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  1. Meanwhile, Thurgrim had, quite literally, been in the midst of penning a notice of voluntary abdication from the throne as most goals he'd held at the beginning of his kingship had been achieved, or were well underway. He'd snort, and toss an eyeroll at the announcement. "Soh much fer their 'confidence'. Hafta go outta their way t'insult me with forceful abdication after ah'd already been preparing t'step down." He then quickly drew out a ream of paper, already penning out the dwarf he'd had in-mind for his own vote.
  2. "Did they ever think t'look in my home?" Thurgrim murmured, grumbling in mild frustration as he scanned one of the posters. "Ah well- Shite'll get sorted soon anyhow. Only a month're so left."
  3. "NAE-! Go left yeh wazzock!" Thurgrim had shouted to a nearby dwarf, the Grand King having opted to set foot into the Workforce Hall and assist the local craftsmen with some of their more mundane work. It had always helped him think to do so, to busy himself with day-to-day tasks or the matter of handling a craft himself. His hands worked at the air, catching the attention of the distracted swing-pulley operator. He'd grimace, face twisting and contorting as the wound in his back ached from his directional gesticulations. It had been months since the assumed Azdrazi sympathizer had made his attempt at assassinating him, and though freshly pink scarflesh covered the near-fatal gouge, it had continued to ache. Or was it something else? The condemnations of his once closely trusted cousin rang well within his mind, alongside the mind churning declarations he'd so grimly made in the following diplomatic meeting soon after. Was it the wound, or the memories surrounding them that troubled him? The rulers eyes fell upon the wrought iron contraption that had just been released from a nearby pully, a great anchoring mechanism that had been part of some grand new ballistae design. His lips thinned in private, traitorous thought - 'Will this be enough?' - His head swivelled again, now looking beyond the pillar that stood between him and the main chamber of Kal'Kladian, the City of Shields. A city that, now, stood unsure in its stance on what its future might unfold beneath a blackened sky. The realm of Armakak had been besieged, and drakes had begun to wake. He knew little of the War of the Heavens and what transpired himself. Only that one god had perished and another had risen in his place. One far more eager to bend his will over that of the descendants, and one that seemed to be far more dangerous now that little stood between him and the rest of Aevos. A single thought arose to answer his own question, given as little more than a whisper... "... Nae." There had to be more that he could do.
  4. Year 167 of the Second Era 07/02/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚷᚱᚨᛈᛖ ᚨᛚᛚᛁᚨᚾᚲᛖ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚷᚱᚨᛈᛖ ᚨᛚᛚᛁᚨᚾᚲᛖ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ Preamble The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Principality of Celia’nor, hereinafter known as the Signatories, to establish stronger bonds and friendship amongst themselves, hereby issue the following Article I: Sovereignty The Signatories hereby acknowledge each other's claims and sovereignty to the lands they respectively hold within their jurisdiction. The Signatories agree to respect and acknowledge each other's laws, culture, as well as religion when inside each other's jurisdiction in their respective lands. They both recognize that citizens and occupants are subject to the laws in effect during visitation. The Signatories hereby agree that free passage of civilians between each other nations is to be granted. Article II: Defense The Signatories agree that no military action will be taken against any of their listed counterparts by any of their forces; this includes vassals and all endorsed factions under their jurisdiction. The Signatories will enforce a partnership between their domains and will not incite conflict among themselves or their allied forces. The Signatories pledge that they are willing to aid each other militarily if they are threatened. Should the nature of a conflict - in this case whether it is defensive or offensive - come into question or be unclear according to the assent’s agreed definition, both Signatories pledge to hold a summit in order to deliberate on a decision. They pledge to adhere to the consensus. Article III: Trade The Signatories shall be given privileged exchange of resources, goods, and economic commodities amongst their nations. The Signatories shall promise one another a tax-free stall to sell their wares. The Signatories pledge to take part in cultural exchanges between the nations’ citizens in order to broaden understanding in both domains. Texts, scrolls, knowledge, and scholars may be traded in such exchanges. Article IV: Darkspawn The Signatories agree to share their knowledge of any and all Darkspawn they may confront. They promise to lend any and all available resources to assist them in their fight against Darkspawn. They pledge to work together in the pursuit