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  1. Within the mountain capital of Urguan, Lulubelle places another hefty barrel of grain atop the accruing pile. "Hold on longlegs, we're comin'," she huffs, before assisting her wee cousin Hana with the next. "Gunny need uh Legion escort, but we're comin'.." @twinwolf1
  2. Much better, very nice. Going to use Songsteel in alchemy to separate powdered symbols with vibrations.
  3. "If there's uh superior race, i's not teh Umros," scoffs a Dwarf who tore down a propaganda poster from Oren for toilet paper. "Suck mah toes yea actual beardless cousin-fockers."
  4. "Blessed be.." a Mali'ame spoke softly into the wintry night air. A clear inky blue sky dotted with glistening stars. Her breath fogged as she spoke and then bowed her head. "Sister Transcendence." Rust-coloured brows adopt a subtle crease and she ponders upon the vision for some time, eventually disappearing into the gloom of the Grove.
  5. "All the Inferi were destroyed.." The comforting words from one stranger to another. Aesilnoth, blinded by the Inferi at the Siege of Starlight Bay, offering his sympathy to a pale Mali'aheral woman, cloaked in a lie. Her voice fell quiet for a long moment and she huddled her arms about herself. "You can rest easy now.." Amethyst eyes searched the floor with a glassy gaze, as if awaiting an exception which was never uttered. She maintained the lie well enough perhaps, the facade of weariness, a burden lifted from her shoulders; yet instead there was a rush of dread. Father had been
  6. Great post, it summarises a lot of the things I grumble on about w/r to voidal magics in a concise way and hopefully players will take the suggestions on board.
  7. As nature's song dropped to a sombre melody, Niv took a steady breath and let it crash over her. Gleaming eyes closed gently as they glistened with welling tears and she released a sigh from her nose, "A death already.. how many more will there be?" her voice hardly more than a whisper. After some time she bows her head in a far corner of the Grove, "Blessed be, Sister Ferret."
  8. This looks pretty neat, but I'm apprehensive about how it interacts with a Naztherak's Malflame, since Dread is a Pact-Malice and therefore locked behind three slots. Not only that, but cursing Malflame with your Malice requires an extra emote, but by taking this feat you essentially get Dread without taking another slot, and you don't have to add another emote to your casting. It messes with the balancing of Naztherak a touch, but that's really the only gripe I have with this- well aside from "Ew Shade haha"
  9. Laudanum exists IRL as an opiate, seems weird to lock it behind an FA. The sleep agent can already be achieved with javens, which is an open herb and doesn't require ST-signing etc. Even then night sap also grants a powerful tranquilliser with severe addictive side-effects and so on, if you like the 'addict roleplay' thing. You can already achieve these things without a new submission.
  10. "Where life goes, so too should you," Nivndil thinks to herself, eyes closed for several long minutes after the vision concludes. Taking in a steady breath, she then releases it. A hand reaches out for her staff, which leans into her hold and soon finds her fingers gripping it firmly. "Back to work, old friend.."
  11. Nivndil reads over the declaration, with a gentle crease in her brow. Shaking her head, she sips quietly from her tea and ponders the incredulity.  Lulubelle cackles within the depths of Kal'Darakaan. "Wha' uh load o'shite," she snorts.
  12. The "Read-it Gold" is received. Haelun'orian illiteracy remains hidden from view for another year.
  13. A Druid underlines and circles the many grammatical errors in the publication with red ink.
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