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  1. A head clothed in golden locks dipped in sorrow. The one-eyed half-elfess sighed, muttering, "Ti, this is logical, and yet- I have done my duty as a half mali, my duty to ne have biological children. And now that I am passed the age of child-bearing, many would still prefer to see me as a corpse eaten away by acid. I tried to live a pure life. I failed, but I tried."
  2. A one eyed half elfess began penning a letter in response, "The sky did weep with blood, an omen which now has long been forgotten. The continents before us have been demolished, and we should not succumb to hubris by saying to ourselves, 'Surely this will not happen to us'. These games present an opportunity to prepare ourselves for the horrors to come, and yet I take issue with the unnecessary risks involved, as well as potential cruelty. Firstly, in most circumstances I would advocate for the humane elimination of beasts, though in our situation, bloodsport provides particular utility in the training of warriors. Thus, I am inclined to tolerate the suffering of the beasts for the greater good. Secondly, however, I deem unnecessary risk to the lives of our warriors unacceptable. I *strongly* recommend having skilled medics, teleportation mages, paladins, shamans, and the like on hand at all times to rescue the fallen from their otherwise sure demise."
  3. Luthriel sighed, and in a broken voice mumbled, "Malinor shall watch as the races are united. . ." and she paused, "Yet nations shall still make war, and the cries of parents mourning the death of children and of children mourning the death of parents shall still echo through all cities." At this, she recalled the orc raids on Ebonwood, closing her eye, "Every nation is corrupt, every race filled with bloodlust. I'll do my part - a small, feeble, hopeless part, to ensure our victory against Malinor is a swift and humane one."
  4. A masked woman frantically transcribed the letter. She ran back to Krugmar, shouting, "Pamphilos!" In the days to follow, the woman would begin frantically making art, armor, and clothing for people, with the intent of using the minas to fund the production of alchemical masks. (DM me if u want a skin/art)
  5. The streets of Ebonwood are filled with dead leaves. Between cracks in the pavement, young saplings begin to grow. Abandoned, the cihi's buildings lie bare. The possessions of once prosperous Mali had been left behind as the denizens fled, left to be picked up by the vandals and robbers who roamed the streets, breaking into homes and taking all that they could. Who did this? Many shall lay the blame upon you, accusing you of conspiring to rule over all the Mali nations. They shall cry, "Ebonwood fell because of her hubris!" That you, the denizens of Ebonwood, had deemed yourselves the arbiters of truth - and of Malin's will. Yet, you know this to be false. Ebonwood existed to bring peace and unity, valuing all Mali cultures while acknowledging their differences and the need to reconcile them. It was Ebonwood who opened its doors to both Princess Ivarielle and Sohaer Braxus, hosting a diplomatic meeting in an attempt to bring unity and justice to elvendom and to prevent war. Ebonwood devoted itself not to the outward pursuit of physical strength in order to dominate, but to the inward pursuit of moral virtue. And the punishment for this blunder was the destruction of Ebonwood at the hands of those who lust for blood and power. As happens in the East, happens in the West, as there is nothing new that happens under the sun. Every land its light touches as it journeys through the sky is afflicted by the same curse. And the pattern repeats, this time the established kingdoms of elvendom target a new settlement, Sulianpoli. We are small in number, but we shall fight. Fight for our friends, fight for our honor, and fight for our ideals. We have baths, blessed by the spirit of the golden pools, where anyone of any heritage may come to seek greater purity. We hope to bring purity to all, not hedonism, violence, nor lust for power. We are a light- a light which the greater kingdoms desire to snuff out. Malin’or has demanded that Krugmar betray us as follows: I. The Horde will cease its efforts to divide and rule Elvenkind, and expel all elven vassals within its confines, refusing to recognise them as land-holders. They shall be offered suitable residency elsewhere. II. The Horde will cease its puppetry of rogue mali who trade blood for ambition, and expel any mali from the ranks of their leaders, refusing to re-introduce them into such positions. They shall be offered suitable residency elsewhere. III. The Horde will henceforth denounce the problematic, deluded and diseased people known as the “Toga Elves”. . . . V. The Horde will revert back to an Uruk Commune solely; it may hold mali merchants and visitors but it will not grant them titles or land henceforth. It may hold any other races within its borders without violation of this. . . . VII. The Horde and its shamans will cease any spread of spiritualism outside of its own territories, meaning any erecting of shrines to spirits outside of those lands will result in war. All preaching of spiritualism among mali must be approved by that mali people’s respective prince or princess. . . . IX. Should any of these terms be broken, it will result in war. X. Failure to make amends with any of these - will result in war. Malin’or demands that no elven group has the freedom to decide which nation to put itself under. It declares that by race all Mali are subject to princes and princesses. It declares that individual Mali have no right to decide which nation and which military to serve. It silences Uruk shamanism, effectively stopping all communication and discussion of a religion, preventing its truth from being debated, and preventing individuals from engaging in truth-seeking dialectical practices. They are silencing the discussion of individual’s beliefs about truth, and thus silencing the rational quest to compare ideas and come to a reasoned conclusion. Worst of all, if Krugmar acts honorably, defending its Mali denizens, Ivarielle’s bloodlust has compelled her to jealously kill those who stand before her, blocking her path to a dictatorship of all Mali. Truth is not reserved to one race. Right is not defined by obeying what your ethnic group has declared you must obey. It is the responsibility of every individual to think independently, and this war, like the violence against Ebonwood, is an expression of powerful Mali who desire to stifle rational thought and debate. In memory of Ebonwood, in revenge for what was taken, in goodwill to prevent it from happening again, and in the protection of the pursuit of the greater good, I ask all former denizens of Ebonwood and its allies to come to our aid. Luthriel X., former senator for Ebonwood to the Orenian Imperial Diet, denizen of Sulianpoli