of this mutual goal. The Signatories agree to share their knowledge of any and all Azdrazi and Dragon-like entities they may confront. They promise to lend any and all available resources to assist them in their stance against Dragon-kin. They pledge to work together in the pursuit of this mutual goal. Article V: Duration This pact shall be in effect for twelve Saint’s Weeks. After the duration expires, the Signatories may reconvene to renew or renegotiate a new treaty. Both parties agree that if the pact is violated, then both parties shall host an immediate meeting together to attempt to resolve the issue. Signed, ᛏᚺᚢᚱᚷᚱᛁᛗ ×ᚨᛜᚱᛁᛗᛊᛊᛟᚾ× ᛊᛁᛚᚢᛖᚱᛒᚱᚨᛁᛞ Grand King Thurgrim ‘Angrimsson’ Silverbraid Son of Angrim, Son of Ongrim, Son of Svardin, Son of Delric, Son of Elie, Daughter of Chaecus, Son of Herot, Son of Thrain, Son of Bogrin, Son of Urguan, Grand King of Urguan, Lord of the Silverbraids, Reckoner of the Guild of Reckoners, Grand Tanner, Truth Seeker Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor
  5. (Image generated through Bing AI) [!] Rumors begin to spread from city to city of the dwarves in the west, each bringing wildly differing claims. A host of dwarves had been spotted marching toward Numendil? The Grand King was engaging one of his own subjects in combat? His steed had been discovered by an Adunian farmer munching on grass in a nearby field! - A missive appears on nearby noticeboards soon after the circulation of these gossips. "To any and all who call dwarves 'friend', I write this to spread word of recent happenings within the further reaches of Aevos, particularly, and especially, on that of recent happenings among the dwarves and the rumors that have begun to slowly make their way east... They are all correct. I have been scarred by an attempt that has been made upon my life, an attempt that had very nearly been successful if not for the very timely intervention of our allies. Some of my kin might speculate that this be the work of the elves, who we so often hold issue against, or that it may even be the work of disgruntled 'Umri' nations wishing to quash the dwarves. Instead, I am harrowed by the fact that this was an act carried out by a dwarf. One of Urguan's Folk that I may only suspect had grown heavily sympathetic to the Azdrazi given my conversation prior to his assault, and the circumstances that lay around it. Unfortunately I am unable to confirm if such is fact, as the assassin lies dead. Should anyone possess knowledge of such plots, it is requested that they respond with message to the Obsidian Throne. I would also ask that neighboring nations carefully monitor their citizenry as Azdromoths influence may reach further than initially expected, given the potential of at least one dwarf having fallen into his clutches." Signed, Grand King Thurgrim ‘Angrimsson’ Silverbraid Son of Angrim, Son of Ongrim, Son of Svardin, Son of Delric, Son of Elie, Daughter of Chaecus, Son of Herot, Son of Thrain, Son of Bogrin, Son of Urguan, Grand King of Urguan, Lord of the Silverbraids, Reckoner of the Guild of Reckoners, Grand Tanner, Truth Seeker
  6. GRAND KING THURGRIM SILVERBRAID squints at the invitation bound for Urguan, reading and re-reading its designated recipient. Then, looks to the dwarf courier at his side. "... Are we receivin' letters from nearly three decades ago?" The courier shrugs.
  7. Rather than nerfing, buffing, and reworking either armor or ranged weapons as separate entities... why not do both? Take the current idea and implement it, and then have lighter tiers of armor assist with making the use of ranged weapons more effective. IE:) Heavy armor requires the standard 3 to attack and 3 to maintain due to increased difficulty of upward shoulder movement beyond a level plane as well as the general hindrance of bulkier armor. Longbows and Arbalests should remain as 4 emotes. Medium armor uses the change as is, with 3 emotes for the first attack and 2 follow-up emotes for every attack after. Longbows and Arbalests are 4 emotes to start and 3 to maintain for damage piercing properties. Light armor functions as Medium armor does, but may use Longbows and Arbalests at the rate of 3 emotes. I feel like this generally gives lighter armor sets more precedent, where Medium armor pushes versatility and light armor rewards ranged fighting styles in exchange for being so vulnerable. It should also be specified that moving should require one to start the firing process over again, which means you'd have to have the longer emote attack first before continung.
  8. Grand King Thurgrim Silverbraid sighed, running a hand across his brow at the missive that Tuzic had written and sent out across the kingdom. If it wasn't Gashadokuro, it was the elves, if it wasn't the elves, it had been thefts within the city, if not thefts, then vampires. The list goes on. "Ah wish he'd at least bring 'et up to me in person 'afore resortin' to a public cry fer action. Et's nae like ah'm against receivin' his issues an' concerns." The page was laid aside, the Dwarf King instead reaching out to draw up a metallic quill and begin writing. It was time that the letter from Kaethul received a response.
