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  1. Racer Name: Corvin Stählson Sled Name: Szánkó Dogs' Names: Egg, Ketto, Harom, Kutya
  2. Corvin raises a blade to the glory of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. May this conflict reveal the might and valor of the great citizens of this nation, and may the elves of Haelun'or see the marching soldiers and despair!
  3. Corvin watched as his brethren threw insults at the empty city of Haelun'or. He wasn't quite sure why everyone was getting so riled up, but hey, might as well join the fun. Haense Haense Haense
  4. Reddimus11


    For as long as he can remember, Corvin has grown up on the streets of Karosgrad, the capital city of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. When he was but a small child, he was left on the doorstep of a steelsmith, left by a parent he never knew. His childhood was hard and full of strife, as the steelsmith was a terrible man, who cared little for the wellbeing of this street rat who begged for food. The only reason he kept Corvin was as an errand boy, helping the old man with his craft. The dark alleyways of a large city are no place for a young boy, and the trauma formed a crack in Corvin's mental fortitude. This only served to further agitate the steelsmith, who one day in an act of alcohol-induced rage, struck Corvin with a red-hot steel blade, slicing his face. Now sporting a physical scar that matched his mental scars, Corvin longed for a better life. Ashamed by the injury he fashioned himself a steel mask, and hid his insecurities behind a smooth tongue and mischievous ploys. But now a unique opportunity has revealed itself. The old man has finally died, suffering from a poorly-timed heart attack, leaving Corvin free to pursue his own path. Will he continue the old man's business, crafting and forging steel? Or will he fulfill his dream of travelling the world, and exploring new lands? Or perhaps he could track down his family history, and learn the truth of where he came from. Whatever he will decide, he must remember to keep a level head and avoid getting into trouble, and to not let his injuries hold him back, both physical and mental.
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