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  1. Rothilion perked his own silvery brow as he read through the letter, releasing one long, suffering sigh, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... this man is an idiot. Damned fool.” He then glanced up to his wife with a smile formed upon noting her grin, “But if it suits you, I’ll tag along after dinner. But if he’s mortally wounded for the eighth time or contracts the seventh fatal disease through this duel, I’m through.”
  2. Option C please and thank you
  3. RP Name:: vosirk grandaxe MC Username: thumperjack_/southernwhiskey Discord: you have it What Nation Are You Affliated With?: none. alligned with druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: because i was told to What Skills Can You Bring?: axe. nature stuff.
  4. ThumperGiri dew it u wont
  5. Miklaeil rumbled quietly, tales of such beast-men finding their ways to the ever-watchful and ever-listening Leopard. The recently retired ‘ame decided to take a trip out to the Marshlands, his antlered helm donned with the blood markings daubed across its visor, the autumnal hue of his glowing, druidic gaze piercing from behind it. He stood silent on the very edge of the marsh, merely staring ahead as he communed with the trees and various creatures milling about within. His form grew tense the longer he listened, his gloved hand falling to his sword pommel and gradually wrapping its digits about the handle with the crackling of leather. The wildlife of the marsh were uncomfortable, thusly he was uncomfortable. The Leopard wasted no time as he strode off down the road, veering off from the trees until he was well away from the marshlands, then disappearing into the brush to return home.
  6. A letter would be sent back to the Mali’fenn in plain parchment, dropped overhead to wherever it had come from. “Aesilnoth, You dare write to me accusing me of negligence of duty when the only reason I was put into such a situation that required me to make that decision was because of your failure to uphold the duties of the uniform I trusted you with. I offered you sympathy when your own mind turned against you within our woodland walls, causing you to draw steel upon the citizens you promised to protect. I went to you personally, advising you to seek out help with your mental situation and to find ways to move past it. You declined my advice in a drunken haze, leaving my company to drink yourself further into oblivion. The only fault of mine in this entire mess is not stripping you of your duties then and there. But my sympathy for your condition stayed my hand, I thought that if I could fight through the same pain then you could as well. Clearly I was wrong, for the next day I woke to hear you had threatened and attacked the Grand Prince of Fenn, our closest ally. I cannot even fathom the mind that would think such a move was a good idea unless it was insane. I took a few guards with me to follow the Fennic envoy that had come to notify us of the impending doom to our alliance due to the actions of a mad man. Do you know what we found when arrived? I found my officer, my soldier, my old friend, sat in the midst of a tavern begging to be killed. Even then, I told the guard to only subdue you. Then you started fighting us. My decision to bring the blade to your neck was one of mercy for a man so lost from himself that friend and foe were all the same. Even then, I let you live. I did not have to heed the order given to me, I could have followed through. I did not. I stripped you of your ranks and duties to Irrinor and left you with the people you had attacked. Everything after was not mine to control, thus I cannot be blamed for it. I followed through with my duty despite taking every opportunity to give you a chance. Your blame is falsely placed, your challenge wrongly issued. It is denied.” -Miklaeil Arvellon
  7. Looks neat! I love the decor work in those screenshots
  8. Miklaeil rubbed his face, just returned home from time spent upon the battlefield to his resting family, as he read over a parchment set upon his kitchen counter, “Clearly the ‘fenn have the superior growth of beets.”
  9. A roaring laughter erupted from the office of the Annilir as he read the notice, “HA! Those ‘aheral.. WHEW, are they a hoot sometimes..” He then read through it further, squinting slowly, “Oh. They’re serious.”
  10. Miklaeil Arvellon, Annilir of Irrinor’s Forest Guard, receives the notice with a small frown. A messenger would be sent to Curon, assuring his attendance to the summit.
  11. Hey guys! Enjoy playing elves, but wanting a bit of cultural spice thrown in? Come to Irrinor, home of the Wood Elves! We’ve loads of well-crafted and honed cultural lore with varying clans to join, religious RP with many patrons to fit most any character, and plenty of players already here who would love to see you come by! Here are a few helpful links to get you started!


    Seeds, Clans, Families!


    Military RP!


    Religion! Spicy!

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