  9. 8th of Belka’s Embrace IRL DATE ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚱᛟᛁᚨᛚ ᚹᛖᛞᛞᛁᛜ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚱᛟᛁᚨᛚ ᚹᛖᛞᛞᛁᛜ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ The Coronation of Thurgrim Silverbraid! A Union of Silver and Gold! ᚦᛖ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚦᚢᚱᚷᚱᛁᛗ ᛊᛁᛚᚢᛖᚱᛒᚱᚨᛁᛞ ᚨ ᚢᚾᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᛊᛁᛚᚢᛖᚱ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚷᛟᛚᛞ [!] Letters are penned to be sent across Aevos, and missives find themselves nailed upon lightposts and notice boards in foreign lands. “A new GRAND KING has been elected within the halls of Urguan! By majority vote THURGRIM SILVERBRAID has been determined as the next successor of the royal crown, a coronation that is to be marked by the fourth stone-year anniversary of the founding of the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan, as well as the settlement of the new capital city of Kal’Kladian - The City of Shields!” “It is further announced that the king-to-be shall be wed to DANIKA IREHEART-GOLDHAND upon the completion of his coronation, the two having professed themselves to one another before the Obsidian Throne!” “All are welcome within the halls of Urguan’s Folk, save for those servants of Iblees, the Harrower, or whichever other fiends stalk the realms with intentions of harming descendant kind. Seating arrangements shall be determined by the number of expected recipients of personal invitation, as well as any who might send letters of their attendance ahead of time.” “Narvak oz Urguan!” Personal Invitations Her Royal Majesty, Tar-Caraneth Arthalion of Numendil @AstriaS His Royal Majesty, King-Consort Peter von Stroheim of Numendil @HugoAntero Princess Eriantiel Arthalion, Princess of Númenost and Lady of Aran-în-Eryn @beetle Ser Caliene of House Seregon of Numendil @Demented_Delila Leon Barclay and Alfred Barclay, the Princes of Reinmar @BuilderBagel @Gandhi Shugo Kato Oijin of Koyo-Kuni @Reckless Banzai Screamer House von Theonus of Petra @Tremerus House Reinhardt of Petra @Hom House Astoran of Petra @ColdestPepsi Dwarf Lord Jorvin Kazrinsson @SimplySeo Belekar Kazarathson @TN_TURKEY Dwarf Lord Grimni Goldhand @BoredBrit Dwarf Lord Sigrun Stonehammer @xMuted Dwarf Lady Charsi Doomforged @Drak3 Svardin Grandaxe @Pepto Pandora the Traveler @AndrewTech Dasyra Formal Invitations All Clans of Urguan and its citizens therewithin His Royal Majesty, King Cyris Collingwood of the Halfings and his citizenry @Hearth His Royal Majesty, Ivan VIII of Hanseti-Ruska and his citizenry @indiana105 Her Royal Majesty, Queen Catherine of Petra and her citizenry @Zaerie Her Royal Majesty, Queen Sybille of Balian and her citizenry @HIGH_FIRE His Apostolic Majesty, King John of Aaun and his citizenry @Ramon His Royal Majesty, Illthrak Ibarellan of Celia'nor @Moping Signed, Thurgrim Silverbraid Grand King of Urugan, Lord of the Silverbraids, Reckoner of the Guild of Reckoners, Grand Tanner, Truth Seeker
  10. Thurgrim sat within the dimmed lights of his home, two letters sat by his side and a pair of hands wordlessly pressed to his face in sheer silence. "... Ah'm sorry, Garedyn. Ah tried- Ah really did." He murmured from between his fingers in a strained breath. Those hands dropped to one of the letters, gently bending it open to briefly peer at it's contents once more. 'Aedan. Rella.' The names rattled through his mind in a single thought as the folds were let slip once more. Soon after, the Silverbraid prepared to add two new individuals to his household. Though nothing of the process would bring him any measure of joy.
  11. "... Th' fehk y'mean he's dead?" Thurgrim had sighed at the news, settling his head into his hands and giving a light shake. No matter how hard the dwarf seemed to try, Garedyn's family kept having more and more instances of death, or near death.
