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  1. Drako Darkwood would shake his head reading the missive. “What utter nonsense, the hindsight is truly that you didn’t get what you wanted and now you seek it with our enemies. If at least went to Haense I would respect you”
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT of the PATRIARCH OF HOUSE DARKWOOD THE DISOWNMENT OF VIKTOR DARKWOOD In the year of our Lord, 6th of Horen’s Calling 11 B.A @DarkWrath94 I. The Disownment It is a saddening day when we see a member of our proud house falter in his path, when we see him bring shame upon our ancestors and those who came before. Viktor Darkwood has been found guilty of disturbing the peace of our family, treacherous actions against the rightful Lord of Darkwood by birth right, Lord Drako Darkwood through his actions against the Grand Duchy of Balian. For these actions against our house we declare him DISOWNED. He and all of his children shall be barred from the name of Darkwood, their connection to our proude house and history denied. They shall carry the name of Bugwarm, their crimes against our house never to be forgotten, nor to be forgiven. As declared by, His Excellency, the Patriarch of House Darkwood, Lord Drako Darkwood, Baron of Renduzzo.
  3. What’s your favourite type of shamanism and why?
  4. Drako Darkwood scoffs as he reads the missive, cleaning glasses in his tavern "You abandoned me and betrayed Balian, and now decide to call our family scattered and broken." He shakes his head with a frown on his face "You are the architect of your own tragedy my brother." -- "And your son isn't the heir to anything, I am the patriarch of the family you fool"
  5. The young Magister Ledicort Vuiller would read the work, when he happens upon it in a small library. Flipping through the pages it consisted of he would nod slowly, settling into a chair as he does "This ought to be a very interesting read, promises to explain more of what I experienced with the war" he muses, as he then begins to read
  6. Discord: high_fire#1060 IGN: VERY_HIGH_FIRE Dragon Knight - 100
  7. The Brown Bear’s Rest Est. 9 B.A Menu Appetisers Feta Salad - 5 mina Kakavia (A fresh fish soup) - 5 mina Mains Dolmades (Roasted chicken and stuffed grapevine leaf) - 5 mina Keftedes (Meatballs and barley) - 5 mina Deserts Pastfeli (A sweet sesame seed snack) - 5 mina Honey Cakes (Made by the Honey Club of Balian) - 5 mina Alcoholic Beverages Crowden White Wine - 3 mina Crowden Red Wine - 3 mina Rosé Wine - 3 mina Soldier’s Kiss Red Blend - 3 mina Otto’s Table Wine - 3 mina Waldenian Beer - 3 mina Hope Draft Beer - 3 mina Light Lager - 3 mina Buttered Rum - 3 mina Marsana Rum - 3 mina Crowden Whiskey - 3 mina Webbed Whiskey - 3 mina Wharfmaster’s Whiskey - 3 mina Crowden Gin - 3 mina Sweetheart Cocktail - 3 mina Charming Champagne - 3 mina Marsana Tequila - 3 mina Da Zavar Wayk Up! - 3 mina Personally made cocktail- 5 mina Non-Alcoholic Beverages Talon’s Sweet Tea - 3 mina Redfist Green Tea - 3 mina Peppermint Tea - 3 mina Minty Tea - 3 mina Juicy Juice - 3 mina Sunshine Harvest - 3 mina This menu is subject to change, so please do look at it in case of any changes that may be made to it, be it new drinks or food.
