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  1. The IRON BARON DISTRUGERE and his FABLED IRON TIGER mere moments after inducing the COWARD's WHISKEY:
  2. MC Name: Adstrom Discord: Adstrom#2626 Image: Description of Image: DISTRUGERE, seated upon another soon-to-be throne! Dimensions: 1 x 2
  3. MC Name: Adstrom Discord: Adstrom#2626 Image: Description of Image: DISTRUGERE, seated upon his soon-to-be throne. Dimensions: 2 x 2
  4. MC Name: Adstrom Discord: Adstrom#2626 Image: Description of Image: The IRON BARON DISTRUGERE, standing before the soon-to-be castle of DISTRUGESTADT. Dimensions: 2 x 2
  5. + The letter of the Hunter was received. Within one body, two split and separated minds found both remorse and reprieve. An extreme balanced dualism. The consequences of unending zeal. The predominant, an Ironclad BARON, was struck with a sudden sinking grief. Sorrowful and bitter thoughts of an old friend, and a lost friendship, cast out in two-pronged ambition. Of a gambler, who's luck had fallen tainted. The other, far more ghoulish, was deep and locked away. A curse forced to yield. Even now, it rejoiced. With a sickly and unheard glee, it celebrated in its chasm. For its work was finally done. Though in the end, only one voice spoke. And it was thunderous. The BARON was to prepare for a wake. That curse had been conquered, and the castle loomed. The Four Horsemen would ride again. "Gloria Al Barone."
  6. And blood-black nothingness began to spin.
  7. MC Name: SpaceOddity Discord: SpaceOddity#2626 Image: Description of Image: An Inquisitorial depiction of Initiate Ealdwyn von Saltmire, his signature instinctive utterance inscribed upon the base. Dimensions: 1 x 2
  8. Two shimmering glasses of a stark golden brew found themselves into the hands of distant men. One became ensnared in the ironclad grip of a man whose cigar was lit ablaze for the the first time in many years, and the other fell balanced inbetwixt scarred fingers of a Hawk trapped between worlds. Both shed what could be shared tears of some detached, mournful sorrow.
  9. Somewhere within the accumulated audience of family and friends, a pair of thumbs up extended from beyond a theatrically flowing cloak of dark green - the figure starkly contrasted against the golden sands beneath. An unmistakable bellow of joy paired with the call of a falcon soon followed thereafter from the source of the gesture.
  10. “I love the Hiram King!” Proclaimed Vincente as he played his eleventh losing hand of Four Horsemen, sorrowfully indebted to the establishment. “Nine out of ten gamblers quit before they hit big, so I shouldn’t stop now!”
  11. This is the single greatest plugin concept I have ever read with my eyes. Please let it become real. Finally my bartender characters can have TRUE purpose..
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