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  1. With a heavy sigh Heinrik Karl, took another name off his King-friends-to-have-an-arm-wrestling-match-with- list. What a year..
  2. Saying Goodbye is never easy. Especially not, if you have lost many others the course of the year. Another tragedy hit Heinrik Karl, as he heard the news about the death of his comrade. Simply defeated, exhausted, he fell back against the chair. A man of honor he was, he thought. A man who stood to his word and didn't hesitate to aid his allies. A man who put Krugmar back on the map. Heinrik touched his forehead, the spot where theirs heads had clashed many times with his rosary. He prayed and smiled for him.
  3. Still dressed in dark robes, Heinrik Karl glanced over the aftermath of the latest outburst of destruction in their struggles with the hungry creatures from the northern wastes. Like his clothes it was the darkest year for him yet, losing friends and family he grew attached to. The monarch peered over the land scar that reminded him of the particular knight. The drill, the sweat, the shouts in waldenian. But also the feeling of accomplishment and success when he trained with his late wife; the shared wisdom during officer tea time in his office. Brandt was something he'
  4. Heinrik Karl remembered the first day him and Mariya were told about their engagement. "Nie mamej! I do nie wanna! Aunt say something! I do nie want to marry her!" He protested, threw things, shoved his mother and aunt aside, he was far from being happy with it. Why would he. Mariya was his friend. His first and only friend back then. The thought of marrying this girl, he had just smuggled alcohol into a den, played boyish pranks on adults or even trained with under the guidance of Ser Brandt, was now meant to be his wife. Ridiculous. Nonetheless it happened. It had to happe
  5. THE HINTERLANDS COMPACT Agreed on this Gronna ag Droba 369 E.S. Between Ve Koengzem of Hanseti-Ruska and the Crown of Elvenesse VE KRAWN I HANSETI-RUSKA AG VE KRAWN I ELVENESSE I. The Princedom of Elvenesse and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska agree to enter into a pact of non-aggression for 10 years, expiring in 379 ES. On its expiration, this pact can be renewed by mutual consent of both signatories. II. The Princedom of Elvenesse hereby agrees to guarantee the following rights to any subject of the Kingdom of Hanseti
  6. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Duelling Reform Bill 366 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to reform duelling so one can better defend their honour. INTRODUCTION This bill aims to amend the duelling code so as to allow those of rank or possessing honor to defend their honour from attack. As it stands, the duelling process is slow and has an unnecessary crown acceptance requirement. I. Amendments 501: On Duelling 501.01: Disputing parties, in non-criminal matters, may legally resolve their dispute by agreeing to d
  7. VE ELFENBACH EDYKT THE ELFENBACH EDICT Issued and Confirmed by His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II On the 14th of Joma and Umund, 367 ES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM PREMABLE With the growing debate around the Barony of Elfenbach within the Kongzem, it is necessary that a solution be made that accommodates for both sides and rewards our subjects adequately while not infringing on the precedents that our forefathers have set decades ago. With this in mind, the Crown does issue the Elfenbach Edict, which shall come into effect immedi
  8. Sorry guys!

  9. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA The Good Faith Act of 367 Introduced in the Duma.367 An act to make sure those acting in good faith are not criminally charged for trying to help another. INTRODUCTION This bill will amend the assault and murder crimes to exclude those who tried their best to help someone in an emergency but failed due to inexperience. I. Necessary Definitions Things being amended will be bolded. Someone acting in good faith- A person who acts in their best ability to aid another despite inexperience wh
  10. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Privilege Bill of 365 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to establish the legal protection of privilege. INTRODUCTION There are many cases in which a subject of Haense may expect to maintain secrecy of any information disclosed. These situations include when speaking to one’s private legal representation, when secret documents of the Royal Government are created, when one confesses to an ordained member of the clergy, etc. This bill seeks to establish circumstances under which a person may not disclose any infor
  11. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Marriage Amendment Bill of 364 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to amend part of Section 703 of the Haurul Caezk. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this bill is to amend Section 703.011 of the Haurul Caezk, so that it prevents any kind of interracial marriage at all, rather than just interracial marriage between non-humans and humans. I. Necessary Definitions 703.021: A non-human may not marry a human. II. Amendments Section 703.021 of the Haurul Caezk shall be amended to the follo
  12. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Endangered Species Repeal Bill of 364 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to repeal the Endangered Species Act INTRODUCTION The purpose of this bill is to repeal the unused and impractical Endangered Species Bill of 361 ES, and thus remove it from the Haurul Caezk. I. Necessary Definitions Repeal: Annul an act Endangered Species Bill of 361 ES: The Endangered Species Bill of 361 ES, which created Section 436 of the Haurul Caezk. II. Amendments Section 436: Endangered Speci
  13. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Marriage Act Viscount Amendment of 362 ES Introduced in the Duma. A bill to amend the section of the Haurul Caezk on marriage to include the title of Viscount. INTRODUCTION As it stands, the Haurul Caezk has a section regarding the ‘Consort’ status that says “A husband or wife marrying a titled peer shall assume the title of Duke-Consort or Duchess-Consort, Margrave-Consort or Margravine-Consort, Count-Consort or Countess-Consort, or Baron-Consort or Baroness-Consort”. This does not account for the title of Viscount,
  14. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Defining Nobility Viscount Amendment of 362 E.S. Introduced in the Duma. An bill to amend the section of the Haurul Caezk defining nobility to include the title of Viscount. INTRODUCTION As it stands, the Haurul Caezk defines nobility as “A man or woman who lawfully holds the noble title of Grand Prince, Grand Princess, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, Margrave, Margravine, Count, Countess, Baron or Baroness (...)”. This does not account for the title of Viscount, and therefore this bill seeks to amend the section of
  15. THE PACT OF CROW AND DRAGON Agreed on this 11th of Tov and Yermey, 367 ES ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY Yong Ping City, The Dual Monarchy of Hanseti-Ruska, hereon referred to as “the signatories”, do pledge to mutually recognize each other’s status as sovereign powers over their peoples, meaning: I: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories be fully respected by the other. II: THAT the signatories agree to engage in diplomatic functions. III: THAT the signatories accept the authorities
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