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  1. Name: Astrid O'HaraRace: HighlanderAge: 25Notable Feats: noneCurrent Residence: Norland(OOC)MCName: SadBeanQueen
  2. Eleonore remembers the time she helped the king when he was extremely high on drugs. She chuckles to herself. "Halvar will be missed."
  3. The Chamberlain of Norland sees to it that his remains were buried in the garden, facing the canal as he requested. "You were a good friend, Kal. Thank you for your friendship and service to the O'Haras over the past few decades."
  4. Request Entry to Ironguard VIA the designated discord channel on our server. https://discord.gg/xvfzjMUQ All Norlandic laws apply to the Ironguard settlement as well. List of Norlandic Laws:
  5. Hello! I am SadBeanQueen. I play Eleonore O’Hara de Astrea, the Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara and Chamberlain of the Norlandic King’s Council. I am searching for players to be my children. Following this introduction will be the characters and their descriptions as well as an introduction to the O'Haras. Characters: Avalor Vakr O’Hara 13 years old, twin of Cedric ( Avalor as an Adult ) Cedric Oliver O’Hara 13 years old, twin of Avalor (Cedric as an adult) Clan Information: Location Traditions If you are interested in joining the family or clan, please contact SadBeanQueen#2870 on discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/SDCnm7qNjk
  6. Éléonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of Norland, smiles upon receiving the letter. "Us women must stick together." She is reminded of a memory shared with her dear cousin Aylin. The two de Astrean women stood upon the balcony of the Yong Ping teahouse, speaking of their struggles as women. They had felt trapped, suppressed, chained down by certain men that plagued their livelihoods. It was then that these two women had pledged to unsheathe their swords and break their chains. Her teeth grit slightly, for this was a bittersweet memory. Éléonore then pulls out a fresh envelope from underneath her desk. After dipping her quill in a dark aqua vial, she began to write. The ink of the pen flows across the paper, creating the beautiful calligraphic letters. The envelope would read "For Aylin, the strongest woman I know." She slips the letter she received from Chen Wenqian into the envelope, then swiftly hands it to her raven. Shortly thereafter, the Chamberlain would prepare a letter to send to the author herself.
  7. Éléonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of Norland, sits at her office desk. She reads over the missive, and a slight snicker escapes from her. "Et's their loss." She tosses the missive across her desk. She picks up her wine glass and takes a long sip of Velvet Sorrows, its bittersweet cherry flavor lingering on her tongue. A smirk would slowly form on her lips. "Elysium will not falter."
  8. A New Path to the Rænrland Settlements Issued: the 10th of the Sun's Smile, Year 34 SA I. Rænrland Canal Project By Kalvaroth Vallel’kor It has been a tedious journey with this project. Many impressive feats of clever engineering and exemplary craftsmanship were made in these remote lands, with means of construction unseen in any shape or form being replicated elsewhere. With the untold manpower and collective determination of our local Norlandic labourers utilised in ways I have never seen, and dare say, may never be seen once more in my lifetime. Not to mention the bountiful amounts of support and funding I have received since announcing this project, It is all of this in mind that I, Kalvaroth Vallel’kor, am proud to announce triumphantly that the Rænrland Canal project is officially Completed. [!] A drawing of the Northern Lock door If it were not for the efforts of certain people, the completion of this project would not be possible. There are many to thank, including the following: Vykk Volaren, the brilliant engineer, assisted me in the design phase of the canal and the one that made it feasible to construct in the first place. Eleonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara, financially assisted in the project and permitted me to remain in her residence while I was hard at work constructing the canal. Newly-crowned King Vane Freysson assisted in the construction of the water banks to keep the river's edge safe from collapsing in a landslide. Grunkle Grimgold graciously donated a mighty sum of stone his clan had gathered while excavating their railroads in Urguan with quantities ranging in the thousands. Even people such as Tannon Svartvind spent a single afternoon digging out a portion of the canal for no other reason other than wanting to help. And lastly, our former King Sven Edvardsson, who supported the beginnings of this project, would be proud of what we have accomplished if he were alive. [!] A drawing of Lock Canal from a hillside And with this grand feat accomplished, we shall put to test our abilities and will as a nation. To push forth and claim the lands we have sought to settle for over two decades, to expand our great nation into a new chapter in history. Let us rejoice and join me, as I shall use this canal for the first time to sail into Lake Eada, and join in my conquest of the Rænrlands. [!] A drawing of the dug out waterway leading towards the Lock Canal II. The Ironguard Settlement By Eleonore