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  1. The World Team Winter Update It has been a very eventful map release! And with all the benefits of a successful launch and a new world for players to explore, there is no doubt that some areas will need amendation and refinements. The World Team has had a lot to review, especially with a recent change in administration. For the sake of transparency we are publishing an update to make sure that players are aware of some upcoming changes. Feedback is, and always will be, encouraged. This list is not exhaustive and there is always room for more updates and w
  2. Below are the templates for lair, settlement and nation applications. Follow these guidelines when submitting lair, settlement and nation applications. These questions allow the person reviewing your application to understand the intention behind your build and the style it will take. Having these both established prior to submitting an application allows the world team to both advise on design and offer support with building if necessary. Lairs Lair PRO MC Name: Lair Name: Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or oth
  3. Junar

    New 8.0 CT

    Announcement and Information: As a collective, the world team has been striving to push out new content and builds for 8.0. As a personal project, I have also been working on the new CT-- wishing for something new and aesthetically pleasing, on top of being immersive and a hub for the new fast travel system. Spearheading the project for 8.0 CT, it has taken me a few weeks of building alone to get it done. You will notice a lot of changes. First and foremost, I’ve decided to go for a more asian-esque themed build, link it historically to what you may (this can be decided
  4. Aidi bokaldem

    1. Werew0lf


      Vice President Kamaldem

  5. IGN: Junar Category: Builds Artwork: Steampunk boatercycle- Fishing ship turned into a land steam vehicle. https://imgur.com/ss6UFFw https://imgur.com/ss6UFFw
  6. This man mad talented doe hope everyone liked the build!
  7. Thrictonoparic observes from his abode, infernal gaze fixating onto his comrade – the Inquisitor Eternal – Eluitholnear in silence. Upon his brother finishing his missive, the dragonkin’s maw fell agape, flashing his sharpened canines. “Inferi are attacking, and they’re crying about... paint? I thought the denizens of Haelun’or were smart creatures.” He swiftly pivot, hopping into the pyre ahead, letting the embers embolden around his form. “Mortals are mortals.”
  9. 4th of Sun’s Smile, 1777 SONS OF PERSUS In the time of Pertinax rule, and for many years afterwards, the princedom of Pronce - the luxuriant retreat of gardens and palaces that served as a palatial retreat for many an aged Horen - had never been anything more important than a place of relaxation through antiquity. These clumsy deep-sea galleons of old, fitted in the sails of purple and black of their ancient ensigns, would lie becalmed, retreating for decades while the modern clippers of claimant empires forged ahead by flaps of their sales. The story goes that within t
  10. “May we meet again in another life, Soldier.” THE SLAUGHTERED SHEEP Issued on the 23rd of The Deep Cold, 1775 How many more will perish in the name of Peter III, a needless cause? - Where men beckon forth onto their death, only to perish once more. The nobles, those of the rich, only growing fatter as they hide within their tall walls. The innocent and sheep meander forth, damaged and hurt yet again. What a farce, lunacy. Peter III asks you to die for him, for Oren. He does not do the same for you, he is protected with his guards and riches while you on
  11. EU doesnt exist I guess. Yall just afraid we’ll whoop yo asses
  12. This is Broodmother Alpha 6, reporting for duty.
  13. You’re on to me
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