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  1. The server is on a downward slope toward becoming the premier of something else entirely and not something of a good connotation. Roleplay certainly being a very distant part of it. I would not honestly call us a "premier roleplay server" at this current moment. Why? For several months now, the roleplay community of the server (Yes, I define it as a separate community) has asked for changes and stated their distrust and discomfort with many parts of the server with feedback that was dismissive, insulting, or not received at all. Simply look at the most recent moderation poll and feedback post regarding bad faith roleplay. The comments made by PVPers and by our own moderation in these instances and dozens of others clearly show the sort of hands we're expected to put our safety and comfort in when issues arise. How are we supposed to feel safe on the server when our own moderation admin dismisses our concerns on a poll that he made? Or when moderators insult or even ban players for simply asking questions? Another example being the highly disputed raid tools that were pushed against during their testing period. They were pushed out without actual guidelines for their usage or any means for groups to defend against them. They were and are a free ticket to a PVP kick and disruption of roleplay. This was expressed by many during their testing and even afterward, only to be surprised with their implementation after our builds were completed. No warning, no means to defend ourselves. They need to be removed. I've played on the server for years now and it has never quite gotten to be this terrible of an experience. People should not feel uncomfortable or unsafe to log onto the server. There is a lot that needs to change.
  2. 3rd of Malin’s Welcome, SA 140 To the realms of Aevos, I am Eonan. I serve the Mali’ame village of Nevaehlen as her Valeseer, the commander of her militia, and I write to you all this eve to make the actions of Urguan known to all. The atrocities they commit upon our people in the name of an unjust retribution. Allow me to, firstly, paint the picture of Nevaehlen’s actions that give the dwarves of Urguan the gall to act upon us. A singular clan of butchers named by the Irehearts, known for their want of elven ears as trophies, instigated conflict with our delegation within the very coronation of Norland’s own Balon and Hilda Ruric. These two individuals and their people dropped the entirety of their preceding to come to our aid when none else would. This caused Ireheart wrath, alongside that of the Frostbeard clan, to come down upon the Norlandic people. When the joint diplomats of both Norland and Nevaehlen reached out to the Grand King of Urguan to ask that his hand reel in these two clans, the Grand King stood back and allowed the very culprits to handle his diplomacy. Since then, he has given no heed to our calls for peace and allows his warriors to recklessly attack foreign lands and peoples with no call for justice. No thought to the victims his own fighters create. Nevaehlen has since kept our distance from any offensive action against the dwarves of Urguan. Our warriors arrive in the defense of Norlandic lands as our creed demands and as the bonds of friendship ask. We do not step out from our woodland realm to seek conflict with other Descendents willingly. We avoid hostilities even when they are thrust upon us and only react when our own are threatened or harmed. Yet the dwarves of Urguan have decided that our unwillingness to make an offensive gesture upon their people is enough to act upon their own desire for conflict. They have laid ladders upon our walls and crept into our homes in the dead of night. They corral our people and sell them off to the highest bidder. Is it the honor of the dwarves that gives them the right to auction Descendents off in their own homes? Why must our children understand the concept of indentured servitude at an age too young to comprehend writing? If the dwarves of Urguan wish to soil their legacy as slavers and warmongers, so be it. But I ask the other realms that make up this new land, a land found in the ashes of one already lost to war, Will you leave your legacy as the ones who watched? Eonan Norväyn
  3. Renewed on the 14th of Sun's Smile, SA 133. (6/18/2023)
  4. Man. Look at that post. It's got all da lawr. You did so good!
  5. Long has the Vale of Nevaehlen stood upon the southern peninsula of Almaris as a beacon of the Mali’ame. A sanctuary where they may flourish in their beliefs without fear of foreign persecution or harm for their worship of the Wild Faith. A place protected not by a select few, but by the greater whole of its people. The vision of the Halerir’elame, as seen by the first Mali’ame settlers of the decrepit ruins of Vaelya, is to be a force of kindred spirits in the face of a realm that is famously unappreciated for its danger and for darkness, both hidden and in plain view. This vision still stands. The Halerir’elame, armed with steel teeth and clad in bronze, remain the vigilant rangers of the Vale through devotion to themselves and to each other. Together, no darkness nor false light may slip past. The terms used by the Halerir’elame to designate rank, authority, and the duties associated with each. Valeseer As the guiding hand of the Halerir’elame, the Valeseer organizes and oversees all affairs of the military through the Wild Chiefs and by directly stepping into the fray. They are the holder of Nevaehlen’s book of law and are often the final say in matters of internal and foreign defense. Wild Chiefs The triumvirate of Elven captains that serve the Valeseer as second-in-command. They are entrusted with the Valeseer’s authority and given leave to handle matters in their stead. Greenblade The essential militia term for every able-bodied individual living within the Vale. Greenblades are trained in combat, expected to understand the rules and laws of the village, and be trusted to attend the gates when visitors enter or leave. To undergo the training to be a Greenblade is one of few requirements needed to live in the Vale. The expanded orders under the Halerir’elame banner, each with their own set of tenets and duties specific to the name. Occasionally, a Glenthier will be appointed from within the ranks of a chapter to lead it during times of distress. Staghelms As a chapter dedicated to home defense of the Vale, the Staghelms are oathed under the brazier of Amaethon’s shrine to be stalwart guardians of the Wild Faith and of Nevaehlen itself. They are trusted to aid in training the Greenblades in matters of both combat and the culture of the Halerir’elame. They are identified by their deep green cloaks and helmets patterned with oaken branches and leaves. Gladeguard Those chosen elite that lean into the ancient ways of the Mali’ame rangers. The Gladeguard chapter serve the Vale as warriors and scouts that delve into far corners beyond the woodland borders. They adopt equipment needed to remain hidden and adapt to situations not found at home. These rangers are oathed by blood and held to a high standard of skill and capability. All under the banner of the Halerir’elame are responsible for the Vale’s defense. This includes rallying when the call of danger is made, ensuring the safety of their fellow villagers, and tending to the gates whenever possible. All under the banner of the Halerir’elame are expected to abide and uphold the Nevaehli laws as stated in the Oaken Tome. All under the banner of the Halerir’elame are bound to one another by duty. Cooperation is not only expected, but required. Any conflict or violence between another member of the Halerir’elame will be punished. All under the banner of the Halerir’elame are to heed the words of the Eternal Concord. The decisions of the Wild Chiefs, the Valeseer, and the Matriarch of the Vale are final in all matters. Eonan Norvayn (ThumperJack#1536) Lillyana Caerme’onn (Fireheart#0001)