O'Hara de Astrea [!] A drawing of the keep, Established Year 20 of the Second Age Upon the release of The Rænrland Decree, Clan O’Hara sought to claim land south of their then current home in Elysium. They forged a collaborative partnership with House of Amaricius, seeking their willing help in properly designing and constructing the keep. The keep was ultimately completed 8 years later in Year 27 of the Second Age. It features a large dining hall, kitchen, bureaus for the notable leaders, a tavern, a stage, a private library, a vineyard, stables, and over 35 bedrooms to house clanmates, guests, friends, and family alike. The keep lodges many active members of Clan O’Hara as well as their families. The keep also houses the Hussaria Mercenaries created by clanmate Swietoslawa ‘Isabella’ Wadzinksi O’Hara Reede de Astrea. The Hussaria primarily fight on horseback, and unlike other mercenaries, they diligently seek to aid those especially in need of their help, not to those with extreme money or power. They sincerely believe in justice and honor, two values highly regarded by Clan O’Hara. In addition to her leadership of the Hussaria, Isabella is responsible for a growing trade company. King Sven offered his gracious support and generous kindness to his people both as a charismatic leader and loyal friend. His active support extended to those wishing to settle beyond here in the Rænrlands. In honor of Sven and his genuine kindness, the O’Haras wish for the Ironguard settlement to remain a welcoming place for all, and for it to unlock new doors for prosperity in the great Nation of Norland. Published by, Éléonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of the Kingdom of Norland, Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara
  9. On the Death of Hanelore I, Eleonore O’Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of Norland and Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara, am announcing the heart-breaking death of my daughter Hanelore O’Hara. I wish I could have been present with her during the last few moments of her life, though she had been taken too quickly by an unknown poison. She requested a burial at sea in the south during the terminal stage of her illness. I am unable to bring her home for a proper goodbye. A Letter to my Daughter Every night I lay awake. Haunted and broken, I weep. I lack all hope. I long for a different story, wishing I could have given my life for you, my daughter. I feel a part of me has died along with you, a vital part of my livelihood, my purpose as a mother. My little bird, I wish you never flew away from the nest. Though, every raven must spread her wings and fly. I wish you could have soared higher into the sky. I wish you could nay have been shot down. I wish I could have drawn my sword for you. I long for your free-spirited self. I always admired your sense of adventure and trying new things. You were an extremely strong young woman. I wish I could have seen where that bright mind of yours would take you as you ventured south and beyond. I wish, and I wish. You are deeply missed by so many: Oliver, Lex, Cedric, Avalor, Astrid, Isabella, and Herilissa. We will do our best to honor you. I hope you find Astvald in the halls of the All Father. Share a drink with him for me. Love, Ma.
  10. The Kingsmoot of 34 SA Issued 13th of the Amber Cold, Year 33 of the Second Age SECTION I: Announcement of Kingsmoot In the absence of an heir to the throne of His Majesty King Sven II, it has been decreed that a Kingsmoot in the traditions of old shall be held in the pursuit of selecting a successor. As such, We hereby issue this summons to the Chieftains of the three Ruric clans; Clan Eiriksson, Clan Freysson and Clan Edvardsson. All citizens of Norland, as well, are invited to attend. SECTION II: The Process of Kingsmoot In ages past, the Norlandic Kingsmoot has taken many forms, ranging from votes of the citizenry, to votes being collected from chosen delegates. The most favored, however, was the Rurics’ Moot, a vote held among the Ruric Clans alone. According to these traditions of old, any recognized heir of Thoromir the Herald held the right to call for a moot once in his lifetime, and once he invoked this right, a gathering would be held wherein nominees would be put forward and voted upon by the chieftains of the Ruric Clans. In accordance with the old ways, a vote will indeed be held, according to the following process: I. Once the gathering begins, the Ruric Clans will announce any nominees they wish to bring forward. Only true and recognized heirs of Thoromir may be nominated for the moot. Should a pretender of any sort nominate himself, he shall be expelled from the gathering. II. After the nominees are put forward, each shall be given the opportunity to speak on his intentions and aspirations. Following this presentation, the Clans will take what time they require to confer on their decision. III. The vote will be conducted, consisting of one vote each from the Chieftains of the Ruric Clans. Whichever nominee receives a majority of the vote shall then be declared the new incumbent to the Norlandic Throne. If, for whatever reason, there is a tie, the High Keeper shall be given a deciding vote. By Order of, Vane Freysson, King Regent of Norland, Chieftain of Clan Freysson Penned by, Éléonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of the Kingdom of Norland, Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara
