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  1. Oh hey, this is cool. I like what you did with Boons & Banes.
  2. It's more concise than the prior rewrite, but being able to warforge lunarite and other 'rare' st material is too much. Kind of defeats the purpose.
  3. I barely run into afk people, if anything I have trouble finding people at all to start RP with- but that's because ghosts can't(and arguably shouldn't) get into cities, and the enormous sweeping landscapes of various nations are utterly dead. The focus on centralising activity is why people are AFKing in big cities.
  4. That's because people forget that the 'dictionary' is full of seed words, meaning fragments of word we have to combine with affixes(such as -n for nouns or -er for verbs) to create a full actual word.
  5. It should be "mayilun" for beloved, you add the -n to create a noun. Otherwise looks good.
  6. Unironically pretty neat, more everyday common recipes are good.
  7. For someone who is typically a massive clown, April Fools was always kinda tedious to me.

    1. monkeypoacher


      100% agreed but have to let people have fun 😔

    2. Laeonathan


      Idk, I didnt get pranked once, and I entirely forgot about my plan to block nation entranches with barrier blocks...

  8. Love that the pvpers are usually the ones shitposting, but now it's crp default they're cracking out the essay writing skills and performing mental gymnastics to make their case.

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    2. Asutto


      i love that the crpers are usually the one cracking out the essay writing skills and preforming mental gymnastics, but now it's crp default and they're shitposting

    3. rukio


      Its almost like they're all capable of writing essays that don't involve erp. Funny that.

    4. Adelemphii


      Overwatch Lucio guide: Strategy, tips, and tricks

      I thought your name was lucio for a moment 

  9. No lore for hydrogen, no lore for oxygen. Checkmate.
  10. A bookshop owner sips tea, blissfully unaware and unburdened.
  11. The unholy rider grinned beneath her helm as she strode away, ash and ember trickling from her cloak, her blade smoking as Petrel's blood glistened in the flickering light of the burning city. Only after his passing would she find that the civilians had long escaped, that she had been distracted and delayed by Varhelm's final defender. With a plume of smoke rising up from the eyeholes of her helm, the demon spoke in a trio of angelic voices, "Another soul for the serpent."
  12. Conquest: https://conquestreforged.com/conquest-pack Edit: While Ibraheem is right, everything on the server is built with vanilla in mind, Conquest can help take those builds a step further with randomised texturing to prevent things looking flat. I feel like it fits lotc's theme well too. Pros: Nice 32x textures and item sprites Includes custom sprites for renamed weapons/tools(such as Surge pvp longswords, maces etc. including some foods) Biome texturing Connected Textures™︎ Cons: Very laggy in Elysium and low frames in some other spots. You'll want to remove it before pvp. Lots of players complain it's very dark or washed out(Personally I like it) Default iron armour texture is kind of yikes, I switched it for another texture file in the pack. Some random screenshots from the server or builds
  13. Danica Velulsaei'sul smiles. Mozizhkar makes this face:
  14. When Lulu heard of Gildroc's passing, her dark brows knitted together. As Grand Steward for Urguan, he was thought of as a boogeyman by many, as all dreaded 'Taxmen' before him. For the Umgorumm lass however, she remembered Gildroc as the Dwed she'd served beside in the Legion for years, shoulder to shoulder and shield to shield. She made sure to raise her tankard for an old friend, when next she filled it with mead.
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