  6. Art by Numiyra, Amayonnaise, Marsloll, & Halified Arts Throughout the centuries that make up Mali’ame history, they have always remained a people of vibrant and diverse personalities, appearances, and beliefs. This fact of life is apparent not only when speaking with individuals of the Wild Faith, but by simply taking a glance in their direction. Paints and tattoos are abundant upon their forms with no one elf looking quite the same as another. Antlers marking one’s face, the head of a dolphin upon another’s bicep, even a fae dragon or feline pattern wrapping the entirety of their arm. These tattoos, or as they’re called in the Elven tongue Ilmyumier, carry a vast amount of meaning that vary between wearer to wearer. Some are marked with the intent of being permanent banners of affiliation to their seed family or religious creed, others are signs of reputation or experience in life. The Ilmyumier worn by the members of different seeds are all often based around a singular, base design to identify that person as being part of that seed. The markings are given to members upon their coming of age ceremony or at the end of their trials to join a particular seed. Some notable seed Ilmyumier include that of the Caerme’onn’s stag antlers worn under the eyes or upon the chest, or that of the Arvellon’s autumnal sleeve topped with a wildcat’s head upon the shoulder. Not all Ilmyumier are worn as kinship to a specific seed. Some are worn as badges of status or reminders of experience pertaining to memories through life, their own skills or crafts that guide their hands throughout the many centuries of life. Some may see the head and waves of Hamatsa upon the arm of a healer, or the horns of Cerunnos’ wreathed head upon the cheek or hand of a warrior. They are strong indications of that person’s way of life or their history prior, a proud symbol to speak in place of words. Crimson hued markings found upon the hand or face of warriors, heralds of the hunt, and the devoted fathers of the Mali’ame. They are meant to emulate the side of nature overseen by Cernunnos, expressing one’s desire to be strong, courageous, and protective of their kin. Typically, they consist of jagged or curving stag’s horns with a bloody looking fade of color. The teal markings of the Mother that curl and twist like the smooth waters of a river, or grow and wrap like the vines of a floral branch. Those who don this design upon their skin are those who wish to express the gentler side of nature. The desire to grow and nurture, to heal decay and restore that which was lost into something new. Gentle mothers and the most kind of healers are most often seen with this wrapping their hand, or just under their eyes. The jaws worn by the most devoted of leaders and mentors in the Wild Faith, oftentimes offered to those who excel in these matters and proven themselves capable in their role or worthy of recognition for past service to their people. The marking, worn upon the brow like a crown or banded around one’s upper arm, resembles the jagged teeth of a wolf and is intended to express the loyalty to one’s kin and traditions. Few outside of the culture truly understand the importance of craftsmen to the Wild Faith, yet the thatch design of Meracahe’s Tail serves as a signature badge for those who uphold the crafting skills such as the Tree Singers. One may see blacksmiths wearing the design upon the hand or wrist that wields their hammer, or tailors’ weaving fingers etched with the spring hued green. While the Mani of Dolphins is typically associated with those devoted to the path of medicine and healing, this ilmyumier ensures that the Mali’ame do not forget her care for the seafarers. Many fishermen, sailors, and riverfolk alike mark themselves with the dorsal of Hamatsa as a blessing for calm waters and bountiful food claims from the waters they forage. It is most often designed as a dolphin breaking the surface of deep blue waters, found upon the arms or legs. Many believe the Snake to be the patron of sinners and cutthroats, yet the truth is in fact the opposite and this ilmyumier serves to embody that reminder. The grip of Siss’siru appears as an ouroboros design upon the wrist or around one’s neck, a snake with red, poisoned fangs biting its own tail. The meaning of this marking varies between those who carry it. For some, it is a branded reminder of wrong-doing. For others, it is a symbol of rebirth and redemption. For the scholars and studious seekers of knowledge, the crest of Ohowaki is the badge of intelligence and history. Found upon the back of one’s neck or along their hands, many Mali’ame who frequent libraries, constantly scour the world’s tales for information, or serve as teachers of history wear the marking to show their devotion to the path of knowledge. To the free artists and explorers go the wings of the Raven herself. The black and red image of a raven can be found upon one’s back, chest, or under the eyes. Many don this marking upon themselves as a means of instilling good luck toward their artistry or to bless their hands and hearts with the ability to create beauties unseen.
  7. Art by kimich-k.tumblr.com The Aenguls of Nature and Cycles, serving as a triumvirate and a cycle themselves to maintain a balance between life and death, destruction and renewal, and other processes with the natural planes of the world. They are sometimes considered to be amoral or unconscious overseers of their domain, uncaring and occasionally spiteful toward the Descendent races who often rely on nature’s bounty to survive or herald forces unnatural to the Aspects’ creations. The Three Aspects came into existence at the dawn of time and creation, born to turn what was a barren expanse into something beautiful and worthy of appreciation. Throughout the days, Cerridwen painted the lands with grass and trees, oceans and rivers, and fauna to graze upon it all. Cernunnos followed along behind her to provide the means for an everlasting cycle, predators to stalk that which grazes and deserts of sand and snow to challenge all in the race for survival. During the nights, when both Cernunnos and Cerridwen rested from their toils, Nemiisae crept up through the shadows to see the cycle finished. She laid the seeds of decay into that which the predators killed, breathed disease to keep the predators from devouring all, and planted mushrooms in the dark and damp places of the world to store what was leftover. The Goddess of Life, the Green Lady, the Harvest Mother. Art by Lane Brown The vibrant and lovely Cerridwen is the kindest and most caring of the three aenguls, often depicted as a beautiful woman crowned in wreaths of flowers and adorned in full and healthy leaves. She is affectionate toward the life that she watches over and is said to be responsible for the most simple joys and the most breathtaking of experiences found in nature. The colors of an open field, the warmth of sun upon bare skin, and even the taste of fresh fruit picked right from the tree. Mothers and caretakers of all paths often herald her as their patron. The Horned Lord, the Green Man, the Huntsman. Art by IrenHorrors The stoic and determined Cernunnos is survival and the challenge presented to life. He is often depicted as a faceless hunter garbed in pelts and mossy leaves, crowned by large horns or antlers with a bow and spear in hand. He stands at the side of Cerridwen as a guardian to her and her work while keeping watch upon his own array of duties. Life cannot exist everlasting and it is Cernunnos who recognizes this, ushering death forward so that renewal and rebirth may be done. It’s said that it was he who equipped the predators of the world with their teeth and claws, and that it is he who provides the sense of cunning and strength to those who seek survival. The Shadow of Death, the Woman of the Moon, the Grandmother Spider. Art by IrenHorrors Wrapped in shadows and left unseen to all, Nemiisae is the hidden third Aspect of the triumvirate. Her names are unnamed and unspoken, her visage is a black fog in a dark night. She is the antithesis of Cerridwen, an embodiment of death and decay and the natural cycle’s dark truths. For many, she is considered the final stop for the turning of the cycle before it begins anew. Cerridwen creates life and sends it into the world, Cernunnos challenges that life and makes sure the wheel continues to turn, and Nemiisae is the embrace of death that makes space for the next coming of Cerridwen’s harvest.
