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  1. ThumperJack

    Here's a thing

    Ask me stuff
  2. ThumperJack

    Torky's FM App

    Yes please +1 Cool, calm under pressure, real nice gal.
  3. ThumperJack

    A Simple Hunt in The Loftywoods

    ((Very good read!
  4. ThumperJack

    Return of the Ferals

    Just gonna put this out there. I did not give permission or anything. Just answered some questions about the old, very nasty and happily dead feral lore.
  5. ThumperJack

    Fimlino's World Developer Application

    A perfect fit for the job. Always building, it looks like. +1 all the way
  6. ThumperJack

    [✓]The Battle for Garrond's Vale

  7. ThumperJack

    The Kingsmoot of 1679

    Miklaeil Silma, Keeper of Malin's Flame, stepped forward with a grim expression upon his face. Lacking his usual humor and cheer for once, he says simply, "The Silma will abstain from the vote." After speaking his piece, the Silma chieftain stepped back with his arms crossed over his chest to watch the others cast their decisions.
  8. ThumperJack

    Mourning a King, 1679

    Miklaeil Silma stood before his armor, plates laid out in a neat and orderly arrangement on the dining table of his home. The Silmaen Druid's eyes stared distantly at them for some time before he finally blinked a few times, looking up to the helmet. Daubed with red and green warpaint for battles long past, the visor stared back at him. After a while, he strode out of his home with the very same helm under his arm. He gave one look up to the canopy above him before solemnly donning the final piece to his armor, moving off toward the grove as he murmured a soft elvish song under his breath, the name 'Abelas' heard near the end.
  9. ThumperJack

    The maze of Khazad'Akduum pt. 1

    A Doomforged stood overlooking the valley that most of his brethren called home, two glowing orbs glaring against the thick snowfall. As the soft powder caked across his hair he began to turn and move off, pausing once to glance back before continuing on. ((A good read!
  10. ThumperJack

    Adfectio Stones

    Love it, Phil +1
  11. ThumperJack

    The Kingsmoot of 1677

    Miklaeil Silma stepped forward from the other seed chieftains gathered for the Kingsmoot, glancing about with a soft grin on his face. The Silmaen Druid remained silent for a few moments for dramatic effect, then spoke, "Silma casts their vote for Abelas Caerme'onn to remain as King." He then returned to his space among the others quietly.
  12. ThumperJack

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    Vosirk Grandaxe continued on his usual wandering, staff tapping across the cobbled and dirt paths, "Let's see 'ow dis'un goes."
  13. ThumperJack

    [✗] [Plugin Ideas] Thirst & Compass

    Yeeeeeaaaaaahh, no. Reminds me too much of Nexus' expiration dates on food. Just let Minecraft be Minecraft and if you want to RP drinking water, emote it. It's not like anyone emotes filling their hunger bar. The compass thing... eh. f3 is pretty easy to use, but if people wanted it then that's fine.
  14. ThumperJack

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    Very nice, very needed post. Good to see a steady hand taking the lead in community matters. Good luck to ya man.