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  1. The Viscountess Cosima von Augusten read over this declaration, shaking her head as she did so. "I wonder what it is that makes these dumb people believe that familial matters between borders are a reason for war? Why not seek peace and prosperity instead?" She told her husband as they sat by the fire. "They are worst than the Petran Azors."
  2. Hello! I lead the viscounty of Hohengarten in Aaun. We are lucky to have a large keep, big enough to take in courtiers from around Almaris to grow with us. I hope that in time we will get a lively court feel and it will be great roleplay for everyone involved. Specifically, guards, ladies, someone who can put our brewing barrel to good use. We are looking in the coming time to take on bannermen families. We don't really have servantry, instead it is a system of working together in maintenance of the keep. Free room and board will be provided, and as you help us so will we help you. If not sure, stop by and roleplay with us. See if you like the feel IGN: Frank_Dog Location: Old Azor keep in Aaun. Warp is in camp David by Minitz.
  3. Cosima read of the adventurer threat, nearly tossing the parchment at her husband Peter von Azor. @MailC3p "I don't know what is with you Heartlanders and giving up what they have, but then asking for it later. The countess of Azor, abandons her keep for Petra. Then demands her title in Petra, be Azor. Now this fallen prince is coming to regain an already lost empire. I will give it to you, your people are relentless." Cosima teased her husband smiling in delight as little Konstantin and Carice entered the room for luncheon with their parents.
  4. Cosima read the notice, "Peter, look I think there might be a school for the children! Perhaps besides our tutorage they could benefit from a broader subject matter."
  5. Cosima sat at her desk within Azor keep receiving it. Reading it over while she sipped her morning tea. She shook her head muttering to herself, "This has become the drama of children. I due pray to those with false realities. They left the family, that is the truth. This turbulent period of blood will come to rest. "
  6. The Azor Summit of 1896 met at the Azor keep near the summit to discuss precedent matters of its family, those in attendance being the King of Aaun, nobles of the realm, Heartlander familial heads and members of the Azor family. After a not so lengthy discussion, a list of topics were decided on. It was by the decision of this most esteemed meet that, The house of Azor, who reside in their familial home of Azor, swear complete allegiance to his Majesty King Charles Alstion of Aaun. The Lady Cosima d'Azor is to become Viscountess of Azor, her husband Peter Leopold viscount The succession of the familial keep and title, goes to the children of Cosima and Peter Upon the grievances brought to the family of Azor by their current matriarch Marianna Antionette d'Azor, that being the abandonment of her family when the unit needed her most, the fleeing to Petra without word to her family, public promiscuity which gives precedent for doubt of her children's parentage. It is decided that Peter Leopold d'Azor, the last Azor of his generation who stay at the familial home will become recognized head of family, Patriarch of the d'Azor lineage. Signed, His Majesty, King Charles Alstion of Aaun Cosima d'Azor, Viscountess of Azor, Baroness of Pavia Peter Leopold d'Azor, Viscount of Azor, Baron of Pavia Louis Joseph de Rosius, Lord of Rosenfort, lord of Mont Louis
  7. Franziska Starling greeted her friend with a smile. The man who was the first to give her friendship in Karosgrad. It had been decades since they spoke but she was glad to see him again
  8. Cosima d'Azor sat in the garden of the Azor estate upon the alps. Enjoying the mountain air and sipping wine made from her own orchard. Handed the document from her assistant Valentina. Upon reading it, she couldn't help but let out a laugh, looking to her husband and handing it to him.
  9. Cosima read over the letter, hearing of her cousins' death. Despite their rocky past, the emotions set in, and she couldn't help but weep. Looking to Peter. "Balianites killed mein cousin. The first of our generation to die, and to the hands of them. Not even a righteous way to go." She signed the lorraine before going to her stationary and writing letters to family. @MailC3p
  10. Cosima read over the proposal a smile coming across her face. "The creation of a definite middle class , is an example to all that you can raise your social station in life, not just be restricted by the large noble pedigree." She explained to her husband Peter, he being new to Haense. @MailC3p
  11. Seance and Fortune Telling Services for You For the first time ever, I offer a unique service to those who reside in Almaris. Come all who wish, and for a modest sum I may assist. With the blessing that is vivification, I wish to do good in the world. Connect you to those whom you have lost. It is more often than not that we lose people too soon. Aside from my gift I bring the skill of the Tarot for the use of the people. An authentic game of mystery, caution and perhaps even your future. Clarity and advice to be learned, enjoyment to be had. For a small sum, I offer hand readings. Some say you can tell everything about a person just from the palm of their hand. Any inquiries should be taken to Cosima Bishop, located in Sedan and Haense. Always available by bird. ------
  12. In-Game Name: Frank_Dog/ Franziska Starling Age: 52 Current Occupation (if any): n/a Do you live in Balian?: Yes Desired Position: Immigration Officer How would you increase productivity of your desired office position?: As a persona who decided to move her family to Balian, I know about all the benefits of migrating to Balian. I will speak to visitors, and others abroad and tell them about the possibilities they could have with a life in the Grand Duchy. Not only will I help recruit, but will aid recent immigrants into finding their place in Balian society. Mc Name: Frank_Dog Discord Name: Frank_Dog #4179
  13. Man I hear about these type of things all the time on this server. I have only been dedicated to this server since November, but I have heard at least two people speak to me about their bans. It's funny how some people can act in such harassing manners over and over again, while others who are just accused of such behavior get a full ban. This really discourages people from going out and interacting with other people, because you never know who is not going to like you and get you in trouble.
  14. Ximena walked through the market in Oren looking over the document posted. Over her shoulders other members of her Hyspian comrades also read. The group quickly grabbing supplies and heading South for Niceep.
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