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  1. Cpt_Noobman

    A Drunk Dwarf in an Empty Tavern

    The problem is that all nations are held to the same standard, which doesn’t sound like a problem, except that there is literally just not enough applications for orcs and dwarves to even compete in hard activity standards when compared to the flood of applications that humans and elves receive. A few days ago I checked the last 75 accepted applications, out of those there were 7 dwarves, 3 goblins, and 1 orc. With the current system it’s almost impossible for lower populated races to maintain a racial nation, so we either have to become mix raced like Sutica, never log off, or just die out.
  2. Cpt_Noobman

    [Festival] Paragon Barradin's Day

    -=((Paragon Barradin’s Day))=- The first ever celebration of Paragon Barradin’s Day shall be held this year, on the sixth month! All are invited regardless of race to join in the festivities. The festival will begin with a retelling of the Legend of Barradin, also referred to as the Tale of Three and how he outsmarted Odnarch and saved the Dwarven people. The rest of the festival shall be filled with merriment and storytelling, good food, drinking games, and other entertainment. The location shall be the tavern of Kal’Varoth. Free food and drinks shall be provided but bring money for gambling and stories for telling! Narvak oz Barradin, Narvak oz Da Brathmordakin! ((The Festival will be held Saturday, April 13th, at 3 EST in the Dwarven capital))
  3. Cpt_Noobman

    Horns of Cernunnos

    A breeze rolls through Malinor
  4. Cpt_Noobman


    This reminds me of the great civil war between the national socialist workers party of Urguan and the red Urguan workers front
  5. Cpt_Noobman

    A Diatribe on Disillusion; a Praise for Dwarfkind

    ((Good write, I enjoyed reading it
  6. Cpt_Noobman

    Iron Chargers, Engines, and Railways

  7. Cpt_Noobman

    A Warning

  8. Cpt_Noobman

    DNN #12

    “Birds are runes created by Arcadia to spy on us”
  9. Cpt_Noobman

    Imperial Hegemony

    ((Yeah, but there hasn’t been a major war since WW2. I’m not claiming that the world is now free of violence, or that the US is right in all of it’s decisions, just that no great powers will engage of war due to the costs of war being so high. That was more of the point I was making with the rp post as well, there haven’t been any major wars because they’re too dangerous to would-be agressors.
  10. Cpt_Noobman

    Imperial Hegemony

    ((In case any of you are wondering where this is coming from, I’m taking an International Relations class and I find the current political situation on LoTC to be similar to the United States’ current hegemony IRL. I just thought the parallels were interesting. You’re rp opinions are still valid, I just wanted to provide a little more context to the post to give something to think about.
  11. Cpt_Noobman

    Imperial Hegemony

    Imperial Hegemony An Observance by a Dwarven Scholar, Published Anonymously Since the fall of various warnations, such as Norland, Kaz’Ulrah, and Krugmar, the world has given way to a new order dominated by the Empire of Man. This hegemony of humankind has undoubtedly ushered in an era of peace and prosperity amongst civilized nations. In the past, great wars and hostility have accompanied the rise of Orenian empires, with many coalitions and alliances forming and un-forming to destroy them as they tried to exert their conquests on non-human races. However, with the rise of the most recent incarnation of a united humanity, no such war has occurred and no nation’s sovereignty has been threatened. Before the rise of the Empire as we know it today, the world’s great powers were villainous kingdoms and bandit lords. Under the powers of Kaz’Ulrah, Norland, Krugmar, and lesser yet still significant bandit guilds, no peaceable nation was safe from attack. Raids and slaughter occurred frequently, Sutica, Holm, the disunified realms of Man, and Elven nations, none were safe from the wicked rule of the antagonistic factions occupying the highest seats of power, and survival was never a certainty. Yet, with the rise of the Empire, these evil nations have been wiped out and peace has reigned for some decades now. It seems as though the taint has been removed from society and civil nations can now live in peace. Currently the world’s great powers include the Dwarven nation of Urguan, the trade nation of Sutica, and several Elven nations and splinters, but all are insignificant when compared to the massive power of the Empire. Given this dynamic, it could be assumed that the Empire would flex its strength and attempt to bully it’s neighbors as previous incarnations have done in the past, but this is not the case. Instead, the Empire sits comfortably in it’s position of prominence, rarely exercising it’s force against other sovereign nations and instead has made peace and non aggression pacts with the other nations of the realm. This has created an atmosphere in which the other nations of lesser power do not make war nor antagonize each other out of a desire not to disturb the Empire and stir it into action against themselves. This has created the peace, and maintains it, as if not for the stabilizing presence of such a superpower the world would likely be thrown into chaos and war, as has been the case in the past. I, and I’m sure many others, are of the opinion that this peace is precious and should be made to last. The integrity of the Empire must not be challenged. One only needs to observe recent events, such as with the strife that was occurring in Adria to see how a weak Empire threatens the stability of the whole world. All nations were fearful that if the Empire broke into civil war that the peace would be lost and bandits and warnations would once again be able to wreak havoc on the land. I urge all who read this to uphold the peace and to support the hegemony of mankind. So long as mankind remains strong, the rest of the world can prosper.
  12. Cpt_Noobman

    -=Da Kirkja Dverga=- The Dwarven Clergy

  13. Cpt_Noobman

    -=Da Kirkja Dverga=- The Dwarven Clergy

    Accepted, I’ll be in contact shortly. Accepted