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  1. no goodbye from me because we're already in regular contact but glad ur out of this hell <3
  2. The issue isn't 'what hasn't been done' its what can't happen. The YouTube is entirely run by admins, the managers are capable yet hit brick walls on every turn. The team itself has incompetence but that doesn't excuse how much shit talking the team as a whole faces by others regardless of accomplishments. Since after muffins was removed the reputation was destroyed resulting in the issue where no one supports community team. No one wants to say "here's the problem let's fix it." This would've gone so much better if the people who wrote this post reached out to the managers about it to hear out their side of the story and why they're currently struggling to change things the way they want them to On that note CT members never take initiative, it's constantly the same things I would like to see more people applying themselves than just defending something they've no right to defend
  3. This hoe, is an angel

    1. Diogen


      you must be talking about yourself here

    2. Azzy_Daddy


      Am I delusional? Or is this angel incapable of recognizing their own awesomeness??

  4. hi old man

    1. Jaxothy


      Sup *****

  5. (OOC: This is a public missive.) [!] Missives have been sent all across Almaris. Culling the Rejects across Almaris [!] A drawing of a vampire frozen to death. It has come to our attention that the rogue outcasts for lesser Vampyrs have gone back to mildly inconveniencing civilizations. Yet, their danger continues to grow as one of these vermin attempted harm upon a citizen of the Queendom of Serheim unknowingly. And attempted harm upon children. Let this be not only a warning, but a declaration. To purge rogue lesser Vampyrs. All lesser Vampyrs who are not with the Queendom of Serheim, or any of its allied groups, will be hunted down. To the Vampyrs in an organized group or court recognized by the Queendom: You will not be harmed The covenless & rogue Lessers looking to be exempt from this will have to visit the Queendom of Serheim and prove themselves worthy of citizenship. The rest are to be butchered. To the public: If you have any leads on rogue troublemaking lesser Vampyrs, send a bird directly to the Queen Eira herself. (OOC: Diogenerate - One) And only birds. Those who trespass are killed on sight.
  6. where are the new players? i havent seen any in so long

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    2. amongus


      I don't know if this counts as new, but I recently joined the server just over a month ago! I personally roam around all areas for RP c:

    3. Greehn
    4. NotEvilAtAll


      there's a few new player halflings

  7. there are no micro covens. when i first joined, i had issues finding active people of the same CA that my persona even knew, and it gets a bit impossible when you're pack-oriented but your RP is limited to the people who log in once every few months. my only option was to work on starting up my own community while having casual interactions with those of the CA whenever one would get online. i'm still working my ass off on making a stable community of fjarriagua, but our whole thing is to hide ourselves amongst the mundane, hence why you'll see some of them doing rp that seems "mundane" from time to time in order to get what they schemed for, via ulterior motives. asking us to avoid 99% of the roleplay just to hang out with 2-3 other fjarriagua who get online once every few months restricts so much RP it makes the CA straight up unplayable. the issue here is activity which is slowly getting fixed now that covens are starting back up
  8. Dio appreciation post! 

  9. there are not enough words in the english dictionary that describe how much i want to throw a brick at you

    1. lemonke


      Thank you bb. I'd want to bash a brick at your skull too!

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