  11. King Sven’s Funeral Issued 11th of Grand Harvest, Year 33 of the Second Age Articles I. Celebration of the Life and Achievements of King Sven II. Invitation to the Public Funeral ARTICLE I: Celebration of the Life and Achievements of King Sven King Sven Edvardsson II was a man defined by service. Pressed into the position after his father’s retirement, Sven went great lengths to reinforce a belief at the very core of our traditions. No man is above another by any measure, bar the honor and courage to act on what's right. He preached this in the way he lived; taking on the burdens of hard labor alongside his countrymen and ensuring their success take priority above his own. Early in his reign, Sven worked to gather the kingdom’s strength and reinforce its claims. His efforts introduced several new clans into Norland society and supported the expansion and settlement of the newly claimed Raenrlands. Later efforts would introduce roadways, canals and dockyards to this new land along with a host of claims and holdings. Within the kingdom, he sought to repair ties with his vassals. Sven saw promise in the Elysians especially, investing in their development and culture throughout his reign. This support would be returned in full by the populace, providing their unwavering support to Sven as a pretender made plans to overthrow him. In the midst of his reign, Sven led Norland in the 12th ‘War of Retribution’ against Oren. Despite the curses of the skygods on the logistical elements of the Kingdom’s allies which led to the eventual defeat of his warband, Sven fought with a distinct sense of honor. It was in this war that the infamous Elysian Massacre occurred, in which Orenian soldiers put the fleeing citizens of Elysium to the sword. Sven was among the first to respond to the call and, within a day's time, would be seen among his countrymen hauling foundation stone for the new Elysian palisade. His first haul is marked at the foot of the wall in his honor. Sven would serve this Kingdom from his first day, to his very last. In the clutches of a broodmother and her swarm, Sven would spend his final moments ensuring that his companions could escape, and his final foe, brought to heel. This has been the story of Sven Edvardsson II, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Chieftain of Clan Edvardsson, Protector of Highlanders. But for him, just Sven will do. Sven the Servant. ARTICLE II: Invitation to the Public Funeral The king's funeral will be held in the square of Varhelm before the great Ashwood tree during the First Seed of the year 34 SA. All are encouraged to bring gifts for King Sven to take on his journey into the Father’s realm so that he may make merry with his ancestors and fight against the coming of the Long Dark. By Order of, Vane Freysson, King Regent of Norland, Chieftain of Clan Freysson Penned by, Éléonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of the Kingdom of Norland, Chieftainess of Clan O’Hara OOC Friday, July 23rd at 8:00 EST, 5:00 PST Varhelm Square
  12. Decree of the Norlandic Crown On the Passing of His Majesty King Sven II Issued 13th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 33 of the Second Age Contents I THE KING’S PASSING II NOTICE OF REGENCY SECTION I: THE KING’S PASSING It is with great regret that the Council of King Sven II announces His Majesty’s most untimely passing. The King, along with a contingent of guardsmen and the citizen militia, accompanied the Purifiers into the Temple Catacombs with the goal of eliminating a recently-discovered infestation of giant arachnids. Though the King and his soldiers fought valiantly, a titanic spider was seen to drag the King deeper into the caves. As the soldiers attempted to engage in pursuit, a sudden explosion rocked the caverns, leading to a total collapse in the lower sections of the cave system and forcing a retreat. The cause of this explosion remains a matter under investigation, and excavations are underway to retrieve the remains of the King, to ensure that he is able to receive the proper final rites. As such, the date of his funeral services will be announced in the coming Elven Days. May the Father welcome His Majesty to His Halls with open arms. SECTION II: NOTICE OF REGENCY In the absence of a willing heir of either King Sven II or his father, King Halvar, the King’s Council has elected Master of Coin Vane Freysson to rule as King Regent in his stead. Additionally, it has been decided that a Kingsmoot, in the traditions of old, shall be announced and held in the months to come. By Order of, Vane Freysson, King Regent of Norland Penned by, Éléonore O'Hara de Astrea, Chamberlain of the Kingdom of Norland
  13. Eleonore O'Hara de Astrea signs the document with a bright smile graced upon her visage.
  14. Eleonore smiles proudly as she reads the news written by her own daughter. "Well done, Hanelore. I've missed too much... I must get better soon." she leans over and coughs into her elbow.
  15. Eleonore hangs up her blue dress from her wedding to Oliver along with his blue suit. "This shall do." she says with a soft smile, though extreme fervor flutters in her chest out of excitement for her cousin.
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