  8. Sigil by ClassyNewt Cerridwen’s Hearth A prayer spoken in reverence of the Aspects, Cerridwen, to show one’s devotion to her sphere of the natural realm with the loving care of a parent. “O’ Green Lady, blessed Mother of the Hearth and Harvest, Guide us toward the warmth of your sanctuary Where worry and woe may be forgotten for the eve And where love and joy flourishes in the heat of your wyldflame. O’ Cerridwen, your cursed children seek your blessing. Gift it unto us and we shall see the world bloom.” Cernnunos’ Wrath A prayer spoken in reverence of the Aspect, Cernunnos, to show one’s resolve in protecting nature with all the fury and strength of a predator. “O’ Horned Lord, cunning Father of the Hunt and Wild, Imbue our arms with your strength And fill our hearts with courage For that which corrupts seeks nature’s demise. O’ Cernunnos, your cursed hunters seek your blessing. Grant us your wrath and we shall see the world cleaned.” Hamatsa’s Blessing A blessing often spoken over those with minor wounds and rudimentary ailments, sometimes shortened to wish better health to the sickly or feeble. “Hail, Healer o’ Seas, Grant us the hands to ease this pain, And to sew close these wounds. Be they of blood and flesh, Or of sickness and decay. Hail, o’ Healer. Treat them as you would your calves, Take them into your wake, see them made whole.” The Mother’s Hymn A deeper prayer spoken in the midst of intense medical emergencies and during healing rituals. It’s said to beseech Cerridwen herself for aid in saving those wounded from the grip of death. “O’ Mother of Harvest, hear our pleas: This one’s hunt has not yet ended, their duties unfulfilled. Bless them with time and vitality, And show them the path back to us. O’ Mother of Harvest, aid us in this dire hour. Guide us in growing back what is lost, Sow the seeds of recovery. O’ Mother of Harvest, we ask you this.” New Beginning Done during Spring, the season of rebirth. A prayer spoken after offering a braid of one’s hair to the Aspects, beseeching a new beginning. “O’ compassionate mother, I offer you a piece of my essence, So that you may imbue me with your sacred breath, And reform my soul anew, Free of the burdens on my shoulders.” The Essence of Healing A prayer spoken by healers seeking the mother’s grace when treating a patient. They are to drink Cerridwen’s essence, sacred Attunement springwater, before speaking these words. “O’ earth Mother, benevolent to the weak and weary, Who spreads the gifts of life and good health over the emerald wilds. You who gifted me my own life, and their life, Pray for my soul and bless my hands with your healing light. O' compassionate Mother, look down upon me, I ask that you help your dutiful servant, so they may continue to serve you and spread your goodness across the land." Prayer of Fortitude A prayer spoken when seeking strength of soul and mind. Spoken after providing part of yourself as an offering, a braid of hair, or a drop of blood. “Let nothing shake my soul, Let nothing strike fear in my heart, For when the world falls apart, I remember this: The Aspects never fade. Your faith in them gives you the world Whoever has the light of the lord and lady lacks nothing; The Mother and Father alone bring great treasures” A Mother’s Gift A prayer to beseech good health for a newborn child. Words spoken after the child’s umbilical cord, or baby teeth, have been offered. “O gentle mother, And benevolent lady of life, Grant this my joyous bequest; Send out your grace on (he/she) Fill them with life unending, And start them on the path of goodness That they may spread life and happiness” Last Rites Spoken over a dying Elf, or shortly after their passing, to bring peace to the departing Spirit and guide them on. “O' Mother, look upon me now. See here that your gift of life has ended, That his/her heart is still and his/her Spirit weary. May you bring him/her to peace and slumber eternal. O' Father, look upon me now. See here that your gift of the hunt has ended, That his/her voice is silent and his/her blood grows cold. May you bring him/her to honour and strength undying. You have held this Spirit until the end, And he/she now passes into the Balance. Flesh to soil, blood to water, bone to dust. Blessed be. To all that lay their eyes upon them” Nevaehli War-Prayer Often spoken just before war-parties depart to skirmish and hold the enemies of Nevaehlen at bay, the prayer is meant to call upon the Mani brothers of warriors, Moccus and Morea, for strength in the heat of battle and sight in the fog of war. “By the will of Moccus and Morea, o’ Brothers of Battle: Let our weapons strike with the strength of a Boar, And our voices howl with the intent of a Wolf, We devote ourselves to the dance of war in your name. May our foes fear the Nevaehli call.” Heart of the Hunt To thank the Aspects for a successful hunt. Spoken after an offering from the hunt has been prepared and gifted. “O’ father of the hunt, Blessed be to this bounty, whose hide will clothe our young, Whose flesh will fill our stomachs. As we take from your realm, we give back So our souls may be one with the great balance” Wild Wrath A ritualistic march spoken upon the eve of decisive points in war. It is accompanied with its participants donning traditional Mali’ame warpaint and weaponry before chanting the prayer, calling for all of nature to use them as its instrument of wrath. “Hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. Woe upon those who scorned the Wild, Those that spat upon the Mother’s harvest, And those that waste the Father’s hunt. Hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. Watch for the march of the Wild, Listen for the piercing howls, The stomping hooves and the flap of wings. Hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. We march with the will of the Gods. We march with teeth and claws. We march toward you.” Essence of War Spoken by Mali’ame warriors before going into battle. They are to drink the essence of Cernunnos, a vial of boar’s blood, before speaking these words. “O’ Lord of Death, strengthen my arm: In our time of need, I beg you to come to your people’s aid. Fill my heart with the honor of those past as I face this newest trial As