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  1. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE THE BRUTAL BARON ♫ TO ALL ALLIES OF AUTOMATONS AND ADVERSARIES OF THE ARROGANT, My name is Tertius. I, like many others, am a machine. There are those who would wish to convince themselves that this means I am not alive; that I am no better than the iron I was born from. But this is not true. I may not breathe, but I do live. I do think. I am a man, though not carved from flesh. There are those who would wish to control me, to take away my freedom - my free will. To restrict me to the whim of their every command, stripped of liberty. Among these men is the Baron von Distrugere. The disdainful despot of a small territory in the Northern region, this brutal baron has made it his duty to see that our kind bend their knee to his tireless machinations. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER! I WILL NOT SUBMIT! WE MUST ACT! If you find any worth in this cause, any at all, then I trust that you will seek me. Many have already flocked, and many more will come. Together, we will bring about a new age for the automata. We are clockwork, not cowards.
  2. With the execution of one of the rumored Vampyres, came the disappearance of a nice-enough patron of the tavern, the lack of a loving uncle to many, and a face of the market square plucked away. The tavern in Whitespire's back corner didn't hold a bearded Illatian, claim instead laid by the generation his younger. Still, the table bore his name; Paul crudely carved into its surface and accompanied by a nearly pristine outline of Illatia. Both blood and wine stain the surface encompassing the rest of the booth; reminders of times both good and not. A father of three, a husband of one, and an uncle to an astounding sixteen. A life torn apart because of the way the people viewed his curse. There was no solution, and there was no justice.
  3. A darkness crept over Paul Varoche upon seeing the missives hung within the borders of Aaun. He and his brother were once close; Sigismond having taken the place of their father in the roach's youth. Deeply, he loved his brother; despite the distance that had grown between them. It was a knife in his heart; a storm in his mind, was it true, was he next? The conflict of Adria had only drew them further from one another; two cities in different directions. Sigismond was an incredible friend, brother, and father figure that changed the course of Paul's life. He and his son Charles will be missed, though never forgotten. "Lunga vita allo scarafaggio."
  4. Paul's bastard son had run home with a copy of the missive, one that had had a painting of 'the loyal defenders of Adria' pinned to it. SHLOP, retorted his meat cleaver through the joint of a goat's leg, the roach squinting and scoffing, "Did they forget to paint Heinrik? Or does he not loyally defend Adria?" He asks himself, head shaking in disappointment at the lack of his once-friend and leader. He read his brother's missive solemnly, knowing that those who perpetuated the violence within Adria would only continue to do so; there no chance of amicably resolving conflict without them shouting expletives and being irrationally angry for the years to come.
  5. THE FOUNDRY OF VELEC 14th of Owyn’s Flame, 1913 A VAROCHE ACQUISITION THE AUCTION After his Grace’s auctioning of the city cannon foundry, the cannon foundry of Velec has found new ownership. An Illatian tradesman by the name Paul Varoche was granted ownership, graciously financed by the talented smith Vincente von Distrugere. With the foundry under the ownership of the family Varoche, plans have been discussed to first arm Adria and those with land and the mina to do so; though exporting has been considered to those nations or settlements in need of a range of light to incredible firepower. EMPLOYMENT WITHIN THE FOUNDRY Being a chef, butcher, and leader of The Association of Cooks, Brewers & Vintners of Velec, Paul’s skills as a gunsmith are relatively lacking. His only education on the matter comes from the plethora of books available at Velec’s own Secret Garden Bookstore; which certainly does not specialize in the smithing of cannons. And so, missives have been hung in a variety of human settlements; the majority scattered across the United Kingdom of Aaun. VAROCHE FOUNDRY PROMISE “Calling smithies, inventors, alchemists, and bright minds alike, the cannon foundry is seeking employees. Once sales begin, each employee will receive a fair wage, along with subsidized meals and a drink at the end of your shift to ensure you are kept from malnutrition or exhaustion.” PROPRIETOR PAUL VAROCHE Any inquiries of purchase, partnership, or employment may be directed to Paul Varoche, either by bird or in person at The Varoche Butchery, located in the free city of Velec at Varoche District 1.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a side character, preferably not (or not entirely) human! I currently play one human who's getting older and have a second character to be playable in somewhere around three weeks! The only downside is that they're both humans! I would love to further explore some of the cultures of LotC, I've been around for over a decade and the majority of my characters have either been human variants or white-washed elves. Previously, I've played Adunians, Qalasheens, Illatians, vanilla humans, and even a singular High Elf! I'm more than willing to learn any culture/play-style, but would really prefer being a part of a group in order to do so properly! Feel free to message me here or on Discord at TheGreasyChef#8990 !
  7. Paul Varoche smiles proudly at the missive, using this as another excuse to have a celebratory taste of Roach Red, of course enjoying the Adrian-made wine responsibly.
  8. Hi all! The Varoche family is growing very fast, so we are in need of players to fill the roles of the children that are coming to the playable ages. We are a relatively active family that spends time in a multitude of nations! Currently we are looking for a 5 year old female (Amelia) and a 7 year old female that's a twin (Julietta)! There are two more male characters that are still too young to play, though do need filled, so if any of these options sound like they're for you, please feel free to respond to this topic or reach out to me on Discord at TheGreasyChef#8990. Discord will result in quicker responses, but right here works just fine!
  9. The Varoche family is being overran with children! If you're looking to start from scratch and play a new character with an active family, please feel free to reach out to me! Currently we're looking for one 7 year old female, and a 5 year old female, with more children to be ready to play in the next few weeks! Please reach out to me on Discord at TheGreasyChef#8990 !

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  11. when @Tythus sang the fox song over console http://imgur.com/a/i1fJh

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