  6. So i think an important thing is recognizing that if all we have is constant war and trauma rp, there are going to be people who leave the server. It will decrease the amount of people we have on the server, and the only people who will remain will be the ones who like war rp. and then we'll have more wars. There has to be an understanding that some people are just on for slice of life rp, government rp, fantasy religion rp, etc etc etc, and that war rp seriously discourages them. Second the wars can be oocly motivated. Third, definitely do not pk in a pvp battle. #1 this is an rp server, not a pvp one. Someone could spend a lot of time rping careful crp training, but suck at pvp, and thus their character would lose to a 6 year old halfling played by a pvp goon. #2 In a lot of battles, most of one side is killed. A nation could single handedly be destroyed in one battle. Not fun for rp. Fourth- I agree about the trauma, but dont agree with the pk stuff. I got very upset when rando goons would like, kill my crippled elf in a wheelchair during the oren war. I monk revived her and gave her trauma from the wartime, but pking will mean that you'll get crp and pvp goons running around the map ruining everyone's characters that they spent hours working on just so they can get a shiny new horse whistle.
  7. [!] You spot a missive pinned to a bulletin board in Providence. The wind blows a bit, and it begins to quiver, though fortunately it is not ripped off. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Doctors of the Plague Roughly 15-20 saint’s weeks ago, I met a plague doctor in Providence. I was with an orc friend. He told the orc that his facial anatomy was similar to that of a pig’s, and began to justify this insult with pseudo-scientific ramblings. He carried an air of self-importance and pride, as though he were smarter than everyone else. The Doctor told me that I was insane, and would likely end up killing someone if I did not get treatment. He told me this after I had spoken but a few sentences to him. Throughout my encounters with the Doctor, he continually told me I was insane, and even that I “was a wench”. When I confronted him about using such rude language, he said, “It is merely deduced through observation.” He approached another woman and attempted to convince her that she had a medical condition. I would characterize his actions towards me and this woman as attempted gaslighting in order to get us to subject ourselves to his medical “treatments”. For me, he noted that I would possibly need brain surgery via drilling a hole through my eye socket into my brain. When I was dealing with the after effects of excessive alcohol consumption, he told me that drinking mercury would ease my symptoms. When I protested, he and his master Laurent (who I shall describe later), both told me I was a fool, for I had not had any medical training but the doctor had. These consistent attacks on individual’s self-esteem and pressuring to take dangerous medical “treatments” struck me as very suspicious. On one occasion, the Doctor attempted to kill a musin. His reasoning was that it was a rat, and that rats carry diseases. He often spoke of how dirty and overpopulated Providence was, and how he had to wear a mask to keep out the disease. His attempt on the musin’s life was just one in a series of comments or actions indicating that he believed Providence to be filthy and that that filth needed to be purged. A crowd formed around the Doctor, attempting to prevent him from killing the musin. Upon successful prevention of the murder, a high elf man named Laurent approached the crowd, asking for a chance to speak to the Doctor in private. Laurent regularly hung out in Providence, standing at the edges of the square, watching but not engaging with people. Laurent claimed that the Doctor was his friend. The crowd agreed, and Laurent and the Doctor left to speak privately in the tavern. The Doctor referred to Laurent as “Master Laurent”. Laurent seemed to be of the opinion that the Doctor should not ruin his reputation by killing the musin, but Laurent did seem to agree that the presence of musin was filthy. Later, the Doctor attempted to strike a deal with a musin, telling the musin that if it came with him and was willing to be a test subject in scientific experiments, he would not kill it. My late friend, Iolas, who in his life discovered a daemonic cult and lived to protect descendent kind, attempted to apprehend the Doctor and save the musin. He had come to Providence with his comrades in order to investigate the Doctor. They had been given information that he was connected to kidnapping and enslavement. This is a sketch of the Doctor. Self-important and rude Attempted gaslighting individuals into dangerous medical treatments Belief that Providence is filthy to the point of having an environment that dangerously promotes illness Wore garb designed to protect him from the perceived illness in Providence’s air. Plague doctor bird-beak mask Connection to Master Laurent Attempted abduction of a musin for the purpose of scientifically experimenting on it Possible involvement in large-scale kidnapping —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Around 7 saint’s weeks ago, long after the original Doctor and Laurent had long since vanished, I met another plague doctor, this one distinctly different. He began the conversation by making a rude remark to me, but I did not respond negatively to it. Instead, I offered him a copy of my book and tried to be kind to him, hoping to gain information. His demeanor changed to a friendly one. He attempted to read the book, but held it upside down, indicating that he