we remember you in all our earthly troubles. Benevolent mother, wipe fear from my heart: Never abandoning your children, always tender, Preserve me that I may see my children and yours live, I place my trust in you to hold my life from the end.” To Amaethon, Prince of Cervidae Prayers to Amaethon should be spoken when elk, deer or caribou have been hunted. Amaethon embodies gentleness and compassion, and can be prayed to for those desiring these traits. “Great Prince of Mighty Elk, Whose flock run abound the deep woods and great plains, We give to you our devotion. We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh wise and gentle Amaethon, show us your blessing.” “Ellaurir’Amean, Amaethon, Heya lye mamean marwehnsaenan’ehya ito narneyae, Kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae. Oh maehran lle’ehya Amaethon, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” To Nemglan, Prince of Eagles Prayers to Nemglan should be spoken by those interacting with Hawks, Eagles, Falcons and other birds of prey, and those seeking the traits of freedom and independence. “Unbound Nemglan of the blue skies, Whose hawks and falcons keep watchful vigil, We give to you our devotion. We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh Nemglan, free and proud, show us your blessing.” “Ordivtilruer Nemglan, Ellaurir ay’vallelaecaelean. Heya tahorranan mettaonn’ehya viran suliereyae, Kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae. Oh maehran lle’ehya Nemglan, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” To Moccus, Prince of Boars Moccus embodies stalwartness and conviction. Prayers are spoken to him by those seeking those traits, and those who have hunted the wild boars of the realm. “Moccus the stalwart. The immovable. He whose tusks uproot mountains. We give to you our devotion. We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh Moccus, the indomitable, show us your blessing.” “Laran Moccus. Oem heya ordivhiuw ito nae’leh. Lae heya cerun malarehan lomera. Kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae. Oh Moccus, ordivtilrun, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” To Morea, Prince of Wolves Those seeking good relationship with wolves and hounds pray to Morea, as well as those who seek ferocity and bravery. “Morea, Prince of the Pack Whose howl can be heard by all who gaze at the moon, We give to you our devotion We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh Morea, the ferocious, show us your blessing.” “Morea, Ellaurir’Chirran Heya iheihuii Velulaei hiuwera, Kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae. Oh Morea, llytan, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” To Machana, Prince of Steeds A strong rider will always offer prayer to Machana, as well as wayward souls seeking swiftness and loyalty. “Machana, whose hooves flattened the great fields Whose harras run supreme in the prairie, We give to you our devotion, We show to you our respect for your kind, Oh Machana, the swift, show us your blessing.” “Machana, heya wynan’anoh marwehnsaenan hiuwera Heya’leh lye divohn wehnsaenan ito narneyae, Kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae. Oh Machana, leyuan, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” To Bolomormaa, Princess of Bears Bolomormaa embodies the spirit of the Mother Bear, a patron for mothers and women. “Protective Bolomormaa, Princess of Bears. Whose strength and ferocity guards the young and weak, We give to you our devotion. We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh Bolomormaa, gentle yet mighty, show us your blessing.” “Elevarir Bolomormaa, Ellaurir ay’Lenotsan. Heya’leh cerun orhil’ehya adilnan okarere, Kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae Oh Bolomormaa llean, ehya llytan, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” To Mahae, The Great Lion Spirit Mahae symbolizes Courage and Pride, a blessing of moral and strength gifted to warriors about to charge into the heat of battle. "Prince of the Wild, I name you Mahae. Whose charge is strength and guardianship, We ask for your blessing of honour, That we may take up your spirit hereafter. Great Spirit of the Lion, bless us with your voice." "ellaurir ay'Ame, kae Mahae nae sanere. cerun okansaen'ehya ito heya'leh myumin, kaean nae'leh Sirame ahern'onn adonterae, iyul kaean hiylun myumierae. Marhiylun maehae'onn, nae'leh iheiuhii il'kaean ahera." Kwakwani - The Trickster Raven The Raven is a mischievous but kind-hearted trickster, and represents a quiet cunning and forward creativity that makes it attractive to artists, singers and poets. “Melodic Kwakwani, Prince of Wit and Song, Beautiful is your artistry. We give you our devotion And honour for your people. Oh clever and liberated Kwakwani, give us your blessing.” “Lennielan Kwakwani, Ellaurir ay’Vulliran Len’ehya, leyuan ito nae’leh orvalmsae. kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae, kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae. Oh Kwakwani vullan divtulrun’ehya, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” Felixii - The Silent Watcher The Wildcat makes not a peep as it stalks the deep woods. Her presence is unknown to many, and has become a patron for practitioners of stealth, and keepers of secrets. “Elusive Felixi, Prince of the Forest Whose secrets by many are sought, We give you our devotion And honour for your people. O' Felixi, Seer of Truth, give us your blessing.” Marvull Felixi, Ellaurir’leh Ame Heya'leh taliyuan uell uhiereyae, Kaean'leh tilrun nae illerae. Kaean'leh Sirame aynae'leh lye myumierae. O' Felixi, sulierir'madivulie, kae'leh ahern kaean illera. Ohowaki - Keeper of Knowledge Like many other cultures, Wood Elves consider the Owl a symbol of wisdom. Ohowaki has long been a sharer of knowledge to the forgotten-folk, and has become a patron of scholars. “Knowledgable Ohowaki , Princess of Owls. Whose hunts are silent, We give you our devotion. And honour for your people. Oh Ohowaki wise, but graceful, give us your blessing.” “Ohowaki maehran, Ellaurir ay’Ibaran. lyun ito heya’leh orrarnan, kaean’leh tilrun nae illerae. kaean’leh Sirame aynae’leh lye myumierae Oh Ohowaki ormaehr, ehya leyuan, nae’leh ahern kae illera.”
