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  1. Sibyl would grumble as she reads the missive, shaking her head after two cases of this happening in just one day! "Seems they are much too scared to fight an actual battle and would much prefer to fight like a vulture, scavenging the lone few rather than fighting a larger group" she'd then put away the missive and continue on with her day, ignorant of the Veletzian cowards
  2. Pricess of Monterosa, Sibyl Gwyneth, swellling with patriotic pride, would lift her spear into the air. "Let us lay ruin to them all!" she'd exclaim. As she spoke she pictured to the total victory of the coaltion, and her smile only greq.
  3. After assessing the Balianese soldiers coming home from the battle, Sibyl would call to her husband “Ezren! Ready your weapons, we will not soon be leaving the battlefield!” She spoke with a sigh as she looked to her Alexandros Casimir with a small smile on her face “Rest well Xander, we will protect you with our every breath.” And with that she left her son, muttering under her breath to see the heads of her distant cousins of stassion on a spike besides the bandit lords of Veletz. @SapphirePool
  4. After coming out of a meeting with His Majesty Sibyl would gaze over the missive. Immediately she would be apalled, turning to her father as she showed it. "I appreciate his Majesty wishing for peace, but for Stassion, the very people who have caused a significant portion of this, to sign it? Foolish I dare say." She'd move to a seat and shake her head "You cannot start a battle and immediately declare yourself a peacekeeper."
  5. The Crown Princess of Balian would gaze upon the missive with a stiff jaw, she had spoken with both Viktoria vas Ruthern and another. The acts that had been committed reviled the woman, "How low can humans fall?" she pondered aloud in the Palatio of Balian, thinking back to the tears of the eleven year old she comforted.
  6. 31st of Sigismund’s End of 85 BA After an untimely kidnapping and a rather long hostage situation, The Princess of Monterosa has returned home unharmed. However, despite the prior issues, today marks a momentous occasion as we joyously announce the birth of a new heir, ushering in a hopeful chapter for The Kingdom of Balian. The infant bears a sun-kissed complexion, reminiscent of both his parents. His eyes reflect the distinctive grey hues characteristic of his Novellen heritage, while his dark brown hair carries a subtle reddish tint. In tribute, he is given the name of both his grandfather and uncle His Royal Highness, Prince Alexandros Casimir Novellen. The celebration of this joyous occasion will be honoured in a baptism scheduled to take place in two months, an event to which all are cordially invited to witness the devout spirit of the Balianese. The ceremony will unfold within the hallowed walls of The Church of the Holy Supernals in Portoregne, followed by a reception held in the grandeur of the Palace. Signed and Witnessed by, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Sibyl Gwyneth, Princess of Monterosa and Duchess of Atrus HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Prince Ezren Elijah, Duke-Consort of Atrus HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Elena Casimira Novellen-de Lyons, Countess of Rosemoor, Baroness of Enderoca, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Royal Duana. HER LADYSHIP, Gwenyth Callista Vilac-Vuiller, Countess-Consort of Aquilae
  7. The aforementioned Princess Sibyl would sit in her room in the Palace, looking after her new born baby. She'd hum lightly to the baby as she looked at it, though her eyes were distant, as though she was staring through towards the ground, fearful it wouldn't be there any longer...
  8. WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE Sometimes when a warning is issued, people need to pay heed to it. Often those same people believe that by simply ignoring a problem it will go away. Those same people are wrong. The ‘Kingdom’ of Balian was warned that they could stop their deluded worship of imperial ways. In choosing not to, they have officially violated the Anti-Deep Dolphin Feeder Act. Today, seven Balianite men and women were detained for their crimes. Two decided to die resisting whilst five were captured and punished in accordance with the ADDFA. Let it be known that this is just the beginning. We hope that this little wake-up call will encourage the ‘King’ of Balian to self-reflect, before continued violations (be they minor or major) force our hand to take further action. To ensure this conflict would only continue at the end of the time, the Crown Princess of Balian and The Ferryman have agreed to support the A.D.D.F.A. I, Sibyl Gwyneth, Crown Princess of Balian, hereby agree to abide by the following terms of the anti deep dolphin feeder act. I - The Cultural Marooning |1 Novellen, the name, will not be used, not even for signing documents. |2 Oren, the name, will not be used, not even in landless titles. |3 Paintings, statues, drawings that portray figures depicting Orenian nobility, politicians, soldiers, cities or non-religious buildings are forbidden from being displayed in public or on the ground-floor of your domicile. |4 Uniforms that are or closely resemble those of Orenian militaries are contraband. |5 Publicly praising anything Orenian is now forbidden. |6 Being formerly associated with anything Orenian must be reported to your nearest Ferryman base of non-violent operations. |7 A nation shall not fraternize with people in violation of these rules, they will be considered just as guilty as the Orenians doing the deed. This also contains having ongoing pacts or agreements with places proven to be in violation of these rules. |8 A nation shall not stand up or defend people proven to be in violation of one of these rules. Signed, The Ferryman, Emperor of Snoren HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Sibyl Gwyneth, Princess of Monterosa and Duchess of Atrus
  9. The Crown Princess of Balian, a woman obsessed with new dresses begins making a budget of just how much she can spend at her friends tailor's shop...
  10. The newly offical Princess of Monterosa, Sibyl Gwyneth would grin as she read the missive, preparing a gift for her cousin to celebrate such an occasion.
  11. Sibyl, swiftly after putting down the other missive to focus on her own matters the next saints day would be given her fathers response. Another deep sigh would emanate from her as she read it, perhaps it was time she addressed this matter sooner with her father, to see where the problem lay.
  12. The Crown Princess of Balian, Sibyl Gwyneth would grimace at the sight of the missive, much of what she had just read was new to her and quite horrific, however she would look to her new gown and crown for her upcoming investiture and sigh. She had important matters to attend to before she addressed what this was. ((will for at better when home tomo, damned mobile foruming))
  13. RP Name: Sibyl Gwyneth Discord: high_fire MINA Amount: 100 mina Skin: Rhenyari Spring RP Name: Sibyl Gwyneth Discord: high_fire MINA Amount: 100 mina Skin: Raspberries and cream
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