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  1. Miklaeil Silma strode into town some time after the supposed ‘merry band’ had come through. The Keeper’s constant smile faltered immediately upon hearing of what had happened, even further upon hearing who had done it. Later, he would return home to fall upon his couch with his rear and lean forward upon his knees to stare into the flames of his fireplace, “So far we have fallen.”
  2. ThumperJack

    Kingsmoot of 1689

    Miklaeil Silma stepped forward with a small sigh, his hands resting on his hips as he spoke, “The Silma shall abstain from the vote.” The Keeper of the Silma turned and stepped back to observe quietly after his brief and simple response, offering no other words.
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    Mystery_Uialben, Known_Fenfir's Event Team Actor application

    Dude seems to have a passion for RP and doing it well. Give the lad a shot. +1
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    [Bounty] Druid of the Wonkawoods

    The Iron Druid scratched at his cheek in thought for a moment, shrugging, “Coul’ get some othehs togetheh ta’ unattune ‘im. ‘e does nae deserve ta’ die wit’ ‘is gifts.”
  5. ThumperJack

    The Stag is called to heed.

    Ierven Camoryn rolled around in his grave. Miklaeil let loose another long sigh at the second reading of his day, once more nearly breaking into monologue and fierce letter writing before simply shaking his head, “... I need coffee.”
  6. ThumperJack

    Cease and Desist

    Miklaeil let of a long and drawn out sigh as he read, one hand lifting up to rub his eyebrows with a thumb and index finger, “Oh wonderful..” His lips parted as if to break into a monologue of unpleasant speech mixed with huffed noises of annoyance, though he stopped himself and simply pinched the bridge of his nose, “Just a little longer, Mik... just a little longer.”
  7. ThumperJack

