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  1. Wondered why the daughter of the Prince of Merryweather was going by your highness.
  2. "Speaking of the ideas of the Founders when one Is still here. It was never seen as just to give a single vassal the ability to demote or remove any of his comrades from their title. This just allows for tyranny, and in particular immense power to the grand peer. Especially power for just the principality of Merryweather who has had members be grand peer since the beginning. This creates good points to the United Kingdom of Aaun, but written with the wrong intentions." The former countess told her group of political students.
  3. The former countess Cosima raised an eyebrow at the decree only knowing the name Amador with its ill. "Haenseni-folk and their tyranny of forcing each of their own to stay within the country. Haense is a home of the highlanders, or at least was... Highlanders must go where they need to." She told her husband @MailC3p "I can't imagine disowning one of our own just for not finding home in their native lands."
  4. Camilla to her cousin. "Look the trash is being taken out." She burst into laughter. @FireAGN
  5. Frank_Dog Drusila Livia 73914
  6. I am a man who only plays female personas. I can tell you there are tons of people who will talk so much smack/ will refuse to have marriages with women played by men. I will refrain my thoughts on it further, because I think it would be very dramatic lol. Butt, on lotc you slowly find people you like to interact with irp and oocly. The people you want to interact with, they won't have any problem with it all. Those with their toxic masculinity, well you will prefer to not interact with them.
  7. Cosima Monika read over the Repentance, sadness flushing over her. For a moment she couldn't help but sob. After a moment she wiped her eyes, and went straight to the stationary. My dearest Blanca, It is not for me to judge you, nor is it truly anyone else. Only Gott can judge us truthfully. I watched you grow, as did I my other nieces and my own children, then grandchildren. Mistakes are a part of life, especially our youth. Yet we live and we learn, those mistakes make us who we are. We learn from them and adapt to become better. When I first met you I couldn't believe your resemblance to your uncle Peter. Those d'Azor genes were always more strong in your mother Renee's children then my own. Except for your cousin Marlena, and sometimes when I look at the both of you, I get confused these days. Then after your mother's death you were having issues with your family, and I told you that your mother always wanted you to be partly raised like she had been. In the Azor keep, where your uncle and she had their best memories. You never need to forgive us for being in our lives, it was a blessing to us. I will never leave your life, and I pray you never leave ours. You may not be my blood, but you share the blood of my love, for that I will always love you. I will see you soon sweet girl. Your aunt, Cosima von Augusten
  8. Laena saw the land on the horizon, and she muttered to herself in her native tongue "Let this be a sanctuary, after this horrid travel. May my prince find us a home here." She took off her shoes, ready to feel her feet upon the sands of the new land. Though her home Mantarys, her family, would always be on her mind. But it is worth it to serve her prince in his endeavors.
  9. I am still shocked by it all, I wish I would have had the chance to get to know her better. She was always so sweet and friendly. One of the first people I interacted with on the server when I started.
  10. Cosima read the missive with a dismissive shake of the head. "These are not the words of my son. The boy is more loyal to Aaun than most of its citizens." She stood, prepared to get her horsemen ready
  11. Cosima sighed reading over the missive. "Ah because to wear a gown is so inferior." She scoffed then looking to her youngest daughters. "Maybe one day femineity won't be seen as making a person lesser."
  12. Guarding the pass with her lady archers, a rider would meet up from the Hohengarten and deliver the message to the countess Cosima von Augusten. She read it over slowly, not missing a single word even. Before turning to her granddaughter Anne, "Our loyalty shall always lie with whom has the Aunnic people's best interest in mind. The way I see it, that can only be an Alstion. These barbarians just want blood, so we shall give it to them..." The group would quickly move to quickly travelled pass and wait for the traitors.
  13. THE OFFICE OF THE EMISSARY IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, 1911 The Aunnic Office of the Emissary is a vital part of the national bureaucracy. In its charge, the foreign relations of the United Kingdom of Aaun with its neighbours. A messenger between sovereigns, legislators of international treaties, and humble servants of his majesty Charles I Alstion, King of Aaun. THE EMISSARY Her Excellency, Cosima von Augusten, Countess of Hohengarten, Royal Envoy to Urguan THE DEPUTY EMISSARIES Her Grace, Henriette Aurelie Ashford de Lewes, Duchess-consort of Minitz, Royal Envoy of Balian THE ENVOYS Anarion von Linder, Royal Envoy to Haense Carice von Augusten, Royal Envoy to Norland THE OFFICE OF THE EMISSARY RECRUITMENT The Office of the Emissary desires to express with this pronouncement that it is widely in search of fresh and newer Envoys to better foster relations with the nations of Almaris, if one may be interested they are more than welcome to pen us. [Discord: Frank_Dog#4179 | IGN: Frank_Dog] HER ROYAL EXCELLENCY, Cosima Monika von Augusten, Countess of Hohengarten, and Royal Emissary
  14. Cosima von Augusten read over the article with a frown and shake of head in disapproval. Muttering to herself. "It seems some move on very quickly."
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