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  1. Junar

    Enderchest Glitch Thread

    Username: Junar Persona that you received the paper notification on: Junar Enrique (I didnt receive a paper but /vault tells me my items are reviewed by you.
  2. Name of your Charter: Thyra Owner's Username: Junar Owner's Roleplay Name: Junar 'Celestyn' Enrique Location (XYZ): X: -1333 | Y: 62 | Z: 500 Tier applying for: 2 Images (built in Junar’s Build Server):
  3. Junar


  4. Junar


    The Enrique family sees their home burnt, the city's people murdered and the once great Adrian capital set a blaze. While leaving on a carriage to seek safety with his men and the other refugees, Junar sheds a tear - A defeated look on his face.
  5. The Dragoon captain sheds a tear as he watches the Nottingham-confederate flags being torn from the buildings in Adria by the legionaires.
  6. Junar


    The Dragoon captain is overwhelmed by the sudden change in leadership. Yet his and his men's loyalty lies with the people. And thus with the new duke. He hopes the dragon-knights will now let him finish building his mansion in peace.
  7. Junar


    The Dragoon captain would wipe his butt with the flyer.
  8. Junar

    Adrian Union of 1708

    Junar hopes the council will recognize his many efforts to aid the city, he starts polish his trident in advance, to look extra-nice while guarding the duke.
  9. Junar

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    Junar Mourns for the mentally ill orc that helped them set up Edward Marks.
  10. Junar

    Missing Girl

    The Dragoon captain would keep the flyer in his saddle bag, and inform his men to keep their eyes open.
  11. Junar


  12. Junar

    Community Meeting

    Will Minas be carried over to the next world? Also, what specific items will we be allowed to take with us?
  13. +1 This some real fire stuff 🔥😤
  14. Username Junar Discord Jυиαя#4826 Timezone GMT +1 Group/Nation: Use to be in the Empire of Man's capital, but now I live with my friends within the wilderness in an outpost ran by a dwarf. Have you ever held a staff position before? I have held a staff position outside of the server. For example, I ran an overly large RP server in 2016, but it was later shutdown due to the development information. On this server, no, I have not held any form of staff position. However, I feel this would be a good chance to step in. I have held builder positions on extremely large, active servers. Won't state names, due to it being a form of advertisement. Also, I use to review builds on a larger server. Have you ever been banned before? I have not been banned on this server, no. What style do you prefer to build in? I can build completely everything. I do organics, high fantasy, low fantasy, quests, dungeons, fortresses, terrains and world-mapping. However, the only thing I decline to do is anything modern, as it does not fit my style of work. Are you comfortable using World Edit commands? I am comfortable with using every and all world-edit command, including voxelsniper and other outside sources such as minecraft-terrain creating. I am extremely talented with World Edit, to say. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list: Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy https://imgur.com/a/pNGQG These are way more than three, sorry for that. However, it is a portfolio of everything I’ve built. It gives the broadest understanding of my capability. I am quite detailed, and I enjoy putting everything into it. Some of these builds were worked on with my friend whom also has joined the server (Florensics) on completely on my own. These show off terrain, normal medieval builds, high fantasy structures, so on. Hopefully you enjoy looking over them. Explain what you feel results in a quality build Time, information and observation. If a build is rushed, it would not be at the higher expectations of most staff. It has to hold a good deal of time, to coordinate how things will first be planned out. Normally, starting with a wool base, before using different variants of blocks to my liking. I normally figure this out beforehand. To get quality build can also require team coordination, for example, team building and team working. I require set information on what is needed, and I require to observe the lore and other builds around me to fit the criteria. Not only are these features required, it is also experience. Building requires experience, it is artwork, something not everyone can achieve. Personally, I have had around too many years of experience in large and small servers, as I have been building since 2013. Why do you wish to become an Event Team Builder? I wish to personally become an event team builder as it is a job that fits me. I am the builder-man in our group, as I did come over with a bunch of close friends. I am quite adapted to building, and accepting me into the event-team will bring forth great aesthetics and professionalism. Not to say the event team builders aren't professional, but I'd personally be a great asset. In most cases, I am able to adapt to the needs of buildings, the style and controversy, so on. If you were to accept me into the build team, I'd be seen as a good man to take charge. On top of wanting to become an Event Team Builder, I do these type of things to enjoy voice chatting with my mates at the time, as we are a talented bunch. I wish to become event team builder to also grow into the communication of the server. As new players (we were here in Axios), I wish to grow into the current playerbase. Growing friends within the staff team, so on, so forth. It would personally be a good idea to bring me in, and I hope you consider this. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: - World-edit - Voxel-sniper - High fantasy, low fantasy, building, structures, statues, creatures, tree variants, blocks. - Highly detailed builds. - Interior. - Team work. Weaknesses: - Modern builds. How much time could you give this position in the foreseeable future? I will be able to give as much as time as I get. To say, I have work also, and I do have to go to my girlfriends house. However, I have a lot of time. Me and my friends are normally around a lot if you see us, proving our activity.