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  1. "Rhys, Rhys! Please, Ea want one!" Angelika Irena cried, begging her brother for her very own Carrington Couture hat.
  2. Angelika Irena praises the words of the pontiff, and wholeheartedly believes him innocent of all wrongdoing. In the end, the man spoke sense, and she wondered how much longer the Orenian rulers would last upon their thrones, before someone came to take it from them for good.
  3. The Teaparty Truce An invitation for the diplomats of Hoonse, their duchies and vassals, and their respective rulers. [!] These missives are clearly written by a child, though it seems this one is taking it all a little bit too seriously (a bit of a try-hard). There is evident adult assistance, causing the missive to be perfectly legible and worded. Rulers of Hoonse, As Grand Prinzenas of Vidoos, I hereby humbly invite you to a teaparty in an attempt to conduct diplomacy, on behalf of His Royal Majesty, Mikhail I. My koeng has no such desire to surrender his claim on your kingdom, and so if this war is to proceed, then I see it pertinent we establish some ground rules that each side will honor, as to hopefully avoid another unfortunate incident such as the Duke of Roonmar’s missing finger. I think we could all agree on that. As such, I will host you all within the walls of Vidoos, or in a place of neutral ground that each side agrees upon. Tea, cookies, and mini finger sandwiches will be provided, so please make sure we schedule this meeting some time before snack time. It’s very important I don’t spoil my appetite, as I’ll be grouchy for the next few hours, and I don’t want to be sent to the naughty corner to study the scrolls (even though I love godani). I await your response, and am hopeful of your agreement. I will attach some of my proposed rules below, and you may counteract with your own, if you so please. [!] Attached to the missive is yet another missive, neatly stapled to the parchment. These rules are up for discussion, and may be changed, amended, or added to, at the aforementioned tea party. You are not allowed to break into either side's private quarters to vandalize, steal, or otherwise disrupt their personal belongings. You are not allowed to force or trick either side into eating something that could cause them to become ill in any way. You are not allowed to make ‘vyr mamej’ jokes. That is very disrespectful. You are not allowed to use real weapons in combat, and may only bring wooden or weapons that are specifically made to be toys. If an event or party is being hosted and both sides of the war are invited, you must not disrupt the evening's festivities and remain respectful of the host. If a member of either side of this conflict breaks one of these proposed rules, they will be banished from both Vidoos, Hoonse, and all other duchies in the area, and will no longer be allowed to participate or play with the other children. Godani bless you all, I hope you will accept my humble invitation. Please let me know which day, and time, you will be able to attend. Signed, GRAND PRINZENAS ANGELIKA IRENA VAS RUTHERN Of Vidoos.
  4. The widowed Henrietta Theresé would make an effort to support her sister and her betrothed, alongside her children, at their nuptials. If only she felt in a celebratory mood.
  5. Henrietta Theresé... was inconsolable, shunning all those around her and locking herself in her chambers, neglecting even her children, who so desperately needed her attention. She spent her days curled up in Marus's side of the bed, entangling herself in his blankets - they still smelled like him, and sometimes, she almost managed to convince herself he was out on one of his trips and would be home at any moment to tell her of his latest catch. She had only been married to him for nine years, and yet she cherished those years so dearly, no matter how much they had fought or how much they said they hated one another. He was her true love, and she would never have anyone like him ever again.
  6. We March Onwards Penned from the desk of his Lordship, Ailred var Ruthern, 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 407 ES. We March Onwards, 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 407 ES. Written, composed, and sung by Angelika Irena, in honor of Haense winning the War of Wigs alongside their friends and allies. We march onwards, onwards in the name of god! With gleaming steel and an iron will, we prevail against all odds! We march onwards, onwards for Hanseti-Ruska, Who’s salvation sets us free from oppression and tyranny, We march onwards for him, our gracious and giving koeng. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for Hanseti-Ruska! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for Hanseti-Ruska! We march onwards, onwards in the name of god! With sharpened skill we defend the hill, slaying all Imperial dogs! We march onwards, onwards for Hanseti-Ruska, Who’s salvation sets us free from oppression and tyranny, We march onwards for him, our gracious and giving koeng.
  7. Angelika vas Ruthern took a few party favors (snacks) and leaves none for Carolina to eat, as Angelika didn’t like to share, especially when it came to food.
  8. Princess Henrietta Theresé… Clutching the document betwixt her fingers, her eyes did scour the contents. This was an insult that struck her deeply.
  9. [!] Attached to the various missing posters spanning Almaris, is an additional notice.
