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  1. Luthriel Xatophon has mixed feelings upon hearing the news. She hates herself. She hates Braxus. She hates life.
  2. Luthriel managed to get missives from Haelun'or to keep her informed of the happenings. She read the missive slowly, wondering if she was really deserving to have her body and soul hated by Braxus and to have that hatred consummated by his attempted execution of her. A tear trickled down her face from her eye, and she attempted to raise her hand to wipe it away with a sleeve, but her wrist just ended up hitting her chin, then her nose, and then her forehead. Finally, through pure luck, she managed to wipe the tear away. A friend walked into the room and noticed that the crippled woman was reading ideological missives from Haelun'or again. "You can't be reading this stuff anymore. It's time for you to enjoy life." He said as he took the missive away, "Paint something simple, come up with a story or a song, play with your dog, care for your plants, do anything other than read these - - - - missives."
  3. Luthriel started sobbing when she read the missive and regretted the entirety of the past 15 years of her life.
  4. [!] Before you is a beautifully written missive, graced with simple yet hauntingly delicate drawings of flowers that look real but also have a surreal feel to them, giving the reader a sense of magic in the simple art of drawing plants. (ooc: Image from the Voynich manuscript) Greetings, my Mali brothers and sisters around Almaris! I want to remind you all of a very special phrase to me, one that I believe ought to serve to unite us all rather than divide us. Health and Progress. Under the guise of following this phrase, many individuals have been unjustly killed, but the ideas of health and progress are not responsible for this. In fact, when one meditates on the meaning of the words health and progress, one finds that they condemn the actions of racial purists just as much as they condemn the actions of religious zealots and anyone who prefers feeling over logic, opinions over fact. These words serve as a rallying cry for all beings to push for progress: To progress the world to the point of minimal suffering as quickly as possible. I know not any reason why one should reject this call. The thing that can unite the vast majority of peoples, cultures, and religions across the world is that we all want a word where people are healthier and happier. And thus, I want to invite you all to discover just one of the many ways we can bring about this progress! Many people look at mages and wonder, "What would it be like to be able to do such magical things?!" but they are discouraged from becoming mages themselves. For me, it was the characteristic loss of strength that goes with learning voidal magic that drove me away from the arcane arts. Yet even the simplest looking of plants can posses the most magical powers! Some plants help to muffle, or lower body heat to the point of hypothermia. Other plants help wounds to heal quickly or decades old scars to heal. These simple plants deserve our attention and respect, as they can do things that even our strongest warriors cannot. I believe botany is the key towards progressing our world towards health and happiness! And so, I would like to invite all my Mali brothers and sisters to study botany with me this Mali Saturday, or Saint's Saturday as they might say in a Cannonist area (ooc: ok idk how else to tell u when its gonna be. Don't judge!). I am not a professional botanist by any means, only an individual who has newly discovered the beauty of plants! Hopefully we can inspire some people to study weeds! Signed, Luthriel Paleth -let out of prison with out trial due to government corruption, don't mind me snooping around Haelunor instead of rotting away in a cell while i wait for my purity trial-
  5. "Bloody I hate myself." Luthriel was in her week and was rather moody, "There's people all over this bloody world who are in bloody trouble because illogical bloody ama and ker supremacists want the force their most illogical of creeds upon us. I wish I could help these good, moral, Cannonist elves, but alas, I know not how I can help. I never help anybody. 30 years on this earth and no matter how hard I try I always screw up. I haven't saved a single person worth saving! I haven't changed the world for the better in a single bloody way!" She smacked her head into the table and started sobbing.
  6. Luthriel clenched her obsidian fist, "Whoever wrote this is will be the first individual to taste the obsidian of my fist in their mouth! How dare they call Orinmon an Ata? I hate myself and my body, when people call me impure perhaps they are correct. But Orinmon is the epitome of purity."
  7. Tina Remington shook her head, clinging to her newest addition to her large collection of wooden crucifixes, "These progressive liberal scum are trying to destroy out religion!!! Men and women have different roles. These chicks are just stupid! Complaining 'bout not getting to lead 'n stuff. That's pride right there. You shouldn't care 'bout that stuff. Join the convent." She continued to shake her head until she got dizzy. She stopped for a moment, closing her eyes, before continuing her internal monologue, "You can help people and serve Godan more in a humble position as a nun than as a priest. The more power you have the further removed you are from what really matters. These chicks just do be powerhungry animals trying to go against Godan's will!" Furiously took a sip of coffee and went back to brainstorming how she was going to fund her addiction.
  8. Luthriel had but eight words to say in response to the declaration, "Good riddance. Where was Savoy when Haelun'or fell?"
