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  1. Bye Antony! I will miss you so so so much. You're my best friend and I will miss our talks on lotc :(
  2. Aramis would nod her head slowly "hmm yes."
  3. Aramis Lavigne would scan over the paper in thought. "It is with greatest interest on my part to help my dear friend Felipe. I will do whatever I must to keep him safe from the hands of traitors."
  4. A Sutican Ball It is with greatest honor that the Duchess of Eastcliffe will be hosting the first ball in Sutica since our arrival in Almaris. This ball will be celebrating the recent achievements of not only Eastcliffe, but all the vassals under Sutica as a whole. All who attend this event are expected to follow the theme of enchanted forest, however it is not required. The event will be held at the Chateau of Eastcliffe. Events of the night I. A welcoming speech given by the Duchess followed by the serving of dessert
  5. Yoma looked to the dead pet fish in her hands "Zailor like Klomping!"
  6. Aramis Lavigne looked over the paper with a slightly raised brow "How interesting.." she stated before going back to work.
  7. Aramis Lavigne simply blinked in confusion before returning to her work.
  8. The King of Raiding 👑

    1. Mickaelhz


      You know it! 🦍

    2. Mordhaund


      mickael did you make this account yourself 

  9. Aramis Lavigne nods her head slowly "hmm..yes..propaganda."
  10. Aramis Lavigne nodded her head slowly. She pressed her fingers against her temples in thought. "I respect the decision my friend. I support you on whatever you choose. I do not want this to end in bloodshed or war either."
  11. [!] A messenger eagle flies throughout the lands of Sutica with small letters carried within its talons. These letters found themselves to anyone who wished to read them. In the dawn we will rise The Previous Duke of Eastcliffe, Andrew Staunton, has dragged the name of Eastcliffe through the mud, shaming the title, the people, and the Sutican monarch. I, Aramis Lavigne, have claimed the title of Duchess for the betterment of Eastcliffe. Within Sutica law, the law which the land is placed upon, there are no birth
  12. [!] A lone eagle glides over the empty lands of Eastcliffe, a number of parchments upon the talons as it soars about traveling around long and far, dropping papers to the passers below, cawing out as it travels to each major settlement until it returns to nest at it’s home once more. These parchments read the following _______________________________________________________ A Mind is Sharper than Talons _______________________________________________________ Many years have passed since the founding of Courlands successor, Eastcliffe. While
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