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  1. Name: Solveigh Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld: Yes Madelyn Noryth (1-5): 3 Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw (1-5): 3 Vauban Daesmon (1-5): 3 Lin (1-5): 5
  2. Elerínas gaze fell upon one of the flyers as she was about to head out for another trip. Adjusting her bag she leaned closer to read through it. "One of those hmm?" She murmured straightening her posture again, before she took her leave.
  3. At first not wanting to realize what those words meant that she just had been reading, tears started to fall and wet the parchment of the letter. Remembering her aunt reading the first books to her she had bought herself with her allowance caused the ginger haired girl to uncontrollably sob in denial and grief while ùna had wrapped her arms around her to calm her. Her memories of Verónica were rushing through her mind, the feeling of her embraces, her smiles and caring nature towards her family, it all felt unreal to her. How could she be gone already? Who could she ask in her place for advice? Would she still be able to see if she got to marry? Even though she did not believe she would send out a prayer to whoever would be willing to her plea for guiding Verónica safely into her afterlife.
  4. "We shouldn't have ended up in the quarrels of the Valah in the first place..." Elerína stated, pleased that the princess Royarch decided for her peoples wellbeing.
  5. Raelle read the flyer briefly, wondering if she should ask a certain someone to make it another date. Before wandering restless through her apartment to search for a fitting outfit for the occasion though failing to find one, causing her to panic. In another part of Vortice Aher'khel read the news about a ball, she had never attended one and immediatly ran back home to ask her mother for help with a outfit for it.
  6. Elerína nodded slightly as she finished reading, looking at the fruity Coktail in her hand giving it a slight sway. "They are making good progress."
  7. Elerína reads the missive with a thoughtful look, passing once again by the board at the tax office she decided on applying to become a steward to help Celia'nor.
  8. Elerína, an elfess new to the city read the missive in a calm moment, before turning back to her work of making her new found home a comfortable one.
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