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  1. ISSUED BY: THE HEIRESS OF BRABANT ON: 10th of Sigismund’s End, 182 S.A TO THE FUTURE Lorand Korvacz II has completed his trials to earn the hand of the heiress of Brabant, Arowyn Whitewood. The couple who have known each other for the past decade will officially be joining themselves in holy union according to the Owynist rite. With this, the ducal house Whitewood invites its citizens and others from abroad to help celebrate the new marriage. The couple hopes for what they consider a most traditional wedding of the duchy with a ceremony in Enduring Island Temple of Owyn’s Flame. Followed by a social gathering held at the local renowned tavern and inn. All are invited to join Arowyn and Lorand, and their families on their special day. [Thursday 5pm EST] HUNT OF ST. ARIANNE To further celebrate the Union, a hunt shall be hosted in Brarbant, in honour of St. Arianne, patron of Forests. May the couple’s arrows fly true and in tandem. [Saturday 3pm EST] FORMAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Ivan III, King of Haense and his citizens. His Royal Majesty, John I, King of Aaun and his citizens. Her Royal Majesty, Catherine I of the Petra and her citizens. Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I of Balian and her citizens. His Royal Highness, Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar and of Sutica, and his citizens. His Royal Highness, Leon I, Prince in Reinmar and of Minitz, and his citizens. Her Royal Highness, Ramona de Pelear, Soberana of Hyspia and her citizens. The Silver Lubba, Lumia Uialben of Lurin and her citizens. His Wee Majesty, King Cyris Collingwood The First II, Thain of Dunfarthing and his wee pedigree The Honourable, Henrik Amador, Viscount of Zvezlund and his noble pedigree. The Honourable, Friedrich von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten and his noble pedigree. PERSONAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: Her Royal Majesty, Amelya of Middelan, Queen-consort of Aaun. His Lordship, Ser Fredrich Ludovar. His Lordship, Miklós Korvacz. Her Ladyship, Rozsika Korvacz. His Lordship, Peter von Leopold. His Lordship, Miklós von Leopold. Her Ladyship, Franziska Barclay. His Lordship, Demitrey Denodado. His Lordship, Ser Alwyn Glennmaer. Holy Ser Lug MacSkaul. Signed, Her Ladyship, Arowyn Scarlet Whitewood, Heiress of Brabant. His Lordship, Lorand Richard Korvacz. [!] Official Seal of House Whitewood
  2. Arowyn Whitewood smirked proudly as her father placed the family seal upon the parchment. "I do have good taste after all." Camilla Falkner wiped a tear from her eye hollering for her husband, "Odrin! Richard's little boy is finally to be wed! His father would be so deeply proud."
  3. ISSUED BY: Arowyn Scarlet Whitewood ON: Harren’s Folly, 179 S.A TIME OF REST House Whitewood and its brave leader Sterling Percy have suffered the death of some of its own in the campaign of the Silver Crusade. For this reason the Duke has made the decision to spend an indefinite time in seclusion and prayer before he must fight again. In this period his heir shall act as regent, the lady Arowyn Whitewood with the assistance of Brabant’s loyal council. Signed, Her Ladyship, Arowyn Scarlet Whitewood, Heiress of Brabant [!] Official Seal of House Whitewood
  4. Camilla Monika Falkner smiled at the writing from her home in Brabant. "I have never seen a writing so fitting of Reinmaren and other Waldenian women." She told her daughters and niece.
  5. Camilla signed the document muttering to her husband. "Prosperity by Talons! And By Our Blood We Shall Rise!"
  6. Camilla Monika Falkner chuckled at the document. "The meal on my table is called beef, but it doesn't mean we don't know it was a cow. Seems they've had generations of darkspawn, but they always found a way to push suspicion onto others..." she stated as she went to play with her Reinmaren shephered.
  7. Camilla Monika Falkner raised a glass to her family at their achievement. @thisuserisok@MuziekAapje @najtik @Barbie
  8. Camilla Falkner read the royal letters with a frown. "My dear cousin Wilhemina, don't you know your family has just settled into a snake pit?" The baroness remarked with her morning tea.
  9. Lady Camilla Falkner read over the invitations, giving a sigh upon seeing her own family not invited. "Would have been a good chance for our kin to meet that of my cousins. But I suppose we have isolated ourselves a little over time." She told her husband with a disappointed look.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. I'll add on to it by saying LOTC would be one of them Netflix shows that makes you angry but still keeps your attention. Aka despite it all we still stay on it lol
  11. Arowyn Whitewood said no word, choosing to pray for the further protection of her family. "Thank God he is alive." She muttered at the end
  12. I have to agree with some of the above about noticing people getting bans/warnings due to a bias. When I received my warning a few months back(my first) I wasn't even really told what I was getting punished for. Personally I was made out to be some toxic person who likes to cause trouble, when in reality the moment I notice an ooc bias I make the decision to avoid that player or mod because I am here to enjoy roleplay. I have known a number of people in my years on LOTC who some of the least problematic users on were probably the server and were banned solely on the word of players who were more in clique with the staff members. This is probably part of the reason my activity had dropped a bit in recent months. I reached out to a staff member to have a conversation on whether a messed-up situation was against the rules. They agreed with me and pushed me to make a report just to immediately get told a little later that they were ashamed of me for my behavior, and they were going to issue me a warning without going into detail on what they thought I had done. I had even asked politely. There are many things so much more important in life than a Minecraft roleplay server. But when you have a platform where you get to enjoy the rp niche and some of the amazing people, it's very saddening to know that just because another play has an issue with you, they can use their say over staff friends.
  13. Camilla Falkner smiled brightly at the parchment turning to her husband "We must have done something right, our girl a court physician."
  14. The aging Camilla Falkner read the declaration with a large frown, followed by a sigh. "There is no honor in Aaun, family members betraying others just as badly as the royals treat their own loyal nobility." She looked down on her hand, covered with the scars of testing. "Varoche is as ill as it was the day it turned against my family, after years of friendship."
  15. The aging Highlander woman Camilla Falkner read the declaration with a frown. She looked to her husband, "What is the world coming to? I wish no hate on anyone, nor believe that people with those preferences should not love each other. Yet the church has always looked down upon it, I wonder if they will give in to these leaders. Or we shall have Kings and Queens unable to produce heirs, and families shall cease to exist."
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