, quality of RP, etc etc. What do ya think needs to be done to fix it?
  10. ThumperJack

    The Fennic Arcasian Festival

    Rothilion Tathvir smiled the sun’s smile, “It should be a grand occasion.. I best have some beds ready for drunkards.”
  11. ThumperJack

    Snow Elven Trailer

    Awesome stuff! The build looks gorgeous!
  12. ThumperJack

    The Ivae'fenn

    [Ooc] Username: SaltyImperial Activity Rating (1-10): 7 Skype: N/A, can download it again if necessary Discord: ThumperJack#1536 Do you have teamspeak?: I can download that again as well. Easy peasy Timezone: CST [RP] Name: Rothilion Tathvir Gender: Male Place of residence: Talar’ikur, Tathvir Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: I do.
  13. The Leopard Druid hummed as he rubbed his chin in thought, considering the idea of visiting the competition!
  14. ThumperJack

    The Crustacean Menace

    Miklaeil rubbed at the deep scar that was left by the black spike as he sat in his home. The efforts of his lover and daughter to see him healed were successful, despite his own unwillingness to remain resting in the clinic. The area still ached from time to time, usually when he reached up too high or at an odd angle. But he was alive and able to fight another day- So he was content with that. With the threat extinguished and his body mostly back to working order, it was time he set his focus back upon one of his saviors. For a Lord needed his Lady, and the Lord Silma had tarried in this long enough, “Mm.. I’ll need to ask Illynora for help with a wedding- Ow! And blissfoil, damn it all..”
  15. ThumperJack

    bigcrazy/Swgrclan's Event Team Actor application

    Come on now, this man doesn’t even need an application. He’s a legend +1