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    Valerian Vesper Sviatovich Godunov | Neithri Þér Heskynne | Fiona Vera Anastasia Colborn
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  1. Fiona Vera Anastasia Colborn, newly minted Dragonfly Queen, lets out a chirp of interest at the ROYAL themed party. She takes the invitation over to her friend, Catriona Eilidh Baruch, faux blue fairy wings flapping behind her as she goes. "Look, we should go together tae ve Lady Godunov's Nameday celebration! We can dress as ve most gudi of Queens."
  2. wardyn


    aoife ferinn was born to high elf parents aberie and med'lenan in the outskirts of oren, during the oren/norland war. she has an older brother, aruan (wowsirs), who left home many years before she was born. her parents weren't great. after aruan left home they tried somewhat to be better, but that didn't really work out, since they never really meant to be parents in the first place. growing up, she was very confrontational and considered somewhat a "problem child", causing a lot of frustration and fighting with her parents. aoife, like her brother, was very booksmart, and she exceeded in school in her early years. as she got older she started to fall behind, and at around 15 her parents pulled her out of school to help out on the farm instead. due to being born in the height of the norland war, aoife grew up with a lot of resentment towards norlanders. as she's grown up, this has faded, but she still holds some bias. when aoife was young, around 20 years old, her parents were exposed for not being canonist, witchhunted, and killed. she witnessed them being killed and barely managed to escape without being found. to save her own life, she clipped her own ears and adopted canonist practices. she doesn't actually believe in the religion, it's just to keep up appearances. after this she ran away from her town and began traveling through oren, and has been on the move ever since.
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