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  1. “changing lore” no bro its been st verdict for years but then got put on paper recent-ish the other ways r already discovered and lore hasn’t been changed. there’s just a problem against cheesing discovering a darkspawn type thats so heavy on hiding amongst people
  2. there r many simple ways of figuring out a fjarriagua, but forcing a vampire test on a non vampire ca is not the way to go There should be proper rp to find out a darkspawn and not just cheesing slicing people’s arms in “random” tests
  3. ?????? Please dont push random amendments written up in the spur of the moment without contacting its community / leadership, especially as a non-Fjarriagua player ST amended that line to fix our CA some time ago and reverting it should NOT be the way to go
  5. OOC READ ME: [!] Strange disappearances began to take place throughout Aevos. Talks of their long lost family, abandoning all that they once possessed. Amidst the mountains, wandered a poor, lone soul; that of a woman, oddly underlayered for such a harsh climate- fitting more a temperate climate than all. Her skin paled with the snow that accumulated around her form, her fingers hardly capable of curling anymore. Yet she persisted amidst the violent blizzard that enveloped her, her body threatening to fall upon every step. She was consumed by grief, and grief alone. Daughter . . . Rang a whisper within her ears. That very voice froze her form, eyes of grey rapidly examining her surroundings, devoid of any life, of any structure. Do not hurt, my child. Echoed that voice once more. An odd warmth overtook her. A sense of comfort- one that pushed her to the end of her journey. A few more steps . . . Mother…


  7. proud of you for taking inspiration from me
  8. Diogen


    OOC: This may be taken as IRP knowledge or witnessed to those who either live within the north, and/or have ventured within the mountains. [!] Those living within the northern continent felt a light quake beneath the snow they tread on. The North’s eternal winter, once a point of pride and resilience among those who dwelled within, grew ever more malevolent. It was not long until people began to succumb to a familiar set of symptoms: The crisp, invigorating air that had once flushed cheeks with life now bit with an unnatural chill. The snow within the very northern edge of the continent, which had always blanketed the land in a pristine white, started to fall heavier, flakes sharp as shards of glass, whirling in furious gales that howled like the angered spirits of the tundra. Even the auroras, once a dance of celestial greens and purples across the night sky, dimmed to a mournful hue, as if mourning the peace that they once knew. The early signs were clear; the embrace of winter was no longer a gentle mother’s caress but the tightening grip of a wrathful deity, foretelling an age of frost that sought to reclaim its dominion with an unforgiving cold. It was all followed by an odd chanting- one that carried upon the snow, echoing faintly to one’s ears. Do you hear, my daughters? Echoed the Mother’s voice. One, carried by the northern winds. The screams of Man, dear Mother? A chorus of voices echoed back. Quiet! Hissed Frost Mother. Her voice, akin to a biting chill within one’s ears. The frozen earth once more began to quake, as abnormally large spikes of ice shot out of the ground. Some, mundane by nature, yet others, obsidian-like in appearance, carrying within an onyx tinge. One could almost swear they felt the Mother’s eyes laid upon them as they stood beside creations of such a magnitude. And if one were to look closely into the spikes… Corpses of Man laid within, frozen in time- forever bound in agony. The land, turned inhospitable. The earth, Mother. It calls for us. A chorus of voices echoed once more. The earth, Daughters; it begs for us. The voice whispered, in a calmer, yet harsh tone. May your never-growing crops starve your children. May those who venture outside, fuel our kin. May your homes, no longer harbor warmth. May those you trust, devour you whole. May you no longer find peace. Hear my name, Mankind. Naele
  9. Skin name - wrath Bid - 25 discord: diogen
  10. +1 though rather make the redline so anything that SURPASSES plate in weight halves the movement to make it easier, instead of "halves movement whenever ensorcelled except when X or Y or Z" until its just plate that counts
  11. Skin name: Wraith - Golden - Claymore Bid: $26 on each Discord: diogen
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