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  1. Keralis pulls the letter out of his order/mail box with a sigh, “Anot’er letter, least it ain’t ah notice fer payment. Ah wonder wot ‘e’s braggin’ bout. Dere can’t be t’at many guud luukin’ beards dat ways.” He throws the missive in the trash can for him to dispose of later.
  2. Name of your plant/reagent: Dwed Trumm Kilmik [Dwarf's Beard Moss] Appearance: This yellow cave moss grows on rocks in damp caves. It typically starts near the bottom of the rock and works it’s way upwards, spreading across the rocks to make a nice thick blanket. The moss is springy and soft to the touch and has a musty smell reminiscent of yeast that’s perhaps a few days past usefulness. The dwarves named it that it spreads and feels like a dwarf’s beard. It is contested as to if it also smells like a dwarf’s beard as well. When dried, it becomes almost a darker brown than a yellow. When dried, the moss can be crushed to a powder. Location: Dwed Trumm Kilmik can be found clinging to the ground around the base of boulders, slowly making it’s way up the sides. It requires a slow moving/stagnant water source nearby. It is not overly impacted by light, save that strong light might cause it to dry out and crumble. It’s fairly easy to grow. Raw effect(s) of the plant/reagent: Dwed Trumm Kilmik can be ground up and used like any flour would be. The resulting loaves would not rise as much due to any yeast having a harder time activating. Oftentimes a flat loaf will have large air pockets in the middle which can be stuffed with various foods. The flavor would be best described as “gamey peanuts.” Harvesting: This can be harvested with a hoe, using it to carefully pry up large chunks at a time. Care must be taken not to expose it to a lot light during growth to prevent it from drying out, but nothing too special. Red Lines: This item can not be grown outside of a cave, and it must grow around boulders/rocks with water nearby. This item has no magical properties. It is, in essence, dwarf wheat. {field_name_279} {field_value_279} Alchemical Sign(s) (put N/A if none): N/A {field_name_281} {field_value_281}
  3. I had a quick question about if there is a general Magic User/Alchemy/etc Discord group. Because of the amount of learning and the higher expectations on magic, is there a group that’s more dedicated OOCly to helping elevate and coordinate some of the development of the magic/alchemy portions of the game? It seems to me that something like this would help newer players learn what seems to be a little more finicky part of the game, help find teachers, and would provide a good pool of resources on how to write new lore/additions. I would hope for a more OOC group because hopefully that’d escape the IC drama from impacting the group directly (as in, kicking everyone due to a war or some drama in game and keeping it neutral).
  4. Just checked it out, I really like it! I learned something new about soul stones and repairing! I wish we had this when I joined the server to help me learn more. Only request I’d make is maybe a short tutorial on the /edit commands? As newer player, I’ve had a lot of questions about it and how it works.
  5. OOC ((MC Name: Nakarian)) ((Discord: Nakis#6810)) ((Timezone: Pacific)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Keralis Goldhand Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To learn and expand my frame of reference and to develop skills that better the places around myself. I hope to learn how to enchant things to provide public services or make life easier, but if my path lies in understanding something else then so be it. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? None. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? At your convenience.
  6. [!] This is/will be posted to a wall in the shop itself. Welcome to Keralis’ Trading Post! Our goal is to provide the what everyone needs at everyone prices! Please see our tools and gear on the shelves for items that even the youngest dwed can afford! Forget your pickaxe on your way to the mines? We are conveniently located outside the B Dwellings so you don’t have to turn around! Tools and Gear From filling food to simple tools like the pickaxe, we aim to stock the supplies you need to get your start in the city or resupply for a honest day’s work. Slow Day Supply Are you a store owner or crafter who hates the grind of finding or transporting supplies? I am more than happy to assist! From delivering to acquiring, I am more than willing to bring you what you need while you are doing more important things! Advertisements For a few minas a stone week, I will hang an advertisement for your trades! Are you looking for a hard to find item? I’ll post an ad for you in my store! Storage We hope to offer a few storage barrels for rent so that visitors to the city have a place of security for their wares, or for traders to place overstock! Once we get this in place, we’ll update this advertisement! Questions? Concerns? Want to place an order or leave a message? Drop off a message in our mailbox or send a bird! ((OOC Notes: My discord is Nakis#6810. Slow Day Supply: I tend to be online when most other dwarves are offline or busy, so this is “let me do stuff for you at night so you can log in and spend more time selling/crafting. If this advert needs to be changed, please let me know! My hours of activity are 8:30-10pm Pacific time))
  7. Name (Both RP & IGN): [Keralis Goldhand [Nakarian] Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Miner/Blacksmith/Artisan Do you require temporary housing?: Yes but seeking to get housing as soon as possible Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): Nakis#6810
  8. Keralis


    Keralis was raised by the Goldhand Clan in Urguan by his mother and father. His father and mother were traveling traders, which meant Keralis got to travel often and to strange locations. His father elected to teach him the trading arts in terms of basic trading and financing while his mother made products for her husband to sell. As a result of these travels the young dwarf has experienced many things as a youth does, which is to say “In general but not in depth, in flavor but not in substance.” The art of trading has been more a function of Keralis’ life, learning from his parents, but he has always felt his parents could have done more with their craft. His mother enjoyed making smoked fish and other goods but never attempted to elevate her recipes, always sticking to the tried and true until they became stale and routine. Trying to keep things fresher, he attempted to make his own variations of fish and other small sundries with leather or stone only to find that his frustration is born out of never being able to devote to one thing and not being efficient with his materials. His youth, being spent on the road and traveling has left him with stories and little experience in terms of his own culture, and most bandits would rather be poor than pick a fight with a dwarf family on the road. As a result Keralis is lacking in depth of his history and homeland, but is also very much willing to learn on the fly. Upon becoming a shortbeard in age, Keralis has stayed behind as his parents left on a far ranging venture, hoping to begin to make a name for himself.
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