  12. 17th of Yemekar's Balance, 175 S.A. (4/7/2024) Issued by: Grand Marshal Thurgrim Silverbraid To all dwarves presently aware of the rising dangers of Aevos. It has not been lost upon me, since even before the instatement of my office within Dungrimm's Legion, that shadowy threats lurk amongst the fringes of our civilizations. The Harrower and his misbegotten-ilk press onwards from the North, enslaving our kin through his curses and causing dissent amongst our ranks with questions of honor and action. Even today as I write this missive, I have become frustratingly aware of the troubles that this new 'darkness' that has settled across the tundra brings, and how it wrenches the probabilities of success in our military campaigns against such a threat. This speaks nothing, even, of the assumed dangers behind the rumors of a returning Ironborn threat that have begun to circulate. I looked to our records; Those so kept by my predecessors who held this post before me, seeking answers in the past that might prove sufficient. I have found what it is that I seek. I have heard tale of a time when iron-hulled ships of the dwedmar split both sea by bow and sky by powder, a time when the Irongrinders bent tree and trunk into paddles that drove these hulking fortresses across the waves and cracked the very earth of the shores they bombarded! A time when the people under stone ruled the waves above a world over, a time when the dwarves of the Grand Kingdom brought might and misery to our foes with with likes of the Dwedsmark during the Inferi War! And so to this, I grant an emergency issuance of naval construction for drydocks within the bay West of Kal'Kadrelaz, beyond the second land bridge! It is time for the skills of the shipwrights of old to wring strength of water from earth, for these Khorvadic menaces to cower beneath ancestral iron! Clan Irongrinder, the throngs call for the launch of a new Dreadnought! Narvak oz Urguan! Thurgrim, son of Angrim, son of Ongrim, son of Svardin, The 'Last' Silverbraid, Grand Marshal of Dungrimm's Legion, Agent Reckoner of Urguan, Grand Tanner, Truth Seeker
  13. [!] Across the realms of Aevos, missives written in both dwarvish and common script begin to appear. An emblem depicting a tome surrounded by an eight-pointed silver star sat firmly stamped below its curled edge, and above the words beneath it. To any dwarf who might come to read these words ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ I am Thurgrim, Son of Angrim, Son of Ongrim, of Clan Silverbraid. For the past twenty-four years, I have spent my time within the walls of Kal'Kadrelaz, not knowing of my lineage nor my extended family. I have walked the lengths of rivers and the breadth the plains, believing to be the only member of my clan to survive our exodus to these lands. I relegated myself to, what I believed at the time, be a peaceful existence within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is only now that I realize how naive of a dwed I was. Though I do not blame the realms of Aevos, I have seen terrible war and strife in my time here. I have witnessed the very fabric of Yemekar's creation tear at the seams from dark influences, and the carnage wrought from conflicts not our own. Darkspawn stalk the shadows to strike when our backs our turned and Necromancers wallow in their dark hideaways to raise armies of their foul magicks, all while we're focused upon our neighbors -- Our very own kin, even! It is time to call for an end to it all, and it is time for Clan Silverbraid to be given a purpose beyond scrambling to preserve our shattered existence. I call any and all dwarves; Those who know themselves to be of Ongrim's line and yet survive! Those who are unfamiliar with their lineage, and wish to search for that lost connection! Those who, despite blood or clan, or lack thereof, believe in this purpose of guiding Aevos from this darkness! Come to Urguan, seek me out to take up your Oath! Come and rejoin your kin in our Second Founding! Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz Da Brathmordakin! ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Thurgrim, son of Angrim, son of Ongrim, son of Svardin, The 'Last' Silverbraid, Agent Reckoner of Urguan, Grand Tanner, Truth Seeker
  14. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Clan Silverbraid KHAZAMAR KHORUMM’THRY ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ “To this, our grim duty. Our charge and our destiny.” Thurgrim Silverbraid on the nature of their Oath, circa 166 S.A. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ There are a few clans amongst Urguan’s Folk are known to be individually accepting of, or, rather, ‘accommodating’ to change inherent within this world. Be it of newer generations trying their hands at innovation, or some sudden onset of a continent spanning crisis. Yet, there are fewer still capable of thriving within a frozen hellscape - cut off from the reaches of their kin upon a self-imposed exile in the belief of it being ‘for the better’ after a blood curdling civil war. Although, most clans do not have quite so strange an origin as the Silverbraids. Formed by dwarves fleeing the conflict of the War of the Beard, Clan Silverbraid was founded under the leadership of an ‘Ongrim Svardinsson’, an illegitimate child to the Grandaxe’s ‘Grimaxe’ line. It was under his guiding hand that the refugees had been able to carve out a small home for themselves within Arcas, and a home it would be for the next couple of centuries, even when the endless frost came. They became self-sufficient, cut off from the rest of descendant-kind and drawing upon the wide skill set inherent within their populace. Hewing their own stone into shape, using