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  1. "Ready fer another dose o Ayrian madness?" Questioned Alasdair, showing the flyer to his sweetheart, Lorina Varoche. @bumblefina
  2. "An alcheme is nothing, as you just made the word up," Responded Manon, crunching on a handful of Petran grapes. "And an Alchemist is me, which you already know."
  3. VOL. 1 TWO ACADEMIC EXPLORATIONS & THE BEGINNINGS OF UNDERSTANDING EX OFFICINA ALCHYMISTAE BEING, BY NATURE OF ITS NAME AND ITS WRITING, A STUDY ON THE PART OF MY APPRENTICES, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS ELENA NOVELLEN AND HER GRACE ROSLIN BARUCH, FOR THE PURPOSES OF INTRODUCING THEM TO THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ALCHEMICAL STUDY, AND TO STUDY AS A WHOLE. -= ҉ =- nderstanding the world is a skill fundamental to Alchemy. Without the skills to discover the nature of things around them, an Alchemist would never be capable of enacting Alchemical processes, of creating their own recipes. Understanding is what transforms Alchemy from a tool with which to create potions, to a lens by which a scholar would view the world. Although my students have not yet advanced enough to learn Alchemy itself, setting the groundwork for understanding is fundamental to their education. For this, their first project, I have tasked my students to choose an organism, seek to understand its nature, and then explore the contradictions inherent within. These are their explorations. he writing that follows is the work of students, and the base information has been fact-checked, however these pieces are the work of analysis and opinion, and should not be taken as factual in themselves. I ARACHNID ENGORGEMENT & PROLONGED LIFE ithin the depths of the realm, cramped within cracks and crevices and caves which wind and spread further than descendant knowledge, an unknown kingdom reigns supreme over the darkness–a kingdom of spindling legs and sharp fangs. Spiders with white eyes and pale flesh wander the internal parts of the earth, awaiting the next doomed descendant or unknowing animal who wanders down into these depths. Dubbed the “Araneolus Veneni Incrementi,” this creature is newly discovered upon an expedition which brought a group of descendants, Humans and Elves alike, down into the cave systems in search of a missing Bokolo - a beloved companion of the Elven people. fter several days of extensive research and experimentation, I uncovered how the spider venom worked. These spiders lack much strength, perhaps due to the lack of sunlight within the caves, yet their venom is more deadly than the bite from the arachnids jaws. Like normal venom, it infiltrates the body of its victim, although this specific venom differs as it does not seek to kill its prey immediately. If anything, the venom simply weakens the creature it has attacked, although it seems to prolong the life for the victim for some time. Some sort of variation of this poison actually produces the muscles of the victim to become engorged, doubling if not quadrupling the size of the victim from its normal build size. It could only be predicted that this engorgement is meant to produce more food for the spiders to consume, especially seeing as it is seldom often an unknowing victim will wander into the deadly grasp of these arachnids. This is their evolutionary gift of creating more food for their family in order to grow themselves in size of numbers. s horrific as this arachnid species may be, I find it a bit ironic how fearful I was upon my study of this species when a similar way of life exists within our own Canonist kingdoms. Cattle breeding and poultry farming actually holds a significant similarity of a descendant species raising and bulking up a creature for consumption. Raising an animal from birth to full maturation can be seen as a form of companionship if not for the inevitable fate of a particularly sizable animal that is slaughtered for its meat in order to feed a group of people. These parallels between humanity and these arachnids, which we dub monsters, stand to represent all that must change about our perception of ourselves, and the world. Perhaps we are the monsters, for acting as these beasts do. Or perhaps we must learn to sympathise with creatures such as these spiders, despite of their uncanny appearances. Regardless, it seems evident that a change must be made. We may see ourselves as just and in the right to kill an animal in order to survive and expand our bloodlines, but we surely should not hold such disdain and disgust for creatures who do the exact same thing in nature to survive. – ELENA OF BALIAN ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ II HUMAN HYPOCRISY & FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN ature is often viewed as a harmonious system with a delicate balance of different forces that work in unison to create a diverse system to thrive within. Yet there is a concept often overlooked, as with closer inspection it can be noted that duality is also inherent in nature where opposing forces coexist and intertwine, indicating a