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  1. lotc please unban me i just want to mineman pvp

  2. Riftblade should not be admin

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      8 hours ago, ChaseusBelli said:

      Personally, I think you’re a joke. How’s the server?


      absolutely destroyed.

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      ok so neither of you have a reason, ure just upset


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      Ok but why tho

  3. “M-Morag?” asks Barundin with a look of shock and despair
  4. -=(The Goldhand Banking Union)=- Now Offering Generous Loans at Modest Rates All Dwarves of Urguan now have an opportunity to acquire the necessary funds for any venture through the officially chartered Goldhand Banking Union. We handle all cases individually and will meet with you personally to discuss your finance options, interest rates, and payment plans. If you or someone you know need funds for a venture within the realms of Urguan please stop by our offices in the banking house of our capital, Kal’Evraal. For more information please meet personally with Barundin Goldhand, or send a bird ((Cpt_Noobman, Discord Cpt_Noobman#3818)). More to Come As we expand our facilities please look forward to an ever increasing amount of services to aid your financial needs. In the future we plan to offer savings accounts, subscriptions, insurance, and much more. Thank you to our valued members, present and future, as we look forward to increased prosperity and wealth for all. Sincerely, ~Barundin Goldhand, GBU ~Morag Goldhand, GBU
  5. -=Official Charter of the Goldhand Banking Union=- In the interest of promoting commerce and prosperity, the Goldhand Banking Union shall be recognized as an officially chartered business that may operate within the realms of Urguan and all associated territories with the following rights and privileges… The state of Urguan shall guarantee all contracts signed between individuals and/or organizations and the Goldhand Banking Union, meaning, that the state of Urguan shall hold any individual or organization who signs a contract with the Goldhand Banking Union bound to that contract by law of Urguan. The state of Urguan shall allow enforcers of the Goldhand Banking Union to act with the force of law in enforcing the terms of agreements signed between individuals and/or organizations and the Goldhand Banking Union. When possible, the role of enforcer shall be filled by members of the Legion or other Urguan sponsored military units, a service for which they shall be adequately compensated by the Goldhand Banking Union. In the interest of establishing a proper business the state of Urguan shall allow the Goldhand Banking Union use of an agreed upon space within the territory of Urguan to serve as offices and facilities necessary for the Goldhand Banking Union to operate. Signed, ~Morag Goldhand, GBU ~ Barundin Goldhand, GBU ~ UNDER-KING, Utak Ireheart
  6. *Fili nods “Aye, Utak has become an admirable king, offerin’ deh olive branch but still prepared to fight if necessary. If deh Myneborians were wise, they would accept deh kings proposition instead of fightin’ on behalf of Balrog’s continued greed and narcissism.”
  7. “Don’t trust what Hekkaes says lad, he is a liar and no true Goldhand. Morag is the one who deserves your support” says Fili
  8. “Perhaps it is toime fer a true descendant of Tungil to claim deh title of Clan Father.” Remarks Fili
  9. “’The Sword of Zahrer’. That name beh stupid.” Remarks Fili
  10. congratz on becoming admin

  11. There are already steam boats and a few other uses for steam engines that are accepted
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