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  1. Esmond Reede took the falling letter in hand, unfurling its length and quickly scanning over its contents. As his emeralds reached the end of the missive a small smile spread across him as he began to ponder over numerous ideas and swirling thoughts within his head that he deemed worthy of sharing. Perhaps he would compete, he thought - besides, a little extra mina never hurt a soul.
  2. Esmond Reede ceased the hammering of steel to take up the missive, his emerald eyes quickly flickering over its horrifying contents. Once he had read all he could bear, he wiped a beading line of sweat from his forehead and set his tools down, leaving for Elysium at once. "Innocents? Children? What cruel days await us.." Was all he was able to say, his thoughts immediately riddled with worry over Aylin, and his blood boiling in anger. Truthfully, he cared little for Oren and Norland alike, but the slaughter of children like lambs was an act that would not go unforgiven.
  3. Esmonde Reede took the invitation in hand, twirling the blue parchment about in his grasp. As his eyes began to hastily gloss over it, a soft smile spread across his visage. He was always delighted to congratulate a new couple, and he quite enjoyed ceremonies, but he too worried partially about the state of his mal'onn..
  4. Spring's First Kiss Masquerade [!] A small and ornately written flyer blows in the wind before you, it's parchment bordered with golden trim. Attached to various posts across Sutica and Brynrose alike, as well as dispatched across the realm through the means of many birds, the flyer dictates an upcoming event to be held within the city of Sutica. --- --- A painting of a couple expressing their love for one another through the means of the ballroom. As conflict brews all throughout the realm, it is imperative that we embrace the intricacies of li
  5. A certain, moss-covered Ranger, having heard of the event through word of mouth between The Elysium Rangers, decided to attend. His expression hardened behind the rusty helm, he stared out over his perch upon the roof of The White Bear Tavern, his old eyes fixed upon the quiet tranquility of the crashing waves.
  6. Avalor brought the parchment to his eyes, glancing over it quickly before setting it down with a grin, thinking of the many new faces who would taste his brews. "I cannot wait!" He muttered to himself, then thinking for a moment. "I sure hope I can get myself out of bed in time"
  7. A freshly harvested oaken post is seen hammered into the dirt where the tavern in New Esbec is to be built, a letter attached to it. The parchment would be stained a slight brown, the strong smell of alcohol and cinnamon emanating from it. Upon the note, the sigil of an orange owl would be stamped in wax, and the final line would be written in orange ink. The letter read, in what was perhaps the best handwriting ever seen from Avalor: Hunters, Friends, Family. You all know me best as the barkeep, the tavernkeep, the tired man behind the counter. However I have always wanted to be m
  8. Absolutely love this! Can't wait to put the Danûngol to use! Can finally stop using bandits and gobbos.
  9. Avalor Astasel stood upon the deck of Norland's ship, his soon to be wife at his side. He leaned over the side of the ship, gazing outwards towards Arcas as it grew slimmer and slimmer in the distance. He thought of Esbec, Oren, all of the friends he had made, and all who he had met and lost. He thought of The Vodnyk In A Barrel Inn, that humble tavern that had become so important to him, and the town it found itself in. The tavern where he had come to know his lover, and where he had proposed to her alike. The tavern where he had met so many, from adventurers to politicians, young and old.
  10. Stinky

    1. ThatTromboneGuy


      Silas hands Avalor a bar of soap over the counter "Don't drop it, oaf." he chuckles, walking off.

  11. SpaceOddity


    Avalor Bekalot Astasel was born in The City of Helena, to a common family. At an early age, Avalor was always fascinated with Knights and their honorable code. He desperately wanted to be admitted into a Knightly order as a page. As his childhood advanced, Avalor kept his nose to his books, and his mind on his studies, only varying from this pattern to practice his combat technique with a fighting dummy his father had purchased for him on his 8th birthday. When Avalor turned 9, he could not contain his excitement, for he knew that within a year all of his hard work would finally pay off.
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