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  2. A new missive was nailed over the old one written by the same Hyspian woman many months prior. It has been many months since my original missive detailed the Canonist church, more specifically the Holy See, as a house full of evil baby killers. Let it be known that I wrote the missive out of sheer grief for the loss of my daughters and while I miss them I know they rest peacefully. I write this new missive to fill in gaps in my story and encourage an age of righteousness. Firstly, Let it be known that I did not originally seek out the church. While I was a practicing canonist, afflicted with this plight, I insisted on telling the church absolutely nothing about my curse, this was a mistake on my part. I was too worried in what may transpire and let that worry consume me, turning me from GOD's light. I also acted violently to a member of the church while in my restraints and Gerard had to then use force to ensure that I caused no more harm. This did indeed have partial play in the death of my babies, but since then I have learned to forgive him as GOD forgives others. Additionally I have since then regained my connection with GOD and have officially been baptized and gained penance. I pray that as GOD has done, you will all forgive me for the stir I caused among the church and the common people. I have grown since my interaction, adopted a beautiful baby girl, and taken up the mantel as Hyspia's official head clinician. My son turns 4 in just a few months and perhaps if I had acted differently I would not be present to celebrate with him. I thank the church for their mercy and the chance to redeem myself that I was gifted. Lastly I speak to all others afflicted with this sickness. While it may have perks down the line, power of immeasurable numbers, it is not worth risking your good soul. It is not worth risking family, friends, and loved ones. So I ask of you now, if you read this missive, to contact your nearest holy man to seek out a cure and I wish you best of luck on your journey. I conclude this missive by thanking those who helped me before, during, and after this whole situation. I know how much of a handful I can be but I hope as I grow I will be a better friend, wife, sister, and mother. An additional note was scribbled on the back behind the signature for any who took a peek!
  3. Sandra wrote back in hasty response. Many words were angrily scribbled over and her writing looked as if it was written by a very.... very angry person. "I never wanted your help. You cuffed me and held me at the point of your sword as you took me with you. I told you I was already seeking a cure from paladins, not you. If you ever write to me or my family again I will press charges."
  4. Missives were pasted around the canonist nations, all were in some hand-written, cursive font that was fairly readable. Dear people of GOD, I come to share my story of abuse under the hand of church-men of the Holy Order of Saint Jude. I was once pregnant with two darling twin girls. During this time a curse was forced upon me, one that I was actively preparing to be cured from by rite of Paladinism. I was cursed with Vampyrism and had told the marshal of my home state of the incident who was actively seeking out help for me. While I was awaiting the cure I harmed no one. No one befell any of my wrath and I sought to not drink blood from any man. Despite this, I was tested for Vampyrism by a woman I considered a close friend. Prior to this I explained to her repeatedly that I was already seeking a cure, yet despite this she threw me harshly into a room which she blocked me into then sent Holy knight Ser Gerard with a sword into the room with me. At this point I was hysterical due to fear of losing my life and my unborn children. They dragged me, albeit with my compliance, to the Holy City. There they crammed me into a room where I was squished between a small cot and a cold iron door for what felt like hours. During that time I repeated to them the same truths I had before: I was pregnant and already seeking a cure. But for their own sick pleasure they chose to force an alchemical cure upon me. They drained me of my blood while I begged them to reconsider as this would harm my babies. They didn't stop, they didn't care and it was for this neglect and pure malice that I miscarried. After which they threw me carelessly into a salt bath that inflamed my skin and kept me in pain that was nearly tripled due to the unfair loss of my babies. After which they proceeded to threaten to take away my son, who was barely three at the time, and called me a wench in front of him. Because of their careless, heartless actions I will never mentally recover. It is for this reason I make this missive, to call out the harsh treatment of those plagued by this curse. I will also add this isn't the first time the Holy Order has murdered babies to my recent knowledge. So my question is, when will their tyranny be stopped? When can the women of canon not be in fear of these godless men parading around fine silks and steel proclaiming to be killing their children for the work of GOD. When will women be safe under GOD?
  5. A certain farfolk woman, residing in Haense peeked at the missive as she set down her toddler. "What the..." She mumbled to herself before carefully analyzing the note. She looked to her son for a moment then looked around. "No darkspawn in Haense? What a lie..." She muttered. She looked again to her boy. "Listen Miguel, you must stay near mama! And don't go to any people with horns.." She looked up and scanned the snowy surrounding. "Or hooded people! Or... people in general that you don't know!" She warned sternly. "I can't have you becoming a little pagan." She cooed with a grin, playfully scaring her son as he ran around in a giggle fit. She stood up and watched as the sun crawled its way from her sight and the sky began darkening. Her brows knit together in a worried expression. "...Let's go home Miguel." She said, lifting him back into her arms and carrying him off.
