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  1. ⨹- The intruder -⨹ Below the pale moon's freezing gaze, hidden by layers upon layers of fog. The dim glow of dancing fireflies filled the gloomy forest with dazzling lights. Their source, a grown seed of the fae, one wich seemingly likened itself after the conjunction of a venus fly trap and a white rose, its snapping jaw crowning a collection of perfectly white petals, all held up by an amalgamation of thorned vines. ⨂- The Host -⨂ The rustling of the leaves and scuttling of small critters signified another presence, one of the descendant kind. A hunteress of the Mali'ame, stalking through the cold spring's night in search of any meal. Her last hunt had been sparse so she ventured further and further from her home, venturing deep into the thick jungle. ⨶- The Call -⨶ As the huntress stalked through the dense leaves of the jungle, an alluring melody crept into her ears, soon to notice the source of the incredible melody. Coiled around a large tree lay the intruding fae plant, its beckoning melody still drawing her closer, an effect only compounded by the display of unrivaled beauty that the many demifey fireflies were putting on. Soon enough, the plant's melody reached its crescendo, beckoning Tra'ria to lay down before it, to let herself be born anew in its service. And the huntress, unable to resist its call, followed suit, laying down before it as the fly trap's jaws opened wide, slowly drawing closer to the wood elf until... SLAM! The fly trap shut closed with her inside, soon to be devouered, soon the be reborn anew. Now time to write up the CA
  2. Deep within his NEW AND IMPROVED study, the vampyr was absolutely shaking in his boots from that extra note. Oh the horror, whatever will he do? Oh right, Sandra couldn't even muster to put up the slightest resistance when he last fed on her.
  3. I have read over corc lore and cannot find what "weaklings" you talk about. So please send it to me over discord DMs if I missed something. If I was downright ripping it from the folklore, then I'd be a bit stronger against vampires than causing sensory overload. Though I will write an elaboration on how that affects hearing yes. Additionally, if you truly cared about originality, you'd obviously have a problem with the siliti clans being pretty obviously inspired by vampire: the masquerade, but that part of the lore worked fine and dandy. Now, I do not wish to clutter the comments with pointless arguments, if you have any more complains please write them out in one post so I can take them into consideration.
  4. 1. in real life, garlic has a very strong smell 2. Vampires having a weakness to garlic have been included in vampire stories for god knows how long, I wanted to at least represent this in a minor way.
  5. Looking at the comments under my amendment has changed my philosophy when it comes to making Corcs a bit more of a threat, instead of making them more CRP viable, expanding their infiltration and manipulation abilities might be a lot better for the FA.


    Me and my corc amendments shall be a thorn in the STs side for eons to come.

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    2. Carson


      I'm relatively happy where it is. but I don't use my corc abilities that much in combat, I use naztherak instead. my character pursued vampirism merely because she wanted to last longer as a naztherak

    3. KKgame1


      This last line is ment as sarcasm, i must add.

      And that is a really good idea Jentos, I'll have to come up with something there.

      If I ever add some more stuff to corc that is.

      Edited by KKgame1
    4. Carson


      yeah, I honestly think it's fine. corc is pretty good, and if you're weaker, use a magic or something to strengthen abilities in combat

  6. I understand your worries so I have removed that flavor line, the main purpose of the boon stays the same without it. On another note, I see that there is some discontent with how easy it is to cure the corcituri, I have noted down your complains and will try to work something up for that in the background, though it will not be included in this amendment since I aim focus on Boon 1 for now.
  7. 1. For the first boon you perfectly caught my intention yes, it is mainly ment to serve as flavor, I'll expand the redlines and definitions when I wake up. 2. Very fair. Though I still wish to implement this to some extent, for now it's been cut.
  8. In their current state, the strength of the Corcitură only differs very slightly from the descendants they hail from. In my opinion, this "weakness" hampers the Corcituri's abilities to perform as actual threats toward somewhat combat-ready descendants. I hope to make a Vampire more of a threat by adding two one passive boon to their kit. Before beginning, I'd like to also add: Due to the Siliti being shelved, the dichotomy between lesser vampires and greater vampires, which once perfectly justified the corcituri's weakness, no longer exists. Hence why I'm making this post. Additions: Boon 1: Enhanced Perception [Manifests at Tier 2 (4 OOC weeks after infection)] Boon 2: Enhanced Agility. [Manifests at Tier 3 (12 OOC weeks after infection.] Though I've run this through two seperate spelling checkers, english is not my first language, so there may still be some grammatical errors.
  9. Five year plan!!!!


    - **** it

    - We ball



    - Fully develop writing skills.



    - If still shit, found pvp group.

    - If normal, write CA-able sirens.

    Edited by KKgame1
    1. KKgame1


      There are no flaws in this plan

    2. Unwillingly


      keep us updated man

  10. "And so, another Liability falls into existence" The Vampyr spoke from within the confines of his study, having recently finished a "refreshing" meal "Pathetic you truly were, dear spawn, kind as pitiable as your own deserve not even the right to be fed on. May we see each other again, come nightfall."
  11. Within the confines of an underground study, a cold, vampiric, claw slid over the missive, belonging to one André. "Failure after failure, truly it was a mistake to place my trust in your potential." Spoke the monstrous being "My dearest former blood-kin, I will enjoy watching your veins run dry." [Ah-ah-ah stinky! No metagaming!]
  12. maybe I should actually start making forum posts.

  13. A young fatherist picked up the missive, reading it with a chuckle "Starting to tear each other apart now? Well, its a surprise, but a welcome one to be sure" he remarked, throwing the news away for another to read.
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