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  1. My Druid has intense flashbacks to violent imagery from Mystery's Voidal Tear eventline. Sometimes I roleplay that as her being tired from poor sleep, avoiding certain triggers or at points a feeling of low mood and vulnerability, sometimes she will just hug her granddaughter for some reassurance. I like to think I RP her experience tastefully, and piggybacking on Mori's reply a bit- I think that's partly because I haven't put a diagnosis on it, I roleplay symptoms or consequences of symptoms, rather than trying to play to a 'syndrome' as such. And touching on Nectorist's point, my Dwarf is utterly unfazed by a lot of her experiences. This is in part because I haven't been playing her as long, she hasn't endured as much trauma I don't think, but also because as a Dwarf she is magically blessed with this unyielding stubbornness.
  2. IGN: Nivndil RP NAME: Lulubelle Starbreaker AGE: 146 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Longbeard of the Legion, Master Smith of the Worker's Guild, Bekarumm oz da Kornazkarumm and home-owner CANDIDATE: Ulfric Frostbeard
  3. Seems unnecessary to canonise into lore, when people were happily roleplaying this Mani. One of the coolest facets of Mani is that you can just bullshit attributes and perceptions onto an animal spirit and it's just as valid as any other iRP belief or religion.
  4. A spectral relic of a romantic era long past finds the letter, gleaming as if tarnished moonlight. Its visor followed the text and its armoured fingers touch the paper as it stirred in a chill breeze, phasing through in ethereal error. The words cut like no mortal steel could, the phantom knight glancing off in morose rumination.
  5. "Teh fock's goin' on o'er there?" a Dwarf scowls.
  6. Birding to meet up for roleplay is a necessary convenience. This is a game, it's meant to be fun. The server is melting after the recent removal of Vortex(via ripping it out by the ballbag based on the mess it's left). Poor tps and disabling nodes to compensate is negatively impacting player experience. Can we really rely on an aviary plugin? Why was the old aviary plugin removed? Will that issue not also resurface? Couriers would be cool, and things such as Housemagery letter delivery, Naztherak familiars etc. are also lore-friendly ways to achieve the same thing. As much as I acknowledge that birds exist for convenience, I have to concede that "magic pigeon which knows where my friend is to conveniently metarally" is bad™︎
  7. Nivndil remembers being referred to as a 'mudskin' outside Felsen, Vailor, as she brought food to feed the hungry. She remembers being told to cover her shoulders by packs of roaming thugs, masquerading as holy men. She remembers seeing Mali'ker women crucified outside villages on Athera, and she remembers the woman with clipped ears who came to Cerulin and tried to preach about Canonist doctrine. Looking up into the sunshine then, the lari remembered the many prayers she helped to scribe in the ancient tongue. Although she characteristically doesn't smile, her features warm as she remembers the many faces who attended her lectures on Elven language; Druids, Dedicants and friends of all races. She would never forget how the Empire had brutalised her people, however.
  8. How do we make hammer and chisels though?
  9. A response could be found, burned into a wall beneath one such eerie scrawling. The glyphs appear as though scorched into the stone by flame, still warm to the touch.
  10. It really didn't, it had some ******* dreadful builds even jammed between nation regions and so on. Like yeah there were some nice builds, but the majority were either half-finished or like "my first Minecraft house" builds.
  11. When Lulu heard about Brynaelda's departure, she smiled. In time she remembered the kind lass who sat down with her and advised her about the difficulties she might encounter as Clan Mother, things Bryn had to overcome herself. Looking to her wrist, the sapphire-hued beaded bracelet glimmered in the light of nearby lanterns, a symbol of friendship from one Bekarumm to another. Slipping it over her hand, Lulu held it tightly in a fist, then brought it up to her breast, "Gud luck Bryn.. go be happy," she chuckled.
  12. Every time Archi starts a sentence with a connective, I grow stronger. Cool lore though, much more up-to-date for Old Gods and so on.
  13. It's pretty neat. Solid themes. I'm sure Quav will be able to nit-pick mechanical issues better than I though.
  14. Seems like a heavy-handed solution to players min-maxxing. Edit: After some reflection, I realise that I don't really care either way. It seems a strange place to start combatting min-maxxing on the server, unless I'm very fortunate to have not been faced with Voistalker screechers throwing fireballs and alchemy. That said, unless you're going to mechanically change how quickly a Voidal user can learn alchemy, it seems a bit redundant to require them to roleplay an innate difficulty. How many people really roleplay any difficulty picking up Alchemy as is?
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