  9. The elfess strongly considered tearing her clothes, cutting her hair, and mourning in the streets but decided that that display of grief would be too strong. Instead, she settled for complaining to herself over a cup of tea, "But Chiyo is supposed to make my hands! How is she going to make me bloody hands if she is put on trial and . . ." The woman paused to imagine possible punishments. ". . .and something. Her punishment had better be to make me hands . . . FOR FREE."
  10. The elfess cackled to herself, a crazed grin coming upon her face. She took a sip of tea and continued to read. Luthriel chuckles in half-human purity and perfection zealot. "The way I feel inside, I could butcher a thousand children to usher in a new age of perfection. And this idiot thinks I am incapable of feeling a drive toward perfection." She shook her head, smirked, and continued reading. "Oh? And LO! Again we see the philosophical mumblings of an emotionally unstable 'thill. So the 'thill soul is superior in the sense that it seeks to pursue purity, yet there is no evidence for this. True, he has explained away the fact that many 'thill care not for the pursuit of purity, and I am sure he would similarly find a way to explain away the fact that many "Lessers" have decided to pursue perfection in their lives. I don't care if he can explain away any and all arguments against his point. He needs to provide EVIDENCE, strong, hard evidence that demands that we take his point seriously. He needs to demonstrate that it is possible to show he is wrong by demonstrating certain facts, but that those "facts" are, in fact, not true and so his idea holds."
  11. The elfess repetitively smacked her head into a table, pulled out her braids in her hair, and lamented, "Lo, how lustful and perverted are descendent hearts! If only I could brainwash this woman into understanding the importance of not being a (derogatory term censored)!" She wept, falling to the ground, "Godan, if you are real, purge this world of people like this! And if you are not . . . I will purge them instead."
  12. [!] Posted on walls around Haelun'or, perhaps distributed by hand, is a missive. Its format is ugly but practical, and no creative embellishments grace its surface. When Beauty Is but a Facade for Impurity To the citizens and leaders of the Silver State of Haelun'or, Is it our blood that unites us, or our quest for purity? 'Tis surely our common journey towards increasing purity, for many 'thill of the purest blood have been swayed by the ways of the Lessers into engaging in impurity. In doing so, they prove their blood of no use to them. I am not saying that blood is of no use, but that when pure blood is not accompanied by pure actions, it can not truly be called pure. To be pure, one must have both pure actions and pure blood. While we, of course, all share High Elven ancestry, what sets us apart from the degenerate mali is our dedication to the values put forth by our common pursuit of purity. However, for the past decade I have seen impurity festering below the silver roads of our nation, as well as impurity festering in plain sight. Because many 'thill do not have a strong grasp of the philosophy of purity, they fall away from its path without realizing that they have fallen away. LET ME BE CLEAR. It is not my intention to promote any sort of violence against this, as it is too ingrained in Haelun'orian culture to work. More violence will only bring us closer to oblivion. What I endeavor to do is to simply convince my fellow Haelun'or citizens of the importance of purity in keeping Haelun'or safe and prosperous and to convinced them to give up their impure ways. Firstly, I break the aspects of purity up into two groups: Logic and beauty. Secondly, I argue that beautiful logic must come before sole beauty in order for a city to flourish. Thirdly, I discuss several aspects of 'thill culture prioritizing sensuous beauty over logic. Fourthly and finally, I put forth specific policies for our leaders to consider. Purity: Logic and Beauty There once live two elves. One knew nothing of science, magic, alchemy, combat, or anything requiring logic, but had an exquisite skin care routine. He always wore the purest clothing, and could name every wine in the tavern with just one sip. Every day, he labored at writing music and poetry, carving pumpkins, and decorating his house with art. The other was trained in combat and alchemy her entire life. She knew nothing of art or wine, and wore plain clothes. Her skin was so hideous that it was thought she carried some form of disease and some people considered throwing her into an acid pit. Yet she had an impressive skill with the longsword and always carried many powerful potions with her. One day, the later elf decided to attack the former elf's home, robbing him of his fine goods. Who do you BLOODY DARN THINK WOULD HAVE WON? WOULD THE FIRST ELF SUCCEED IN DEFENDING HIS HOME WITH A BLOODY PUMPKIN CARVING KNIFE? Alas, The former elf took all of his goods away. She spent her free time enjoying music and poetry, and carving pumpkins, yet she always remembered the importance of the disciplined mind and body to life. Neither of these elves had a pure life. One was impure logically, or, to put it more simply, was an ignorant pleasure-addicted child in an adult's body. The other was a brutish bandit, void of pure beauty. Yet the brutish bandit was safe because of her logic, and that enabled her to pursue the finer things in life later. First, we must secure Haelun'or. Then we may devote ourselves to art. And at the end of our common quest for purity should not lie logic or beauty, but logic and