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  1. then what even is the story if you’re making it out to be such a non-black-and-white thing and for him to be dangerous enough to let him back in?? also hearing things =/= what actually happened unless u have actual proof
  2. well maybe he didnt know how to deal with that situation and instead had a GM help him with that and then just got permabanned
  3. the guillotine is reserved for people who vote no
  4. Name : Thea Age: 103 Talent: Dancing Race: Human (Ghost)
  5. A tiny wooden doll begins writing down a song’s lyrics based on Adrian corruption, just for the sake of it.
  6. Diogen


  7. I never thought someone would make use of noteblocks like that. This is amazing.
  8. Minecraft name: iDiogen RP name: Reinhardt Stafyr Race: Human Subrace: Highlander Age: 25 Gender: Male Discord: Diogen#5338
  9. *Camille passes by, sighing as she notices the green halfling.* "I believe he deserves to be freed." "Bidding 1050. 1550 If he gets sold to me now."
  10. Diogen


    Camille is born from an average farmer family south of Markev. Her whole life, she's been always wanting to explore the world, but due to her duties, she had to tend to the lands with her family, through rain or shine - whatever the circumstances. Though in time, as she reached adulthood, her house has been raided by a group of bandits, which fortunately didn't harm any family member, but took away all of their valuables, the last of their money and most of the food, which resulted in her father having to look for work elsewhere - but he never came back. Camille was then left alone with her mother and younger sister, with a damaged farm and barely anything to eat, forcing them to have only one meal a day at most, and sometimes their mother having to skip her meal for her daughters to eat. It didn't take long for them to reach starvation, and for their body to grow weak enough to not be able to tend to the lands anymore. She was left alone, with the last of her family members all deceased. Camille had to head out of her home, with barely any strength and food to keep her up, and ended up fainting on a path. Not long after, she finally woke up in a strange room, with a bowl of soup and a cup of tea freshly brewed. She slowly got up of her bed after looking around the room in the bed, walking around the place as she tried to figure out where she was. The wooden door of the room creaked as it opened, revealing a woman with dark brown hair, holding bed sheets with both arms, smiling warmly at Camille as she noticed that she's finally up, calling for her husband to come in to greet her. Camille was saved. And from here on, Camille was accepted into this new farm, as long as she contributed to its growth and helping doing chores around with the couple
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