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  1. Lacazette would look up to soulless armoured man, a man he used to call friend, a man he had seen like a father, he had accepted his fate, however a look of sadness was painted on his face. His goals, his dreams, and those who he was about leave behind… “I j…just hope M…Madalena will be alright.” A tear would fall as the blade would carve through the broken, betrayed man’s neck, cleanly separating his head from his shoulders, as the floor of the dingy basement would become a river of crimson. The body would slam into the statue next to him, sending the depiction of the deceased ‘pencil pusher’, flying to the floor causing it to shatter, like his dreams… (OOC: death is secret)
  2. RP Name: Lacazette Dupont MC Name: Chopper774 Voted: Yes
  3. LEGAL NAME OF APPLICANT: LACAZETTE ANTLER DEMONSTRATION OF SERVICE: Lacazette Antler served the Imperial State Army for 7 years LOCATION OF BUILDING: BUILDING PORTFOLIO: N/A, The farm is already built DISCORD: Chopper774#5489, kazoo#6029
  4. Lacazette Antler would look down at the missive, adjust his bucket and sigh, "W...What's wrong with a d...duel here and there? I m...mean I watched a duel between my father and sister-in-l...law, and the...that's fine according t...to them; we have f...fighting pits all over the place n...now; so why m...mother do you wish to reduce the amount of entertainment in our f...fine city?"
  5. Father Hans would smile when reading the statement, "Very interesting, and very true."
  6. SURNAME: Braun FIRST NAME: Hans ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Ravenmour Estate DISTRICT/MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY: National YEAR OF BIRTH: 1804 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Furnestock (1838)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: ((MC NAME)): Chopper774
  7. An Acolyte’s Thesis On Pilgrimage The word of GOD throughout the centuries has spread all across Almaris, from the sandy plains of Karasi to the snowy peaks of Haense, this means that many holy relics, churches and shrines are spread across the Almaris. In this thesis I want to show why as canonists we should visit these sites through the ritual of pilgrimage. “9 I am the Lord God without peer, and My Word is the holy word, and My path is the virtuous path, and all the blessings of the Virtue shall fall before the righteous who tread it.” (Scroll of Virtue - 1:9) But why are pilgrimages important? These days I believe that we are often distracted by everyday life and have lost sight of the path, as I was, but taking a pilgrimage will uncloud our vision, by taking them away from these distractions and showing them the wonders of GOD in the natural world. This means that we will have a greater connection with GOD on the journey, making us more spiritually aware, which lets us reflect on our relationship with GOD, thus it will guide us back to the path to the seven skies, strengthening our faith. On pilgrimages, we tend to travel to holy sites which are outside our home nations, this means that we will meet our fellow Canonists from other nations along the way. This will allow us to have a better understanding of the culture of that region, as well as allowing us to see them not as an Orenian, Sutican or Haeseni, but instead as a brother or sister under the Seven Skies. This means that we true believers will be more united under the faith, and not squabble about petty inconsequential differences. “8 So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not be idle, nor forget your duties in favor of sloth.” (Scroll of Virtue - 4:8) During the beginning of my own pilgrimage I found myself lost in a forest since I had been slothful and had gone off the path, there I had time to reflect on my actions over the past few years, and I realised that I had been idle in my duties to the faith. This made me resolve to become more diligent in my actions on my journey as well as in my future actions of faith, allowing me to see my path more clearly. So the pilgrimage showed me my slothful behaviour allowing me to become more diligent, have stronger faith and correct my path. All in all pilgrimage is a difficult, but important ritual that we should try to complete in order to find our path if we are lost, understand our Canonist brothers and sisters and to create a closer relationship with GOD. Signed, Acolyte Hans Braun
  8. Hans Braun sits in the house clutching his Lorraine, praying and trying not to cry after hearing of the loss of his land lord, accomplice and close friend. Bites his lip and says in a sorrow filled voice, "Goodbye my pyjama wearing, lawman friend, I will see you in the sever skies."
  9. Chopper774


    He grew up in Southbridge with two loving parents and two younger sisters. At the age of 10 he went to the monastery, and learned to read and write, in the monastery he was noted as being a stubborn student. In the middle of his studies the raid on Southgate happened, so he returned to his home town only to find out his sisters had been killed and his mother was in a trance like state (in a coma) -which he believed was caused by sorcery (but was actually natural). This caused him to despise Norland, which mixed his stubbornness to make him a zealot, disliking any other faith, especially the ones who had taken his sisters and mother from him, the red faith. After this he used to sneak out of the monastery a night to go to the local tavern to drown the memories of seeing his two dead sisters. He also desired to climb the ranks of the empire to one day see the destruction of the Red faith. So he is on his way to Providence to climb up the ranks of the clergy there.
  10. Chopper774


    He grew up in Southbridge with two sisters and two loving parents. At the age of 12 he went to the monastery and learnt how to read and write for the next 6 years, and was noted as a stubborn student. In the middle of his education the raid on Southbridge happened and both his parents were killed. Due to this he went back to Southbridge to see the defaced settlement lined with bodies and vandalised, this caused him to develop a deep hatred of the red faith and all polytheist faiths. This mixed with his initial stubbornness to make him into a zealot, after this he also became more ambitious with his studies. His desire to forget the defaced Southbridge and especially and dead bodies of his parents lead to him sneaking out of the monastery at night and going to the local tavern, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. After his education he has journeyed to the capital to increase his rank in the clergy.
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