could not distinguish letters from being right side up or upside down. As I asked him further questions, I discovered that he did not remember his original name, that he did not remember where he was born, that he did not remember anything - except that he had alchemy lessons he needed to go to. I asked him who his alchemy teacher was, but he responded that the teacher was rather secretive. I asked him if I could meet his teacher, but he said that his teacher had almost killed previous visitors. I asked him if he could remember his alchemy lessons, and he said that he could not. He only copied recipes down into a book. Worried for his safety, I attempted to keep him in the square until I could get help. However, he seemed anxious to leave as to not miss his lesson. He eventually pushed past me and ran away. I did not see him again. This is a sketch of the Forgetful Doctor: Initially behaved rudely, became more friendly as I persisted in talking to him. Wore garb designed to protect him from the perceived illness in Providence’s air. Plague doctor bird-beak mask Connection to alchemy Amnesia —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last saint’s day (1876), I encountered two individuals, one Human and one Musin, in Providence. They were wearing odd garb. The musin and the human’s garb looked the same, but different sizes, suggesting it was a uniform. They wore goggles, and the human had a bandana over his face, though they did not wear traditional plague-doctor bird masks. Their demeanor was rowdy, erratic, and rude, to the point where I had trouble obtaining information from them. The people around assumed them to be crazy. They went out of their way to insult my ability to see, as I have one eye and my body is badly scarred. They claimed to be doctors, though they seemed to know nothing of medicine. They specifically mentioned the filthy, overpopulated state of Providence. They also mentioned something called Bloodmaris. Furthermore, they mentioned “super alchemy”. They claimed to be worried about the continent of Almaris, saying we needed to fight back against those who would hurt us. They claimed to be visiting the city to warn it of something. I overheard them mentioning that this dangerous something would happen in 2 saint’s days (next saint’s day if you are receiving this from me). They mentioned that they had spent years in a cave. They seemed to remember where they were born and who their parents were. When asked about Master Laurent, the man replied, “I know him. I killed his wife,” which seemed out of place. It is likely that he was making that statement up. He did not give me any details that could have proven he knew Master Laurent Here is a sketch of what they looked like: Rude behavior Belief that Providence is filthy to the point of having an environment that dangerously promotes illness Wore garb designed to protect him from the perceived illness in Providence’s air. One was a musin Connection to alchemy —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Precisely one century ago, the Inferi invasion of Arcas began. It began with 5 comets shooting out of the sky, only 2 of which landed in Arcas and were thus dealt with. Furthermore, the Invasion was preceded by blood rain, which we have recently experienced in Almaris. With the two odd individuals I encountered yesterday mentioning Bloodmaris and the fact that we must fight back against . . . something, I believe that these doctors are somehow connected to the upcoming invasion, possibly an attempt to prevent it. The Doctors are a longstanding group, and with their recent words making little sense yet also being reminiscent of the upcoming invasion I have previously predicted, I suggest they be taken semi seriously. Their presence is a bad omen, not a harmless joke. I would take precautions, preparing for undead by fortifying the city with aurum, patrolling the city for possible dark magic ritual sites, stocking up on Oracle Wood and products that provide mental clarity, and mostly being aware of any possible threats. Personally, I would evacuate children and the elderly until the time frame the two individuals set has passed and their predictions have been proven incorrect.
  8. [!] A short note would be pinned to notice boards around Almaris. Karin'ayla and hello! My name is Luthriel, and I am looking for an alchemy teacher. After the recent month of blood rain, I have become aware of the necessity of having better ways to defend myself, my family, my llirs, and my community from the horrors that are sure to follow this bad omen. Since alchemy neither weakens an individual nor requires an individual's dedication to a deity, I've decided it is a good choice rather than learning a magic. Please bird me if you are interested in taking on a student. Of course, I'm willing to pay for lessons! Thank you, Ahernan, Luthriel
  9. Luthriel's life was going good. After 50 years of screwing around, getting in trouble, being a refugee, and having heartbreaks, finally some peace and quiet with her oemii.
  10. Plenty of characters with atronach arms would not have gotten one of it was going to make them weaker. Mine would have tried golem arms or something. If this is accepted, I can imagine some characters getting rid of their atronach limbs that they paid a lot of minas for
  11. Luthriel screamed. She had brought doom upon Haense. If only she had shut up and died.
  12. The missive reached a single mother, Luthriel, who began to shake as she read the missive. She knew too much, and for that, she was hunted. And now, her hunter was freed, and the whole world might believe a lie about her, sending mages, Cannonists, Paladins, and every sort of decent people against her and her child. Was there anywhere where she could truly hide? And when she died- what would happen to her child?
  13. Luthriel pondered what An-Gho meant when he said "Truth is Asioth." before smirking, "This is why one does not devote themselves to a being first, but to truth primarily. Otherwise you begin to spew nonsense."
  14. OOC: Satinkira asked me to change a phrase. I was unsure if I should mention this for sake of metagamers, but he was ok with it. the new phrasing reads: "Nothing really phases me, anymore, after Kivdrona"
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