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  1. bye girlboss you were one of the only ones i actually liked
  2. Lady Anne Eleanore of Provins held her chin high as she ushered for nearby servants to prepare her brightest garments. The damsel in distress rested the missive upon a beautifully crafted nightstand as she placed her hands neatly in her lap. The lack of tears complimented her disturbed mind as she ascended to a stand. The youth would open an argent wardrobe to receive a plush owl. Anne would stare at it momentarily before tossing it to the side. The deranged, demented girl would speak to the vast emptiness of the tower, as if Anna was in the room with her, ”I’ll b
  3. From the tallest tower of the Provins Estate, Anne Eleanore brought a porcelain teacup to her lips and slowly sipping the contents from said cup. ”I always knew Anna was a harlot.” She’d mutter underneath her breath as she released a clown-like, high-pitched girlish giggle. The Pruvian girl with extensive locks looked outside the window towards the Carrington Estate over yonder, “Mother was right about you...”
  4. A SPRINGTIME PROVINS PICNIC 1816 Adolescents of the palace reveling in an alluring, springtime afternoon, c. 1816 A N N O D O M I N I 1817 Penned by the hand of TH Mary Casimira of Carrington With Eastertide sweeping through the Empire of Man, it is with formidable distinction that Lady Eleanore of Provins and her esteemed kin bid for the subjects of John VIII to luxuriate in a springtime dining alfresco moderated within the gardens of the Provins Manor. The youth in attendance will roister in garden play while adults carouse in the multitud
  5. Anne Eleanore Casimira Lorena Augustina Maria Matilda Helen Amalia Judith, the prettiest of the Pruvia-Provins dynasty, readies her most extravagant gown for her favorite aunt’s wedding.
  6. capiital


    how has becoming british changed your life? where’s my money what is your favorite dessert? do you like banoffee pie? can you cook? did you watch cailou as a child? why is the ocean blue this is a quiz question answer it are you a girlboss. if so why?
  7. who was your favorite character and why? lake or ocean? mountains or plains? have you ever beaten the ender dragon? what is your favorite genre of music? fly high shannon leigh 🕊 (i hate men) not you STEALING MY QUESTION
  8. FIRST what are your opinions on Trisha paytas And Sophie Anderson
  9. Alexandrina Frederica Pruvia cheers for Wilhelmina ‘the Free’ of Cathalon, placing the annulment in an aureate frame that will spiritually look over Trissingham for eternity.
  10. Alexandrina applauds Lady Cosette for her loyalty.
  11. why is your vocabulary so extensive. teach me
  12. Tears dampened Alexadrina’s bedsheets as her weeps could be heard throughout the vast, vacant halls of Rosebud House. Her eyes swelled as she dug her head into her pillow. A cascade of saline tears fell from her eyes like raindrops on a tempestuous evening. With a separate, crumpled missive held close to her heart, she’d begin to scan over this new missive that was delivered to her bedchambers. At the conclusion of such a scandalous memorandum, the droplets that soaked her pillow slightly multiplied.
  13. Skin name: Blush Pink Regency Amount: 95 Discord: capital#4645
  14. As Alexandrina Pruvia prepared herself for bed, a knock would emit from the Rosebud House front door. She’d beckon for the mysterious guest to enter the Imperial Apartments, but they did not. A pamphlet was slid underneath the door and departing taps could be heard slowly fading away in the distance. She’d retrieve the pamphlet, gasping at the newest tabloid, the familiar Madame Swanhilda. Alexandrina scanned the page and it’s contented, ceasing at her own article. With high hopes, she began to read, but her once enthusiastic smile turned into a deep frown. The Pruvian youth would carefully pl
  15. While the maids of the Rosebud House aided Alexandrina Pruvia in undressing from her extravagant gown, the Ruby of the Season would be given a pamphlet. Assuming to be another issue of Madame de Potins, the Pruvian debutante would signal for the maids to cease the undressing procedure. A rose undertone seized the pigmentation of the youth as she observed her appellation written in the commencing article. Alexandrina scrutinized the page, flabbergasted by the contents, but she could be seen beaming. Towards the conclusion, she would grimace at the ruthless comment regarding Lady Emerentia. As s
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