beauty. Current Problems in Haelun'or Tavern gatherings where most of Haelun'ors citizens gather to partake in intoxicating drinking present a threat to Haelun'ors safety. If enemies were to strategically attack during this time, Haelun'or would be too drunk to defend itself. I have seen the vast majority of able bodied elves in our nation walking around in robes. Long, flowing, impractical robes with many layers and exquisite lace work. I have yet to see a single BLOODY ELF WEARING ARMOR OTHER THAN OUR OKARIR ORINMON VIRADIRAAR. WILL ORINMON FIGHT OFF OUR ENEMIES SINGLE HANDEDLY? The 'thill of Haelun'or must get out of their comfortable robes occasionally and patrol the streets in armor. Excessive focus on décor is killing our nation. While the tavern is decorated with odd festive colors (arguably not even decorated with pure designs and colors), our defenses have yet to be improved. If we put as much time into building weapons and defensive structures as well as maintaining what we already have as we put into petty decorations, where would we be? While the Azdrazi were beheading our Sohaer, I heard an elfess complain, "Can this be over? I just want to go back to carving pumpkins!" IF I NEED TO SAY MORE YOU ARE LOST. GO, LIVE IN ELVENESSE WHERE YOU CAN PLAY WITH FLOWERS AND NOT WEAR CLOTHES. To my knowledge we have not yet discovered why there is a trail of blood, a torch, three black skulls, two purple flags, and a bizarre pit in our sewers. I then find individuals dumping corpses into these very same sewers. We walk above our sewers every day, while corpses rot and possibly cultic activity happens under our feet. We ought to stop tossing dead bodies into the sewers and we ought to organize regular patrols of the sewers. Ideas that are fundamentally anti-logic are spreading. Ideas that there are things that 'thill are, "Not meant to know." To know is to be pure, to know is to increase in logic, and to follow a philosophy of not knowing is to follow a philosophy of impurity. Recommended Actions Mandate military service for all able bodied citizens; Establish individuals whose job it is to record all citizens military activities and assess whether they are truly serving the military. Create a legal system of punishment for those who do not engage with their duties sufficiently. Mandate basic medical training for all able bodied citizens. Thill live is valuable beyond measure and it is shameful to lose a life due to lack of nearby medically trained people. Require each citizen to chose a practical career to which they will devote themselves. Such careers may be but are not limited to: Magic, Alchemy, Metal working, horse breeding and training, hound breeding and training, devotion to the military, devotion to the field of medicine, devotion to work in the government, gathering specific resources, gathering knowledge. Establish individuals whose job it is to record all citizens' career activity and to track the goods and services they have provided to the state. Establish a legal system of punishment for those who do not engage with their duties sufficiently. Request the same amount of taxes from all citizens, regardless of house; Redo housing assignments based off of whether or not a citizen has a family, and if so, how large is that family. The larger the family a citizen has, the larger and nicer the house they will be allotted will be. Put a cap on the number of able bodied citizens allowed to consume alcohol at a given time. Establish education programs to re-educate citizens who do not care to follow purity. Members of the Sillumir shall have atronach limb replacements paid for by the government in compensation for their commitment to give their bodies up to the State. Establish a public cemetery and area for cremating bodies, so that we no longer dump corpses into our sewage, polluting the water below our glorious home. -Luthriel X., Stewardess of the Silver State
  13. Luthriel placed the missive on a table, so her wretched, destroyed hands did not have to fumble to hold it. She held her chin up abnormally high as her eyeballs sunk low to meet the text. "This is only philosophical ramblings. No practical, concrete steps have been formulated." Her lowered eyeballs made a wide circle, turning upwards to the ceiling as she groaned, "I have a bloody 20 step practical plan to getting Haelun'or back on its feet. Perhaps I ought to write something as well." She held up her right hand (her left had no fingers), looked at her thumb, index, and little fingers, and decided that she was going to find a way to write beautifully and eloquently despite her current predicament.
  14. Greetings! I find myself in a confusing predicament and am unsure of whether or not it is permissible for me to marry the man I love. Here are the circumstances: 1. I am a half elf and the man I want to marry is a full elf. As a half elf, I will inevitably pass on two curses to any children I conceive, be they quarter human or quarter elf, and thus I have decided to remain celibate. The man I want to marry will agree to remain celibate within the union, and we will not have children. 2. I understand that it is considered wrong for marriages to produce children that are less than 3/4 human. However, as my marriage wouldn't be consummated, there would be no practical difference between my celibate marriage between a half elf and a full elf and a celibate marriage between a human and another human. I am rather new to Cannonism and am unsure of how to handle this detailed and complex situation. I appreciate any guidance you could give me. Luthriel Xatophon
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