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  1. The fact that you took the effort to write such an amazing and interesting lore piece speaks of the dedication. +1
  2. Origin/Background/Culture: N/A. This creature isn’t intelligent or conscious enough to have one. It came about through pure evolution amongst the top mountains where wind is abundant. Physical description: A flabberghast appears as a nearly invisible, large, translucent jellyfish that rides the winds. Its large surface area is what enables it to glide and float, however it does have some rudimentary steering abilities in the forms of millions of soft, thread-like tentacles with which it propels it. Due to it being nearly completely translucent, most people believe it to be invisible. It contains a sensory organ capable of detecting the output of carbon dioxide from its prey, including unwary descendants, at which point it will float down until it is able to latch on with its thin tentacles, proceeding to then suck the life energy of the prey, leaving only a body with millions of needle thin piercings around the neck. (Note this does /not/ attack the soul. Just the life essence keeping the body alive). Although easy to kill (if you can detect it), the main problem arises from unaware hunters leaving its body behind. Unless properly disposed of (burnt, eaten or otherwise thoroughly removed), the dead body will metamorphose into a rock-like fungus. If allowed to fruit, this fungus will release spores that will grow into a new flabberghast, only increasing the problem. (It releases at most 10,000 spores, but only 1/1000 make it to adulthood). Mental description: N/A. Abilities: Near invisibility: This creatures usually only appears as a slight distortion to light, similar to looking through a clear plastic. If doused in something, however, such as flour, dirt, etc, its shape will become visible (roll of 15+) Carbon Dioxide tracking: It is able to hone in on any creature that expels carbon dioxide, including descendants. Energy drain: Unless pulled off, this entity will completely drain the energy of the average descendant in 3 turns. After 3 turns, it will have injected all its thin tendrils into its preys neck and sucked out their energy. To remove the flubberghast, it either has to be killed, or removed by force. As the Flubberghast feeds, it will inject more of its tentacles into its victim, making it harder to remove. As a guide, the first turn it should take a roll of 10, on the second, a roll of 12, on the third, a roll of 15 to remove the creature. Removing a dead flubberghast requires no roll. Partial regeneration: If the flubberghast isn’t properly disposed of (burned, banished, eaten, or any other way of getting rid of the body) it turn into a fungal like state, fruiting and producing anywhere from 1-10 more flubberghasts. Redlines/restriction: - These cannot be tamed, they are too stupid - They can only be found in areas of open sky. (plains, mountaints, desserts, etc) - These are somewhat easy to kill. It takes 2 successful hits. The danger comes form their partial regeneration ability and near invisibility. Purpose: I havn’t seen another creature like this and I think it would be a cool thing to implement given its unique abilities.
  3. Amazing as always Sorc. Can’t wait to tumble with one! +1
  4. Absolute legend!!! Has this been implemented yet? it absolutely should!
  5. Name: Sapientae Age: 52 Race: Elf What are you good at? I can shoot a bow. I can swing a sword, yet I cannot heal. Apart from that i cannot do much that others can. I suppose i can read, write, think, analyse even, but that’s about it. What do you know about alchemy? I’ve read books about the 4 main symbols (earth, air, water, fire) and what they represent. I know of some herbs that represent the aspects and their properties. I also know the dangers of alchemy, such as homunculi, chimeras, the philosophers stone. It must be noted, however, that most of my knowledge comes from books i’ve found in libraries across the land, not from experience. Why do you want to learn? To help those who cannot help them selves. Also to satiate my lust for knowledge and experience (I find alchemy very interesting and engaging, even if it does lead to a few explosions). Why should I teach you? I suppose because i have previous knowledge, even if it is only from books, which dictates my dedication to the art. Whether or not you think that is enough is up to you. Are you clever or dumb: Depends on how to measure cleverness or stupidity. I’m stupid at things i have no experience at. I’m smart at things i do have experience in. Don’t ask a goldfish to climb a tree, or it will spend its whole life thinking its stupid.
  6. Application: ------------------ MC Name (IGN): AlphaWyvernGold Personas (Character) Name: Sapientae Discord :Dalamuder#6976 Timezone: Eastern Australia (+10) Persona’s Race: Elf Persona’s Age: 51 Any particular skills: Logic and a bow Affiliations and Allegiances: To whoever needs help the most.
  7. Sapientae


    Born on the border of Sutica and the Talus Grove to a mother with great skill as a weaver, and a father who owned a small market stall, from which to sell his wife’s produce. Even at a young age, her pure heart and inquisitive mind was evident. As such, Sapientae spending her time helping out around the village or annoying the adults with questions. As she grew older though, she became aware of the state of the rest of the world. Of the suffering that people go through, whether it be unjust war or monsters wrecking havoc on villages. One night, just after the celebrations of Sapientae coming of age at 50, one of those awefull things happened to her village. A pair of trolls, arguing over who was the strongest, and deciding to settle the competition by seeing who could smash the most houses. As is expected, this decimated her village. By time they were done, there were hardly any buildings left. Realising that she was unable to truly help those who might have needed her, she soon left the village, promising to sent what coin she could for repairs, and went in search of a mentor who could train her in the ways of combat.