sense of reliance upon the other. An example of such a concept can be found in the Mandragora, a plant which has the reputation of halting movement by excreting paralytic spores into the air, while the root accelerates the growth and healing of skin. It is this contradiction that I wish to expand upon further in order to understand how nature can embody duality. ne possible explanation for this function of the Mandragora is that the relationship between harvesting the Mandragora and its reproductive abilities makes it beneficial to further growth. hen one fells an oak it frees its seed, housed in the many acorns which hang from its branches. It is from these whence a new tree shall sprout, if watered and blessed with God’s light. Perhaps, then, these spores may have a similar function, scattered to the wind upon the death of their host to ensure the survival of the Mandragora. As the acorn or the seed dons a husk to guard itself, it is not unreasonable to suggest these spores coat themselves in poison much to the same effect. f this theory is true, then the spores released into the environment might beget a new Mandragora, and thus the paralytic spores could be a defensive mechanism to ensure germination. From the perspective of Man, this might appear inconvenient, but it would ensure that once the plant dies and is uprooted, a new one will grow in its place to create a new source of the root. This would create a sustainable harvesting system that allows Mankind to benefit from the plant’s healing properties while also ensuring the species will thrive in its environment and not be eaten by wildlife before it is capable of releasing further spores in its maturity. t is not a secret that throughout history, mankind has attributed many rewards in life to be hidden behind danger or require great effort to obtain. Whether it is by design of God or from nature itself, this creates a complex relationship between danger and reward, where benefits must be weighed against the potential risks. This phenomenon described is not only limited to the mandragora plant, as we can see countless examples of such throughout nature; a predator must take great risks to capture its prey, but it is rewarded with sustenance and life. One might insist that this pattern seems to be woven into the very concepts of nature itself, suggesting a greater purpose or design behind it. Perhaps it is with this that the challenge and danger inherent in obtaining rewards is meant to test the perseverance of life itself, ensuring that reward is offered only to those who are truly worthy of its fruition. – ROSLIN BARUCH CLOSING THOUGHTS t is my hope that, although these ideas remain as ideas alone, the thought behind this lesson will carry on. To understand is to know, and knowledge is power. It is Human to fear that which is unfamiliar, but the process of overcoming such fear and seeking to understand the unknown provides not only valuable insight, but fundamental skills in reasoning and observation, and the potential for true goodness, which is what any who seek influence over the world must aspire to. o be good without knowledge is to be weak. To be knowledgeable without goodness is to be a danger. It is only when these faculties are united that we may truly serve Mankind. ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ SIGNED, Her Ladyship, MANON YVAINE GODUNOV Court Alchemist of the Petra, The Star Lord, the Ghost of Guise, the Starling Stag, Her Royal Highness, ELENA CASIMIRA NOVELLEN The Princess Royal of Balian, Countess of Rosemoor, Mother of Beetles, and Protector of the Bokolo, Her Grace, ROSLIN ANNASTAS BARUCH Duchess of Valwyck, Countess of Ayr, Viscountess of Voron, Baroness of Laval and Riveryn, Lady of Jorenstadt, Guardian of the Hanseti Coast,
  4. Manon Yvaine’s breath weighed heavy in her chest as she read the missive. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw her husband’s face, nor felt the warmth of his arms. Permissible, both. It had been love once but that love had turned to ice, in the years before he left. Illness. As if. Alyona’s name, penned on the bottom of the death of her father. Some sort of irony to be found there, but Manon was perhaps too preoccupied to notice it. "Promise-maker, and promise-breaker both." The rosy memories of a forbidden romance escaped her recollection, there in the self-imposed prison of her own mind. Manon did not remember walking, hand in hand. She did not remember the stolen kisses, the daring escapes, the evenings spent side by side at taverns across the continent. She remembered the recent days. An empty bedside, children so used to the absence of their father that they have stopped asking for him. Manon remembered Courts, Duma sessions, curses and orders, ignored in equal measure. The Alchemist laughed to herself. It echoed off the stone walls of her underground laboratory. Rang out of the glass of the windowpane. Whistled out through the ventilation shaft. It was a laugh that left the air humming. "Good riddance, mon corbeau." The notice let off a pleasing stream of sparks as it burned.
