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  1. From the Office of the Safety Admin, In response to the (leaks/reports/logs/photos) brought to light to the community by (player name here), this (morning/evening) the Safety Team has found it necessary to issue this response. We have severed all ties with (perpetrator), and reaffirm our commitment to the safety and enjoyment of the player base. Thank you all and be safe, -Safety Admin Noobman *IMPORTANT* Do not post until after logs are revealed
  2. “So the folly of deh fathers becomes deh folly of deh sons...”
  3. “The Chief Justiciar shall be given half a stone week to present himself. Should he fail to do so, I will serve as judge, jury, and potential executioner myself in his place.” ”T’ats suberversion of deh courts?” remarks Fili
  4. IGN: Cpt_NoobmanRP Name: Fili GrandaxeCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  5. Safety Admin’s Report #1 The issue is currently being investigated.
  6. lotc please unban me i just want to mineman pvp

  7. Riftblade should not be admin

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    2. Auriel_


      8 hours ago, ChaseusBelli said:

      Personally, I think you’re a joke. How’s the server?


      absolutely destroyed.

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      ok so neither of you have a reason, ure just upset


    4. AlphaMoist


      Ok but why tho

  8. “M-Morag?” asks Barundin with a look of shock and despair
  9. *Fili nods “Aye, Utak has become an admirable king, offerin’ deh olive branch but still prepared to fight if necessary. If deh Myneborians were wise, they would accept deh kings proposition instead of fightin’ on behalf of Balrog’s continued greed and narcissism.”
  10. “Don’t trust what Hekkaes says lad, he is a liar and no true Goldhand. Morag is the one who deserves your support” says Fili
  11. “Perhaps it is toime fer a true descendant of Tungil to claim deh title of Clan Father.” Remarks Fili
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