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  1. *Fili nods “Aye, Utak has become an admirable king, offerin’ deh olive branch but still prepared to fight if necessary. If deh Myneborians were wise, they would accept deh kings proposition instead of fightin’ on behalf of Balrog’s continued greed and narcissism.”
  2. “Don’t trust what Hekkaes says lad, he is a liar and no true Goldhand. Morag is the one who deserves your support” says Fili
  3. “Perhaps it is toime fer a true descendant of Tungil to claim deh title of Clan Father.” Remarks Fili
  4. “’The Sword of Zahrer’. That name beh stupid.” Remarks Fili
  5. congratz on becoming admin

  6. There are already steam boats and a few other uses for steam engines that are accepted
  7. “All of your wares are far above market price” states a dwarf
  8. MC Name: Cpt_Noobman RP Name: Fili Grandaxe Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli
  9. They were added by accident, I believe a tech will fix it soon
  10. The Final Acts of The High Preceptor, 1716 Let it be known, that Jorvin Starbreaker, on behalf of the council of Preceptors of Da Kirkja Dverga, however dishonored he may be, should not and shall not be declared an enemy of the Brathmordakin. The gods will surely give him the fate he deserves. From this day forth, Bjor Cottonwood shall be declared a Paragon of the Brathmordakin. Bjor’s impact on Dwarven society is undeniable, and his ascension to Paragonhood is as clear as the morning sun. Bjor shall now be known as Paragon Bjor the Reformer, with Anbella as his patron goddess and a carrot as his symbol. As High Preceptor, I am glad to see how the clergy has thrived under my leadership and grown in numbers and dedication far beyond what has been known amongst Dwed-kind for generations. However, respect and reverence for the gods and the clergy extends scarcely past the bounds of Da Kirkja Dverga itself, and a majority of the Dwarven populace adopt idolatrous and heathen ways focussed on their own selves rather than the gods. It is my greatest failing as High Preceptor that these ways have grown under my guidance. And so, it is time to pass control of Da Kirkja Dverga to another. Within the next stone week, the council of Preceptors shall meet and shall elect a new High Preceptor. Dutsesli, Bolgnir, Baldin, Borin, and Dwarger, may Ogradhads wisdom abound in you as you choose a new leader to guide you through the trying times ahead. Whoever you choose, it will not be easy. Deep corruption has set into the Dwarven political system and you will have many enemies. However, the gods are surely with us and their will shall conquer all. Narvak oz Da Brathmordakin, ~High Preceptor Fili Grandaxe
  11. Never before in Dwarven History has so great a crime gone unpunished. An honor duel against a beardling, one who was not even the target of the grudge that spurred the incident. The duel was never officiated by a member of the clergy nor approved by both Enforcers nor overseen and officiated by the Rikkin’s Council. The duel, was never meant to be to the death but to first yield. After incapacitating Thondil, Jorvin chose of his own free will to murder the boy, not giving him the chance to yield nor have his wound cared so that he might have a chance to survive. The boy was a beardling, never having had the chance to pass his trials, nor lay with a woman, nor experience a full life that all Dwedmar ought to have the right to. All of that was stolen from him. Jorvin Silverfinger is a cold-blooded murderer and kinslayer, damned to eternal torment in the clutches of Khorvad.
  12. My Position is the Position of the gods. If they deem me false, it will be decided in battle.
  13. If the assailant does not accept the challenge or the terms within one stone day, he shall be declared an enemy of the Brathmordakin and shall be twice damned and a coward at that.
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