  5. "Nice," said the Court Alchemist, reading over the missive.
  6. "It's Haeseni, not Haenseni. What sort of people are they hiring these days?" Muttered Manon Yvaine as she paged through the horoscope.
  7. Manon Yvaine wonders where her invitation is...
  8. Manon Yvaine pens a letter to Guy's father about his son's alleged misbehavior...
  9. A CALL TO THE ACADEMICALLY-MINDED [!] Throughout Almaris, the observant few would find small fliers, penned in an elegant hand. The back of each flyer would bear a simple five-pointed star. ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ [CLOSED] s is so often the case these days, the quality of Alchemical teaching, and of Alchemists, has depreciated in the Human realms. Scholars are not chosen on merit, but on the basis of wealth, class, and social connections. I have waited some years for a suitable student to happen upon my path, but none have made themselves known. Thus, I have turned my attentions to locating one myself. would prefer applicants be old enough to begin their Alchemical tutelage within a few years, and young enough still to be properly taught. This range is flexible, however an age of 10-25 is ideal. Students are not required to be Human, or to live in Human nations, however my intent is to provide Humanity with proper Alchemical education, so race & nationality will be taken into account. ll applicants must bring me three items from the following list, and the stories of how they were obtained, interpreted as they best see fit: ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ THEIR MOTHER’S MAIDEN NAME, MADE CONCRETE A MOONBEAM THE TEARS OF A RAVEN MIRROR-BREATH THE SONG OF A MAIDEN DAISY A PORTRAIT OF TIME ICE-FIRE THE OPPOSITE OF A NECKLACE MANKIND’S FOLLY ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ one of the items may be Alchemical or magical in nature, or secured by violent or unethical means. There are no right or wrong interpretations, only those that are interesting, and those that are not. I will not keep any items of sentimental value to the applicant. NO ASSISTANCE MAY BE GIVEN BY OTHER PARTIES. y choice (or choices) will be highly subjective, and will also take into consideration the quality of the applicant’s conversation, as well as their reasons for wishing to learn Alchemy. student would learn not only the basic Alchemical arts, but would also receive a rounded education in medicine, arts, mechanics, botany, and the religions and cultures of the world, Human and not. he items and explanations may be submitted remotely, however before I make a final decision, we must have spoken face-to-face. DIRECT LETTERS TO: Manon Yvaine Godunov IV Amadea Avenue, Karosgrad, Haense ( esotericas ) ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ ⊢–––––––––––––––––= ҉ =–––––––––––––––––⊣ SIGNED, Her Ladyship, MANON YVAINE GODUNOV The Star Lord, the Ghost of Guise, Alchemist in Residentia at Valwyck, the Starling Stag,
  10. "Why does everyone think Yvaine is my surname?" Manon Yvaine asked, with a mild shake of her head. Still, she smiled on the invitation, and then forwarded it to a friend, alongside a note requesting they be her plus-one.
  11. Adelaide gave a fond nod, palm on her husband's shoulder. "I'm certain she'll succeed."
  12. As Manon Yvaine heard news of the duel, a weak sigh crept from her chest. She murmured an oft-spoken phrase, with as much care and worry as every time before. "You'd better not die, Marius Audemar." It echoed off the cold stone walls of her lab, empty save for herself. "One man can only escape death so many times, but... let this not be the day your luck changes." Manon set aside her brewing and pulled out a piece of paper, settling in to write a letter to that disgraced Prince.
  13. "There is a letter for you." Came a mechanical voice, twangy and ill-tuned. An automaton stood in the doorway of Manon Yvaine's laboratory, folded slip of paper in its mechanical hands. "Read it to me, Diomid." Bade Manon, as she bottled a potion. "The Barony of Verskaya, loyal to the crown... "Well. Unsurprising, all things considered." Manon concluded, as Diomid finished reading the missive. "I suppose I ought to write to Wolfgang... And see to the children. Get my coat, I'll be off to Verskaya."
  14. Manon Yvaine looks forward to her daughter's future legal career...
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