  9. Art by Numirya The clans of Wood Elven culture, also known as Mali’ame Seeds, are traditionally larger groups of one or multiple families coming together under the ideals of a single clan. They are the embodiment of cultural diversity among the Mali’ame people due to how unique each seed can be compared to others. Some seeds were nomadic, social people with a knack for living off the beaten path while others were solitary and isolated, adapted to certain terrain. The concept of the Mali’ame seeds was originally created after the disappearance of Malin and the dispersal of the elves. When Irrin Sirame led her people into the wild to continue following the old ways, the Era of the Seeds began as families of elves came together to form these clans. It was only after the betrayal of Archdruid Garthon and the mourning of Irrin Sirame for the banishment of Taynei’hiylu that the seeds began to fade away into forgotten lore. In the present day, old and new seeds have sprung back to life with a vigor for cultural revival. Old bloodlines from the days long past welcome in new and unrelated faces to their ranks, bolstering kinship among elvenkind. The colors of seed ilmyumier, the tattooed markings that traditionally signify members of a seed with deeper meaning, are notable throughout the Vale of Nevaehlen. The current gathering of seeds within the Vale of Nevaehlen are a varied mixture of greater and wandering seeds that all call the village community home. These seeds are… Art by mikki Overview: The Arvellon are one of the smaller and lesser known tribes amongst the first migration of Mali’ame. The ways of the Autumnal Watchers are deeply rooted in Aspectism and the Mani pantheon, basing their various styles and values upon that of the old ‘ame teachings. The Arvellon are tricksters known to have a lust for life, being fun loving and cheerful people who often perform tricks and pranks on those deserving of it or simply for fun. Like most other seeds, the Arvellon worship a select few Mani in particular. Felixii The Wildcat, and Kwakwani the Trickster Raven. Ilmyumier: An orange sleeve of tribal designs that are centered upon the bicep and shoulder with blank orange leading onto a smaller section of designs that wrap just below the wrist. Topping the sleeve, upon the shoulder, is the head of a wildcat and two raven wings. Chieftain: Eretria Arvellon (Mewliet) Art by nikadonna Overview: The Caerme’onn are among the oldest and most known seeds in Mali’ame history, dating back to the Princedom of Laureh’lin. They are devout keepers of Mali’ame culture and lore, prominent leaders, and fierce protectors whose ranks have included the likes of Princes, Chieftains, and even Archdruii. They hold the values of loyalty, strength, ambition, determination, and leadership. Alongside the theme of leadership, these antler-marked mali are notable among the Wild Faith as followers to Amaethon, Prince of Cervidae, and Bolomormaa, Wild Princess of Bears. The blending between the two Mani exemplifies the Caerme’onn’s duty to nurture and protect equally. Ilmyumier: Stag’s antlers are marked in sanguine dyes under the eyes, upon the chest, upon the arms, or a mixture of the three. Chieftain: Miven Caerme’onn (WestCarolina) Art by nikadonna Overview: The Norväyn are an ancient group of warriors, craftsmen, and storytellers from Malin’s Age that were adopted into the Mali’ame after the great schisms of elves. They hold the pillars of honor, patience, and legacy while pressing the concept of a balance between logic and emotion. For them, duty to their home and kin is the highest calling one could pursue and doing so honorably assures their names are never forgotten. They choose to follow Morea, the Wolf, as their patron Mani. They believe that the Wolf is not only an embodiment of ferocity, but also a spirit of clever hunters and loyalty to the pack. Ilmyumier: Green-grey markings etched into the flesh of each member via an elvish knotwork of branches that all begin from the stylized image of a wolf skull crowned with the canopy of a tree. The marking is placed on the Norväyn’s dominant arm, taking up most of the shoulder and bicep, and curled just slightly farther in every direction of the body. Chieftain: Eonan Norväyn (ThumperJack_) Art by nikadonna Overview: The Sirame, the devoted followers of Irrin Sirame, emulate the mother of the Mali’ame culture and the very concept of seeds through preservation of religion in times both dim and bright. They are often seen as teachers, priests, and scholars that spread knowledge of the Mali’ame to wherever the woodland folk remain in the world. They choose to worship the Aspects primarily as was the way of Irrin Sirame, acknowledging the Mani spirits though claiming no patron from their pantheon. Their values include faith, unity, stewardship, fortitude, and a deep connection to the wild. Ilmyumier: The depiction of the green dragon, Taynei’hiylu, wraps up and down one arm entirely, snaking over the flesh in flight. The ‘ame may adorn themselves over the rest of their body in viridian flame, should they wish to, but it is not required. Chieftain: Aedrie Sirame (searose143), Oryl Sirame (epicworld123) Fledgling Seeds Seeds of the past and families that have yet to establish themselves as a full Nevaehli tribe, yet are recognized as seeds and welcomed into the woodland embrace.
  10. Established on the 11th of Snow's Maiden, S.A. 116 The organized order of the watch for the Mali’ame dwelling within Nevaehlen’s woodland embrace. Originally intended to serve as quartermasters and sergeants, the recent chapter of the Staghelms has been re-established as an order based on vigilance and defense over the canopies that hang above their reclaimed home. They are expected to be an example of everything a Greenblade is meant to be and more as warriors accustomed to the Wild Faith and entrusted with the protection of Nevaehlen’s people, its way of life, and those that direct the current of the Vale. With the oaths taken, the Staghelm will be expected to maintain a new line of duties different from the basic expectations of a Greenblade. These duties are: To serve as guard to not only the council of the Eternal Concord but as the protector of the village itself. The very first to the walls and the very last to leave. To train the Greenblades of the village in the arts of combat, ensuring the safety of the Vale through not only their spear and shield but also through the study of defense. To patrol the woodland borders and watch the horizons beyond the Vale for the encroaching, long shadows of darkness that claw at the woodland walls. Even within the walls, they are the vigilant hand that ensures both law and tradition are upheld. A Staghelm is bound by their tenets, wearing them like armor over their hearts to shield themselves from corruption. These warriors are meant to be the very best of what a Mali’ame protector can be, exemplars among their kin and examples for those who wish to be more. It is a strict code to follow and the punishments for breaking it are severe. Courage. A Staghelm must be prepared to act in the defense of their people and ready to do whatever they must. They cannot shy away from the uncomfortable or flee in the face of indecision. Faith. A Staghelm’s fervor in the Aspects and their Mani spirits must be absolute, beholden to no other source of divinity. Integrity. To walk the way of the Staghelm is to be a warrior of a firm word and loyal ambition, never one of wayward acts befitting the unlearned rogue. Justice. Always must the Staghelm be vigilant against those who would break our laws and traditions. They shall not give in to exception or inducement. Hope. The Staghelm shall always be a beacon in the chaos that is Almaris, one crowned by Amaethon’s antlers for all the Mali’ame to rally beside. Unlike the Greenblades whom every person living within the Vale is expected to serve as, the Staghelms take an oath upon being chosen for the honor of wearing the stag’s antlers. The oath is taken before a brazier prepared in honor of Amaethon, the Stag Prince of Justice, where the Valeseer (Or a presiding Wild Chief) cuts open the Staghelm’s palm over the flames and wraps the wound in an Ameonn’tuveh, or silkwood, cloth to seal the oath with blood. The oath is not one to be taken lightly. For those that break from the tenets with malicious and evil intent, and their crimes are not worthy of death, the hand used in the binding ceremony is removed. The sacred law of the wild is then called and the offender is left to tend and survive the wound themselves. This is not to say that retirement from the order is forbidden or frowned upon. The active duties taken on by a Staghelm, with permission from the Valeseer, may be retired from. However, the tenets are forever binding, even after retirement. I pledge myself to Amaethon’s rite, To justice for all that I call kin and all that I love, To vigilance against all that I call foe and all that I fear, I shall be a keeper of these woods, a tender of the hearth. Let no corruption taint my heart, let no evil corrode my strength, I, Staghelm, stamp my mark. None shall pass my watch. For those interested in joining the antler-crowned Oathmen of Nevaehlen, they need only prove themselves and their desire to serve the militia of Vale by performing their duties as a Greenblade fully and going the extra distance. They are then welcome to approach a Wild Chief, or the Valeseer themselves, to ask for the chance to step up. They may be offered a place in the order before this if the leadership of the Halerir’elame sees them fit for it.