    The Silma

    The Silma - Keepers of the Hearth ___________________________________________________________________________________ ((Art by Numirya ^)) “We are dedicated to the betterment of elvenkind. Keep a strong heart in the face of danger, keep a strong mind in the face of hardship.” Siol’Igne Silma, the last Keeper of Malin’s Flame For centuries, Mali had found themselves facing constant dangers. Whether it be from the heavens above or the very world they tread upon, the precious lives of each elf is a gift that must be maintained. The elves were once a peaceful people, these dangers have caused them to grow and adapt into powerful and competent warriors without equal. While many have taken up arms in the defense of elvenkind, others have taken up the defense of faith and beliefs held close to each of Malin’s children. House Silma holds each elven life above all else and are willing to sacrifice what it must to ensure the survival of Malin’s Flame. The Flame itself is not a literal entity, but rather a metaphorical representation of elven blood and culture. As the world has aged, so too has the beliefs and lifestyles of the elves. With the rebirth of House Silma in the modern age, the family has taken on the responsibilities of cataloging and maintaining what makes the elven people who they are once more. The Silma - Ancient History ___________________________________________________________________________________ Siol’igne, the Last Keeper of Malin’s Flame in Ancient History, Progenitor of House Silma Siol’igne was the founder of House Silma and first Keeper of Malin’s Flame. The responsibilities entailed by the role were unknown, due to his departure after Malin. However, the youngest of his two living sons, Sae’kel Silma, carries with him the tale of his father’s greatest sin; the event which birthed House Silma and the position of Keeper. Siol was a capable warrior who served the elven people on the field of battle. In his time, he was without peer, both feared and respected by his fellow elf. This eventually got to the young elf’s head. From tempered and disciplined, he became prideful. With this pride came rage and other negative qualities that eventually drove him to abandon his position on the battlefield, seeking greater glory. Due to this, dozens of elves fell in a battle lost to time, the blood of many on his hands. After this battle, Siol laid down his blade and took an oath of eternal peace, dedicating his life to the memory of the elves who fell that day, as well as the culture that which surrounded his people. During his life he met and married the mother to his two children, Viehl Silma. From their marriage two children were born. The firstborn was Loriens Silma, chosen to succeed his father as the Keeper of Malin’s flame. The boy was taught of elven customs and culture, to wield the quill as well as any blade, but above all else Loriens was taught discipline and responsibility. His upbringing was stern and strict, years of his life dedicated to the betterment of his people. It left a taste for more in the young Mali’s life. As he came of age, Loriens abandoned the duties left to him by his father to not only find himself but find his place within the world. Centuries later came Sae’kel Silma, the final son of Siol’igne and Viehl. Unlike his elder, Sae’kel was raised primarily as a warrior, the duties of his father cast to the wayside. Siol gifted his lastborn with a letter to be delivered to his elder brother before departing with his wife, Viehl. Siol sought the last and greatest king, Malin, in hopes of continuing his duties and finally fulfilling his oath. The Silma - Modern Day ___________________________________________________________________________________ A depiction of a festival held by House Silma, welcoming all of Malin’s children to gather and celebrate what it means to truly be Mali. While the Silma of old bear very similar appearances, fiery red hair, fair skin, eyes of golden pools; the modern family is lacking in such. Due to Loriens’ and Sae’kel’s birth, they do not fall into any of the subraces that have evolved into existence. However, the House has opened their doors to any who would seek entry. Whether it be Mali’aheral, Mali’ame, or Mali’ker. House Silma does not seek to maintain purity of body, but instead purity of the mind and culture. Already, the modern House has accepted those of this day within it’s halls and aims to maintain a proper cataloging of culture, faith, and beliefs within its library. With Mali’ker and Mali’ame living in the Silma Sanctuary, the elders of the House believe it best to maintain open doors to the public. Whenever sanctuary is needed, the Silma offer it to any who seek it. There is only one such time that the doors to the Sanctuary would be locked and closed to the public. The doors would be mirrored by the Flame maintained by the House being extinguished. In times of great tragedy, the death of a family member, or death of an honored elven individual; the flame would be allowed to die and the doors would remain closed to the world. Each member of House Silma is tied together by one joining factor; an Ilmyumier. While it was initially adopted and designed by the Ancient Seeds of the Mali’ame; both Loriens and Sae’kel believed adopting it into the house would aid in both the family’s assimilating into modern culture as well as the representation of such culture in this day. The Silma Ilymyumier is a powerful oak tree that runs up the back, the tree itself aflame. It is to represent the importance of flame. The burning foliage represents the literal rebirth and metaphorical rebirth of House Silma. The oak is to represent the power of elvendom as a whole. The elves came from the forests, there they must stay. The Silma - Beliefs and Traditions ___________________________________________________________________________________ Silma Trials Trial of Beauty Create a work of art (Any kind of art) that you believe symbolizes and describes Malin’s Children. Trial of Roots Learn about the various cultures made by Malin’s offspring, then bring back what you have learned to your overseeing Elder. Trial of the Hearth Speak to the Keeper and Elders of the seed, ask them about a defining moment in their life or fond memory. Trial of the Immortal Commit a heroic deed in service to Malin’s Children. It can be anything from saving a life through medical prowess, or slaying a beast that threatens Mali lives. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Credits to Loriens and Dromui for creating the traditions and history
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    Here's a thing

    Just a classic full beard. Not too big, not too small Pumpkin Not bad! The most nostalgic moment from LoTC for me would have to be way back in the Fringe when I played Norik Grandaxe, and @Fimlin took me and a couple others out to do our Grandaxe trials. I was such a noob to the server then and had no idea what was going on outside of my own little bubble of RP. If I could go back to that time and mindset, I would. I am ThumperJack the BumperJack Because beans, obviously Beans Nope. She's just married to one 😆 Definitely. She didn't get in as much trouble as Dhaunae did, or get banned as much : > I honestly regret PKing him all the time, and would love to have him back if I could I might come back to it if I get time. I've got the skins for it 😉 Nope Yep. Elleanora was p freaked out Also yep. I was p freaked out Because I can't be arsed to try anything else on this server You're chill dude sometimes, others you're jumping off the walls. Not a bad guy though 👍 Sometimes, if I just looked up dwarven words it happens lmao
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    Here's a thing

    Ask me stuff
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    [Denied] Torky's FM App

    Yes please +1 Cool, calm under pressure, real nice gal.
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    A Simple Hunt in The Loftywoods

    ((Very good read!
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    Return of the Ferals

    Just gonna put this out there. I did not give permission or anything. Just answered some questions about the old, very nasty and happily dead feral lore.
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    [Denied]Fimlino's World Developer Application

    A perfect fit for the job. Always building, it looks like. +1 all the way
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    [✓]The Battle for Garrond's Vale