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  1. Group Name: Rajdom of Thyra Link to Charter Application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/181507-%E2%9C%93thyra-charter-application/?tab=comments#comment-1702559
  2. Junar Enrique heard the news while shoveling soil on the thyran farms. he facepalmed briefly, before wiping the dirt from his head, heading to the palace to begin writing a formal apology to the prince Aelthir Tundrak.
  3. Junar smiles as he rides ahead of a cavaran filled with supplies headed for the location.
  4. Username: Junar Persona that you received the paper notification on: Junar Enrique (I didnt receive a paper but /vault tells me my items are reviewed by you.
  5. Junar


    The Enrique family sees their home burnt, the city's people murdered and the once great Adrian capital set a blaze. While leaving on a carriage to seek safety with his men and the other refugees, Junar sheds a tear - A defeated look on his face.
  6. The Dragoon captain is overwhelmed by the sudden change in leadership. Yet his and his men's loyalty lies with the people. And thus with the new duke. He hopes the dragon-knights will now let him finish building his mansion in peace.
  7. Junar hopes the council will recognize his many efforts to aid the city, he starts polish his trident in advance, to look extra-nice while guarding the duke.
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