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  1. Alexandrina Frederica Pruvia cooed at her youthful cousin, Elisabeth Louise, as she scrutinized the extensive letter delivered to Rosebud House. She'd emit a malicious giggle from behind the fan that conceal her sentiment, "This man has tarnished the Pruvian name..." She'd clench her fist, slamming the paper onto the dining table in resentment, "He will never be a relative of mine." She'd quickly embrace her cousin, "Thank Godan he is gone."
  2. rip marinaemily #flyhighmom ;( 

    1. niya



    2. kitty_irl


      she deserved it . Neglective b1+ch

  3. Gowon was at her lowest...nasty and broke. Career in shambles. She came on I’ll be there mad as hell!!!

  4. After thieving the invitation from the Rosebud House feasting hall, the Pruvian adolescent would scan over the missive, seemingly distressed as she concluded her reading. Alexandrina Frederica seated herself at the dining table, sighing. The luminous, midnight moon beamed through the windows, resting upon her as she contemplated attending such a public event!
  5. @Dasdi girl wheres my leash

  6. I'm just gonna make this short and simple. Vortex and Toxic Playerbases is why people wish to leave all the time. People love to drive people out of the server with their power hungry and fake personalities, discouraging them from even bothering being active. Vortex is a huge issue because it also discourages other from starting anything, like creative settlements or interest places to attract RP.
  7. apple juice is just flavored water orange juice is like so much better
  8. +1 this eats and im so excited to see it :))
  9. Adabelle Myre removes a silken, crimson red glove, placing it upon the sitting room desk. She’d beckon for a palace servant to deliver a pen to her only to wave him away with a dismissive hand. The eldest Myre girl hastily scanned the page and it’s contents before signing her name at the bottom, adding a small flower beside the signature.
  10. bestie... this is so... bewildering, shocking, inspiring!!
  11. Alexandrina Frederica studies the pamphlet she thieved from the cousin’s bedchambers. The Pruvian youth audibly gasped at the first reading regarding her uncle’s elder brother, “Oh my!” Alexandrina hastily placed the pamphlet back upon her cousin’s dresser. She would proceed to silently depart the room, exhaling in relief due to her arising fear of being punished.
  12. Adabelle Myre sat upon a rocking chair, rocking back and forth as she stashed herself inside the hovel that sat on her father's farm. The youth would lean forward, intrigued by the letters that were distributed to the subjects of Oren. Adabelle gasped, rushing to show everyone on the farm the surprising news!
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