  6. Cactus_Tophat sobs believing her friends will all be too focused on a War Claim on her birthday.... [WHYYYY]
  7. Sandra pondered when this could have happened, she never remembered a raid. Regardless she commented on it. "An orc with some common sense? That's rich." She looked to her mother, handing her the missive. "Read this!" - She awaited an appropriate amount of time. "How can I send a letter expressing my amazement that someone has the confidence to say such truths?" She asked, somewhat jokingly as she pinned the paper back on it's post. "Maybe the Orcs will see sense and come to some sort of agreement." She jested to her mother before they both walked off. -
  8. I would legit buy VIP just to be able to make things pink onG
  9. Looked at the missive and cringed. "This is asqueroso, disgusting." He spat at the ground. "How could I really consider that they had morals deep down in their corazones de piedra.." He crumbled the missive and threw it at the shortest thing he could find, target practice. A Kha glanced at the missive, doing a double take. She scoffed. "Rrrevolting- Haense is protecting these diseassse ridden mountain rats?" Her fists clenched and unclenched, claws digging into her own palm. "Purrhaps... I speak to the Queen about this." She schemed, the humble handmaiden might actually make a difference. Or this gets defended, and her hate for mankind grows.
  10. Amir leaned against the tavern where he once worked, those maybe five years ago when he served the best alcohol in Whitespire. He opened a bottle of his own, taking a sip. "We never got to go on that boating trip, did we princey?" He sighed, staring at his drink. "I can't- even remember the last words we said to one another." - "Dios.." He buried his face into his empty hand, slumping to the ground. "I can barely remember your face." He bowed his head. "Wish I had been a better friend, I wish I didn't run off." He took another glug of the drink. "Left you alone with all this weight to bear." He reminisced the times they talked, though rare and far gone. "Heh... it's funny." He smiled. "I didn't think you were the prince for the longest time... just some fancy tío." He snorted, stifling a chuckle. "You were kinder, less stuck up than I imagined a prince to be." His smile waned. "There is so much I still wish I had gotten to know." After many minutes, he stood, looking around the empty streets of Whitespire. "You were a good man, Henry. One of the best." He leaned his head back to finish his glass, stumbling a little. He sighed, "You always will be in my eyes." He admitted to the skies. "So I know, if there is a place of gods and buena gente, you'll be there." He lowered his head. "Even if I never greet you there." He hesitated a moment before he lifted his bottle in a sort of cheers, then walked off to go mourn at home.
  11. [A letter would be pasted on the notice board of both Petra and Norland] To whoever may read this, I wish to stay anonymous in fear for my safety. However, due to the recent posts around Petra, I find it necessary to speak about my own experience with the old leader of house Sigvardson, Sigmund Sigvardson. Some years ago, I was in a secret relationship with Sigmund. From the beginning, things were off. My naivety concealed the issues from my eyes and pushed me to act my very best. But even from those first few months, I was abused. I was made to feel less than. I was hit, pushed, slapped, threatened, yelled at, ignored, and pulled by my ears countless times. I believed for so long that I deserved such harsh punishment and words. It was not until he told me of his plan to marry a noblewoman. I thought this to be the end of our relationship, however, he said it would not be. He went into detail about how I would be his secret lover while he used the power and influence of the woman to have heirs and naught much more. I was pleased with the choice for a time and even saw it as a benefit. Though, With the help of my companions, the veil was lifted from my eyes; I could finally see how horrid of a person he was and how terrible he had always been and always will be. I saw how he treated his sister, threatened her, and hit her often. I saw how he treated me. I saw how he only really longed for nobility and power over others. And now I see how he would throw away his family for this power crave. To anyone who may hear my plea, I ask you to read this and observe Sigmund. Take a closer look at how he treats those who love him. Recall the times you saw his real side hidden behind his golden mask. Finally, I thank you for reading this. For hearing my story and listening. Thank you
  12. Amir looked over the response missive. His brain connected the two dots, for once. He snarled, "Como Siempre. You throw away people who care about you. Throw away those who point out your Defectos because you're too orgulloso." He took in a breath. "Maybe people should know.." He mumbled quietly. "Maybe they should know how you treat those you love." Amir walked off to go write...
  13. Amir looked at the document with a fading smile. His breath hitched in his chest as his hands shook a bit. "Hijo de puta.." He hissed under his breath. "If I see that... him.." He scratched at his thumb. "No. I can't see him again.." He took in a breath, then walked off.
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