pipes of steam to fill their halls with warmth, and drawing the hands of smiths to wring both blade and maille within the walls of Kal’Iosnath. Unfortunately much of this time of growth is only known through word of mouth, as a great number of records were destroyed or simply abandoned during a period of flight simply referred to as the ‘Exodus’ in the year 95 of the Second Age. It is believed that a combination of the swell in undead on the continent, as well as the dwindling heat from thermal vents within the deeps, spelled an end to their time within the hall. Few survived the several decades of travel that followed, and those who made it to Aevos were scattered. It was not until the year 149 of the Second Age that a living Silverbraid would be discovered – Thurgrim, Son of Angrim, Son of Ongrim – having completed the journey to Urguan that had begun so many years prior. Since that time, a call has been sent across the lands. A call of reunion as the Silverbraid banner is flown once more, and that very same descendent of Ongrim sought to preserve as much of his clans culture that yet remained in its second founding. A founding that sought to give it purpose as a bulwark against the darkness of Khorvad, and to serve as keepers of the world that Yemekar wrought for his descendants to inhabit. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Culture ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Clothing As well traveled a people as they are, the dwarves of Clan Silverbraid possess a near-endless variety of clothings and styles that are best suited to their needs at any particular given point in time. Though, it is noted that they often tend to be a variety of multi-layer coats and tunics tucked behind a belt for men, and layered dresses with a mixture of the former for women. Clan colors are not typically worn upon the day clothing of the average dwarf, though may be apparent in particular items or outfits meant for more formal occasions. A small resin-cast token of a cut braid is also always present upon their person, hung from somewhere upon their body - This token, of course, being their Honor Braid. Depictions of both Angrim Silverbraid (Left), and Aerrund Silverbraid (Right | AI Generated) Appearance Being primarily descendants of Mountain Dwarves, if with a somewhat thinner blood and having to combat a generations worth of malnutrition. Silverbraids often weigh in on the musclier and taller end of the dwarven spectrum, though have never quite breached the limit of 4’9”. A high grooming standard is a constant among these folk, and it is extremely common to find individuals who braid and hang ornamentation from both hair and beard. The colors of which usually fall across the spectrum of reds and blondes, but may also include browns and blacks in due part to their mixed lineage, though their eye color typically only ever seems to fall within the ranges of blue to green in appearance. Arms & Armor Decades of travel and centuries of separation from their kin have been hard on the dwarves of Ongrims line, and so their ways of weapon and armorcraft have since adapted to the lack of specialized skill sets or forges. Coats of plates, limbs of scale, and hauberks of mail are all commonplace amongst the warriors who sought ease of repair and upkeep. Though their reunification with the kingdom has returned the opportunity to don rigid plate, one could say that a dwarf donning any of its other counterparts could be considered traditional, in a matter of speaking, or at the very least practical due to their lust for the roads-less-traveled. Fortunately, the given choice of weaponry has not suffered much in the same regard as their means of armor forging. Haefral Nerrothgeron’os - colloquially known as Geronfrâl, or ‘Deeping Wood’ in common - served as a suitable replacement for the frozen timbers of Atlas, harvested from the cores of great fungal stems for use in tools, cutlery, ornamentation, construction, and weaponcraft - sometimes even an ingredient in culinary delicacies! This has allowed a great many tools to share a continued existence amongst the Silverbraids. The reintegration of spears became especially popular once their populace had left Atlas, as both sturdier game and enemies were more susceptible to such weapons compared to the Darkspawn of centuries past. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Clan Hierarchy Clan Lord ════════════ Oftentimes used interchangeably with ‘Dwarf Lord’ or ‘Clan Father’, the Lord of the Clan is the one who has been deemed as responsible for 'manning the helm', so to speak. They are given the authority to appoint any and all positions within the clan, as well as draw up and enforce laws among their kin as they see fit. The feminine counterpart to this title would be 'Clan Matron', 'Dwarf Lady', or 'Clan Mother' - accounting for the fact that this is, certainly, a position to be held by both dwed and dwedlon alike. Thane ════════════ A title commonly shared amongst Urguan’s Folk, the ‘Thane’ serves the role as heir-apparent to the clan. They have been handpicked by the Lord to continue guiding the clan once they have either passed, or stepped down from the position. They serve as the head of the Elder Council, though a Thane typically operates upon similar ground and authority as other Elders do. If the Lord is long absent, they may serve in their place until their return, or the council votes upon their ascension to the position. Elder ════════════ Honorable dwarves who have long served the clan, typically those of no younger than three centuries in age, may find themselves within the esteemed position of Elder. They are responsible for upholding the culture and values of the clan