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  1. A freshly harvested oaken post is seen hammered into the dirt where the tavern in New Esbec is to be built, a letter attached to it. The parchment would be stained a slight brown, the strong smell of alcohol and cinnamon emanating from it. Upon the note, the sigil of an orange owl would be stamped in wax, and the final line would be written in orange ink. The letter read, in what was perhaps the best handwriting ever seen from Avalor: Hunters, Friends, Family. You all know me best as the barkeep, the tavernkeep, the tired man behind the counter. However I have always wanted to be more. I never wanted my name to be confined to the calls of drunkards. Instead, the calls of glory and valor seek me, and I intend to answer. And so, to meet these calls, I am going to step down as Alderman and Leutnant, and relinquish my position to whomever the council may deem fit, effective the moment this letter is laid eyes on. I am doing so because I wish to build a notable reputation for myself and the Astasel name that extends far beyond serving drinks. And now, in this new world, Esbec is finally at a place where the aforementioned is possible. Esbec is no longer an empty swamp town, but a bustling community full of life. I am sure now that I leave my work and position within Esbec in capable hands, and I feel I am no longer needed for the success of the town. Now this does not mean that I cannot return or visit from time to time of course! I will be checking in to see how the town is going here and there, and to make sure the new tavernkeep is not making a mess of my name! I will be taking my brews with me, all but the Esbec Jasmine Tea which will remain. And I do intend to continue brewing, as I do enjoy it so, perhaps in a new tavern wherever I may find myself. But alas, the time has come for my departure from this no-longer-humble town of which I have come to love. So I bid my goodbyes to all of those who are close, and I pray that good fortune will bless those who are deserving. We will all meet again, but until that day comes to pass, farewell my friends and godspeed. May your hunts be bountiful, and your blades strike true. Your Barkeep, Avalor Astasel
  2. Absolutely love this! Can't wait to put the Danûngol to use! Can finally stop using bandits and gobbos.
  3. SpaceOddity

    End of Arcas

    Avalor Astasel stood upon the deck of Norland's ship, his soon to be wife at his side. He leaned over the side of the ship, gazing outwards towards Arcas as it grew slimmer and slimmer in the distance. He thought of Esbec, Oren, all of the friends he had made, and all who he had met and lost. He thought of The Vodnyk In A Barrel Inn, that humble tavern that had become so important to him, and the town it found itself in. The tavern where he had come to know his lover, and where he had proposed to her alike. The tavern where he had met so many, from adventurers to politicians, young and old. He glanced to the side, his eyes falling on what remained of his possessions, contained within a large, hastily prepared leather satchel. His amber eyes glistened in the rays provided by the setting sun as he remembered the wooden fragment that lay within. He closed his eyes, as the recent somber memory flooded his mind. He saw himself, axe in hand, staring at the main timber beam that was erected before the entry way of that old tavern. He let out a heavy sigh and brought the steel down upon the beam, over and over without end. Thud after thud until finally the beam was no longer one, splinters strewn all about. He crouched and dropped the axe, trailing his fingers along the jagged oak, selecting the largest piece to bring with him to the new world. He wrapped it in a fine orange cloth and stored it away as he stood back up. At that moment Avalor opened his eyes, the memory evaporating as he returned his gaze to the horizon that lay beyond. He grasped his lover's hand and squeezed it, remaining silent as he often did..
  4. Stinky

    1. ThatTromboneGuy


      Silas hands Avalor a bar of soap over the counter "Don't drop it, oaf." he chuckles, walking off.

  5. SpaceOddity


    Avalor Bekalot Astasel was born in The City of Helena, to a common family. At an early age, Avalor was always fascinated with Knights and their honorable code. He desperately wanted to be admitted into a Knightly order as a page. As his childhood advanced, Avalor kept his nose to his books, and his mind on his studies, only varying from this pattern to practice his combat technique with a fighting dummy his father had purchased for him on his 8th birthday. When Avalor turned 9, he could not contain his excitement, for he knew that within a year all of his hard work would finally pay off. A few months following his 9th birthday, Avalor and his father went for a trip into the nearby market where they lived. This trip was a bit of an oddity for the two, as Avalor’s mother usually carried out the chores for places such as this, but Avalor’s father felt that it was necessary for the child to learn what the city was truly like before he was sent away. On this trip, Avalor stumbled into a peasant boy, the same age as him. They met when the peasant came running through a market stall clutching a piece of bread close to his chest, charging straight into Avalor accidentally. The peasant, who’s name was Abrin, had apparently attempted to steal the bread but had been immediately caught. Avalor, who had been separated from his father at this point on an attempt to teach self-reliance, immediately offered to pay for the bread, using some of the minas his father had given him to spend. Over the next hour, the two boys bonded and played together, Abrin touring Avalor around the market. When Avalor’s father returned, he was taken aback by the boys’ close bond that had been formed in such little time, likely due to Avalor’s usual separation from those his age. After that day, Avalor and Abrin continued to grow closer, visiting each other numerous times a week. Abrin lived on the outskirts of the city, and belonged to a very poor family, although despite this, he shared the same Knightly ambitions as Avalor. The two boys trained together, and when the time came, they were excited to finally be able to learn how to become true Knights, however the case would not be this way. The Knightly Order the boys wished to join required a payment for entry, and a particularly high one at that. When it was time to pay for the induction into the Order, Abrin’s family simply could not afford it. Avalor was devastated and quite simply, did not understand. He was confused why his friend would not be able to join him, as he was still a child. Despite this, Avalor begged his parents to pay for Abrin’s entry, but they would not listen, after all it was a hefty sum. With no other option, the two boys said their somber goodbyes, and Avalor headed off to join the Order. As the weeks went on, Avalor desperately missed his friend, and it showed on his studies. Avalor was falling behind in the Order, and his mental state kept on declining. Avalor had decided it amongst himself that The Order was wrong for charging such high fees, even if he himself could afford them, and he began to grow distant from their restricting code. Eventually, a year after his admission, it came to a breaking point, and Avalor ran away. With nowhere to go, fearing his parents’ reaction to his act, he rushed to Abrin’s home. The boys were overjoyed to be reunited, and Abrin informed Avalor that he had found a way to still achieve the two’s dreams. While Avalor was gone, Abrin had increased his studies tenfold, in an attempt to compensate for not being admitted into the Order. In doing so, Abrin learned of another Order. One which had no entrance fee, and even viewed such a fee as unfair. One which adhered strictly to the four Holy Scrolls of Canonism. It was the perfect chance for Abrin and Avalor. The ideals of the school even matched the two boy’s new perception regarding the Knightly code. The boys quickly began to enhance their training and worked hard until the time came to find a Knight who could induct them into This Order. They were successful and discovered an older Knight who was impressed by their sheer determination and was willing to take them both to the Order’s main castle for evaluation. Just a month before the time they were set to leave, tragedy struck. Abrin became deathly ill and died just a week after. Avalor was traumatized, and decided that he had to continue on in honor of Abrin. Shortly following his inspection , Avalor was accepted into the Order as a page. Over the coming years, Avalor trained hard and eventually graduated from page to squire, and from squire to Knight. Avalor departed from the castle, with the main goal of doing good deeds and honoring the memory of his long-since-departed friend. Now, Avalor wanders the world in search of adventure, and a chance to prove his worth to all of those that surround him.
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