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  1. Snail Owner: Heinrik Karl Barbanov Snail Name: Mickaelz Schumachev Residence: Nikirala Prikaz
  2. Jericho stood in front of the cathedral, clinging on to his cane. With one hand positioned on his back, he admired the basilica that once was only inhabited by God and his servants. Exhaling softly the man closed his eyes. He now smiled.
  3. THE OFFICE OF THE AULIC ENVOY KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the OFFICE OF THE ENVOY On this X day of X XXXES The Office of the Envoy (Naumariav: Ve Offiez i ve Szara) is the diplomatic branch of the Aulic Government, and is charged with the primary objective of maintaining the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s diplomatic relations. The Office maintains a roster of diplomats who establish connections and liaise with all foreign nations to ensure efficient communication, collaborating with other diplomats, assisting with the drafting of treaties and
  4. ---0--- In an forgetten cave, in a forgotten valley, in a forgotten wasteland layed a forgotten sarcophagus. Meant to be forever forgotten, a monstrosity was sealed away by the paladin, wearing the armour of Mordring. The yellow gleam in its eyes was long faded , but the corpse, in all its unholy glory remained in tact. There was no way the eternal servant of Mordrings hand, the Beast of the Westerlands, could roam the lands again, no? But for a bare second a small yellow light reappeared in the empty eyesockets.
  5. “Suticans sutican’t stop it” said a man with a single bushy brow
  6. Johann Peter couldn’t get rid of the uneasy feeling, even though he was rescued and getting treated now. The pain in his ankle and shoulder blade painfully reminded him of the heavy burden that has been lifted on his shoulders. Whenever he rolled on his side or dared to close his eyes, he continued to hear the sounds of Björnolf’’s final words echoing in the back of his head. Each time, before Johann dared to sleep, he reached for his rosary and started to mutter a prayer to the man he owed his life to: “Thou, O Lord, have mercy on our dearly departed, for the sake of us sinners
  7. Johann Peter smiled proudly! He made sure to secure a copy of Amelias work and read while taking a break from his own studies-
  8. KNIGHTHOOD AND ITS CURRENT FLAWS Or, an analyses of the past and current state of Ritterschaft and the future it holds in Hanseti-Ruska By Johann Peter von Remsberg PREAMBLE I. Introduction: II. A Brief History of Hansetic Knighthood III. Analysis of Modern Problems and Flaws IV. Offered Alternative V. Conclusion VI. Bibliographie VII. Kreditierung/Honourable mentions PREAMBLE NOTE: This work is primarily focused on analysing the current flaws of hansetic knighthood, later referred to as “Ritterschaft”(tra
  9. With a concerned look on his face Johann Peter read the inviation, recalling the latest events regarding the knight and his so called “fiance”. “Let us all pray to Gott, that she doesn’t have to continue working the streets anymore, ja? Or that he is making enough money to buy clothes that cover her shoulders!” he expressed to his brother Klaus.
  10. The self proclaimed baron of Saxony and Hessen applauds, seeing a bright future for his southern neighbor.
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