amongst its members, as well as its upkeep in absence of the Clan Lord. Should neither the position of Lord or Thane be filled, a meeting of the Elder Council may be called to democratically vote for a successor. Oathbearer ════════════ Oathbearers form the bulk of the clan, formed of both blooded and un-blooded dwarves who have passed their trials and taken their oaths. They are given the right to the clan name of ‘Silverbraid’, as well as being recognized as having earned their place within the clan. Beardling ════════════ Beardlings are dwarves who have been born into the clan and have yet to pass their trials. Though they are not yet considered Oathbearers, their blood and belonging to Silverbraid origins allows them to be raised within the halls of the Silverbraids as any other Oathbearer might. It is only when they take their trials, however, that they are truly given a chance to prove themselves to their clan and receive the full recognition of their kin. Beardlings are also afforded the right to attempt the trials until they pass, though they must still adhere to the ten-year span between attempts. Aspirant ════════════ Aspirants are dwarves who are un-blooded, having stated that they wish to join the clan as an outsider and being deemed as an acceptable dwed. Aspirants are expected to spend their time learning of the clan and its ways before attempting the trials. Upon passing, they are accepted as full fledged members regardless of their relation or blood. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Cultural Traits Friend to Yrrommar | Clan Silverbraid has, for better or for worse, been known to be among the more agreeable and diplomatic clans to form within recent history. Forced to mingle with a variety of non-dwarves amongst a variety of foreign cultures, an appreciation was found for their fellow descendants. This appreciation extends to their beliefs as well, as Urguan, Father of the Dwarves, was shapen in the image of Yemekar, who could not bring himself to destroy his other creations that he saw as flawed. To respect, cooperate, and form lasting bonds amongst descendant-kind is seen as a means of veneration to The Creator. As such, ideals of dwarven superiority are incredibly rare amongst these groups of Urguan’s Folk. This does not mean, however, that they are not without their prejudices. This often drives them to be a more neutral force amongst those who inhabit the world, distancing themselves from soldiery or duties that might invite conflict. To This, Our Grim Duty | A popular phrase upon the nature of the refounding, and by extension oath, of Clan Silverbraid. A strong hatred for Darkspawn is prevalent throughout the clan, each having their own reasons for bearing such fury aside from the held belief that they are a mockery of Yemekar’s creations. It is seen as the duty of each man, woman, and child to face the darkness should it rear its head, regardless of where or against whom the abominations stand. It is said that one takes the Baraz eron Dokrum Yrroavos’rum, or the ‘Endless Vigil’, upon their coming of age, or joining the clan as an unrelated dwarf. To rescind this oath - to join ranks with the Darkspawn - is seen as an unforgivable act. The Wandering Folk | Owing to their roots and values, it is far from rare to see a Silverbraid trekking across the land and far from home. The nature of their oaths, and often their work, encourages these dwarves to travel the world. Many times over have Silverbraids returned from a far flung corner of the world with something new in their possession. Be it a relic from ages past, an item that might impart valued knowledge upon further study, or something as simple as a book detailing a culture that had been encountered upon their journey. Ancestral Remnant | Recently discovered, the Silverbraids have traced their lost lineage to those from both the Grandaxes, through Svardin Grandaxe, as well as the unknown Irongut who’d married Ongrim Silverbraid. Though unknown through the ages of frost, either on purpose or by tragedy, bits of culture have been drawn upon, intertwined, and maintained from both ancestral lines. A lust for knowledge in all things and measured martial proficiency to meet any threat they are presented with has resulted in the formation of their ‘Warrior-Scholar’ mindset. Jack of All Trades | Due to their previously fractured nature, and extensive loss of culture, the Silverbraids were reformed with the ideals of encouraging its members to follow their own paths of interest within the clan. This sense of nurturing individual talents has led to a wide variety of skills existing amongst its members, though lacking in particular volume of specialists in any one area. It is, perhaps, both their greatest strength and ultimate weakness. A clan flexible to the times and challenges ahead, but lacking in raw capability and manpower lest a distinct individual should rise amongst their chosen craft. