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  1. what types of RP are you most interested in? do you prefer to play something orc-related? human-related? elf-related? are you trying to find a community you could bond with OOCly as well? or purely RP?
  2. "reformed" HAHAHAHA

  3. the freaks of this server rly are doing us a favor and outing themselves for us in this post
  4. then go back to ur cod lobbies freak lmfao wrong server for that
  5. i question your humanity if you quote squak's apology message and shit on him for it. knowing how hard of a responsibility administration is, he's done nothing but shown competency over and over again on another note, he should stay off the server. the moment you bring in sexual threats to the point of endangering someone's safety on the server, your privilege of being here is gone. doesn't matter how you see it, it's heinous and it's a crime, regardless of how long ago it happened. muna and toni having to take the brunt of it 4 years after it all happened and being very obvious as to how badly it has affected them is enough to warrant a permaban as his return makes current players in the server feel unsafe. refer to s.264.1 in Canadian law, and 18 U.S.C. § 875. for the Americans. section 13 in Norway. i don't think i have to explain why someone going as far as to break federal laws, on top of the safety rules on LotC, over minecraft roleplay shouldn't be accepted back? i can't deny that a wide majority of us were toxic in 2018 (while only a minority of that were on that extreme of a level), yet we have all gotten progressively better people as time went on. the community right now is in a much better place than it used to be. i still believe he has the potential to be a better person and reform. but not on this platform. not when players still feel unsafe because of him. edit: I have been messaged that Tythus LTD is based in the UK. This is irrelevant as the threats are between the victim and the aggressor, regardless of the medium. Plus, this has all been said and done via Discord, a medium based in California. it's also illegal in the UK. under section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 anyways tythus ltd wasn't associated with these threats They have made it very clear that they felt threatened and unsafe from such things.
  6. Upon witnessing the entirety of the Northern side of Almaris engulfed in a blizzard, did Mother finally smile. A smile so wide that made way to her grotesque rows of monstrous teeth.
  7. +1 that would be amazing to have
  8. lotc has gotten less stale now. i am happy

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      conflict rp scares me so much!!

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      who is this random needlessly being toxic again

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      "Eheheh, I got u diogen. You fell for my gotcha moment..."

  9. okay, those are actually really good points, i might have changed my opinion on the topic
  10. +1 players should get the chance to experience the fantasy aspect of a fantasy server but im unsure how un-gatekeeping magics by letting someone who's had the magic for years to self-teach themselves again will solve it. we just need more magics and feats that can be self-taught to begin with. i also support lowering the amount of time required to master magics. voidal magic taking an obscene amount of months to get better at while the magic is extremely boring and barely useful until maybe T3 and your persona is too physically weak to do anything is honestly such a boring experience. pls lower the time required for someone to actually enjoy magic also a good idea. being able to PK a persona and provide a cool narrative. my main issue with it is that when you're in a position where your persona HAS to be alive because you're building and running a community, and getting the magic just extremely time consuming let alone extremely hard to get again because you never know if another persona of yours is even gonna get that chance again, it's just hard to actually allow that persona to PK, rather than keep running that community that you've been with for a long time, and provide events and other narratives over time. as unwillingly and white wolf said, building a community is ******* hard, and i've always been against the idea of gatekeeping a magic for only 3 players so long as the RPer in question is decent enough to be taught
  11. Arùnia chuckled upon reading the section addressing her BUGMAN son, nailing the paper to her wall with the paragraph highlighted.
  12. extra limbs arent allowed, hence the amendment. we all thought they were allowed too
  13. Naele & Mèlawen received the news, in a far off, quiet place. "Gone too soon. He had potential."
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