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  1. Miklaeil, the Leopard Druid, receives the letter as he and his wife wander the wilds once more. With the pull of civilization lost to him now, he sends only the briefest of letters detailing his disappointment in his son's actions, but the pride he felt in Xodorin stepping up to face the consequences.
  2. Creed of the Orriran'taliiyna Igne'onn “True Balance is found only in the Wild.” Wrote by the Leopard Druid, Miklaeil, in the 4th Year of the Second Age ___________________________________________________ Forged in war and passion, tempered by insight and honor, those druii and devout who follow the teachings of the Orriran'taliiyna serve as armored warriors, scholars, and craftmasters in the name of the Wild Gods, the Mani. In their infancy, these teachings were created as a means to combat corruption with a show of force and ferocious devotion to the Wild Gods,
  3. I've been having the same issue for about a year now. Llir tried to see what was going on with no success. I'd be VERY interested to see if anyone could find a fix to this issue as it quite literally cuts me off from playing the server unless I thoroughly nuke the chats of everyone on my friend list.
  4. The Arvellon Seed Watchers in the Autumn Woods _________________________________________ “From our trees of red, gold, and orange do we watch.” The Autumnal Lore _________________________________________ The Arvellon Seed is one of the smaller and lesser known tribes amongst the first migration of Mali’ame. Whilst others adorned themselves in unique and colorful markings and apparel, the Wood Elves of the Arvellon were only identifiable by their shared physical traits and their name. Yet even this left them confused with the seedless brothers and s
  5. Norik Grandaxe (The Fringe to Athera), Vosirk Grandaxe (Athera to Present), Miklaeil Arvellon (Axios to Present),
  6. Sad Leopard The Wildcat stood upon the hillside overlooking the Talus grove, staring out onto the horizon for only a few minutes with a piece of parchment grasped tightly in his hand. It was no unfamiliar setting to he who had lived so long through so many, many tragedies. The burning in his chest that slowly rose up into his throat, the shaking of his hands as they struggled to find something to occupy themselves with, and the sorrow-filled rage that billowed forth in his heart and mind. So from his perch upon a hill, he looked over the natural world of
  7. Doing great work +1 The builds are lovely and the idea behind them absolutely perfect.
  8. Yes PLEASE. This is everything I’ve wanted for a long time now. Dungeons are absolutely what we need for consistent, varying events that could satisfy everyone. Not to mention having the choice to get some friends together and go on an adventure outside of the massive world events would be amazing.
  9. Vesryn peers over the newspaper while drawing up designs for new armor plating, his current suit still warped and burned beyond proper use by the demonic acid and debris atop Aegrothond’s cliffsides. The Herald of Azdromoth let off a quiet, hollow chuckle, ”Bold assumptions.” He remarked, glancing up to peer about the square and then to the tavern, giving an appreciative nod to the establishment upon reading the second section.
  10. when am i getting the cyrene and mik team-up of the ages And- got any projects you’re working on? New character, lore piece, whatever really
  11. A wood elven man adorned in the colors of autumn and a beard of heroic levels hummed softly as he brushed his hand beneath the leaves of a Miruel’ame deep in the far wilds of the world. He smiled contently at the find, deciding it would be a lovely picnic spot with his wife. ((Lovely post! +1’d
  12. 2500 minas Also hello handsome wood elf man
  13. Hey Thumper, how are you? Remember u distinctly from the Dominion. Being the Silma clan head 

    1. ThumperJack


      I’m all right. Haven’t been silma head in a long while haha. How’ve you been?

    2. Elite_Snipes_


      I’m doing good! Just swinging by to say hello and see how you’re doing.

    3. ThumperJack


      Thats good to hear!

  14. ((MC name: ThumperJack_ )) Name: Vesryn Sa’roir Vote for Sohaer: (XX ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
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