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  1. Junar

    New 8.0 CT

    Announcement and Information: As a collective, the world team has been striving to push out new content and builds for 8.0. As a personal project, I have also been working on the new CT-- wishing for something new and aesthetically pleasing, on top of being immersive and a hub for the new fast travel system. Spearheading the project for 8.0 CT, it has taken me a few weeks of building alone to get it done. You will notice a lot of changes. First and foremost, we’ve decided to go for a more asian-esque themed build, link it historically to what you may (this can be decided by the lore team, not in my jurisdiction). We’ve driven away from the usual, plain sandstone-block placement and have tried something new. Hopefully, the player base will like it, for it will be one of the first builds you will get to explore when you arrive in Almaris! Below, you will see a screenshot and a few renders of the build. (credit to @mata for these amazing renders) The cloud-temple will encompass a lot of rich lore, server item display, and offer an easy passage to go to other nations when travelling. It is derivative of a simple system. We had it in mind for the newer players who will log on for the first time, It is often said you only have a short time to capture someone’s attention. If you have any suggestions or ideas for last-minute improvements - if it’s constructive and good - I’ll add it. (no monke, no 8.0) Thank you, Lord of the Craft, for giving me the opportunity to help develop your map and build your cloud temple. Junar, World Team Manager
  2. Aidi bokaldem

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  3. IGN: Junar Category: Builds Artwork: Steampunk boatercycle- Fishing ship turned into a land steam vehicle. https://imgur.com/ss6UFFw https://imgur.com/ss6UFFw
  4. This man mad talented doe hope everyone liked the build!
  5. Thrictonoparic observes from his abode, infernal gaze fixating onto his comrade – the Inquisitor Eternal – Eluitholnear in silence. Upon his brother finishing his missive, the dragonkin’s maw fell agape, flashing his sharpened canines. “Inferi are attacking, and they’re crying about... paint? I thought the denizens of Haelun’or were smart creatures.” He swiftly pivot, hopping into the pyre ahead, letting the embers embolden around his form. “Mortals are mortals.”
  7. 4th of Sun’s Smile, 1777 SONS OF PERSUS In the time of Pertinax rule, and for many years afterwards, the princedom of Pronce - the luxuriant retreat of gardens and palaces that served as a palatial retreat for many an aged Horen - had never been anything more important than a place of relaxation through antiquity. These clumsy deep-sea galleons of old, fitted in the sails of purple and black of their ancient ensigns, would lie becalmed, retreating for decades while the modern clippers of claimant empires forged ahead by flaps of their sales. The story goes that within the memory of the older of these late imperials, their ship was the pinnacle of Renatian engineering, the grand interior lauded to be fit for the emperor that used it for transport across the seas. The wide deck a semi-circular and unroofed temple to engineering and the sea alike, it would be outfitted with a retinue of soldiery. The only sign of that old imperial life upon the ship, visible from the dockside as it pulled into the great northern ports, was a stout purple-clad bureaucrat with his boot stood firm atop the bowsprit as if guiding the great vessel by the small turns of his head across the bay. The thick, elderly man, remained pompously communicative to the deckhands and pilot-captains that circled about the ship. Three envelopes, sealed with the purple stamp of that old empire, were raised high in his grip, a sprig of purpled antirrhinum pressed into the wax. "These three gentlemen" He boomed with an antiquated opulence, "must be delivered this message. Under providence I am owed the privilege of not delivering them myself. And I-” he warbles on, his whiskers moving with the encouragement of a large sigh, tossing a sack of money into the hands of the nearest pilot, a grey-eyed mali’ker with his head shaved beyond a mohawked strip down the middle, who took to his tender with some haste to deliver the missive to the three dragonblooded recipients scattered across the land; Oliver Helane, Antonyus Helane and Junius Helane in turn. It was with an upright quietness that he took to his ship, heading out from the dockyard with equivocal haste to he had entered it, a small frown to his face in response to a gloomy thought or some unpleasant sensation that he could not put word nor name to. He never detached his eyes from either the sextant or the sea ahead, his fee paid and course set. The letters were delivered within a week. *** To whom it may concern. After watching my brother, ‘Emperor’ Peter III, bite the bottom step of Rubern prior to having his head stomped upon repeatedly by the late Duke Godric - I took it upon myself to celebrate my brother’s death, unaware of his ability to somehow survive such a blow. During my celebrations, I toured Arcas and met many fair maiden - all of which birthed sons as a result of our encounter. I've never been adept with numbers, instead focusing my schooling on the true pursuits of men as soldiery and martial skills, but my approximation of sons birthed as a result of my celebratory tour is around 40,000. If this letter reaches the lands of Arcas, let it be known that these three of my legitimate, favored Sons are true Dragonsblood; and have my full permission to use the former family-name of ‘Horen’. I hope that many may join me in these distant lands in a not-so-distant time. Persus Helane
  8. “May we meet again in another life, Soldier.” THE SLAUGHTERED SHEEP Issued on the 23rd of The Deep Cold, 1775 How many more will perish in the name of Peter III, a needless cause? - Where men beckon forth onto their death, only to perish once more. The nobles, those of the rich, only growing fatter as they hide within their tall walls. The innocent and sheep meander forth, damaged and hurt yet again. What a farce, lunacy. Peter III asks you to die for him, for Oren. He does not do the same for you, he is protected with his guards and riches while you only continue to befall for his name. This morning, three Orenian soldiers arrived at the Hangmen Keep - None left; For all died by our hands. While your Emperor resides in his palace, more of your men continue to wander forth in blind stupor. War is not merciless, nor is it honourable. It’s born of bloodshed and lies, a farce ridden into many. Where men wander forth onto their graves and innocents continue to perish for the name of those higher above. The Hangman's Promise is to be completed, as is our CODE. To more that will follow, you are only continuing onto your deaths - Your cause is meaningless. Ours is followed, Our Duty. We shan’t waver nor falter, no more. You are all encumbered by your own, it shackles you. Peter III beckons you like a Shepherd onto a Sheep, the wolves will only continue to prowl and devour until naught remain - Soon, you’d answer to your callings. May we meet in the battlefield. May your courage finally show and rage. May you die an honourable death. “A shepard without his flock is just an idiot without his stick..” _____________________________________________________________________ Credits: Art - DAENGIE, Thanks! Aulune, AdventureMaan, Arcean_ for cooperating with the RP!
  9. EU doesnt exist I guess. Yall just afraid we’ll whoop yo asses
  10. This is Broodmother Alpha 6, reporting for duty.
  11. Junar

