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  1. Lulubelle released a heavy sigh and recalled the quiet exchange between herself and Aesilnoth the Stone Night before, after Fred had wandered off to rest.. “A greenhorn of wartime. I don't believe he truly understands my words. Beyond a literal sense.” “'S gud t'see uh ol' lad wi' fire still in 'im though..” “I can only pray I have similar spirits when age begins set in.” “'S long as e'eryone follows ordehs, they'll come back alrigh'..” The Dwarf brings her fist up to her breast in silent respect for an old Halfling, who still had the courage to fight.
  2. This is a weird mix of Mysticism and Shade, with a bit of Malflame..
  3. Luciloo

    Quality RP

    - What makes “high quality” & “low quality” RP? High quality RP to me usually consists of a slower pace, with detailed emotes. It doesn’t have to be three paragraphs for a few simple actions, but emotes which bring sensory information are good. You’re making tea, but does the kettle bubble, do the cups clink together, what does the tea smell like? You’re smithing, but describe folding the steel back on itself, is the character just starting for the day and thus straight-backed and ready to go, or is it the end of the day and their posture is weary and exhausted? How cluttered is the room? What’s the atmosphere like? These things just make for RP that’s more enjoyable for me, and that’s not to say I don’t also enjoy more fast-paced scenarios like combat, but I like to see similar things in that case. Think about rain making a sound when it falls on plate mail, or how swords flash in the sunlight when swung. - How can low quality RP impact the server? I think it turns off a lot of potential players, but equally being hit with a massive paragraph emote can turn off other players who are looking for a less intense RP experience. Low effort or excessive meme RP can be really jarring to try an interact with, because you sometimes don’t know whether to ignore it or not. - What makes RP engaging? Different people will look for different hooks in their RP. Wood Elven RP has a lot of culture which is interesting, magic RP has the nice teacher-student dynamic and all the flavour that goes with various fantasy themes. Military RP can give you very interesting character development, and helps to fill out a character who doesn’t have much of a backstory. I guess the hook is something with a strong theme. - Your favorite niche of RP? Probably teaching RP, whether it’s a lecture about Elven language, or a one-on-one with a Dedicant about the Balance. It’s calm and quiet, and it builds a relationship between characters and helps to fill in characters’ understanding of the world. I enjoy the reverse too, of taking basic classes at Pogwarts on my Helf. Healing RP can be good too, with the right patient. - Is there a storyline or long-term RP scenario that you thoroughly enjoyed at one point? I did some smithing RP on my Dwarf a few months back. Her cousins came into the forge, hearing her at work, and she had several conversations over probably about five IRL hours of smithing emotes. This included a very heartfelt moment with her Clan Father.
  4. Luciloo


    Within the Talus Grove, Nivndil receives the letter and passes it over to Archdruids Dwyn and Harold. Her usually peaceful countenance bears a notable warmth, remaining with her as she returns to unloading and reloading supplies onto a cart, “Fire to warm the hearth.. steel to put down the enemy..” @FloralHedgehog @OhDeerLord
  5. “Teh fock yea will, yea ugleh cun’!” roars a Starbreaker
  6. Why’s the Necronomicon full of infernal knowledge, and not necromantic arts?
  7. Looks pretty neat, we’ll see how it goes I guess.
  8. Speaking personally, that kind of lore is the most interesting to me. Far too many magics are concentrated upon combat, and have very little else to them; it’s one of my biggest grievances with voidal magics. I will say that this role or cultural shift should have been in Herald lore from the start(even if without tenets), but it’s a good direction to prompt the magic into.
  9. This seems like it could be used as a convenient means to target any Heralds not currently orbiting the larger Azdrazi playerbase in Haelun’or Clerical healing used to have the same kind of process, “If you pump out enough emotes, you can save someone from the brink of death.” I believe ST want to move away from healing in this way, and more toward requiring several sessions etc. This might be something of a spicy take, but I believe Azdrazi should be made ST-playable only, and Herald take the CA’s place among players. Like I’m not the only one who’s noticed this rewrite fits the niche better than current Azdrazi lore, and the latter has been plagued by either inactivity, cliqueing or just bad lore over the years.
  10. Lulubelle Starbreaker brings a fist up to her breastplate, “Narvak oz Durgar!“
  11. An Archdruid bobs her head left and right for a moment, as her appreciation for bureaucracy briefly entertains the notion of an Archdrakaar filing paperwork and tax returns.
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