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  1. ThumperJack

    [P] draja, Elverhilin's Game Moderator Application

    Guy's a blast to be around, and he takes the server seriously. +1 comment
  2. MC Name: ThumperJack_ Character's Name: Miklaeil Silma Character's Age: 100 Character's Race: Mali'ame (Wood Elf) What magic(s) will you be learning? Druidism - Communion and Control Teacher's MC Name: Leowarrior14 Teacher's RP Name: Artimec Caerme'onn Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yeppers Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Noperoni
  3. ThumperJack

    [P] Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    A very good addition to the team. No, not very good. Probably the best addition. Guy knows his stuff, and knows how to get it done. +1
  4. ThumperJack


    Lyth’ros Des’Nox ===---==-==---=== Nicknames: Lyth Race: Mali’ker Occupation: Merchant, Religious zealot Age: 99 Alignment: Lawful Neutral Status: Alive, Active ==--=-=--== Height: 6’1 Hair color: Black Eye color: Crimson Siblings: None Parents: Lyth’rel Des’Nox (father), Rosria (mother) Adopted Children: None Biological Children: None Spouse: None ==--=-=--== Demeanor: Amongst other elves (Though mainly other ‘ker) he is a very friendly, humorous fellow who enjoys a good drink or smoke. However, when it comes to the other races and his worship of the ancestors and spirits, he can be cold and seemingly uncaring. Attire: He generally wears simple, loose robes that expose his silvery tattoos. He also sometimes wears a suit of chitin and bone armor in the style of the old Ordinator guard. Skills and Abilities: He generally is a swordsman, though wields a spear on occasion. He also rather adept at creating banners and tapestries to adorn on walls or tableclothes. He seems to have very good hygiene too (If he smells like Old Spice Fiji all the time, then of course this is a skill) ==--=-=--==
  5. ThumperJack

    Darkness in Dominion leadership?

    Miklaeil scratched his head, brow lofting, "You'd think people would do their research before making public announcements."
  6. MC Name: ThumperJack_ Character's Name: Vosirk Grandaxe, The Iron Druid Character's Age: 250 Character's Race: Mountain Dwarf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Communion and Control Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Communion is the very first thing a Druid learns upon being attuned, and it is the essential base of druidism. It allows the attuned to listen and respond to the natural life around them. The first couple of stages tend to keep the druid limited to simply hearing and speaking, though as they progress and practice their gifts they begin to understand how to control the plant life and on occasion the animal life around them. This Control can be as simple as asking a tree to move their roots or (For the more learned Druid) as complex as calming a raging bear. These gifts do not give the druid absolute control over nature, however as druids practice and gain more power animals and plants are more likely to heed what the druid asks of them. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Vosirk, seated atop a large root sprouting from the elder tree of the Mother Grove, casually looked over the newly attuned elven druid with a light nod of approval, "So, laddeh. How're the voices treating ye?" The elven druid rubs at his forehead a bit, sighing tiredly, "Slowly getting better. I managed to get a few hours rest last night." He says with a small smile. The dwarf lets off a short chuckle as he nods again, "Ye'll get used to it, brotheh. As ye meditate and practice, the voices'll become more akin to a melody in the background rather than an enduring headache." He climbs down from the great root and shuffles over to the newly attuned druid, taking his staff with him, "Key word there being practice! Shall we begin with today's exercises, lad?" He asks as he leans onto his staff lightly, despite having no need for such support. The elven druid looked down to his dwarven teacher, nodding as he went to settle down in a cross-legged sitting position amongst the grass and flowers all around. Vosirk moving to stand slowly pace behind him with a nod, "Now then, see that there dandelion? Can you hear it?" He questions and he points with the end of his staff toward the yellow flower. The other druid's eyes landed on the flower, though he began flicking his pointed ears and slightly furrowing his brow, "I cannot hear it, llir. There too much... noise." He says with a shake of his head. Vosirk huffs softly at this, lifting his staff up to bonk his elven student on the head, "Nay! Of course not! Ye're not focusing! One cannot hear the voice of a single plant without first clearing their mind of all other melodies. It will require great focus and a bit of time and energy. Now, try again." The elf rubs at the spot of staff contact with a grumble, settling his gaze back onto the flower and inhaling slowly as his eyes begin to glow a greenish hue. He slowly but surely clears his mind after some long minutes, sweat beading along his forehead until eventually a soft smile breaks upon his lips, "I... I can hear it. It's... beautiful and delicate." Vosirk nods a few times at that, shuffling back over to his great root to sit on top of and look down at his elven student, "Some day, ye will be able to filter out the other voices at will. But that requires..." "... Meditation and practice." The elf finishes with a tired grin, leaning back in the grass with his eyes closing softly. "Ah? So ye do listen with them pointy ears of yers!" He chuckles quietly, turning to look the other direction as his dedicants falls asleep in the warm sunlight breaking through the leaves overhead, "Ye've done good, lad." Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  7. ThumperJack

    [Accepted] MadYeAd's Application Team Application

    +1 Top lad
  8. ThumperJack

    [Accepted] Bee's Application Team Application

    Amazing choice for the job, you already know it. +1
  9. ThumperJack

    Assembling the Grandaxes

    Vosirk Grandaxe, son of Fimlin, looks up at the missive upon oone traveling day or other. The mountain dwarf's lips parting into a great smile, "My kin 'ave returned."
  10. ThumperJack

    [Accepted] [Pending]Unwillingly's Event Team Actor application

    +1 Top notch roleplayer, nice person. She's the perfect person for the job.
  11. ThumperJack

    Excerpt: I Can't Think of a Good Title

    ((Good read! I liked it!))
  12. ThumperJack

    The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    "Accepted. Come to me or another Halerir to start." Miklaeil sends this to the applicant, nodding.
  13. ThumperJack

    The Ichor Way

    The Iron Druid reads through this, perking a brow softly, "Interesting." The short druid mutters, glancing around before moving off to meditate on this further. ((The Sith Code, eh? I like it.))
  14. ThumperJack

    Archi's 3 year AMA

    Are we forever short druid buddies? When will you make me master druid of all the known realms?