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  1. Ledicort Vuiller would launch into a laughing fit reading the missive gracing his desk "Twice we have been to their lands. The first was in response to their consistent threats of killing our King and requesting that our allies do not aide us when they war them. Yet when our 3,900 men reached the steps of their camp, they hid behind the walls, with their 800, and after they were warned they simply built more defences" He explains to his young ward @WaveLincolnwith a laugh as he does "The second, and most recent, was when they captured Princess Augustina. We managed to rally 2,000 in no time at all, and yet their 600 men still hid behind the walls refusing to fight, yet Princess Augustina still managed to get out. This is not the consequence of bloodthirst, but the consequence of complete incompetency and idiocy. They could not handle our wrath even if they tried" Ledicort speaks as he gestures for the boy to sit down as he stores the missive for later use passing the boy some other missives and plans for him to read through "Study these, we will be busy soon"
  2. What is your name? Francisco Javier de Pelear Where are you from? Hyspia How old are you? 16 What is your favorite thing? Combat
  3. Francisco would sigh reading the herald, never one for gossip he would simply shelf it
  4. Ledicort Vuiller would receive the letter while at a funeral, promptly stashing it away in his pocket to read when he could be bothered
  5. Ledicort Vuiller would sign the lorraine with a weak smile "May His Majesty fair well in the seven skies"
  6. Addressing the King’s Health 4th of Sun’s Smile, 32 B.A. A Decree from the Crown To the Citizens of Balian, and her allies, The King of Balian, John I, has fallen grievously ill. In such a state he has opted to open up visitation hours so that those who wish the talk to him in what may perhaps be his final days. We implore those who shared a close bond with the King or those whom considered themselves close allies of him, to take up this opportunity with haste so that any final words or wishes may be heard. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, John I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen, Baron of Brucca and Valens, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and of The South, etcetera His Excellency The Seneschal of Balian, Lord Ledicort Vuiller de Aquillae
  7. Francisco smiles as he plans everything the group will need for the journey and camping
  8. Sir Duncan would laugh as he leaves the Sons of Petra fort “I’ll be back to set dem shraight” he speaks remembering the powerful orc who defended him.
  9. Francisco would look at the house he just sold to the Santos family nodding to himself as he wonders what the family will do
  10. Drako Darkwood would smile reading the missive before preparing to make a small gift for the newborn.
  11. Please implement a notice board system where players can put out requests for certain items and materials, offer a payment of any kind, for all to see, it would offer a nice two way street that will be conducive to roleplay and also realistic
  12. "Everyone is hosting parties now..." Francisco sighs loudly before retrieving his sash and looking at it "Blue enough I believe"
  13. Francisco is taken aback as a party is planned for him, having no interest in parties himself “Well at least there’s a fight to make it interesting” he murmurs, otherwise disinterested
  14. "SKAATCHNAK, NUB WHI DA WHYTEWASH FLAT HI, WUB DA SKAH" Sigurd shouts reading the missive before beating up every molecule near him in a crazed fit, as the mentally unstable viking loses his mind once more
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