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Physical Traits Dwarven Fortitude | As with all of Urguan’s Folk, members of Clan Silverbraid possess the extensive wells of stamina and hardy bodies granted unto dwarves. This is, perhaps, the largest singular physical reason as to why they survived their exodus from Atlas. One can draw upon these reserves to drive away at laborious work or harrowing battle for hours on end. With the right medical attention, it is said that any blow suffered by a dwarf that does not outright kill or maim them is one that will eventually recover in full. Frost Walkers | Centuries spent within the frozen tundras of Atlas had resulted in many casualties for the Silverbraids, yet those that remained found themselves able to withstand bitterly cold conditions. This trait has been passed down through blood from ancestors long passed, and now stands as a testament within their descendants to their survival. These dwarves have been noted to be especially resistant to natural cold, often hiking mountain trails in little more than summer clothes, or resisting the bite of frozen steel within their suits of armor. Mixed Lineage | Being born of unity between that of Mountain and Cave dwarves, as well as the intermingling with other common clans, has resulted in a not-so-pure bloodline amongst the Silverbraids. Red and blonde hairs with pale skin are just as common as their darker or more desaturated counterparts, often even springing up amongst those thought to be of one particular subrace or the other. This has also, however, resulted in these dwarves possessing a diluted form of innate talent amongst them for magic - Voidal magic in particular - due to their Irongut lineage. Stunted | Following a steady, and then rampant, decline in quality of both life and diet within their frozen home, the exodus had been well undersupplied in regards to food. Rationing had begun almost as soon as the journey had begun, and hunger claimed more souls than the cold did. Decades of malnutrition plagued and stunted the Silverbraids, resulting in the already stout folk to become shorter. The maximum and minimum heights of all dwarves naturally born have been reduced to the ranges of 3’5” to 4’9”. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Clan Values Honor is Your Word | It is a strong held belief amongst the Silverbraids that when a word has been given, be it in official oath or something as simple as a verbal confirmation, it is to be considered a serious undertaking. If one is to be taken seriously, their word must be believed. If their word is to be believed, then it must be given and taken action upon. Valued Knowledge | Unfamiliar with much of their history, and the loss of their clan's culture, it has been deemed that ‘To learn is to know, and through knowledge we may fight.’ Information on all things in the world is deemed valuable, and as such must be retained to the best of their abilities. Be it books of fiction, history, music, the sciences, and - especially - Darkspawn. Knowledge from Yrrommar is not looked upon with disdain by the Silverbraids, and is instead seen as an untapped reserve. To this end many Silverbraids are known to be, at least in part, scholars. Knowing of the world at large and, typically, knowing some degree of the dwarvish language. Iron Integrity | Dwarves have, throughout the ages, held a variety of different reputations amongst a variety of different peoples. A valued and stalwart ally to some, self-serving and ignorant to others, but steadfast to nearly all. Clan Silverbraid pushes its members to not waver in their duties, or as an individual. To become a respectable and reliable dwed is looked upon with great pride by the Silverbraids, while those who shirk away from their core beliefs and responsibilities are viewed with disdain. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Traditions and Rituals The Endless Vigil & Trials | Upon a dwarf's coming of age, or an unblooded dwarf wishing to join the clan, it is said that one must prove their determination to walk the path they set before themselves. To do this they must, at the least, pass a trial typed and assigned to the individual based upon what it is they wish to do. They are given a five to ten year period of abeyance upon an elder of the clan assigning this trial, and should they complete it they shall take the Oath of Endless Vigil (Baraz eron Dokrum Yrroavos’rum) and receive their Honor Braid (Anart Khorumm). Baraz eron Dokrum Yrroavos’rum | An Oath taken upon the completion of an initiates trials, upon which they will be guided by an Elder or Clan Lord. It is said that a prayer is given to each of the Brathmordakin, from the first unto the last, of which a disavowment of Khorvad is given. Upon the initiate completing the recitation of their Oath, they are considered to have grown into maturity and responsibility, and so will have a silvered affection added to their braid before it is cut away by the elder. This is to become their Honor Braid, a badge of the struggles they had overcome during their trials, demarking each of their successes, and a reminder of the words given before the gods. Baraz eron Dokrum Yrroavos’rum ᛟᚨᚦ ᛟᚠ ᛖᚾᛞᛚᛖᛊᛊ ᚢᛁᚷᛁᛚ “I am a Silverbraid. I carry Yemekar’s wisdom, And the compassion of Anbella. I carry Dungrimm’s valor, And the wit of Ograhad. I carry Armakak’s luck, And the greed of Grimdugan. I carry Belka’s passion, And the blood of Urguan. Until the sun dies and my bones are dust, I will stride into the howling dark to shed the light of the Brathmordakin, knowing that I may not return. I will serve my purpose given to me by Yemekar, Tempered by the fires within his forge. To this, my Oath. To this, my Duty. To this, my Endless Vigil.” Funeral Rites | The body of the deceased Silverbraid is to be prepared by the mortician-- cleaned down and groomed. Certain internal organs are removed to slow decay. The deceased will have their most prized possession, as well as their braid if it still remains intact, placed upon their chest and folded within their hands. They will, then, be wrapped in a shroud and interred within a stone sarcophagus. Feasts of Passage | Whether it be in celebration or mourning - in response to a great achievement or wedding, or the passing of a long beloved member of their family - grand feasts are one of the few traditions of the Silverbraids carried from days of old. When the bleak endless winter sought to drive joy from home and hold, blessings of Belka and Anbella were called upon to brighten these days with all manner of cuisine, music, stories, and crafts. These were often held within the Clan Lords largest hall and honored guests were always a central and integral part to these festivities, dressed in their finest liveries and expected to take part in games with the rest of their kin. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Clan Trials Upon a dwarfs coming of age, marriage into the clan, or acceptance as an outsider, they are given the option of taking their trials in order to become full-fledged members of the clan in order to receive their Honor Braid. The initiate, or initiates, will stand before an Elder or Lord of the clan, informing them of their decision to take the trials and what they wish to pursue as a path in life. Depending on what they state they wish to pursue - be it the trade of a smith, warrior, merchant, or any other profession or pursuit - three trials will be selected for them to complete that may best test their qualities within the given profession. For each trial the initiate passes, they will gain a mark of completion upon the silver affection that will be given to them upon taking their oath. Though they are given three tasks upon their outset, an initiate may request to attempt as many of the trials as they wish, though they are given only a ten-year period to do so. At least two of the original three trials must be completed in order for the initiate to be allowed to take their oath. The more marks a dwarf is able to accrue, and in the shortest period of time given, is often viewed as showing a means of ones potential upon the outset of their trials. A dwed with only two or three marks may be seen as one who yet still has a great deal of growth before them, while those with more may be seen as more capable. If an un-blooded initiate fails their trials, they are not immediately expelled from the clan. Instead, they are given a ten-year period to learn more of what it is they wish to do within the clan, to train, and explore their given options. At the end of that ten-year period, they are allowed a second and final chance to complete the trials. Trial of the Traveler Travel amongst at least Three different non-dwarven nations, learning of their culture and the folk within. Written passages upon their culture, or three individuals speaking upon the dwarfs efforts, will be accepted as completion of this trial. Trial of the Scholar Gain a moderate level of proficiency in the dwarven language, and then submit a written prayer or other form of literature at least a paragraph in length or write a book on a topic and submit it to the clan's personal library. Trial of the Diplomat Resolve a complex manner of conflict through diplomatic means or engage in diplomacy with officials of a foreign governing body. Proof or eyewitness testimony must be provided for its completion. Trial of the Merchant Negotiate a trade worth the wholesale total sum of at least two-hundred and fifty minae or resell purchased merchandise worth at least a hundred minae at atleast a twenty-percent profit margin. Trial of the Soldier Serve a chosen military, preferably the dwarven military, and graduate from its entry-level rank or participate in battle during war. This may also, instead, be substituted with taking to battle with agents of Khorvad, Void-spawn, or those of a draconic persuasion. Trial of the Healer Learn the basics of medicine, including but not limited to; First-Aid, Emergency Trauma Care, Herbology, and/or Alchemy. Use your knowledge to prove your proficiency in such topics. Trial of the Leader Take assertive action and effectively lead a group of individuals through a difficult task, or danger, whilst putting the interests of those before you ahead of yourself. Provide eyewitness testimony as proof of these deeds. Trial of the Craftsman Choose a profession of interest and then seek out a teacher capable of teaching that profession. Show that you possess a level of competence equal to, or greater than, a Journeyman within that craft. Trial of the Champion Prove yourself far above and beyond what is asked or required of you; This may be achieved in many ways and under many different circumstances. No singular task is the ‘correct’ way to succeed in this trial, as its success hinges upon the judgment of the Clan Lord or at least three of the senior-most clan members. To pass this trial is considered a great honor and a telling sign of a dwarf with a promising future. This task is not chosen upon the outset, and one may only request judgment once. If the initiate fails to pass this trial, they may not attempt to pass it again. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Joining the Clan ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Send a message, or make a post with the format listed below! IGN: Character Name: Discord: Timezone: Upon acceptance into the clan you will be ranked to ‘Beardling’ or 'Aspirant'. Credits to the following for assistance with the formation of the clan! Xx_RoyalCrafter_xX SimplySeo Reece_Nolan Hrokaz Cpt_Noobman GremlockGremlin
  15. Thurgrim's eyes scanned the page of his copy of the decree before uttering a small sigh and giving a shake of his head. "... Women an' children, Baldr? That's nae what it sounded like y'wanted 'afore." The parchment was folded, before being promptly discarded with a flagrant toss onto the desk at the foot of his bed. "At th' very least y'saw sense in what y'did as wrong. Belka guide your travels, lad, an' ah pray this exile of yours opens your mind to th' folk around you..." - "... Ah may need t'make sure Grelu gets himself a proof-reader as well."
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