  11. Forest Freedom Pact 6th of the Amber Cold, 113 S.A Article I. Free Trade Signatories agree to grant tax-free shops in each other’s territories for the sake of the exchange of goods and culture, doing so with the end of establishing closer bonds with each other's communities. Article II. Services Signatories agree to grant each other members access to their territories to lend their services, such as the commissioning of different craftsmen, with the goal of establishing closer bonds between the artisans and the general public of each signatory. Article III. Free exchange of knowledge Signatories of the Forest Freedom Pact agree to free access for their members to access their libraries to exchange knowledge and culture. This also includes the exchange of books between each library to ensure the spread and security of knowledge with the agreement of the library directors. This is done with the belief such cooperation will be useful in the protection of the natural balance both communities aspire for. Article IV. Freedom of Movement For the proper fulfillment of the articles, and that the brethren of the forest may freely enjoy the beauty of nature, both signatories will allow its members access to their territories. If an individual from one group tries to enter the territory of another, but is banned or exiled by them, they will not be allowed entry. Signed by, Primarch of the Golden Magpie of Hefrumm through approval of Chiefs’ Council. Matriarch of the Vale of Nevaehlen Valeseer of Nevaehlen
  12. The Ashen Stag Pact 10th of the Amber Cold, 108 S.A. ARTICLE I. SOVEREIGNTY The Kingdom of Norland and the Cove of Nevaehlen shall recognise each other’s lands as independent, legitimately overseen by their respective sovereigns. Odin Freysson Ruric is to be recognised as the respective sovereign of the Kingdom of Norland. Miven Caerme'onn is to be recognised as the respective sovereign of the Cove of Nevaehlen, and the Wood Elves. No attempt shall be made by either party to directly or indirectly subvert or interfere in matters of leadership and authority of the other. ARTICLE II. DEFENSIVE AGREEMENT The Kingdom of Norland and the Cove of Nevaehlen will commit to a defensive pact whereby both nations shall promise to withhold any offensive actions against the other and provide military support in defense, should they be aggressed upon by foreign parties. This includes the prior terms of non-aggression such as refraining from supporting, directly or indirectly, any group, settlement, or nation that intends to commit offensive actions against the other and its sovereignty. Any violations found in respect to this article shall be handled diplomatically between the two parties to prevent misunderstandings, violent conflict, and to make any amends if needed. ARTICLE III. FRIENDSHIP The Kingdom of Norland and the Cove of Nevaehlen agree to act honourably and in good standing towards one another to ensure that relations between the two remain close to not only open the possibility for more treaties of mutual benefit but also to create a lasting friendly relationship between the Kingdom of Norland and the Cove of Nevaehlen. ARTICLE IV. TRADE AGREEMENT The Kingdom of Norland and the Cove of Nevaehlen agree to allocate a stall to belong to the other party in their own primary settlement. Both parties may assign an individual to maintain their respective stalls to ensure that they are regularly stocked. These stalls are to be made tax-free to encourage the trade of resources and supplies between both parties. ARTICLE V. INFORMATION The Kingdom of Norland and the Cove of Nevaehlen agree to share all known and relevant information pertaining to the activities, identities, and whereabouts of individuals or groups that consist of voidal mages, darkspawn, and dragonkin, or are otherwise affiliated with them. ARTICLE VI. DURATION The pact shall be in effect for a duration of twenty years. In the case that either party violates the pact, all articles shall remain in effect while both parties attempt to resolve matters diplomatically. At the conclusion of the pact’s duration or once the ruler of either side is changed, the possibility of an extension may be considered if found beneficial to both parties. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Odin Freysson Ruric, by the Blood of the Herald, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Jarl of Vjardengrad, Chieftain of the Freyssons AND Miven Caerme’onn, Matriarch of the Cove of Nevaehlen and of the Mali'ame Eònan Norväyn, Valeseer of Nevaehlen and the Halerir'elame
  13. The Oaken Tome Wrote and adapted from the Father Circle Code of Conduct on the 94th Year of the Second Age The Authority of the Stag As Amaethon presides over his brothers and sisters upon the Mani pantheon, so do the Eternal Concord keep watch over the Vale of Nevaehlen as guiding hands, stalwart shields, and when necessary; the bearers of justice. Each role upon the concord is granted the authority to oversee certain duties in the village and to administer them as they see fit. When village-kin find themselves with a matter that requires the attention of the Concord, they should always consider when and where is an appropriate time to bring it up. If the Concord member in question is in the midst of debate, handling a separate situation, or in the midst of combat then waiting for that appropriate moment would be wise and essential. The Matriarch As the guiding head of Nevaehlen, the Matriarch serves the people as a teacher and motherly presence comparable to even that of Bolommormaa or Cerridwen herself. She has the final say on all matters concerning the village, though divides these duties amongst the rest of the Concord. Her advice is provided to aid in this and better guide the decisions of the Concord as a whole. The Eldarch The Matriarch’s hand, the Eldarch, is an individual meant to serve as her second in guiding the efforts of the Concord and advising the other members in caring for the village. While they do not have the same authority of the Matriarch, they are a means of reaching her without interrupting her busy day-to-day. The Valeseer The commander of the Halerir’elame, the Valeseer, oversees all matters of the military and the Vale’s safety. They organize the defense and training of the village kin, equip all with the necessary means to fight, and ensure that all are following the laws and traditions of the Vale. To disobey their word is to invite swift punishment. The Keeper The Keeper is the master of keys and stewardry. They manage the housing of every villager and see to the welcoming of new kin to the Vale’s woodland walls while being an example of what it means to be a villager of Nevaehlen. The Triumvirate of Wild Chiefs Just as the Matriarch has her Eldarch, the Valeseer has the three Wild Chiefs to aid in commanding the Halerir’elame. They are meant to serve as the captains of the military and act as the hands and enforcers to the Valeseer’s decisions, while also advising them on matters of the Vale’s safety. The Greenblades The village militia that each and every member of the Vale must take part in. Every Greenblade has the authority to defend the village, its inhabitants, and the culture that resides within it. They, however, do not have the authority to make decisions regarding the dealing of punishment for criminal offenses, diplomacy and foreign affairs, and other matters left in the hands of the Concord. This, of course, does not pertain to matters of life and death such as self-defense, the removal of banished individuals, or executing those who are marked for death. Further authority to act may be given by members of the