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  1. Fawna kept walking stopping only to look down with pity on the uneducated being, then she continued walking, chin up. knowing that she herself was smarter then the insolent girl. (OOC): if u think that irl watch this: https://gamechangersmovie.com/ dont worry it isnt visual
  2. (OOC): (RP): An elf appears behind you "Then your parents haven't taught you well" she says shacking her head in disapproval of the food the woman is holding. "Protein my fellow living being... Protein is everywhere" she pins a flyer on the wall and walks off without another word:
  3. Fawna walks and sits on a bench. looking towards a tree she says "We are still part of the cycle when we do not harm" she says looking down at something in her lap. It was a fawn "These little guys eat the plants and fertilise others and if they do not become food to a hungry family of predators that need to eat meat they pass away and return to the earth in which they are reclaimed by the plants that they once ate. I myself believe that I shall return to the earth also. I also believe that life is to short to make others shorter" she then walks off with the fawn in her arms. where she was sit
  4. "I understand this, it does not make it right to put the animal trough the torture and torment to gain only a few meals" read a letter that fell to you from a low flying robin, it contained a drawing: A letter is placed by a dog besides you, it runs away far into a bush. the letter reads: "Why must you kill? We are all born with compassion but many are taught to be cruel" 2 drawings are inside:
  5. The elf gives an owl a rolled up letter to deliver to the elderly man. inside it reads: "You, yourself are made of meat who is to say that one cannot eat you? I am sure that you would not like to be eaten either. The one instinct of any living, breathing, sentient being is to live. Please do not judge them as an object but as an individual life form with there own personalities and quirks" inside there is also a sketch: She then calls for another bird (a raven this time) she gives another letter which reads: "Plants give us everything we
  6. She steps back at the large orc in front of her. she looks behind him at the pot "Is there any other way" she asks nervously at the orc.
  7. The she elf, nods at his meat eating decision but protests for him to stop the hexing "The creature is innocent, may i ask what the hex is for or if I can help in anyway not to have this being's life ended?" she asks almost as a plead.
  8. Animandil Clan The Animandil clan is a clan that houses those with big hearts who don't (and never will) believe that they are above any other living, breathing or sentient being. We spend our days building shelters for those in need. Be it a homeless dog, stray cat or Farmed animal in need. We don't take part in consuming any animal byproducts, Including there Flesh, eggs, bodily fluids (Milk, blood etc.), honey etc. Neither do we take part in the use of there skin, leather, wool or any part of them. As an Animandilian you swear that you will never harm an inn
  9. Sorry to let you down but I dont think optifine allows me to change the horse model. so i cant use the custom model. So yeah i cant create a deer texture or any texture. Sorry for the let down. stay safe anyways. If optifine ever allows it then i will post the model, but for the moment the project is put on hold sorry.
  10. The texture pack will probably be completely finished in 2 weeks or so (its a slow process). And yeah maybe in the future ill make more :D It is my first custom model texture pack but i recon its gonna be great ;)
  11. I will post the texture pack on planet minecraft when it is finished then everyone will be free to use it
  12. The image below is how it looks so far. I am still working on it and it is not yet finished but i like it so far. I am going to change the horse model and texture to look like the Giant Elk featured in the Hobbit movies when i name my horse. Enjoy :D
  13. Fawna grew up in a small village when she was 5 her parents left her there for unknown reasons she only has small vivid memories of Her parents most of which consisted of taking care of injured wildlife and playing in a small house. Her mother and father left her in the forest at the young age of 5 mysteriously disappearing after they had ran away from there home together. her father was a wood elf guard and her mother a mortal human. Fawna does not know of her mothers or fathers she does know she is an elf though because they left a blue amulet and a note explaining where she was from. She sp
  14. VeganNatureQueen


    Fawna grew up for 3 short years in the Fangorn Forest raised by Ents until they brought her to a small village when she was 4 she only has small vivid memories of being raised by them all that she remembers was finding a giant elf fawn caught in a trap which she saved and now travels with. Her mother and father left her in the forest at the young age of 2 mysteriously disappearing after they had ran away from Lothlórien together. her father was a wood elf guard and her mother a deer skin changer Skin-changers were creatures who could take different forms at will. Little is known of their abili
  15. VeganNatureQueen


    Fawna (or Fawn for short), was born in a small cabin in a forest, her mother and father moved away from there original home to live in the wild. her mother was a skin changer and her father a wood elf. Fawna now has the ability to skin change into a deer. after Fawna turned 17 her home was burned down by orcs and her mother and father were killed. She ran away and now lives as a nomad adventuring to find were she can build her sanctuary.
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