  8. Magister Ledicort Vuiller would read the letter as it found its way to his office, a weak smile on his face “Legate Munnel is a damned fine man, a very good one to work with. I hope he finds what he is looking for” he would remark to himself simply
  9. Baron Drako Darkwood, rightful heir to the Darkwood name and peerage, rolls his eyes at the missive he had been sent "Seems Viktor has some explaining to do..." he mutters taking note of the meeting time and place
  10. Sigurd, the only human Shaman would read the missive made by his close friend and teach "Mi brudda ahm azh uv mercee, wow!" he would grin reading the demands over again
  11. Ledicort Vuiller would groand as he prepares to write a letter to his Orenian counterpart "Even children are starting wars, this is ******* ridiculous" He would shake his head
  12. Magister Ledicort Vuiller would prepare a letter to Filibert Applefoot "Dear Elder Applefoot After reading your wonderful missive, I notice you had a problem concerning theft in Balian. As the Magister of Balian, it is my responsibility to fix this matter and ensure that you receive justice in regards to the theft. Please send me a letter detailing what occured or telling me when you avaliable to talk about the matter Sincerely, Magister Ledicort Vuiller"
  13. THE FESTIVAL OF SAINTS A blessed festival prolonging for a year with each month honouring Saints of the Mother Church. The holiests of men are bestowed Sainthood for their deeds and actions through whom the Canonists prospered and for such they are to be remembered and recognised. Considering such the Crown of Balian wishes to extend invitations to each and every denizen and ally to attend this sequence of revelries which are to commence in the year of our Lord, 1874 and conclude in 1875 or by the Balian calendar it shall begin in 8 BA and finish in 9 BA. Throughout this period of festivities no wealth shall be spared, neither manpower for we are to exhibit our homage to those who once walked the soils and were GOD’s adjuncts. TIMETABLE Lothar’s Gift The first of many occurrences will recognise Saint Amyas and his medical abilities and therefore the renowned Doctors of Balians who shall disseminate their wisdom in the study to the general. Thereafter the Ballroom of the Monterosa shall be populated with guests as a dance shall be held. Sigismund’s End The second occurrence will honour Saint Jude by hosting scholars, librarians and knowledge-seekers in the Monterosa Palace, where they can engage in debates and discussions about matters pertaining to our world. If one wishes to hold a Lecture he shall discuss such previously with the Magister. The month shall conclude with a meeting of all diplomats of Balian. Horen’s Calling The following month shall be dedicated to Saint Tobias, the patron of merchants and considering such more stalls shall be constructed at the square of Atrus and anyone who wishes may sell his goods there. Amidst the revelries an auction shall be held, where everybody could present their item and receive ninety percent of the sale. Owyn’s Flame The fourth month shall see celebrations of Saint Harald with tournament of strength being held in his distinction. All swordsmen of Almaris may participate in such and triumph over each and every receiving three hundred minas, an unique item of high renown, respect and honour by those present. Following there shall be jousting competition which shall be more leisurely and less would be at stake. Godfrey’s Triumph For the month of Godrey’s Triumph, The Grand Duchy will dedicate their month to Saint Otto and Saint Lorethos’s endeavours. As such, The Grand Duchy will open its arms to all mages who come with benign intent as a competition is to be ran. The prize will be a mina sum and a place on the Monterosan Courts of The Grand Duchy. Objects of magical construct and displays of magical prowess, so long as they are of a non-aggressive manner. However, earlier in the day, the tavern of Balian will host a drinking competition for those with an iron-gut to attend. Peter’s Glory The most monumental affair shall be that of Saint Lothar, The Grand Duchy’s patron saint. On this month a grand mass will be hosted in the name of Saint Lothar, which commemorates his life and achievements. Thereafter a feast shall take place in the square, where the Monterosa shall ensure a wide variety of food, refreshments and drinks to the subjects and guests of our Crown. Sun’s Smile The final month of the year will be concluded with a celebration of St Peter. On this month a military demonstration will be conducted, starting at the stairs of Balian and concluding in the Palace Throne room where speeches will be given by leaders of the Military. All allied militaries are invited to take part in this display of might. The following nations and settlements are to be personally invited by The Grand Duke himself and his Magister to partake in the festivities: His Majesty, King Ragnvald Eirkisson Ruric, and the people of The Kingdom of Norland @Javert His Royal Majesty, King Karl III, and the people of The Koengzem of Haenseti-Ruska @GMRO Reig Llewyn Ap Fawr, and the people of the Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia @Juststan147 His Honourable and Mighty, Lord Caligostro, and the people of The Freeport of Akueli Caesar Monet-De Pelear, Leader of the Hyspian Diaspore and the Hyspian people @Javert His Grace, Friedrich I, Duke of Redclyf, Lord-Protector of Almar and the people of Redclyf @Seansilver12 Grand Imam Sheik ‘Abu Bakr’ and the people of Sheikdom @ibraheemc2000 The High Pontiff Tylos II and all clergy members of the Canonist Church @Ramon All Canonists of Almaris SIGNED, His Imperial Highness, John I, by the Grace of God, Grand Duke of Balian, Lord of Monterosa and Atrus, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, etcetera His Excellency, Ledicort Vuiller, Magister of the Grand Duchy of Balian
  14. Magister of Balian, Ledicort Vuiller would grin after watching all the leader sign the document in front of him "Today we have forged a wonderful many alliances and allowed for the south's future to do well"
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