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  1. "I thought Manon had no interest in such things, she profusely told my brother of such." - "Besides that, is Lord Sviatoslav not still married?" Queried a puzzled Analiesa.
  2. All times are the same, but the ceremony and joust have swapped days.
  3. THE UNION OF THE PRINCESS ROYAL AND THE DUKE OF VIDAUS UKEN VE KRAWN I ROZZ Issued by the PRINCESS ROYAL On the 8th day of Tov and Yermey of 452 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK After such an elongated period of courting, the Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar and the Ducal House of Ruthern are pleased to announce the upcoming wedding ceremony of Her Serene Highness, the Princess Royal Analiesa and the Duke of Vidaus, His Grace Aleksandr. The peerage of both our great kingdom and neighboring allies are invited to attend the ceremony and celebrations to bless the couple with many happy years to come. ONE LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM [Thursday 24th 4EST] To celebrate their upcoming wedding ceremony, the evening before, the two are to meet at the altar. The bride and groom cordially invites the men and women of the peerage to a private celebration - each group separate from the other. The gentlemen of the court will meet with His Grace in the confines of Druzstra within the Duchy of Vidaus, whereas the women of the kingdom shall join the Princess Royal in the Morrivi Prikaz. THE WEDDING CEREMONY [Friday 25th 4EST] The nuptials of the couple shall be held in the Ruthern familial church, within their Duchy. All are invited to attend, and following the service the reception shall be held within the keep of Druzstra - the new home of the Princess Royal. Gifts are appreciated and whole-heartedly welcome. THE NEWLYWEDS JOUST [Saturday 26th 4EST] The newlyweds then invite their peers and allies to join them for a contest of agility within the tourneygrounds of Vidaus, where the two will face head to head within the lists. Anybody is invited to compete, and whoever manages to shine above all the rest will be gifted with a trophy and small mina prize. A BALL FOR THE AGES [Sunday 27th 4EST] Calling the celebrations to an end, the couple will return to the city of Karosgrad to host their final event within the Morivvi Prikaz ballroom. There is no dress code, and food and drink will be provided alongside the pairs thanks for attendance. SIGNED, Her Serene Highness, Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar Duchess of Karosgrand, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Courts His Grace, Aleksandr var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Druzstra and Protector of the South
  4. UKEN VE KRAWN I ROZZ Issued by the PRINCESS ROYAL On the 2nd day of Tov and Yermey of 446 E.S. The Queen Mother, Emma Karenina was a jubilant soul and one capable of great kindness and empathy, traits of which we as her subjects should readily embrace in her memory. She was a woman of great renown, and one whom I greatly admire, the legacy of she and her husband, Sigismund III, will be one which we shall remember for generations. The two of them, in their union, ushered in a golden age for our great nation - one my mother and father now continue. This exhibit is a means of reflecting upon the life and achievements of these two great monarchs, alongside their close companions across the span of their lifetime. It would be my own great ambition to unveil these great works in an exhibit public to the people of Haense, so that they might also reflect upon their appreciation for our two prior monarchs, may their souls rest. THE CORONATION OF THE GOLDEN DUO, 392 E.S. The young couple, Sigismund III and Emma of Jerovitz are crowned king and queen before their people, in the confines of the Karosgrad basilica. EMMA KARENINA THE KIND, 444 E.S. The Queen-Mother is painted within the foyer of the Morrivi Prikaz, one of the final artworks of her before her untimely passing in 445 E.S THE MEANING OF FAMILY, 423 E.S King Sigismund III is depicted with his niece, Isabel Baruch, on the day of her wedding. Her father, Duke Eirik Baruch, is painted smiling upon the pairing in the background. THE CALL FOR EQUALITY, 410 E.S The Queen-Mother, then Queen, rallies amongst her council to protest against the laws of primarily male succession. THE CROWS COMPANION, 425 E.S King Sigismund III and the late Baron Johann Ludovar stand together, in comfortable silence, as they watch the stars of Almaris. UPON THE DAIS, 406 E.S King Sigismund III and his wife, Queen Emma Karenina, stand atop the dais with their two sons. Emma’s close companion, Herman, also makes an appearance. THE RALLY FOR EASTFLEET, 408 E.S Queen Emma Karenina poses with not only her council, but the men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, brandishing her blade in preparation of the sinners war. THE KARENINA FASHION SHOW, 408 E.S Queen Emma Karenina hosts the event of the season, a fashion show in the prior throneroom of the Nikirala Prikaz. Seen modeling in the foreground, is Isabel Baruch. THE SIGNING OF THE BALIAN TREATY, 423 E.S King Sigismund III is depicted with the then Grand Duke of Balian,signing a treaty of non-aggression, in the Haeseni tradition of Valskej. Special thanks and appreciation are extended to my handmaiden, Lady Adelajda vas Ruthern, for her assistance in this project in regards to fact-checking, and accumulating the appropriate dates. Should anyone feel willing to make a donation, so that I might fund a public exhibit open to all, I ask that they write to me posthaste so that these pieces of artwork can be released from the private Barbanov gallery, and into a public setting. SIGNED, Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar, Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska Duchess of Karosgrad
  5. "... They're getting married before the season has even ended, and they don't even invite the Queen?" - "I wonder what has caused this rush." Utters the Princess Royal.
