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  1. Hectaris Xatophon would stare blankly at the page as he finished reading. He felt his cold, logical elven mind slipping into a dark abyss. "I am already polluted. What point is there in trying to maintain a façade of purity by pretending to be emotionless? I can't believe I let that disgusting grub of a human rid me of my arm. I can't go on like this! I loath myself... 18 years on this earth and I already look like a monster - could I really live hundreds of years like this?"
  2. Thesis on Evangelizing Through Love and the ORC By Nina The world is filled with countless souls, each of which is a precious creation of God. Yet today, there is a disturbing lack of empathy, and in some cases, even hatred, for those destined for the void. This is especially the case in the Orenian Revised Code. This is not what we as believers are called to. The Church today must strive to share God's truth, grace, and mercy with the people of the world by overcoming our fear of evil by placing our faith in God's goodness. The Holy Scriptures tell us to sprea
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    Nina's parents tragically died when she was at the tender young age of 27. She may have been 9 years into adulthood, but she still thought like a child. Nina was born in the city of Helena in Arcas, but as a toddler, her family had to immigrate to Almaris. They had inherited land in Arcas, but as immigrants to Almaris, the family was now left with no land and few possessions. Furthermore, her aunts and uncles took advantage of the immigration to start new lives, distancing themselves from the Canonic Church and the traditional, sophisticated lives of the Heartlanders in favor of a
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