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  1. hey im a t5 templar with a TA, message me if you need holy magic
  2. looking for a builder to build a massive spook fortress. will pay in USD

  3. Depictions of the blighted and corrupted land beyond the walls [!] Do not metagame this information! After the battle that transpired, the forces of the Dark immediately get back to work. Agnes, or rather, commonly known as Queen Eira of Serheim, stands atop the platform within the square, arms extended towards the massive following. The citizens of Serheim. The followers of Xion. An arm extended upwards, within what are now the ruins of an old city. "Far too long have we allowed Xannists to tread on this land. To co-exist with us in Almaris. We shall slay the followers of the Aengudaemons- the FALSE GODS. Xannists. Aspectists. All those who dare silence us of our freedom. To break away from the chains placed by us by these deities. For that is GOD that we follow, and from GOD himself have we been granted this win. They have been warned. We critically wounded them. We destroyed their horses, forced them to retreat." The Age of Dark has begun. The blighted lands continue only to grow. the temperature within the entire area drastically lowering. Hexed. Cursed. A violent snowstorm soon begins to envelop the Queendom, the mere habitat of the Queendom itself making it terrible to get any closer to. A warning to all those who dare trespass onto the land. Behind the thick layer of the harsh storm, behind the walls of Serheim, loud sounds of chanting witches, and the clanking of metals would be heard. Hammering, pounding, stomping, the fortifications of the soon-to-be Fortress have already begun. The Queendom of Serheim The first pillar of light on Almaris. To those of Xion. Together they stand, on a crusade against all those of the Aengudaemons. OOC:
  4. hello the pizza arrived pay by cash please

  5. i dare u to try contacting anyone of my community u freak :)

  6. For some reason an entire wall of text got deleted when I sent my reply so I had to retype it: Chant: old: new: - In the form of a blast, Chant releases an ear-shattering, solid blast of raw and catalyzed sound frequencies towards the chosen target - bearing the strength of a punch of a Human. -In the form of a ‘shield’, Chant can be casted over the course of [2] emotes and is capable of deflecting projectiles traveling at the speed of an arrow or so. -In the form of an area attack, Chant can be casted over the course of [3] emotes and disorients everyone within the range of 8 blocks from all directions from the Witch (#q). Causing them to be unable to do any major actions for [1] emote and their connection to magic severed. This cannot cause any permanent injury to the ears unless the targets wish so OOC at their own discretion.
  7. Bewitchments: As literal witches that fill the niche of cursing people, and probably the CA for cursing, wouldn't it make more sense to provide us with more mastery in choosing our curses removing the roll mechanic? Suggestions Evil Eye curses: Old: New: Another suggestion is to make some curses global in terms of allowing the same X amount of curses to be transferred via Sight, Hearing or Food, and then having 1-2 curses specific to each way of transferring it. Such as Sight, hash blizzard blindness thingy. Food, has Y curse that only exists from it, and Hearing, has Z curse that only exists from it. For example Evil Eye can have the harsh blizzard curse only locked to it. Then every other curse within the list can be transferred via Hearing & Food & Sight. While Hearing has its own unique curse, Food its own unique curse. Giving them all their own variety but also allowing the witch to transfer certain curses creatively based on what they believe is the best route to go. Maternal Instinct: He meant Chant's punch since it's a bit weird for Orcs to get extra screaming strength out of nowhere when it comes to magic. I still 100% support that when hardened, their strength increases to Orc strength, being that Mothers are an Endgame-CA and locked to very very very few people in this server. Not just that, but they are the Guardians of the coven and are expected to at least be able to beat shit up for their daughters. Having been replaced completely with Cursed Ice, what race they used to be shouldn't matter all too much anymore, being all of the same material, same durability, same strength. Mothers could instead all be locked to Human strength at most, and hardening themselves increases it. Another thing I want to note is that 4 emotes just to harden their body to be able to start to fight might be too long, as 4 emotes is typically when the winner of a fight is decided, especially since they become slow creatures afterwards and have to get back into the fight after spending so long preparing mid-combat
  8. Queen Eira is too busy slumbering. For once, it is not her problem to deal with.


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  10. now i see why haense rp is so addictive

    1. VoxyNoir



    2. DrakeHaze.
    3. Diogen


      @VoxyNoir i dont know how to explain it but you gotta see it for yourself

  11. im boutta pull up and bully that owl jokes aside looking forward to it thomas
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