  6. Analiesa is unable to read the missive, as she is slumped on her desk - fast asleep . . . Surrounding her, are lines of white powder, left momentarily untouched. Her grandmother's death had effected her quite badly.
  7. MC Name: PerfectlyPeachy Discord: PerfectlyPeachy#2379 Image: Description of Image: viorica barrow and analiesa barbanov bihar Dimensions: 2 x 2
  8. MC Name: PerfectlyPeachy Discord: PerfectlyPeachy#2379 Image: Description of Image: franziska and analiesa hunting Dimensions: 2 x 1
  9. The Princess Royal takes a momentary respite from her gruelling ballet lessons, nudging her pointe shoes against her ankle as the notice is brought to her. Her eyes light up.
  10. Issued by the DUCHESS OF KREDEN on the 8th day of the WZUVAR AND BYVCA, 443 ES, VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK To be a princess, is to hold a position of utmost privilege, one where you have the entire world at your fingertips, your desires fulfilled with the flick of your quill - whatever you could ask for, immediately brought to you. Such is a position that I have both equally abused, and taken for granted throughout my earlier years of living - a position that I should have been utilizing to benefit the tenure of my mother and father, but instead it only brought them difficulty and heartache. Now I know the true definition of the duty of a princess, and such is not written in a mere text book or taught. It is simply one you must learn on your lonesome through exerting life lessons. Some of you may recall a challenge issued by my father, His Royal Majesty, earlier last year. Many of you partook in the proceedings yourselves, either challenging a lord of Vidaus to a contest of arms, or taming a rowdy steed native to the duchy of Reimar. I, too, partook in these trials - however, I was intended to do something slightly different from the noble populace. I donned a servant's garb, and lived self-sufficiently for a year in the stables of the Morrivi Prikaz gardens, forgoing the life of luxury that I had grown so dependent on, disrobing myself of all silks, all jewels, and all foul thoughts. I lived my life as if I were a common woman born with no standing, no station, and no privilege - and I hope that you will not think ill of me when I admit that I was confounded by reality. I suffered through the long, cold nights of Karosgrad with little more than a sputtering fire to last me through to morning. The numbing night was tucked under a woolen dove-grey sky, the sheer darkness of the Haenseti skies being the only thing sheltering my prolonged negative emotions. I withstood hunger - my stomach growling with each passing moment, not a krawn in my pocket to purchase even the eldest of bread. To comprehend that others starve while you eat plenty is a form of soul death, one paper cut bite at a time. It was in these long, piercing nights that I recalled a statement made to me by my father, as he issued me this challenge. He said to me, ‘What is a Princess without her people? Who is she, if she does not understand the woes of the common folk?’ It was then, paired with the reality of what it truly was to have nothing, that I realized my wrongdoing. I know now that I have been selfish. I have been cruel, and I have behaved in a way that is not befitting of my station as a princess, especially due to the fact I am my father’s only daughter. When I acknowledge the pain of others my own reduced bit by bit, for in that realization there is a sense that we are all in this turmoil together. Knowledge comes with time, and maturity, and as I reach my sixteenth birthday the looming prospect of adulthood hangs overhead. Privilege is a chance to help others. It is a gift to transpire the best version of yourself, deepened in empathy, seeking chances to learn and understand situations about one another. A Barbanov’s duty is to serve, and I shall be a servant to this nation just as my parents are. A Princess is nothing, without her people. SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Princess Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar Duchess of Kreden
  11. Princess Analiesa Barbanov-Bihar marvels at her new portrait, her fingertips tracing the brushstrokes of the canvas. “She even managed to get my nose right…” ”Nobody ever gets my nose right!”
  12. Angelika of Vidaus set down the blueprints for Branhavn, brushing the dust off of her constructor's helmet. "Finally, it's done."
  13. Analiesa flung herself onto her large, four poster bed, duck-feather pillows thrown to the floor in frustration. “I HATE MY LIFE!” She shouts, crying into sheets of pure silk.
  14. Analiesa scoffed, "Pushing me? This girl slapped me, and assaulted me in my own home. She cannot even properly confess."
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