  8. Hey guys, new player here. I was just wondering if some random person could have a look at my character application and tell me if there is anything i’ve missed, should fix up, etc. Fair warning, the story is quite long. mine-craft account = AlphaWyvernGold. Many thanks in advanced!!
  9. Sapientae


    Born on the border of Sutica and the Talus Grove as a human to a mother with great skill as a weaver, and a father who owned a small market stall, from which to sell his wife’s produce. Even at a young age, her pure heart and inquisitive mind was evident, spending her time helping out around the village or annoying the adults with questions. As she grew older though, she became aware of the state of the rest of the world. Of the suffering that people go through and, still being young, knowing that she couldn’t do anything. To make things worse, the small town was starting to feel confining, as if there was nothing left to do or experience, yet too young to go anywhere on her own. Starting ask darker and darker questions, feeling worthless, she began to spiral. However, she refused to let others in the village, including her own parents realise what was happening to her, for fear of ruining their happy lives and optimistic views of the world. Instead, the nearby forest was her sanctuary. A place to let her tears flow, surrounding by only a brief glimpse of what might lie beyond. Once, after drying her eyes in her favourite riverbed, she noticed a baby bird had fallen from its nest, crying for its mother who had gone hunting. Using a large leaf from a plant nearby and located the nest from which it had fallen, she carefully scooped up the small creature, checking gently for any injuries. Satisfied, she placed the hapless creature back into the safety of its nest. Little did she know, however, that eyes were watching her. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and those same eyes that found her on that seemingly innocuous day followed her, seeing her woes, her longing, sense of captivity, but also her soul, her helping of creatures that others would not have noticed, and even her strength when helping in the village. Eventually, it was time for a test. Weary from a long day of work, she was walking along the forest path when she got to her riverbed, as moved to sit, she heard a scream for help from down-river. Running to the source she noticed what appeared to be an old women hanging on to a rock, having fallen into the rapids. She grabbed a vine nearby, knowing fully that it was only strong enough to hold one of them. As she ran to the women, she reasoned: She couldn’t do anything for this world, there was no one to teach her, and if there were, why choose her over anyone else. Furthermore she didn’t have the skills necessary or the strength to go look at the world on her own, seeing only others she couldn’t help. At least this old woman had some experience and women to share, and likely a far larger family to go back to than she. So as she dove into the freezing river, the tied the vine to the old woman and pushed the woman towards the shore, finding solace in being able to save at least one life before the left hers. Cold….Wet…Land? She opened her eyes, the woman from the river leaning over her, but the woman wasn’t a human, as she had thought… no, an elf!?! ‘Relax child, you did well. Few in Arcas would have risked their life as you did. It was quire brave’ the woman consoled. ‘Not brave’ She tiredly retorted. ‘Just worthwhile. You have more to give to this world than I do’ ‘Perhaps, but I may be able to help with that. You have great potential, and a kind heart. This was only a test to see if you would be a worthy apprentice. My name is Elina, and I can teach you, give you the strength to help others, and to gain the experiences you crave. I have seen you fill an entire river with your tears, it is time such a thing was stopped’. She was stunned. There was no way the Aenguls would bestow such a gift on her… if they were even real. ‘How did you get me out of the river’ She asked, skeptical. ‘Magic, I know a little’ Elina responded. ‘Can… Can I sleep on it?’ She inquired? ‘Always the forward thinker, very well. I will meet you at your house tomorrow’. As it happened, she took up the offer, saying goodbye to her parents and going with Elina to her monastery in the Talus grove, where she chose to train in the way of dual wielding and archery. In between, in her spare time, she researched many things, building experiences, gaining small amounts of knowledge in many areas, but having found magic and science to be particularly interesting. Other apprentices came and went, sent by nobles who hoped for their children to learn combat, but she stayed later than all of them, determined to perfect her skill, to face any threat. Eventually Elina had to send her away. As a human, there was only so much she could learn before her time was over, and so, with a heavy head, and a questioning of her mortality, she left the monastery, to experience, to protect and to help the others of the world who could not defend themselves. Years passed, and she had saved many lives, and she was in the process of saving more. Having found a strange portal at the bottom of deep river, she knew she had to close it, lest it release untold horrors onto the peoples of the surrounding area, and so she once again accepted her own mortality. Though she was hardly 50 and had many years more she could give to this world, she jumped into the deepest part of the water, directly above the portal that needed closing. Down she went, the water pressure bursting her eardrums, pain wracking her body, knowing her arrows were useless in water, she drew her duel blades, smashing their handles on the frame of the portal until her last breath escaped her. Nothingness… except a voice, growing louder until it could be heard. ‘I am the Aengul, Gazardiel. I and the other Aenguls have seen your selflessness in the realm of Arcas, and we see your desire for more, so we are here to reverse your untimely demise… in a way. There is, as always, a sacrifice that needs to be made for such a gift. You will lack your memories, remembering only the most important figures in your life, such as your parents and your mentor. Further more, your knowledge, experience and skills will, for the most part, be removed, only having a basic knowledge of the sword and bow. In return, we will infuse you with the blood of an elf, so that you may learn what you couldn’t before, and bring hope to those who have lost it, as we have seen in your nature. Such is the way of new beginnings. Do you accept?’ And so… Sapientae was born.
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