Concord. The Conduct of the Stag The following are topics and their descriptions of how all villagers of the Vale and guests are required and expected to act. All those who visit or live amongst the Vale of Nevaehlen must abide by these rules. The code is subject to change. Topics § 1 - On Classifications of Conduct § 1.01 Required to protect the Vale from any harm to the land or its members § 1.02 Required to protect fellow brethren of the Vale § 1.03 Required to uphold the tenets, culture, and faith of the Vale § 1.04 Required to remove any dark mages from the Vale § 1.05 Required to preserve and protect the Father Tree § 1.06 Required to uphold the very Code of Conduct § 1.07 Avoid political matters on Father Circle grounds § 1.08 Required to maintain one allegiance to the Vale, without holdings or affiliations to other nations or settlements. § 2 - On Classifications of Crime § 2.01 Crimes Against Nature § 2.01.1 - Voidal Magic- When a person or group of magi who possesses, practices or attempts to practice the conjuring of spells, creatures, or items of voidal origin within the village are to vacate the premises or be marked for death. § 2.01.2 - Land Destruction- When a person or group who deliberately destroys, or attempts to destroy an environment are to vacate the premises. § 2.01.3 - Animal Cruelty- When a person or group who deliberately harms, or attempts to harm an animal with malicious intent are to vacate the premises. § 2.01.4 - Disturbance of Nature- When a non-druid person or group who intentionally acts in a means to disrupt nature's peace are to vacate the premises. § 2.01.5 - Disturbance of the Father Tree- When a person or group attempts, or successfully attacks, harms, or destroys the Father Tree, a banishment is warranted. § 2.01.6 - Interbreeding- When a person or group suggests, attempts to, or engages in romantic relations between an elf and that of another race, a banishment is warranted. § 2.02 - Crimes Against Citizens § 2.02.1 - Violence- When a person or group attempts or successfully kidnaps, assaults, murders, or harrasses members of the Vale, a banishment and shun are warranted within the village. § 2.02.2 - Theft- When a person or group attempts or successfully steals the property of a member, a warning will be administered. § 2.03 - Crimes Against the Village § 2.03.1 - Disturbance of the Peace - When a person or group, intentionally or unintentionally, disrupts the peace and sanctuary of the village, a warning will be administered. § 2.03.2 - Destruction of Property- When a person or group attempts or successfully sabotages, destroys, or vandalizes property within the Vale, a banishment is warranted. § 2.04 - Crimes Against the Vale § 2.04.1 - Propaganda- When a person or group spreads false information about the Vale of Nevaehlen, whether the slander is within or outside the Vale, a banishment is warranted. § 2.04.2 - Vigilantism- When a person or group acts on enforcing the law or pursuing matters of the Vale without the authority of the Concord, a banishment is warranted. § 2.04.3 - Treason- When a person or group betrays information or aid to enemies of the Vale with the intent of harming the village or its people, a shun is warranted. § 3 - On Classifications of Entry § 3.01 Dark Mages- Individuals who possess or practice the use of dark magics and/or dark magic items are not welcomed within the village; ie, Necromancy, voidal magic, demons. Any who are found within the village will be removed from the premises or marked for death. § 3.02 Unnatural Creatures- Any unnatural creature is not welcomed within the village; ie, Undead, voidal constructs. Exceptions can be made for Sorvians depending on their intentions. Any who are found within the village will be removed from the premises or marked for death. § 3.03 Refusal to Leave- Any individual or group who refuses to leave upon order of the members of the Father Circle or Vale, a banishment will be warranted. § 3.04 Concealed Identity- All individuals and groups are expected to remove any helmets, masks, hoods, cloaks, etcetera upon entry to the Vale. Refusal will result in a warning and barred entry. Exceptions to the rule include Halerir’elame and Vale residents. § 4 - On Classifications of Punishments § 4.01 Banishment- The person or group is not allowed entry within the Vale of Nevaehlen. § 4.02 Shun- The person or group will not be spoken to and are not allowed within the Vale of Nevaehlen. § 4.03 Marked for Death- The person or group will be killed on sight within the territories of the Vale without pleas or mercy. **Under special cases where any of the above is brought to a member of the Concord, further punishments may be dealt depending on the situation.
  14. A Wolf in the Dunes A bright flash of light. A reveal of sand and sun-bleached remains scattered across dunes. A feeling of dread in the presence of emptiness. His mentor stood nearby watching as he cleared his person of his weaponry, his provisions, and anything else beyond the clothing covering his back. His eyes trailed over rocky crags and strange, towering stones. The leather wrappings of his feet were already catching grains of sand that bit into his soles as he climbed to the top of a particularly steep dune, using it as vantage to peer over the rest of the terrain. What he saw only took his growing dread to new heights. There were no identifying landmarks beyond the scattered remains of an ocean long dried up. He knew not of where he was, or of which direction they had arrived from. Were he a younger, less experienced man, this may have daunted him into a much deeper daze than it did. Though troubled, his sense of survival was strong and his instincts still sharpened. He knew that in order to begin finding his way back, he would need to find provisions. Water, firstly. His search began in whatever rocky lowland he could find, peering through layered stones and scanning cliff sides for the open maw of a cave; anything that might lead to a source of water. Yet as the hours went on and the morning turned to midday, the sun’s glare grew all the more harsh. Sweat dripped down his face and along his arms steadily, and his steps began to slow and become sluggish. By the evening, he was all but spent. He could feel his body beginning to fail him even as he struggled his way onto a dune and it was proven further once his foot kicked into a stone buried beneath the sands, sending him into a falling tumble down the slope. Upon reaching the bottom of the dune, the man simply laid there and took a long, pained breath. Perhaps a rest would do him good. Just thirty minutes. An hour at the most. Then he would be right as rain- Oh.. how wonderful the word rain sounded right now. His consciousness returned with panic swelling in his chest, lips parting to gasp for breath only to fill with sand. Whatever exhaustion that had put him to sleep before was swept away by the fear-driven adrenaline coursing through his veins. His hands reached up toward the sky only to find himself clawing through layers of more and more piled sand. It took him a few moments too long to realize that he had been buried alive. Luckily for him, he was able to claw his way up and out from the sediment with panicked kicks and wide grasping motions until his head finally breached the surface. The misfortune, or rather.. The next misfortune.. Was in the buffeting blasts of grainy winds that struck hard against his face the moment he broke through, providing only momentary gasps of air between more choking mouthfuls of sand even as he spat out clumps from what he swallowed in the dune. With haste, he ripped off his shirt and wrapped it haphazardly around his head and face