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  1. A denunciation of the cowards of Savoy. A posthumous portrait of Leopoldine, Duchess-Consort of Cathalon, depicting what she looked like when she was still alive. As many of you have heard, my mother, the Duchess of Cathalon, has been murdered. However, what you might not know are the vile circumstances surrounding her death. My mother was a kind woman, and over the years, while our relationship had struggled, she was still my mama, and I loved her dearly, as all her children do. I shudder at the thought of her memory being tarnished by the conditions of her death, but I know that she won’t be able to rest in the seven skies until she is avenged. You cannot begin to imagine the immeasurable pain that our family feels, with the corpse of our mother sitting stowed in a coffin in the basement, alone, as she awaits her cremation. Something that I find to be the most disturbing aspect of my mother's passing is how, when her body was delivered to us and unceremoniously dumped on our doorstep, her corpse had been defiled and desecrated by some vile vulture of Savoy. Her eyes had been gouged from her skull, which meant our younger siblings could not say goodbye to her, they couldn't see her, because of her condition. She was strangled violently, her throat had been gouged out with the teeth of her own father, and a small group of Savoyard citizens had watched as her blood stained the floor and life was squeezed out of her. They had watched, while my mother was being murdered, they stood there and did absolutely nothing to help her. I don't know your names, I don't know who you are, but I hope you feel ashamed of yourselves. I hope that this haunts you for the very rest of your lives, shame! Shame on you, you cowards! The thought of you standing there and watching my mother’s blood stain the sands of San Luciano makes me sick to my stomach. Did you find some abhorrent satisfaction in it? What was it about her that made you decide she wasn’t worth saving? Was it because she was a foreigner? Was it because she was an outsider? What was it that made you stand there and do nothing? Why was it that you thought her unworthy of life? Whoever you are, I will make sure your names are plastered upon every corner of Almaris, so that the world knows how truly cruel you are. I demand justice. You have the audacity to call yourselves Canonists and people of GOD, but you are no better than the filth upon the dirty streets you walk on. The dirty streets she died on. You’re the same as the monster that killed her - she was his own flesh and blood. His daughter. All of you are murderers in your own right, purely because of your own spinelessness. You sicken me, and may GOD strike you down for allowing such a violent end to her. May you rot, and may you burn in eternity. I beseech His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, and the Sovereign Prince of Savoy, to launch an investigation into the murder of my mother and to find those who stood idly while she suffered. I beg and plead that they be punished, and for justice to be brought down upon them! I demand they be shamed, and for all to know what they did. If even one of them had stepped forwards and stopped her attack, she might still be alive. I could understand if perhaps they were scared, or unable to physically match the strength of Vladislav, but they didn’t even run to get help - they didn’t call out for somebody who might have been able to save her. They just… watched, as if it were the scene of a play. She might have been able to help me on my wedding day, to have watched her younger children grow up, to have met her grandchildren. Your negligence stole that from us. You have destroyed our happiness, and you let that vile man steal my mother’s life. Your selfishness will ruin you, and one day, you will suffer the same that we have, and I will laugh. I will laugh, as you are tormented and are served with deserved retribution. This is not an attack upon the entire nation of Savoy. I know that a collective cannot be held responsible for the sins of some. But our family needs answers. I demand answers. There will never be any replacement for my mother, and we will never get her back. My parting words to these cowardly few, you are vile rats, disgusting cretinous beasts. I pray you die in agony, as she did. Signed, Lady Henrietta Helvets.
  2. All Henrietta felt when she heard the news, was utter sadness and regret. She had been so unkind to her mother for the past few years, and now she wasn’t here anymore, she was gone - she had been taken. She felt utterly numb, and then enraged, tears of grief spilling down her cheeks as she collapsed to the floor, sobbing with all the power that she held in her body. How could something like this happen? Why would something like this happen? To her mother, of all people, who had very little enemies, who always tried so /hard/. She had been stolen, and left her alone here. Who else would she rely on, if not her mother? She could no longer be bitter, or fight against her father. She had to be there for him now, for the rest of her siblings. She had to protect and guide them, and do as her mother did, while she could no longer.
  3. will miss you, you were one of the people who helped me get started/invested in nobility, and I always loved our Roleplay together <3 wishing you all the best ofc !!
  4. This is an amazing idea! Something like this, please. I love the mundane Roleplay of having something like physical letters, I find it fun, and it could spur on Roleplay like mail theft. Having to write your letter in a Minecraft book, or the new notes plugin, and sending that through the aviary could be a really fun thing.
  5. Character Name: Henrietta Theresé Helvets. IGN: PerfectlyPeachy Discord: PerfectlyPeachy#2379 Timezone: GMT Teacher or Student?: Student. Subject(s): Ballet, Playwriting, Piano.
  6. Anoushka Solovyov quickly set to making the preparations for the Duke’s event!
  7. “They claim that we’re tyrants, and that we’re awful and horrible, yet their gates are the ones bearing threats and threatening death! It seems to me that they’re much more the tyrants than we.” Wrote Henrietta in a letter to Amelia, while speaking to Kaustantin from a bench in Haense. @libbybelle @Herod
  8. “Daniel is such a snake! One minute he’s trying to impress you with poetry and chasing you around like a puppy, and the next he betrays us to the badlands!” Henrietta wrote in her letter to Amelia. They weren’t playing by the rules! @libbybelle
  9. Henrietta hoped for an influx of visitors, carting various toys through the walls of the palace and into the kingdom of Rosehelm.
  10. Henrietta sat beside her friends, anxiously casting her gaze over toward her younger sister. She was thankful she couldn’t read yet. ”Do you really think it’s true..? How could somebody’s own family do that to them?” She paused, before declaring. ”If they did have a hand in it, well.. we should erase them from our kingdoms history!”
  11. Henrietta stood beside Juliya, having been following her around like a puppy for most of the day. The child raised a hand to her bonnet, fiddling with the laces that tied beneath her chin. With a squeak of protest, she raised her hand and showed off three fingers. ”No, no! I’m three, nearly four!” Uttered she, completely oblivious to the absolutely absurd gossip written within the pamphlet. She only knew that something about her was in it, and she was the only Henrietta in attendance, as far as she was aware!
  12. PerfectlyPeachy


    Cecelia was born alongside her twin brother, to parents Lynette and Francois Beaulieu. They go by 'of Courland', to show respect to the family lineage and ancestry. She was born into a middle-class household and grew accustomed to privilege and attention from her parents and the household staff (though they had minimal servants, two to be exact, she enjoys embellishing the amount of helping hands when telling people of her upbringing). She had a formal education and was taught everything that a prospecting lady should be, and her mother essentially groomed her to one day be a lady of nobility, as that was what her vision for her daughter was. Cecelia, however, took an interest in the dealings and trade of her father, and soon began to pursue a love for sewing and tailoring, alongside music and dance. Eventually, she reached her twenty-fourth birthday, and after years of her father teaching her the rules of the trade (after months of convincing him and her mother that it would be a good idea), she has set off into the world with her brother in tow to carry the family name into glory, and have fun while doing it. This business trip, while genuine, is also an excuse for her to have some much needed relief from her parents irrationally demanded expectations. She can finally let loose a little.
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