  10. Founded by Princess Henrietta Theresé, 406 ES. Elizaveta Ulyana Barbanov-Bihar Elizaveta Ulyana was born in the year of 1850, 403 ES. She has black hair, one blue eye, and wears traditional Ruskan clothing. She has been missing for two days, and was last seen by Queen Emma of Hanseti-Ruska. Citizens of Hanseti-Ruska, I had been hoping to inform you of fortuitous tidings with my following address, but unfortunately, such is not the case. My youngest child, my daughter, Elizaveta Ulyana, has now been missing for two days. With the ongoing war effort against Oren, Haense's troops are spread thin, and so I turn to you, the people of our proud country, to aid me in bringing home one of our beloved children of God. I beg you to volunteer your time and effort to find my child, to search for her alongside me, to save her from whatever ill-intentioned creature has stolen her from those that love her. I will be hosting a meeting within the throne room of the Nikirala Palace to discuss what little information we have regarding Elizaveta's abduction and discuss with those who find the compassion in their heart to volunteer a plan of action in regards to searching for her. If you are interested in leading a search party, or volunteering to be a member of one, please attach a letter to this notice. I will also be calling for volunteers at the meeting itself. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Princess Henrietta Theresé Duchess-Consort of Alban Search Party A: Headed by Princess Henrietta Theresé. Volunteers, Prince Marus Aleksandr Queen of Hanseti-Ruska, Emma Karenina Her Grace, Lady Marie Ruthern Princess Nikoleta Barbara Lord Emil Barclay Lord Elimar Tuvyic Search Party B: Headed by Lord Nikolai Kortrevich. Volunteers, Lord Johann Ludovar Lady Milena Ludovar Lord August Barclay Mr. Samuel Starling Lady Emelya Kortrevich Lord Josef Ludovar Search Party C: Headed by Walton. Volunteers, Ser Flemius Mr. Milo Kutznetsov Ser Fionn Castaway Mr. Raum Lord Fredrich Ludovar Thursday, December 30th 4:00 EST. [Please respond to this post with an IC letter if you would like to lead a group, or become a member of one.]
  11. Henrietta Theresé... The evening was cold, and colder still without the sound of her daughters laughter filling her halls. A match struck, a candle lit, and a prayer whispered, Princess Henrietta continued to hope for word of her youngest's whereabouts.
  12. Elizaveta Ulyana Barbanov-Bihar [Attached to the notice is a portrait of Elizaveta on her third birthday, 404 ES] (Credit: @Monaaa) The screams of a frantic mother ravaging the streets of Haense in search of her daughter interrupted the lively song of Tuvmas carollers, heartbroken cries of anguish overshadowing that of festive joy. "Elizaveta, Elizaveta!" Cried Princess Henrietta of Haense, hair undone and hanging free from the veil which oft-covered it. She had been searching for hours, diligently pleading with the people of Haense to aid her in finding her youngest child. "Please, god, you must help me find my baby!" She continued to scream. [A sketch of what Elizaveta was wearing on the day of her dissapearance. 405 E.S] (Credit: @Goon ) Kingdoms of Almaris, Lady Elizaveta Ulyana Barbanov-Bihar, youngest child of Prince Marus Aleksandr, and his consort, Princess Henrietta Theresé, has gone missing. We plead with her captors to return her safely to her mother and father, and are willing to pay any amount of ransom they demand, if only they give them the assurance of their daughters continued safety. We wait with bated breath for any news, or notices regarding our daughter and her disappearance. We also ask the citizens of the various kingdoms of Almaris to come forward with any information they may have. Whether it be a simple rumor, a sighting, or an unwavering suspicion someone you know might have abducted our child, we beg you to come forward and inform us of such. We will reward you depending on the legitimacy of the intel. Lady Elizaveta was last seen in the city of Karosgard after spending the evening with her aunt, the Queen Emma of Haense. She did not return home, and thus the search for the young girl began, spanning all throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning. Her prized possession, a lamb made for her by a family friend, was found hastily discarded in the entryway of the Karosgard docks and harbor. We do not believe she simply left on her own accord. Elizaveta is a young girl nearing the age of four, and was last wearing a traditional Ruskan sarafan in the colors red, black, and gold. She was born with a deformity that caused her to develop without her left eye, and thus only has the right. She doesn’t cover it, and so it is one of her defining features. Her hair is often twisted into two twin plaits, and her shoes are thick black leather that slip over her little feet. We stress that if anyone may know what fate has befallen our daughter, to come forward, and they will be rewarded. We must know, even if that information is that whoever has taken her, has killed her. Signed, His Royal Highness, Prince Marus Aleksandr Duke of Alban Her Royal Highness, Princess Henrietta Theresé Duchess-Consort of Alban
  13. Angelika burst into tears, convinced that the reason her father was abdicating, was because he was sick and dying.
  14. Henrietta Theresé signed the lorraine, praying that the Duke of Adria's soul would be at rest, after his untimely demise at the hands of Lady Mary, who she now assumed must have been put up to the task, if the contents of this letter were true. She truly hoped that his own kin had no involvement, but was now unsure as to their innocence.
  15. The Little Ruskan Reading Club Formed by Angelika Irena, 403 ES. [!] A portrait of Angelika’s governess, Anoushka, teaching the young vas Ruthern to read. The Little Ruskan Reading Club is a guild created by Angelika Irena vas Ruthern (with the help of her supervising parents) to encourage the growth of creativity, imagination, and love for literature throughout the youth of Hanseti-Ruska. She invites all of the children of Haense and surrounding nations to join her club and share her passion for reading and writing. Some of the activities you can expect to participate in during the meetings of the Little Ruskan Reading Club are play-writing, poetry, reading and storytime sessions and creative writing. While each meeting will be held and hosted by Lady Angelika, she asks for adult volunteers to spare a moment of their time to teach a thing or two to the children of Haense. They could do this by sitting and reading to the children during their story and snack time, or by teaching them how to properly write a poetic verse. Meetings and events will be held once a week or more, and schedules will be regularly attached to this post for those who would be interested in attending and participating in the clubs' activities. The club members' work will also be published regularly, though only posted on the club board when they have earned the title of 'writer of the week' for working extra hard. [!] Please send a letter from your character to mine, either volunteering your services or asking to join in on the fun. Please include your discord tag in a spoiler at the end of your letter, and I will send you a link to the club discord. reserved for meeting schedule reserved for writer of the week
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