before beginning to stumble off into the darkness of an early morning and the unknowns of a raging sandstorm. Though the matter of dehydration had only been briefly interrupted by the ordeal and his legs were already growing wobbly, threatening to give out under the weight of his steps. His mind was wandering and his vision betraying him with shadows born of rocks in the distance.. Or were they closer? He could no longer tell, nor did he care. All that mattered was shelter, water, and rest. He was so tired. Eventually, the wolf found himself laid out upon his back in the shelter of a cavern that blocked the wrath of the storm just enough for him to breathe clearly. He spat a bloody glob of grain filled saliva onto the stone floor, trying to gather his thoughts to no avail. He was starting to hear voices in the wind outside. His name is called by familiar tones. “Eonan.. … Eo? Hey- Eonan…” He brought his hands up to cover his ears, trying to blot them all out and yet even through the roar of a sandstorm and his efforts… he could still hear his name. They asked where he went. They asked why he wasn’t there. Why? Why? Why? He tried to tell them that he was here for them. That he was coming. He clambered to his feet and began to run into the fog, calling for those voices. He begged for them to reveal themselves even as he collapsed onto his knees and stared up into the dark, hazy sky. The voices all began to grow silent and so too did his hope. He didn’t want them to go. A sense of failure set into his heart. Failed. Failure. He failed. Something shifted. Some feeling caused his chin to lift and his eyes to open amidst the sandy winds to look up and see.. A woman. Wood elven with straw blond hair that grew darker, almost chocolatey, at the roots. Her burnished gold stare met with Eonan’s and her lips drew up into a teasing grin, “Oh pup.. Why d’ye mope on th’ ground? Ye’ dinner's almost readeh.” “.. Haelun?” The man’s voice rasped in confusion, eyes trailing to the hand that seemed to guide his chin up from its decline. A howl pierced through the storm and Eonan’s eyes shot toward where he thought the source would be, finding the vague shadow of a wolf in the distance. Almost immediately, his chin was drawn back toward the image of his mother as she tsk’d, “Ye’ canne’ be so worried about shadows all th’ time, pup. Up.. up! Come see wot ah got for ye’.. Come, come!” Her green inked arms lifted into the air before turning to gesture ahead toward.. Another cave? Confused, he began to halfway stumble and halfway crawl toward the mouth of this cave. “There ye’ are, pup.. Eyes up. Remember ye’ only ever learn in fligh-” Eonan’s hand fell and landed upon open air, sending him into yet another tumble down a series of smooth slabs of rock before landing with a splash. Gods.. he must have hit his knee too hard on one of those rocks- Wait, a splash? He began wildly flailing his hands around the ground surrounding him, finding himself sitting in a very shallow pool of water. Greedily, he laid himself flat into the pool to begin drinking. After a minute, his golden eyes lifted from his bounty to look around for his mother. However- She was gone. There was no trace of her, nor of the wolf that had stalked them outside. Yet.. whether she had been there or not, the mere thought of her voice instilled a renewed confidence in Eonan’s heart. Upon shaking legs, he pushed himself up to stand and take in the atmosphere of the cave. For the first time in that first, harrowing start to his journey.. He took a deep breath. From that first day onward, the wolf took it upon himself to make the most of his predicament and do what he did best.. Plan ahead. To dash out into the desert and hope to find some road or sign of direction home was foolhardy and stupid, an act of desperation amidst his dehydrated haze and an unexpected storm. With water found, the next step was to gather the rest of his provisions for the journey home. For the first month of his stay in that cave, he made daily trips into the dunes in search of a viable source of food. Initially, he had to survive off of the spicy berries growing in the shade of towering obelisks of rock or on the very small reptiles he could catch with his hands. On one of these hunts for food, he came upon the ancient wreckage of a boat. He had seen a few of these in passing, though only now did it click for him that these wreckages were a blessing. One to be reclaimed. He entered the husk of the past and pried a long, oaken rod from underneath a sand covered shelf. A jagged rock from one of the nearby formations was used to carve that rod into a makeshift spear, walking staff, and even a fairly decent lever for prying larger planks of wood to be brought back to the cave. By the end of the second month, he had turned that cave into a fortified shelter against the harsh wrath of weather and beast alike. His choice of prey had also turned from the small lizards that skittered under rocks to the larger Straadoth reptiles that stalked the dunes just as he did. It was a learning curve for the wolf to learn how to hunt just one of these creatures, acquiring new scars as proof of his trials by error. Within four months, the wolf had become a strider upon sands. A cloak of straadoth skin fastened around his shoulders with what remained of his shirt turned into a full head-wrapping. He sported chitinous goggles taken from stortfel beetles to protect his eyes in the chance that he were caught in another sandstorm. Often, he would sit upon the stones that formed the roof of his cave dwelling to stare out across the desert expanse to plan, plan, plan. His next hunt, his next landmark to chart, the next step toward home. A roll of parchment he had scavenged from a wrecked cart, some odd range of miles away from his cave, was being used to map out the desert. Upon the eve of the fifth month, he had all but one final piece needed for his planned return. The planks he had used to fortify his dwelling were torn down and lashed together with fibers and long strips of straadoth hide to create a sled, the bottom of which layered with more of that reptilian skin to better glide across the sands. With the sled resting over the entrance to his now cleared cave dwelling, he trekked out into the sands to find and lead back a pair of the armored stortfel beetles to be tied with scavenged rope. While tying the last knot upon his makeshift sled, he paused and withdrew a small crumpled piece of parchment that carried with it an image of himself, a red-headed mali'ame woman with antler marked cheeks, and two younger mali'ame with a mixture of the two's features. This family seemed to wrestle for dominance upon a couch in some lush cave dwelling, smiles and laughter upon their faces. He looked to this picture, the one thing he allowed himself to carry from home, often. It was his will to survive, to make it home. That next morning, just as the sun began to rise over the dunes, two beetles broke over that horizon pulling the sled and the Mali’ame wolf upon it. Within several days of travel, that sand began to grow less and less filled with sunbaked sediment and more with arid grass and the layered hues of the mesa. Upon reaching the coast of that southern landmass, he took to the palm trees that littered the beaches with prayer and respect before felling only what he needed to convert his sled into a raft. With this vessel, he and the beetles floated across the strait to make landfall upon the main continent of Almaris. From there, it was only a matter of time until he made it home. A Wolf trudging back from the unknown ‘pon the backs of beetles.
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