    8.0 Map Teaser

    You’re on to me
  12. Announcement and Information: The world team has been actively working towards the development of the next map, and after months of solid work, the world team and quality assurance and project director, me, sees fit to show a teaser on what the next map will contain. As shown in the video, we have offered a wide range of biomes and regions to work in, a plethora of flora, landscape and terraforming. The map itself was worked and painted by the builder duo: Florensics and I. A lot of members in the world team have actively focused their time on 8.0, growing closer and closer to completion. We plan on pushing a hundred percent effort into getting the map completed, and we will ensure the best, top-quality map Lord of the Craft has ever seen before. Eventually, we will begin to contact different nation leaders to find them the suitable tiles and region selection for where the builds will be placed for 8.0, to ensure quality in the coming nations for the next map and hopefully a content response from the leaders of the nations. Expect to get a friend request by world team management in the coming month. As a collective group, we have coerced and organised the highest grade team to make sure the experience and aesthetics of the map is of the highest it has ever been -- we believe in immersing the players on a ride they shall not forget, and 8.0 will be exactly that map. Continue to show support, the World Team and 8.0 Project Members will not disappoint!
  13. People are corrupt, whats new. Get with the system. #freefrill
  14. Heahmund watched over a servant hauling back the O’Rourke coin to the Bren lands as he muttered to himself; ”Gingers, hmpf.”
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