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  1. Eleonore O'Hara de Astrea tears up upon reading the missive. "She will be missed as our queen. Thank you for all that you did for us, cousin." She then perks up, remembering that she has a de Astrean dinner party to plan!
  2. Eleonore O'Hara de Astrea smiles softly, yet a bit of sadness rests in the creases of her lips. "He was a great king. I am sad to see him step down, but I guess change is the one thing we cant live without." She looks at Oliver, a slight sigh escaping her lips, reminding her of how much things have changed within the past couple years.
  3. Hello! I am looking for someone to play the daughter of my character Eleonore. Please dm me if you are interested. SadBeanQueen#2870 Edelgard Phoenix O’Hara is the 10 year old daughter of Eleonor O’Hara de Astrea and Vakr O’Hara. She has an older brother, Astvald, a younger sister named Hanelore, and a younger brother named Lex. Edelgard has long light blonde hair, yellow-aurum colored eyes, and pale skin. She wears dresses provided by her mother. She has been described as a bit fiery and flame-like by her parents, so perhaps she is more of a pugnacious and driven child. She s
  4. Eleonore O’Hara de Astrea sets down her decadent leather-bound notebook after waiting for the dark blue ink to dry. She slips the quill into its place in the binding, and wipes away the wetness from underneath her eyes. She hopes that her speech will bring justice to a beloved life that was taken away from her too quickly.
  5. [!] A letter is sent to all the citizens of Norland, as well as friends and family in Talon's Special Invites extrended to: The O'Hara Clan The de Astrea Clan The Astasels The Elysium Rangers The Chen Family OOC: The funeral will take place on Friday the 12th at 12:00 pm EST. It will be held in Elysium at the Astasel Dock. Everyone is invited to speak or share fond memories of Vakr.
  6. [!] An invitation would go out to friends and family members of the de Astrean and O’Hara clans. [!] A drawing by Edelgard, although she was unable to write baby Lex’s name because she did not know how to spell it. O’Hara House-Warming Party To celebrate the birth of Lex O’Hara, you are invited to the household of Éléonore and Vakr O’hara in Talon’s Port. Drinks and other refreshments will be served. Special Invites for: The De Astreas The O’Haras The Alkalore With love, Éléonore O’Ha
  7. IGN: SadBeanQueen Category: Music Soundcloud link: Pending
  8. SadBeanQueen


    Personality Biography -------------------------------- Éléonore is notably ambitious and driven, especially when it comes to achieving her goals. Although when things don't exactly go as planned, she tends to become very impatient or angered. She has more of a feeling mindset than a thinking one, which allows her to be more empathic and have emotions tied to her decisions. This also affects her because she sometimes acts on a whim before really thinking about the decision she is about to make. Despite these negatives, Éléonore is extremely kind and generous to those around her. Her o
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